The Young Assassin

BLURB: Captured by the King and trained to be a Shadow Assassin, Alcina Gordteen has been killing for the King of Albainia for one year. On her third mission the King hands her a note and tells her to kill four certain people. Alcina has been ordered to not hang around the village and to contact no one. Not knowing the truth about this mission is destroying Alcina and yet knowing the truth could destroy her.


3. Norfolk

Alcina had been in the little village of Norfolk for a week after travelling for two nights on horseback. She stayed in a little home that the King had bought for her and any of his men that needed it. Luckily none if his men were here. She didn't need any distractions while she was here plotting to kill the people. Last time she went on a mission to Woodsford the men were in the house for a night. They got home at midnight and didn't go to sleep until one o'clock. The next morning Alcina was tired and grumpy. She went up to the men and threatened to kill them if they didn't leave. The men quickly scurried away muttering to themselves and left that afternoon. The King hadn't said anything about the incident to her so she figured the men kept their mouths shut, which was lucky for them.

Over a week Alcina had found all her victims houses and had seen all of them except Lilly Catan. Alcina didn't know why this really bothered her because she knew where she lived. Alcina just assumed it was because her little sister's name was Lilly. Lilly was a common name here. However something else was still not feeling right about this mission and it was destroying Alcina not know what it was.

Alcina felt for the chain around her neck and brought it out of her shirt. Alcina wasn't one for jewellery or fancy shoes but this necklace was half a heart and Lilly had the other half. Even though the other half was most likely buried beneath the sand with little Lilly's body, Alcina still liked to have the reminder and the hope that she still might have family. Sometimes this thought was a burden; her mum and dad would be furious the way she had turned out. Alcina didn't know what Lilly would have thought about her but she didn't really care. Other times that thought was all that got Alcina through to the next day; one day she would be with her family again. As long as she didn't end up in hell which was highly unlikely. 'Uh, what was the point of living', Alcina thought, 'I must have a purpose, everyone has a purpose I just have to find mine'.


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