The Young Assassin

BLURB: Captured by the King and trained to be a Shadow Assassin, Alcina Gordteen has been killing for the King of Albainia for one year. On her third mission the King hands her a note and tells her to kill four certain people. Alcina has been ordered to not hang around the village and to contact no one. Not knowing the truth about this mission is destroying Alcina and yet knowing the truth could destroy her.


5. Back to Carneath

Alcina rode her horse back through the palace gates four days later.

She had spared the people's life and told them to fake their death and move otherwise she would have to kill them. They had talked all night. Lilly sat next to Alcina and played with Alcina's daggers. Lilly didn't hate Alcina for who she was and what she does. Noble told Alcina the story of how he found Lilly and took her in. He also told Alcina why he changed Lilly's surname to protect her from anybody who hated Alcina and might want to hurt Lilly for being Alcina's sister. Alcina was also informed about the formation of a rebellion against the King which Alcina found herself wanting incredibly badly to join.

A rebellion against the King. It was the King now, not her King. She hated him. She wanted to slowly kill him. Cut each finger off, then each toe, then his arms and legs then, maybe then she might slice his head off his body. That was her purpose. Fate had lead her to the King knowing that one day Alcina would find out the truth and destroy the King and she would fulfill her destiny. Her fate. The purpose of her life.

The same guard secured the manacles on her wrists and dragged her up to the room to meet with the King. The guard knocked on the grand oak doors and two more guards on the other side opened the doors. Alcina took three steps forward and bowed. A fowl taste filled her mouth. She had no respect left for this man. She shouldn't even be bowing to the man who tried to make her kill her own little sister.

"You may rise. Guards you may leave," the fowl, despicable King roared, "Are the people I requested killed, dead?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," a grin spread across Alcina's face. The grin she always showed the King after a kill, to show him how much she had enjoyed it. Before it was always real. This time it was fake.

Silently in her head Alcina was plotting her own mission. One that would lead to the King's undoing. One that would give all the rebels justice.




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