Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


13. 13

Five days later

Ellen’s POV

“Left, Louis.” I say as he takes a right but he continues on, “Louis, you needed to go left.”

“Im going a different way.” I look towards him, hands on the steering wheel, ray-bans pushed up him nose as he watches the road.

“You don’t know a different way.” I look back down at the paper map, “We are less than twenty minutes away, can we go by the map?” He smirks as he pulls into a driveway, putting the car in revers and getting back onto the street, this time going back in the direction where we turned the wrong way.

“How many people are going to be there?” Louis asks and I shrug studying the map.

“Uh, a couple thousand.”

“So that means a couple thousand tents how do we find ours?”

“There in sections.” I say not looking up, “There’s an extra tab on the ticket which tells you the section row and tent number.”

Not long after we got back on the right track we arrived at the location, hundreds of cars were already parked when Louis and I were directed to a spot, when we got out Louis grabbed our bag meeting me at the front of the car before taking my hand. Music boomed from speakers as we made our way across the car park to the entrance, our tickets being scanned before we head in, Men and woman scurrying around as walk down the large path, food stores lined the sides and soon we found the tents, I looked around for any signs telling us the sections but found none. The Bell tents scattered every were and from our position looked like a never ending maze that no one ever seems to find the end of.

“So.” I look up at Louis and he has a smug smirk on his lips, “sections?”

“Shut up.” I say and start walking off, I look down at the ticket before looking up to find a man in a fluro vest standing a few meters away, I make my way towards him. “Hi, ah can you help me find my section?” I ask, he looks down at me before nodding, I hold out my ticket and I feel Louis’ presence behind me, he looks up before back at the ticket.

“Okay, so, your section fifteen, from here you need to just walk straight.” He points, “to your left there should be openings, count seven of them and there should be a sign just in the eighth entrance saying section fifteen.” I take the ticket back.

“Thank you.” I smile and turn to Louis, “Told you there were sections.” I take his hand and make my way in the direction the man told me, I counted the openings and finally got to the eighth, where like the man said, there was a sign telling us it was the fifteenth section, small signs marked the grown beyond it telling us the row, when I front row twelve we walked down it, at tent seven I opened the Bell tent and stepped in followed by Louis.

“Four people are meant to fit in this?” he asked and I looked back at him.

“I guess so.” I fall onto the double mattress covering most of the floor space, my butt hitting the hard floor though the cushioning, “And this is the crappiest bed ever.” I say punching beside my left leg, Louis falls down beside me before groaning, I let out a laugh and he looks at me.

“The floors hard.” He says and I raise an eyebrow.

“You don’t say.” He smiles before crawling closer to me, hovering over me slightly before pushing his lips to mine, I giggle into the kiss when his fingers curl into my sides.

“Come on.” I say pushing him off and getting up from the soft mattress on the floor, he looks up at me as I stand in front of him, “The show will be starting soon and im sure plenty of people are already down by the stage.” I hold my hand out to him and he takes it pulling me down as he gets up, a squeal leaves my lips before I flip onto my back, brushing my hair from my face looking up at him.

“Did you not just say we were going? Come on Ellen. Let’s go.” he smirks and I narrow my eyes before getting up and pushing past him to get out of the tent.

“I hate you.” I say as I watch him do the tents zipper up, he smiled at me.

“I though you loved me.”


“So you do love me?” I can’t hide the smile that spreads on my lips so I turn away, his hands gripping my sides and his lips pushing a kiss to my cheek, “Let’s go, beautiful.” He leads me out of our row then out of our section; I mentally try to remember where we are before we are heading towards the huge stage you can’t miss, plenty of people have stacked up in front of the stage when Louis and I get there, people up on the stage checking instruments while everyone on the floor waits.

About an hour past and Louis and I were trapped between thousands of people, the racket of drums, guitars and screeching singers booming though the speakers, Louis’ arms around my body as we watch the performers on the stage, we had made it closer to the stage, only a few hundred people in front of us. “Is that a woman of a man?” Louis asked in my ear about the singer on the stage, there band smashing there instruments and the person’s voice was so deep yet they wore a dress, I laugh leaning back so my lips were close to his ear.

“It could be either.” I say before the crowed brock out in clapping and cheering, the band and the lady-man left the stage after saying a thank you and goodbye, a new band came on, a girl band, getting the crowed hyped up easily when the lead singer throws her G-string straight from her legs into the audience, she was now on stage in nothing but her skirt, “I think that is the most discussing thing I have ever seen.” I say to Louis and he kisses my temple, the woman start playing, the lead singer has a rough but good voice as she sings a cover of ‘Back In Black’ by AC/DC.

As the day drags on, the day turns to night and there are gaps though out the crowd, people going off to their tents, food stores and bathrooms, a few times Louis and I had retreated to the bathrooms not before pushing our way back though the crowed to get closer to the stage. I sit at a table, waiting for Louis to get back with our food, when he gets back we sit and eat, talking about the earlier performers as we listen to the show continue in the back ground, Louis still not giving up on trying to figure out whether the person from one of the first performance was a man of a woman and we get into a long discussion about it. After we eat Louis and I make our way back to the show plot, only pushing though a little bit, watching the show from the large screen in the middle of the crowd for the people right at the back who are not able to see the stage past the sea of people in front of them. I grip my phone from my pocket when I feel it ring, looking at the caller ID to see it was Tegan, I answer the call, yelling a hello over the music, I tell her to wait a second before telling Louis I would be back soon, pushing thought he crowd, I push my phone to my ear seeing if I could hear anything on the other line, after about three hundred meters I make out the sound of London crying on the other end of the line.

E: Tegan, can you hear me?

T: Yeah, sorry for calling you but London won’t fall asleep, she keeps asking for you, now she’s crying. Talk to her.

I hear Tegan telling London that im on the phone and to say hallo, soon a soft, croaky voice says hello.

E: Hi baby. Why are you crying sweet heart?

L: I want you to come home.

E: oh, sweetie, I can’t and if I did I wouldn’t be there for a long time.

L: But why?

E: Because mummy is watching a show, can you hear the music?

L: Yes.

E: So will you listen to aunty Tegan and go to bed? Mummy will see you tomorrow. Okay?

L: Yes.

E: Goodnight baby.

L: Bye mummy.

T: Thank you.

E: It’s okay, Hey, im gonna go, I have to go find people I will call you tomorrow.

T: Okay, night.

I smile when London says night to me and the call ends, I make my way back towards the crowd and push though until I see Louis, his back to me as he takes a picture with a girl, another switches spots and takes a photo too, they talk for a moment before they disappear into the crowd, when I had checked my phone it was almost one in the morning and I was sure Tegan had had a nightmare with London, I slid my hand in Louis’ and he looks down at me before smiling and kissing my lips.

“Who was that?” he asks in my ear.

“Tegan, London wouldn’t go to sleep, I got her to stop crying so let’s hope she sleeps now.” I say to him, slightly loud so he hears it over the music.

“She was crying?” he asks, a frown creasing his forehead and I smile at his concern.

“She said she wanted me to come home, I told her I couldn’t because it would take too long and that I would see her tomorrow.” I shrug, “She took my offer and I think she might be asleep now.” As I finish my sentence a fire work explodes lighting up the sky, Louis and I look up as others exploded, the bangs vibrating though my body. I take Louis hand and turn so my back is against his front, draping his arm over my shoulder and intertwining out fingers as we look up at the sky as it lights up in coloured fire, his other arm crosses over my front, holding me tight as the crowd ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ at the shattering fireworks overhead.

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