My greatest decision

Allie and her family decide to go to Australia for her 17 birthday. Allie meets the love of her life in the airport. But will her dad accept her relationship?


2. My Trip Inside the Plane

I finally got inside the plane and I was kind of scared since it's my first time on a plane. I put my I finally got inside the plane and I was kind of scared since it's my first time on a plane. I put my earphones and started to play my playlist and suddenly my phone was playing Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer. Omg why I love this song and it makes me dance and makes me move around like a creep. It started to happen and I looked around if anyone was seeing me. Then I started to sing the song and then I here a voice. And then I see this really cute guy that's looks really familiar with a beenie and a cool shirt that I really like. "Nice moves" he says. I'm started to blush and say "Um thanks". Then he sits next to me and says "Hi I am Calum, what's your name?" Omg I finally remember it's Calum Hood from 5 Seconds Of Summer. I try to not freak out and ask him "Are you Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer? And my name is Allie." Then he starts so suddenly blush and trying not to laugh and says "Hi Allie and yes but don't try to scream and yes the other boys are on other seats with me. But we are trying to go home so can you not please fan girl." I did not fan girl but did cry because they were the only ones who were always there for me and made me cry,laugh, and made me happy. Calum got worried and asked "Did I do something wrong?" Calum's P.O.V. Oh my god this girl is so funny and kind of cute. I started to talk to her and she started to cry.I got worried that she might scream but she told me why she was crying and it made me sad and tried to change the subject by asking her who member she likes in the band. She said playfully "I like all of you guys,and are you guys single?" Omg was she trying to flirt with me and told her playfully " Yes we are single. Why do you want my number?" " Yes please" Allie said. "Do you want me to write it down for you?" She said yes. I gave her my number and I tell her "Call me when you are safely at the hotel and I will call you tomorrow so you and me and the guys could hang out." We leave but before she gives me a kiss on the cheek and we say goodbye. I get my suitcase and we with the boys. We decide to go to sleep at Michael's house. While we are in the car the boys ask "What are we going to do tomorrow?" and tell them "You guys are going to met a wonderful girl".We finally reach Michael's place and I was so tired I feel asleep with Luke cuddling with me. Allie's P.O.V. Omg Calum Hood the Calum Hood gave me his number. I need to relax so I can ask my dad if I can go to my friends house and make him not notice it's not a boy. I get my suitcase and meet with my family and get on a taxi. We finally reach the hotel but my dad doesn't asks because he is so tired and they all go to sleep. I was the only one up and remember that I had to call Calum. I call him but a different voice answers and says "Hello?" I notice it's Ashton and tell him " Um hello is this Calum?" He says "No this Ashton but this is Calum's phone. Um who is this?" I tell him "This is the girl she met at the airport." Ashton says "Oh okay it's because Calum is sleeping but I will tell him tomorrow, goodbye." I notice that he sounds excited and I wonder what Calum said about me. So I tell him "Goodnight" and end the call. I save Calum's number and go to sleep and excited for tomorrow. Ashton P.O.V. Ohh god is this the girl that Calum was talking about she sounded like a sweet girl. I end up telling Michael and he is excited like and we end up waking Luke. We tell Luke about what happened and he excited as we are. We can't wait tomorrow Luke ends up cuddling with me and just cause I am tired I let him. We all go to sleep excited for tomorrow. Hope you guys like it bye! :D  
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