The Young Assassin

BLURB: Captured by the King and trained to be a Shadow Assassin, Alcina Gordteen has been killing for the King of Albainia for one year. On her third mission the King hands her a note and tells her to kill four certain people. Alcina has been ordered to not hang around the village and to contact no one. Not knowing the truth about this mission is destroying Alcina and yet knowing the truth could destroy her.


2. The List

Alcina sat on her four poster bed and stared down at the neatly folded piece of paper in her hands. The air was becoming cooler as the sun set. Her little chamber was very clean. A bed, a bookshelf, a desk with basic little chair and a bathing room.

Alcina palms were starting to sweat. She always got like this before she unfolded the piece of paper. As soon as she saw the people's names their death sentence would be written. A slow or fast death depended on what the King thought of them. If they were true rebels and were trying to overthrow her King their death would be slow. However, if they posed little threat, as the King had decreed these rebels, their death would be fast. If Alcina had her way everybody's death would be slow and painful. A lasting memory. 

She was excited to see what names where inked onto the piece of paper. Slowly Alcina unwrapped the list as she would a present. 

The list read:

Lilly Catan

Noble Catan

Blaise Bedver

Alain Bliant

Alcina didn't know what could be so bad about these people, but her King would not make mistakes, these people must be somehow connected to a rebellion. She knew she should not disobey the King and nor would she. Not yet any way.

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