My greatest decision

Allie and her family decide to go to Australia for her 17 birthday. Allie meets the love of her life in the airport. But will her dad accept her relationship?


1. My Worst Present Ever

"No dad!" I said to him. "But Allie you have to or else you are not going anywhere." "Fine" Ughh I hate when dad does this. I left and went to my bedroom and put one of my favorites "I Miss You" by Blink 182. My parents are divorced my dad got married again and I rarely get to see my mom. I asked my dad for my 17 birthday if I can go to Sydney, Australia. He said ok but his wife got him the idea we should go together as a family. When I actually wanted to with someone else. But I just have to get a way to deal with it,the only good thing is that we are leaving in 5 days. Omg I so excited to actually go somewhere that's not close by. 
*5 days go by* 
Finally we are packed up we got a taxi, I said goodbye to my dog named Love. This is the worst part I hate because it's so sad leaving my dog but thank god Alondra (my best friend) is going to take care of him. We finally get to the airport, I just put my headphones while my brother and sister are crying over something they want. After when they check our tickets the lady says "Sorry but I am going to change one of you to a different seat. But don't worry you have the same flight. Oh great they all are staring at me so I say "Okay I will change my seat." I am so annoyed first we all have to together and now I am going to sit next a complete stranger. But the good thing is that I will by far away for them for a couple of hours. 
I am so sorry if this is bad but it is my first one hope you guys like it. I will try to post another chapter tomorrow. Bye :)  
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