The Young Assassin

BLURB: Captured by the King and trained to be a Shadow Assassin, Alcina Gordteen has been killing for the King of Albainia for one year. On her third mission the King hands her a note and tells her to kill four certain people. Alcina has been ordered to not hang around the village and to contact no one. Not knowing the truth about this mission is destroying Alcina and yet knowing the truth could destroy her.


1. Another Mission

The guard took the manacles from his weapons belt and secured them onto Alcina's scarred wrists avoiding her gaze. Her gaze would be too much. Too many awful memories held within her dark blue eyes. Memories that Alcina enjoyed remembering but any other human being would run miles away from her if they saw them. They were the memories of the lives she'd taken on missions the King of Albainia sent her away on. She was about to receive another mission.

Alcina let the guard pull her up the cold stone stairway up to the King. Even though she was the Kings most valuable assassin she was not to be trusted because after all, she was a shadow assassin. 

The stairway seemed to go on forever. Alcina looked at the guard, his swords purposely placed on the far side away from her. His muscles tensed as she took a step towards him. She looked him up and down, he was a man mountain. All muscle and weapons. He had black, natural looking hair that made Alcina's blonde hair look blindingly bright. Alcina always had this guard. He never talked, never looked at her and always looked like he was being tortured when he had to get her.                                                                                                                  

"So, what's your name?" Alcina couldn't help herself, she always asked him what his name was and he never answered.

This time was no different, he wasn't answering, so she kept walking. They were nearly at the room where they would see the King. Alcina had memorised how many steps it took and how many doors there were, in case one day she had to make a swift exit.

They stopped in front of the grand oak door. The guard knocked. Two guards on the other side  of the door opened the door incredibly slowly. Alcina looked around. Everything was the same, a big stone room with a large window on the far right side with luscious green curtains and a massive uncomfortable looking throne where the King was sitting. It wasn't a very inviting place even with the handmade curtains and glowing sunlight flooding the room.

She took three steps forward, then lowered herself onto one knee and bowed her head. She respected the King even though he had sent out the army that destroyed her village, he was still the one that had saved her from the war and given her nearly everything that a sixteen year old girl could ever want. All she lacked was her true family and that was a big part of her life that was missing. A hole in her heart that could never be repaired. A hole in her heart where the killing monster, whom she doesn't regret having, found its home. A home amongst the guilty and vengeful thoughts.

Alcina could only assume that the King sent out had succeeded in killing her parents and possibly her little sister. Alcina never stoped hoping that her little sister might still be alive. The last time Alcina saw her was when two of the king's men were dragging her away and her little sister was being swallowed up by the civil war that had just exploded around them. Her sister, Lilly, was just ten when she last saw her and three years had passed since that horrific day. Alcina had promised her sister that fateful day that she would go back for her but Alcina held very little hope that her sister was alive anymore.

"Rise," the King bellowed.

Alcina did as she was told and got to her feet. 

"Guards you may leave now," all the guards rushed out of the room and quietly closed the door, "I have a new mission for you Alcina Gordteen. It will involve you travelling to Norfolk."

A bolt of giddiness surged through Alcina. Norfolk was her home village. Memories of her childhood raced through her head. 

"Will you be able to complete my request Alcina?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Yes, I will be able to."

"Here are the names of the people that are threatening our palace and my position,"  The King handed Alcina a neatly folded piece of paper, "You must find and slaughter these people within a month. When you reach Norfolk don't waste any time, contact anyone in the village or research the people on this list. These people pose little threat, so a fast death will suffice. Do I make myself clear?"

"Uh..," the King gave her a death stare ,"Yes Your Majesty."

"Good. You may leave now."

'This was a very strange mission' Alcina thought. She would usually have to research the people to help find their whereabouts and she would always find out a little bit extra about them. She would find out who their family was and why they were such a threat. This was a very strange mission indeed.

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