Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


14. 14

Ellen’s POV

There were about a hundred people sitting around a large bond fire, I sat beside Louis, our fingers intertwined as we listened to people take turns in singing, a lot of people had come up to Louis taking photos, they didn’t take much notice of me not being Eleanor but soon enough we were left to our self, the warm blaze of the fire heating my skin, the light illuminating Louis features as I look up at him. I leave a kiss to his jaw as I grip his fingers tighter, his eyes meeting mine when he looks down, the look in his eyes causing my bottom lip to become trapped between my teeth.

“Let’s go back to the tent.” He whispers in my ear and I nod, he stands pulling me up with him, our spots being taken by others as we make our way through the people heading towards our section, finding row twelve and unzipping tent seven we get in, the zipper closed again before Louis’ hands are under my top, our lips connected as his warm hands travel my skin. They slide higher, lifting the shirt as it goes, I quickly rid myself of the jacket clad to my shoulders and he tugs the shirt over my head, discarding it to the floor where our shoes are now abandoned, our lips rough and needy against the others, my hands franticly clutching the hem of his shirt pulling it off after he removed his jacket, it was thrown to the floor in a hurry and the button on my jeans was  popped and the zipper pulled down before Louis pushed me on the bed.  I ignore the pain of hitting the floor though the pathetic mattress and left Louis drag the tight jeans from my legs, his hands starting at my knees as he crawls on the mattress, hands trailing up my tights to my hips, my sides then finally gripping my breasts, squeezing them though the fabric of my bra. Lips connected momentarily before his fingers find the waistband of my panties, tugging them down like his did my jeans and standing in front of me at the foot of the bed, I arch my back reaching around to unclip my bra as I watch him pop the button on his jeans and pull the zipper down, there roughly thrown down his legs along with his briefs before he steps out of them, my bra is discarded to the side as he returns to the bed.

His hard erection brushing my thigh as our lips connect, my fingers tangled in his hair, tugging causing a throaty moan to leave his lips, he grips my side flipping us so I am on top, my lips all over his neck as he reaches to the bags, I hear him rummage around for a moment before finding my lips, our hands franticly finding one another’s as he gives me the condom, I place it near his mouth, his teeth taking a corner of the packet between them before I tore it, he blow the corner of the wrapper to the side and I take the rubber from the foil, throwing it to the floor before rolling to condom down Louis hard length. My knees on either side of his hips as I lean down pressing a kiss to his lips, his fingers came up hooking the nape of my neck and joining our lips again, our crotches brushing as the kiss deepens, tongues exploring the others mouth. I reach between us and grip his penis, a moan vibrating in my mouth when I do so, I pump his thick shaft before spreading the moisture between my legs with the tip, I pull away from the kiss when I sink down onto his erection, both our sighs becoming one as I lean my head back taking in the fullness of the position.

“Move.” Louis tells me, his hands gripping my butt cheeks guiding me to rock my hips against his, my hands on his chest as I start to move myself, rocking back and forth as our moans mix, I lean down kissing his lips, hands finding his hair not resisting the temptation to fist it between my fingers. I feel Louis’ knees come up and I lean away from him, my hands gripping the tops of them as I start to bounce, his eyes falling closed and his lips parting as his head lazily falls back, the position causing my moans to become louder as I say his name reputably. His fingers gripping my thighs as I continue to ride him, I let out a short scream of pleasure and surprise when his thumb makes contact with my clit, rubbing circles, my head dropping back and my hips rolling back and forth losing all my strength to lift myself up and down.

“Baby, im gonna cum.” I tell him, my eyes closed and im sure if they were open the only think I would be looking at was the roof of the tent, not finding the strength to hold my head up.

“Me too, come for me, Beautiful.” my walls contracting around him and im not sure if his still rubbing my clit as the sensation pulls me from reality, my eye squeezing closed so tight im starting to see odd shapes and flashing colours, I hear Louis throatily call my name and feel the warmth of his release fill the condom, our body panting against one another’s, our clammy skin connected and when I finally open my eyes I realise im sprawled out on top of him. I feel his hands travel the length of my side, gripping my hips and guiding me up, I feel his erection slip from me and I can’t help but feel empty. He fiddles between our bodies, his knuckles brushing the sensitiveness between my legs occasionally making my body twitch; the condom was removed and with a good throw by Louis put in the bin a few meters away against the tents wall. My body raises and falls with Louis’, his fingers and palms spread across my back as mine lay lazily at his sides, I gather the slightest bit of strength to shuffle up his body slightly, burying my face in the crook of his neck, kissing and sucking his jaw lightly as our breathing steady’s.

“Im tired.” I whisper and I feel Louis’ chest vibrate as he laughs, his kisses my cheek and holds me tighter.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked and I shrug, he gently rolled to his side, my hip sinking though the mattress and feeling the hard ground beneath it but I don’t complain as Louis pulls the blanket out from under our bodies, laying it over us, surprisingly its soft, very thin but remarkably soft, I curl into Louis, his arms wrapped around me and my legs tangled with his, I push a leg between his thighs getting as close to him as possible, our chests brushing and our fingers trailing the skin of our lovers back. “You’re not cold are you?” I shake my head.

“Not really.” I whisper and he looks towards the end over the mattress.

“Do you want my jacket.” I smile, running my fingers though his hair.

“Im fine, baby. You’re the only thing I need.” I say and he holds me tighter, his body heat warming me slightly, him and the blanket I was sure would be enough to get me through the night, “But thank you.” I say pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Louis.” I whisper, “Louis.” I shake him slightly, I kneel on the mattress leaning over him slightly, he replies with a hum, “Baby I need to go toilet.”

“Then go.” he mumbles into the pillow, I bend and kiss his spine, between his shoulder blades.

“I don’t want to go alone.” I feel him stir as I lay my head on his back, his warm skin causing me to smile, he turns under me and I lift my head to meet his eyes.

“What are you wearing under that jacket?” he asked and I looked down, I took my bottom lip between my teeth before gripping the zipper between my fingers, tugging it half way down to revile nothing but skin, I hear a breath release heavily from Louis’ mouth, “And under your pants?” I grip the side of my waistband tugging it down a bit to revile nothing but the bare side of my leg, he jolts up causing me to fall back slightly, he grabs a pair of pants from the bag we brang and slides his jacket up his arms, both of us not wearing underwear as he pulls the zipper to the tent down and we leave after pulling on a pair of shoes. As we make our way out of the section and towards a block of cubical I notice the place is really quiet compared to how it was a matter of hours ago, the other people roaming around were heading to and from the bathroom and the security guards.

Louis and I take turns using the same cubical before making our way back to the tent, once inside our clothes were quickly removed and Louis’ beautifully naked body hovered above mine as we made out, a condom was removed from its foil packet before being rolled down Louis length which was gently eased inside of me, the pace slow and romantic, well as romantic as it could be sees we were technically on the floor of a tent.

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