Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


18. 18

Ellen’s POV

We hung up and Tegan and I were back to waiting impatiently for the bill, soon we were out cautiously making our way towards my car which was parked as close as we could get it, London was strapped in and we were soon heading towards the apartment complex. When we arrived Louis’ car was in the underground garage, I wondered why he didn’t park there this morning to prevent the press from hassling him, we got out and made our way towards the elevator, heading up soon after and getting to the top level where Louis sits against the door, London greets him with a hug and whispered words, I haven’t yet told her she could say it in front of Tegan, well anyone for that matter.

We made our way into the apartment, London being taken into the bedroom by Tegan to change for bed, I turn once I placed my thing on the bench and my jacket over the stool, Louis stood a few meters away, hands buried deep in his pockets.

“Eleanor visited today.” I stated and his expression didn’t change.

“I know.” He nods, “I got a very loud call from her.” He sounded amused, “You told her London is my daughter.”

“Our daughter.” I correct and he smiles, his shoes moving across the floor until he stood in front of me, I leaned against the counter and his hands gripped each of mine, my right being lifted to his lips, a kiss being pressed to my knuckles.

“Our.” He said emphasizing the word, “Daughter.” He finished and I smiled up at him, my arms moving up around his neck as his travel to my hips, our eyes locking.

“And what did you tell her?” I asked.

“I told her it was over.” He shrugged, “She told me it wasn’t but I hung up. Then.” He said squeezing my hips affectionately causing me to giggle and him to smile, “I tweeted about it.” I nodded and he continued, “I told all my followers that Eleanor and I had been having troubles with our relationship and were no longer dating. Then I tweeted a second time saying Eleanor and I have been broken up for over a week.” He shrugs, “I might have laid a little.” I try and keep the smile on my face from appearing too wide but I don’t think it goes unnoticed by Louis, “I know you want to smile, I mean it’s me, who wouldn’t want to smile?” I push his chest.

“You’re so cocky.” I say and he engulfs me in his arms, continuously pressing kisses to my check, my body trapped by his and I can’t stop him from carrying out his actions, I squeal and giggle, trying to tell him to stop but my voice is muffled by him. Eventually he pulls away, his arms still around my neck, arms linking over as I fist his shirt in my hands looking up at him, “I love you.” I say softly and his arms drift from around my neck, my face being cupped in his hand.

“And I love you.” He tells and presses a soft kiss to my lips, when he pulls away we smile at one another and as we are about to kiss again Tegan clears her throat, we turn as one to see Tegan and London in the door way of the bedroom, Louis lowers his hands and I nod.

“I’ll bring a bottle of milk.” I say and I watch them disappear into the bedroom again, I side step away from Louis and head to the fridge, grabbing the milk I set it on the bench, reaching up into the cupboard to grab a baby bottle and pour the milk in a little over half way, before placing it in the microwave for a  minute, I turn to face Louis who walk towards me, his fingers sliding under the ham of my shirt and resting on my bare stomach, I look up at him as he smiles down at me, a kiss is pressed to my lips and as his tongue pushes in the beep of the microwave sounds and we pull away, I lick my lips savouring his taste and he smirks at me, I grip his shoulders, pushing up on my tippy toes and quickly pecking his lips. We part and I grab the bottle from the microwave and twist the lid on, walking it down the stairs and into the bedroom I see London standing on the bed, Tegan is up on the bathroom platform by the looks of it, plucking her eyebrows, I pass London the bottle and pick her up, giving her a kiss and a hug before walking towards her cot, placing her down and letting her settle before I place the blanket over her.

“I want to say bye to daddy.” She tells me and I look towards Tegan who is making her way down the step of the platform, a smile on her face as I think she heard London’s request, I watch as she steps into the door way.

“Louis, your daughter wants you to say goodnight to her.” She states and I smile after hearing her say it that way, a moment later Louis brushes past Tegan and catches my eye, soon he is standing beside me and having a soft conversation with London, I mouth a “thank you” to Tegan and she smiles and nods in response before crawling into my bed and covers herself in my dark sheets, I turn back and look down at London who is looking up at Louis, the bottle tucked under her arm as she replies with a nod, he bends into the cot and kisses her forehead.

“Sleep tight, Angle.” He whispers brushing her hair back, we stand a moment as she bring the top of the bottle to her lips and then leave, my fingers intertwined with his as we make our way out of the bedroom where Tegan and London lie resting.  I turn to Louis once we are standing in the main room, I intertwine my fingers together around his back and he holds my waist, looking down at me as I tip my head back to meet his gaze.

“What are we going to do?” I question and his hand raises to place a few strands of hair behind my ear before he flicks his chin to the lounge, I smile and start backing away from him, he follows soon after and sits beside me, gripping my legs and laying them across his lap, I watch as he examines the legs of my pants, his fingers tracing a tear in the jeans. “Do you think the tweets will help?” he looks up at me before shrugging.

“Maybe a little but im sure the press want answers.” I nod.

“And what about your record label?”

“There not happy they saying it isn’t good publicity.”

“I though with you famous people any publicity is good publicity.” He laughs at me before nodding.

“Yes it is but not when you’re organising a tour.”

“You’re going on tour again?” he nods, “When?”

“It starts at the start of November, we go until the week of Christmas, take the week off and are back on the road after that.” I nod.

“Congrats.” His hands griped my waist and soon he was hovering over me, his lips pressing kisses to my cheek as my fingers fist his shirt.

“Come on tour with me. You and London.” He says before pulling away to look down at me.

“In November, in two months?” he nods.

“Sophia and Perrie are going, you should too.” I smile before nodding.


Next day

Louis’ POV

I lay on the lounge, a light blanket laying across my body, Ellen stands in the kitchen in her pajamas, which she changed into late last night, her ear phones in and the soft hum of ‘Burn’ by Ray LaMontagne humming from the buds. I watch as she wonders around the kitchen getting different things from the fridge and cupboards, cutting and cooking humming softly to the loud music. I stand dropping the blanket onto the lounge and making my way up to Ellen, her back to me as she stands facing the stove, I wrap an arm around her waist the other pushing her hair over her shoulder to press a kiss to her neck, I smile when I feel her body sink into mine, I tug out one of her ear phones, letting it fall down in front of her.

“What are you cooking?” I ask, my fingers trailing under the hem of her shirt, my palm pressing into the warm skin of her stomach, my other hand holding her waist.

“Diced sausage omelette.”

“Smells good.” I tell her as she flips it, a sizzle admitting.

“I know.” I hear the smile in her voice, “It will be ready soon.” She states and I kiss her neck once more before moving away and grabbing plates and cutlery, placing them on the table before returning to the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of orange juice from the fridge along with a few cups.

“London, wake Tegan up, please.” Ellen calls as she takes the omelette off the stove, I didn’t know London was awake. Soon we are all sitting at the table, London telling us about a dream she had which included us all at the beach.

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