Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


15. 15

Ellen’s POV

I wake to the sound of pounding music, Louis’ body positioned beneath mine, I realise the show had started again for the day and when I check my phone it’s just before twelve.

“Louis, baby.” I whisper kissing his ear, he stirs slightly but doesn’t wake, “Lou.”

“Mmm?” his forehead creased and I run my index finger over the lines formed in his skin.

“The show has already started.” I notified him, his finger reach up and press to my mouth, hushing me, I giggle and grip his wrist kissing the palm, his eyes meet mine and he smiles up at me. “You don’t want to watch the last of the show?” I ask him and he shakes his head, pulling me down onto his body, chests pressed firmly together as I bury my head in the crock of his neck, his arms wrapped around my body.

“We can go soon.” He says kissing the top of my head, fingers stoking up and down my back, we lie like that for a while before I reach over for the bag of clothes, getting my bra out and sitting up, keeping the blanket draped over my shoulders as I hastily clip my bra around my body, my knees either side of Louis’ hips, as we both laugh as I try getting my shirt over my body while keeping the blanket over my chilled body, Louis ends up holding it up while I pull the hem down and roll off him. Im handed my panties and shimmy them up my legs from under the blanket before moving onto my jeans, the tight fabric making it difficult to pull up, Louis watches on amused as I wriggle my lower half and finally get them all the way up, the button pushed through the small hole and the zipper done up before I lay panting looking up at the top of the tent. I feel Louis’ arm glide across my stomach hooking on my side, I turn my head to the side to make eye contact and he leans over and kisses my lips, soft finger traveling up my body until his hand is cupping my cheek, our mouths moving, Louis still naked body laying between my legs as our kiss continues.

“The show ends in like an hour.” I giggle as Louis’ eyelashes flutter against my cheek, “Are you going to get dressed?” he pulled away looking down at me, my lips are pecked once before he stands from the bed getting dressed. My hands are taken in Louis as he pulls me up from the bed, he had packed the bags so after the show we could just come back to the tent get our things and go, we leave the tent, hand in hand going towards the food stores, grabbing a very late breakfast and making our way to the show where thousands of people stand around, fists in the air, bobbing to the music.

About half an hour had past and the last band had just joined the stage, Louis and I had pushed though quite a bit of the crowd, a cover of Queens ‘Somebody To Love’ being blasted though the speakers the crowd going nuts, screaming the lyrics when the male on the stage singing turned the mic in the audiences direction. Louis’ voice softly singing in my ear as I stand with his arms around me, my back to his front, my fingers gripping his forearms as they cross over my chest and we watch the performance. As the song comes to a complete I turn in his grip wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his lips, his surprise is evident as he clutches my lower back and the back of my thigh, kissing me back, one of my hands in his hair and the other around his shoulders holding him close, when we break apart we are both breathless, foreheads pressing to one another’s as we catch our breath.

“Where did that come from?” he asks amused.

“I just wanted to kiss you.” I admit shyly and he smiles, pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead.

“You can kiss me whenever you’d like.” I wrap my arms around his middle as he holds me, smiling like an idiot as I fist his shirt in my fingers holding him as close as I can get him. “Do you want to start heading back to London?” I look up at him and nod, we push our way through the crowd and back to the tent, collecting our bag and heading down the walkway lined with food stores, we exit and I can feel the eyes of the security on us as we weave our way through cars, it feels as if we walked forever until we finally found it. I got in the passenger side and Louis the drivers, throwing the bag in the beck before starting it and pulling out of the space, we head around almost in a circle before we finally find the exit heading out onto the main road before finding a highway and starting our long drive to London.

Almost an hour into the road trip home Louis’ phone rings, he answers it and almost instantly pulls it away from his ear, the mumbled voice of a woman loudly coming though the speakers, “mum, calm down.”

Louis’ POV

J: How could you cheat on Eleanor?

My mother’s voice is frantic; I hold the phone to my ear with one hand and the steering wheel with the other.

L: I’m not.

J: Then how do you explain your lips being on another girl?

L: What are you talking about.

J: It’s all over the news Louis, magazines, your sisters even showed me it on twitter and instagram. Who is it?

L: Ellen.

I look towards her as I say her name, her eyes watching me with concern, im not sure whether she understands the point of the phone call but I smile at her reassuringly before looking back at the road. My mum is quiet for a moment.

J: Ellen as in Australian Ellen?

L: Yes, mum.

J: So because your little summer love is back your cheating on Eleanor with her? Is that how it works now Louis?

L: Mum, im driving, can we talk about this later, so I can explain?

J: I can’t wait to hear this explanation.

I sigh after the phone call ends, Ellen sits quietly, her hands in her lap as she watches out the windshield, I reach over taking one of her hands in mine, intertwining our fingers, when I give them a gentle squeeze she looks in my direction.

“She thinks im a home wrecker, doesn’t she.” I shake my head.

“She just doesn’t know the story yet.”

“Im guessing she saw it in a magazine or something.” I nod.

“It’s on TV as well.”

After I dropped Ellen off at her apartment building I made my way towards my mum and sisters house, I don’t bother knocking and walk in finding them all in the lounge room, my mum tells my sisters to go to their rooms and once there gone she walking into the kitchen, I follow her and watch as she leans against the counter, arms crossed looking at me.

“Care to explain?” I sigh.

“Eleanor’s cheating on me.” I tell her and her eyes widen slightly, “She has been for most of our relationship.” I continue, “And now you have nothing to say because you weren’t expecting that.” She shakes her head and thats all the conformation she can give me. “Mum I still love Ellen, I never stopped loving her and,” I sigh, “Ellen and I have a daughter together.” my mums jaw drops open and she stares at me.

“You have a what?”

“Well when Ellen went back to Australia she never got the abortion.”

“So what, she’s back for money? Is that what it is? And you’re just falling into her trap so you pay for her baby.”

“Not her baby, our baby.” I shake my head, “She hasn’t asked for anything, and once you meet her you’re bound to fall in love with her just like I have and like I did the first time I ever saw her.”

“I can’t believe you waited this long to tell me im a grandmother, I can’t believe she kept it from you for almost three years.” I look at the ground.

“She was never going to tell me about her, she never wanted us to see each other, she was going to spend the few mouths over here avoiding me but it didn’t work out that way.”

“And you and Eleanor, if she has been cheating on you this long why did you never leave her?”

“I was afraid of being alone.” My mum looks at me like I had said the stupidest thing ever.

“If you didn’t love her and loved Ellen why did you never contact her? Has she ever asked you that?” I nod.

“She has and I honestly don’t know the answer to it but I know for a fact im not letting her go again.”

“Does anyone else know?”

“Know about what?”

“The baby.”

“The boys, and Sophia, that’s it.”

“And what is her name?”

“London.” She raises an eyebrow knowingly before she smiles.

“And when am I going to meet the lovely London?”

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