Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


17. 17

Ellen’s POV

“Hi, Ellen.” she smiles maybe too sweetly, “Can we come in?” she asks and I shake my head slowly.

“I have a friend on the lounge sleeping.” I explain gesturing behind me where she pushes up on her toes to see past me.

“Oh, right, I understand.” She says and I look back to see Tegan in the same position she was when I first looked at her, I look back at Eleanor as I step out closing the door behind me. “Where’s London?” she asked.

“Also sleeping.”

“Oh okay.” She nods, “Oh how rude of me, Ellen meet Nolan, Nolan, Ellen.” she gestures between us, I give him a small nod and the best smile I can put on, the name causing alarm bells to ring in my head. Louis had mentioned a Nolan, Nolan was the guy Eleanor was cheating on him with, I don’t understand why, he was hardly as attractive as Louis, his eyebrows thick and bushy, nose and ears larger than they should be, hair oddly cut and a bad die job had been preformed of his blond foils, his eyes were a dark brown, no shine to them what-so-ever and he had a scar from the corner of his mouth to his chin.

“Nice to meet you.” I lied, the twist of his lips made my nose scrunch slightly and I looked back at Eleanor.

“Louis has probably told you about this.” she pointed back and forth between her and Nolan, “But he never told me about you, I just though he was visiting Liam. Well that’s what he told me when I asked about the photos of him constantly entering the building.”

“Why do you care?” I ask coolly.

“I just didn’t picture Louis going for someone like yourself.”

“Like myself?” I asked, a sweet smile plastered on her lips, “What because I have a baby? Louis so happens to love London.”

“I don’t think so.” She shakes her head, “his just using you, like he used me. He used me to get over some fling he had a couple years ago.” She shrugged, “Sooner or later he is going to move on just like he has with me, you just another notch in his belt.”

“What do you know?”

“I only cheated on him because he wasn’t enough, still too caught up in the past.”

“You have no idea about his past.” I almost snarl and her eyes looked at me as if laughing.

“And you do?” she sounded amused and I didn’t want to snap, “You got here what two months ago, a no body writer that so happens to know five famous guys, hitching a ride around with them then is now a big thing with the press before she kissed one of them.”

“What are you talking about?” my forehead crease.

“You can’t tell me you don’t want Louis for anything but his money. You have a baby, I get it, the book isn’t paying for her upbringing, Louis will though.”

“You think im a gold digger.” I raise an eyebrow, I shake my head, “I think you’re getting us confused, I actually care for Louis, you’re describing yourself.” The laugh that fell from her lips cause my stomach to turn.

“How does someone just come to a county and steal someone’s boyfriend?” she asked and I honestly though she was serious about the question, “Don’t get me wrong, Ellen, I really like you. I mean what’s not to like, your kind, nice, sweet, have an accent but I don’t think Louis and you are going to last. You might as well Let Louis and I continue to relationship the way we have been, no press really hassling us, you can go back to Australia of whatever, raise your daughter.” She shrugged, “But I don’t want you near my boyfriend.”

“Im not going to do that.” I shake my head, “If I wasn’t mistaken this is your boyfriend now.” I point towards Nolan, “Have you spoken with Louis today?” I watch her for a moment, “He left here about fifteen minutes ago looking for you, im sure because he can’t find you he has already told the paparazzi or at least someone you to are over. I know he has been telling me the same thing since the second week I arrived.” I pause, “Or was it the first?” I tap my lips in though, “Im not quite sure anymore, the weeks I have had getting to know the guy I once and still love has got my memory in a twist, sleeping with him, this I know for a fact was my second week back in London, it was a dream and I really missed it.”

“How dare you.” She gasped.

“How dare I what, Eleanor? Admit that Louis cheated on you with the woman he has loved the entire time you too dated or admit to you that his gone and you lost him or should I say you lost his money. I mean that’s the only thing you liked about him, the money, the life he gave you, you had everything, the glamor life, thousands of girls hating you because how jealous they were, don’t tell me you actually had feeling for him because if you did you wouldn’t have this guy with you which can I say is a complete down grad from Lou.” As I watched her I wasn’t sure of the emotion she was hinting at as she studied me back.

“You dated Louis?” she finally asked.

“That’s all you’re coming back with?” I ask amused, “You can’t think of anything else after my speck.” She just looks at me, “Im kind of disappointed, you come here, to my home and give me a mouth full telling me that I should back off yet when I tell you the truth about yourself you have nothing to say. Is it because you realise that im right and that no one has ever told you the truth about your discussing self?”

“Did you and Louis date?” she demanded and I laughed at her, I reached for the door handle, opening the door before turning back to her.

“Eleanor,” I say the amusement stuck in my tone, “We have a baby together.” her lips part at my words, “Now I would appreciate it if you left the building, go find my boyfriend and let him brake the new to you that it is over because im though talking with you, I hope you have a nice day.” I smile cockily at her as I step in the door closing it and locking it, when I turn I see Tegan standing there, a smirk on her face her arm crossed.

“You. Are. A. Bitch.” She says amused.

“You heard that?”

“Eleanor, we have a baby together.” she mocked me and I can’t stop the smile from speeding on my lips, “What was her expression like?” she asked and I shrugged.

“Shocked I guess.”

“And the dude?”

“I didn’t look at him, I was more focused on that bitch.” I state.

“I wonder if she still thinks your what was it, kind and sweet?”

 “That and nice, and have an accent.” We laugh, “What the fuck dose an accent has to do with it?”

“Well I think we need to celebrate.” She says walking into the kitchen, I sit down on the stool and she places two wine glasses on the bench before grabbing an already open bottle of wine from the cooler, she grips the neck of the bottle with one hand and pulls the cork out with the other before pouring us both a half glass full, I take a sip as she places the wine bottle aside. “I though you said she was nice. That was not nice.”

“Well I at least though she was nice, I guess when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with me she became not so nice, I don’t know what is up her arse she was the first to cheat and she should be happy no one ever found out about her side of this, only Louis’.”

“I think it is kind of unfair Louis gets the blame for ruining the relationship, I reckon it should be her, she cheated first, she should get the blame, or most of it.”

A few hours pasted and Tegan and I decided we wanted to leave the building for dinner, I got London ready, slipping her into a jacket and zipping it up, I shoved my phone and keys into my jacket and we left the apartment, locking up and getting in the elevator heading all the way to the bottom floor and to the underground garage, Tegan strapped London in and I got in the car, I desperately hoped the paparazzi didn’t know what car I drove, and I was thankful I payed for the tinted windows. We left the garage, the gate opening and closing automatically, as we drove past the front of the building there were a few people grasping cameras, they stood around talking and im pretty sure they were the paparazzi, we head towards a Chinese restaurant hastily leaving the car and going towards the doors, we got a table, London sitting on a booster seat and we looked over the menu, soon we had order and our meal was served, London didn’t know why we were so precaution on going out but I can tell she is happier now than when I was telling her she couldn’t go out.

We had finished dinner and when we were waiting for the bill my phone rang, I looked at the ID finding Louis name across the screen, I answered the call with a soft “hello.”

L: You’re not home.

E: No we went out for dinner.

L: Has anyone said anything?

E: No, but we are about to leave the restaurant, not sure whether someone has found out we are in here.

L: So you will be back soon?

E: Yes, we’ll be ten minutes, less if they would hurry up with the bill.

L: Okay I’ll see you soon.

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