Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


16. 16

Ellen’s POV

“You and Louis are back together.” I had only just closed the door when I was confronted by Tegan, I look over her shoulder to see London sitting on the lounge, my palm rises to my forehead and I sigh.

“Can I just say hi to London first?” she steps aside gesturing towards her, I feel her eyes on me as I walk around the back of the lounge, cupping London’s face and pressing a kiss to her cheek.

“Mummy!” she says happily jumping up and turning to face the back of the lounge.

“Hi baby.” I smile and she jumps up, I catch her giving her a hug.

“Where’s daddy?” she whispered, I had told her not to say anything about Louis to Tegan.

“He will see you later, Okay?” she nods, “Im going to talk to aunty Tegan, will you stay in here watching TV?” she nods again and I kiss her once more before placing her back down on the lounge, I nod my head in the direction of the bedroom before walking there, I hear Tegan follow and I turn to her.

“Want to explain?”

“What is there to explain? Louis and I are seeing each other again.”

“You’ve made that quite clear, to me and to the world.” I lick my lips looking at her, “Louis’ got a girlfriend, Ellen, I though you hated cheaters.”

“Eleanor is cheating on Louis. He said he would leave her and date me but he can’t get out of a relationship just to join one five minutes later.”

“Does London know?”

“Know what?”

“That Louis’ her dad.”

“Yes and no.” She narrows her eyes at me.

“Yes and no? How the fuck does that work?”

“She calls him dad but she doesn’t actually know that he really is her dad.”

“Anyone else know that she is really Louis’?” I nod.

“The boys and Sophia, Liam’s girlfriend.”

“Mummy.” Tegan and I turn to see London in the door way.

“Yes, baby?”

“Someone’s at the door.”

“Okay, I will be there in a sec.” I wait for her to nod and step away before I look back at Tegan, “I’m not sure if she has told Eleanor but im sure she is putting it together now, that’s if she’s seen the photos.” I side step Tegan, leaving the bedroom and heading into the main room. “Open it.” I say to London who is standing by the door, she twists the lock and opens the door as I step up the three small stairs.

“Hi Angle.” I hear Louis’ voice and look up, he stands giving London a hug and I finally reach the door to see Louis’ mum beside him, Louis introducing London to her.

“And how old are you, gorgeous?” Jay asks looking at London who is still in Louis’ arms.

“Two.” She says and I reach up and gently push one of her fingers down so she is showing two instead of three, I look towards Louis and he give me a shrug then I turn towards Jay.

“Nice to see you again, Ellen.” I smile at her.

“You to, Johannah.”

“Do I really have to ask you to call me Jay.” I smile.

“Sorry.” I step aside, “Come in.” Jay walks in first, Louis placing London on the ground as I close and lock the door.

“She wanted to meet London, im sorry if you don’t want her here.” I shake my head.

“Its fine.” I smile, quickly pecking his lips, his hand rests in the small of my back as we make our way towards Jay and Tegan who are introducing themselves to one another, “Would anyone like a drink? Wine, water, soft drink?” everyone refuses politely but Tegan helps herself.


I sat on the lounge, Tegan was asleep and so was London, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream in my hands as I watch TV, the volume so quiet I can barely make out the words, I think Jay really liked London but im not sure if she was just being polite in the way she acted, Louis sat with me most of the time reassuring me but thinking back on the events of the night im not sure if she had shown a particularly strong liking to me like she once had. When my phone vibrates beside me with a text I check it to see its Louis with a goodnight massage, I send back before getting to my feet and putting the ice-cream back in the freezer, going into the bedroom and pulling back the covers beside Tegan, I lay my head on the pillow looking up at the roof for a moment before finally closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Next day

I had woken up and headed out into the lounge room, starting breakfast while Tegan stook a seat on the lounge turning the TV on, my thoughts on other things as I stir the pancake mix.

“Ah, Ellen.” I turn to look over my shoulder, Tegan has the remote still pointed at the TV her eyes on the screen, I stop what im doing and step down the three steps onto the lounge room floor, looking at the TV to see Louis being bombarded by people with cameras, flashes everywhere as he pushes though the crowd, hand shielding his eyes, there’s a knock at the door the exact moment I realise the building he was entering was mine, mine and Tegan’s eyes met and on cue London’s cry rings out.

“Change the channel.” I say as I go into the bedroom, another knock sounds on the door as I smile at London, picking her up and making my way out of the room to see Tegan letting Louis in, dressed exactly how he was on the TV.

“You might not want to leave the building for a while.” I look at London who is watching Louis; I wipe the tears from her face and walk to the lounge, placing her down I make my way back to the kitchen.

“I saw.” I said as I start to mix the pancake batter again, Tegan now sitting with London.

“You saw?” I point to the TV.

“The news.” He nods and stands against the counter beside me, I feel his eyes on me and his hand takes mine, I let the whisk go and turn to him, his fingers intertwining with mine.

“I didn’t want it to happen like this.” he shakes his head, “Their saying im cheating on Eleanor, and technically I am but they don’t know she is doing the exact same thing.” I look towards Tegan, who looks away when I catch her eye, I turn back to Louis and give him a small smile.

“It’ll blow over.” I say, stepping closer and wrapping me arms around his neck, standing on my toes and he holds me around my middle, his face in the crook of my neck, “Over time.” I say trying to convince myself as well as him, I don’t want London being exposed to this, she is to young and it might have an impact on what she’s like when she gets older, I pull away, Louis holds my waist looking down at me, “It will be fine.” I say and he pecks my lips.

After a while we all sat around the dining table, pancakes were eaten before we decided to watch a movie, London chose ‘Anastasia’ Louis giving me a groan but giving in anyway, I sit with an arm around London, cuddled under a blanket while Tegan and Louis sit either side of us. The movie starts London intently watching while the rest of us half-heartedly do the same, I can’t help but think Louis had seen this movie one to many times as he softly sings the lyrics to the songs.

“Ellen.” I look towards Louis and he nods in Tegan’s direction I turn my head and see her asleep on the lounge I turn back.

“So is London.” I tell him, and he smiles, ‘Anastasia’ was just over half way though and London had fallen asleep not long after it started, I gently turn my body, scoping London up I gently lay her head on my shoulder and stood up. I head into the bedroom, placing her in the cot and pulling the soft, fluffy blanket over her, my hands gripped the top of the cot looking down at the baby sleeping peacefully, her small lips pouted as her nose flares with her breath. I feel hands rest on my waist, a kiss is pressed to my shoulder and I know its Louis from the smell of his cologne, a second kiss is pressed to my neck before he rests his chin on my shoulder, arms wrapped around my waist and my fingers sliding into the gaps of his, palm resting on the back of his warm hands. “What are you thinking about?” he softly asked as we looked down at London.

“How do you know im thinking about something? You can’t even see my face.” his arms squeeze me affectionately.

“I don’t need to see your face to know your overthinking.” He tells me, lips pressing to my cheek and I sigh.

“I don’t know.” I tell him, resting my head back onto his shoulder, still watching London as I keep him close, “I don’t know how we are going to get through this. London is too young to understand who you really are, she won’t understand why people are taking photos of her and she defiantly won’t understand why she sees us all over the news or magazines.” I shake my head, “She isn’t going to want to stay up here for weeks, she loves going to the park and with all the paparazzi after you and the story involving me I don’t think I can take her out.”

“I understand.” He says softly, “and I don’t want her exposed to it as much as you don’t but if we don’t face the cameras there never going to go away, im going to go.” he says and I turn in his grip, looking up at him, “Im going to find Eleanor and end all of this. Hopefully.” He adds, I smile bringing a hand up to the back of his neck, my fingers fiddling slightly with the hair at the nape of his neck, “I will see you later okay?” he asks and I nod, pulling him down so our lips connect, his finger sliding under the ham of my singlet, warm tips grazing my spin as he holds my body to his.

“Thank you.” I whisper as our foreheads connect, my bottom lips between my teeth as his taste lingers on my mouth, my eyes closed as my breathing evens, he pushes a light kiss to mine lips and I open my eyes, looking up at him as his thumb strokes my cheek, I grasp his forearm, leaning into his soft touch. “I love you, Louis.” my body is pulled against his, his lips pressed to my forehead as I fist the back of his shirt.

“I love you too, beautiful.” He says pulling away and looking down at me, “Eleanor will be happy she finally get the one she wanted all along.” He pecks my lips, “I’ll see you later.” All I can do is nod and without another word spoken or kiss shared Louis was exiting the bedroom, I turn my body back to face the cot and a few moments later the door in the main room clicks shut. I reach in and stroke London’s cheek the way Louis had stroked mine only minutes ago, her skin soft and smooth under my touch, she small body shifts, her face leaning into my touch the way mine did previously with Louis’.

“Why does everything have to be so complicated?” I asked quietly, the soft sound of her slumber being admitted, “If only you understood what was going on.” I whisper, “Then again it might stress you out like its doing for me.” I smile before bending into the cot, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, “I love you, London.” I whisper and press another kiss to her forehead, I stand to my full height once again and jump slightly when there is a knock on the door, I hurry towards it thinking it might be Louis but when I get there and open the door I find Eleanor and a rather tall male, maybe a head taller than Louis, I look between them before settling on Eleanor.

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