Beofre Time Runs Out, Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction.

Sequel to Before I Met You.
Ellen Aprils is back in London and she has a new addition to the world. Ellen wants to keep her presence a secret from Louis as she is fully aware of his new relationship that she presumed he was happy in. Everything goes there way after Louis is caught cheating on his previous girlfriend with Ellen, after spending a few days at a music festival has photos leaked of their moments.


10. 10

Two days later

Ellen’s POV

Im cleaning up from dinner after putting London to bed, the dishes placed in the dishwasher and the kitchen benches wiped down, a knock sounds at the door and I throw the dish cloth in the sink drying my hands on my jeans and almost skipping to the door, I swing it open and jump into Louis arms, a small squeal leaving my lips as I do so, his hand gripping my thighs as our lips connect. A moment later he walks into the apartment and I push the door shut before going back to twist my fingers in his hair, I’m pushed against the hall wall as our kissing continues, I giggle as his lips find my neck nibbling at the skin.

Sophia’s POV

I step out the apartment door as I hear Ellen’s open, when I turn to see her she is in Louis’ arms, her legs around his waist, arms around his neck, fingers in his hair and their lips connected, as he starts to walk her inside I have to grip the door handle to keep me steady, my mouth agape and my heart pounding. I know for a fact I was never supost to see that, I turn to lock the door, the image of Ellen and Louis printed in my mind and I make my way towards the elevator, pressing the button and leaving, I get to my car and drop in, my mind rushing as I start it and head out of the building. I get into London and to the shop I was meeting Eleanor, finding her already in a shop, seeing her puts a vivid image of what I saw less than half an hour ago back in my mind, I greet her with a kiss on the cheek and a hug and we start to look around together.

“Where’s Louis?” I ask casually as I pull a shirt off the rack, observing it.

“Ah, im not sure, he didn’t mention he was doing anything today.” I nod, I want to tell her Louis’ cheating on her, I want to say I saw him with Ellen, kissing, in the hall but I can’t, it’s not my place to, this is Louis’ disition and his choice to tell her.

Next morning

Ellen’s POV

I wake up to London calling me, my eyes adjust to the light and I scan my surroundings, Louis is beside me, we are both naked our clothes scattered on the floor around us. I sit up and look for my underwear, gripping my panties I slip them up my legs, grabbing Louis’ jumper, the door sounds as im flipping it in the right way. I get up and make my way towards the bedroom, pulling the ham down as I get to the door, I pick London up out of her cot as another rap is placed to the door, I make my way out into the main room again, I don’t think London takes notice of Louis on the lounge only covered by a thin blanket. I open the door as London is held to my side and when I see Liam standing on the other side I close it slightly so he can’t see into the apartment.

“Morning.” I say and he greets me before London and him greet one another.

“Got company?” he asks raking my body, his eyes lingering on my bare legs the longest and I remember what im wearing and hope he doesn’t recognise the jumper as Louis.

“Ah, no. Just London and I.” I say shakily and he nods.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come out for lunch.”

“Yeah, ah. Who’s going?” I ask holding the door in place, putting a foot behind it so it defiantly won’t open.

“Everyone but Louis. He isn’t answering his phone.” he steps to his left slightly trying to get a look in the apartment and im afraid of the information he might know.

“Sure, ah text me where and when.” I say with a smile, he nods and London says a small goodbye before I close the door and quickly flick the lock across, I lean my head against the door and look down towards where Louis is standing doing the button on his jeans up.

“Call Louis daddy.” I whisper as I walk back towards the kitchen, London still in my arms.

“Hi daddy.” She says her arm stretched in front of her as she waves her little kid wave, fingers spread and moving her hand as if she’s screwing a light bulb, his eyes are slightly wide as he takes in her words before they flick to me, his hand over his cheek from when he was rubbing his face and I smile.

“Morning daddy.” He makes his way towards us, taking London in his arms and kissing her cheek before giving her a tight hug, giggles fall from her lips and it makes me smile further.

“Hi angle.” He says before kissing her cheek again, “And morning mummy.” My bottom lip is taken between my teeth as I watch him go towards the kitchen, still shirt less, he places London down on a stool.

“You might want to check your phone, Liam was just here, said something about lunch.”

“Hey I have to go.” Louis rushes after a moment of him texting from the lounge, his jumper now on his back after I changed into my own clothes; I had fixed London breakfast and was just about to make Louis and I cereal, his lips push a kiss to my lips, “Eleanor wants me to pick her up in twenty.” He tells me and I nod understanding, I follow him to the door after watching him bounce around putting his shoes on and he turns to me as we get to the door, I look back making sure London couldn’t see us, “I’ll see you at lunch.” I nod and kiss his lips, when he pulls away my eyes open slowly and a smirk is on his face, I grip the nape of his neck pulling him in for another kiss, the kiss desperate, trying to savour the taste of our lover before we part again, a peck is left to my cheek before he flicks the lock and opens the door a crack to check the cost is clear, a smile is thrown my way before he steps out and I close the door locking it.

I stand outside the restaurant beside Sophia, London and Liam mucking around as we wait for Louis and Eleanor, soon they come into view, his hand on her back as he guides her towards us, Louis had changed from what he was wearing earlier, a smile is shared between us, Eleanor going for a hug and a kiss on the cheek before she greets London, pinching her cheek making her giggle, we make our way into the restaurant, sitting around a circle table, London and Louis colouring the back of the kids menu beside me. I had made London promise me again not to call Louis dad while we were with the others, she didn’t think much about it and I know it meant a lot to him this morning, the smile on his face im sure never faded from after she said it and im sure the whispered words to each other were about it.

It was dark out, the slightest bit of light eliminating the playground behind the apartment complex, London continuously climbing up the jungle gym just to take the slide back down to the floor, Lunch went smoothly, Louis and I tried to keep our flirtatious glances to a minimum. I was sat on one of the four swings, my legs stretching out before folding me in, the small swinging movement causing me to get sleepier then I already am, I was in the middle of getting London ready for bed when she insisted on coming down to the park.

“Baby, it’s been half an hour can we go home?” I look over to London as she climbs the stairs to the play set.

“One more.” She says as she completed the stairs and runs across the shaky bridge, I get up and make my way to the bottom of the slide where she is stationed at the top looking down at me.

“In three.” I clap my hands, “Two.” I clap again, “one” and she slides, I pick her up wringing her in a circle before I start walking.

“Daddy!” London says cheerfully and I look up to see Louis standing by the alley way, I smile and he greets her back, I place her on the ground and she runs over, Louis collects her in his arms embracing her in a hug before they pull away and look at one another, he places strands of hair behind her ear as he tells her something and soon im beside them, I greet him and we start walking down the alley, London playing with the zipper of her jacket and soon were in the building. Louis lowers London slightly so she can press the button and soon we step in, the top button pressed again by London and we make our way up to the apartment.

“How’d you know we were down there?” I asked as I grip the keys from my pocket, pushing them in the key hole.

“I could hear you.” He told me before pointing to the window a few meters from mine and Liam’s apartment doors and I nod.

“Are you going to come in?” I ask once I got the door open.

“Do you want me to?” my bottom lip is taken between my teeth as I nod, and he smiles, London’s jacket is removed and hung over the end stool along with mine and Louis’ the warm apartment keeping me from freezing.

“You know the drill, pajamas.” London scurry’s off into the bedroom as I offer Louis a drink, he refuses but I get a glass of milk anyway, I make London a bottle, heating the milk and going into the bedroom where she is stood at the end of my bed oddly buttoning up her PJ shirt, I let out a laugh, as does Louis and I lift her to stand on the end of the matters, giving her to bottle and she starts drinking it as I unbutton and button the shirt again. “Are your pants on backwards?” I ask and he shakes her head giggling at me, I tap her behind twice, “Come on, bed.” I say and she jumps from her feet landing on the mattress in a sitting position.

“Is Louis having breakfast here?” London asked as I pick her up and we both look at Louis who shrugs.

“He might.” I say and place her to be in her cot, she sits cross legged and Louis comes over, I run my fingers though her hair before leaning down and kissing the top of her head.

“Goodnight, baby.” I say and she lies back, I pull the fluffy blanket over her and Louis kisses his index and middle finger before pushing it to London’s cheek.

“Sweet dreams, Angle.” She smiles and Louis and I walk away.

“Bed for us too?” I ask as we enter the wardrobe, he smiles and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me against him.

“If that’s what you want.” He says pushing a kiss just below my ear, I grip his hair tugging it back so he moves away, a laugh falls from his lips as I force him to look at me.

“Sleep.” I say, “Not sex, not tonight.” I say and he frowns, I smile when he playfully pouts, pecking his lips once before turning away and getting changed out of my jeans and shirt slipping on a jumper before we head back out into the bedroom where London is still lying awake in her cot. It normally takes her about fifteen minutes to fall asleep so I wasn’t expecting her to be out just yet, Louis and I quietly make our way to the bed, I pull the doona back and get under the cover while Louis strips down to his briefs and shirt, getting in beside me and turning on his side. An arm is draped over my jumper covered stomach his head beside my arm, kisses being pressed there every so often, as his other hand intertwines my finger with his, I roll my head to the side and smile at him, shuffling down the bed so our faces were in line and pushing a kiss to his lips.

“Goodnight, beautiful.” My eyes closed as he said the words.

“Goodnight, Louis.” I feel the doona get pulled up further and I snuggle into the bed as I let peaceful sleep invade me.

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