The Young Assassin

BLURB: Captured by the King and trained to be a Shadow Assassin, Alcina Gordteen has been killing for the King of Albainia for one year. On her third mission the King hands her a note and tells her to kill four certain people. Alcina has been ordered to not hang around the village and to contact no one. Not knowing the truth about this mission is destroying Alcina and yet knowing the truth could destroy her.


4. The Truth

It had now been four weeks since Alcina had arrived in Norfolk. Tonight was finally the night when Alcina would get to unleash the monster hidden inside of her. Unfortunately, for her, her victims death had to be quick.

Alcina had followed the people every day and night. She had figured out that every Friday all the people meet together at Noble Catan's house. She had still not seen Lilly Catan and she was starting wonder whether Lilly even lived there. Still, Alcina was going to go to Noble's house and crash the party. Since she was a shadow assassin she could manipulate the shadows to hide herself in. This mission was going to be particularly difficult for Alcina because she had to kill them all very quickly so as to not make too much of a disturbance. Alcina liked a challenge.

That night there was no moon which meant she couldn't manipulate the shadows outside. Not that that meant she couldn't use her powers to manipulate them inside the house. Adrenaline was pumping through Alcina's veins. She had to contain the bubbling excitement inside of her and slow to a walk as soon as she was out in the open. Alcina had taken a short cut through the forest that boarders Norfolk.

The air had a very cold bite to it so Alcina was rugged up in a black, woollen cloak. Alcina had one knife strapped to each of her legs that were hidden by her knee-high leather boats. She had two long swords crossed over on her back. She clenched and unclenched her gloved hands. She was nearly drooling with anticipation.

The dirt streets were quiet and only a few lights remained on in the little stone cottages. Every now and again a homeless person would come out and beg for food or money. Every time Alcina would just walk on like she heard nothing. A few stray cats ran under the nearest houses as Alcina neared her destination.

After a seven minute brisk walk Alcina made it to Noble Catan's house. Noble's cottage was just like the rest of the cottages in Norfolk, except there was a little, blue letter box. Not many people in Norfolk had letter boxes. Alcina slipped inside through the back window. She had memorised the layout of the house as best she could. The back room she had landed in was the laundry. Alcina couldn't see much because none of the lights were on at the back of the house. 

She unsheathed her dagger and stepped through the doorway into the kitchen. Alcina could hear mumbling. There was more light in the kitchen. The kitchen was basic. A fridge, sink and cupboards. Norfolk was the poorer village out of all the villages in Albainia.

Alcina inched forward. Step by step Alcinia became lower to the ground. She started to manipulate the shadows to cover her. She was behind the couch now. Behind her first victim, Blaise Bedver. Oh it had been so long since she had killed. Unnaturally fast Alcinia had Blaise's neck in a headlock ready to snap it and end his life. This was her purpose. To kill. To take lives. 

"Stop! Don't do it!" It was as though the men had sensed she was there about to kill because they spoke too soon after she made her grand appearance.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't," Alcina grumbled out.

"I know who you are," the oldest man, Noble Catan, was speaking.

The others looked too afraid to talk. The one that Alcina didn't have in a headlock was huddled up on the couch. Alcina could feel Blaise sweating and tensing with every breath he let out. There was still no sign of Lilly Catan.

"We know who you are, Alcina Gordteen," a girl came out of a dark room. The girl looked about thirteen and had blonde hair. The same shade as Alcina's.

"Are you Lilly Catan?" Alcina asked the little girl.

"No," slowly the girl drew a necklace out from underneath her cloak, "I am Lilly Gordteen."

The necklace was half a heart with 'LO' on it. Alcina slowly released her grip on the man and took her necklace off her neck. They matched to make the word 'LOVE'.





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