My greatest decision

Allie and her family decide to go to Australia for her 17 birthday. Allie meets the love of her life in the airport. But will her dad accept her relationship?


3. My First Kiss

Allie's P.O.V. I wake up and I wanted to go back  to sleep but I remember I have to get ready to see the boys. The only I like so far from this trip meeting the boys and that I get my own room. I put some music and I was doing my happy dance. I ate some pancakes with Nutella and then I took a shower. I put my black jeans with my white converse and my Batman shirt. It's 11:30 I better call Calum, I hope he is awake. I go outside so no one hears us and I call him. "Um hello who is this?" He asked. I say "The that you kissed you in the airport." "Oh hi Allie are you ready?" I answer "Yes but are you ready?" "Yeah I will pick you up in 10 min, what's your address again?" I tell Calum my address and Calum says " I will call you when I am there, bye." "Bye" I went inside my room to get my purse and checked if everything was inside there. I checked myself once again in the mirror and went to tell my dad. I was kind of nervous but I have to be serious. I knocked and my dad's wife named Carrol answered the door. "Hello Allie how was your sleep? Do you want to talk to your dad because he is still sleeping?" I answered "Good and you. I just wanted to tell him that I am going to visit with a new friend that I made. Don't worry she is a girl and you can call me if you need anything , ok?" She said "Okay you can go and will tell your dad don't worry, I will call you if I need you back , bye sweetie." I said "Bye Carrol see you later." I went outside and waited for Calum. Calum P.O.V. Shit I barely woke up when Allie called me I have to get ready. Ugh Luke and Ashton woke up earlier than me except Michael. I didn't have time to get ready I guess I will have to go in my pjs. Luke and Ashton seemed pretty excited and were all wearing something nice. I just got the car keys and went to go pick her up, I guess I will after she meets the guys. I finally arrive and I see her outside waiting for me. She got all dressed up for me, she looks so cute. But she started laughing at me and then I realized she was laughing at my pjs. She had a cute laugh and said " Guess you didn't have time to change. But it is alright you look adorable like that." I told her, "No I didn't but you did and you look pretty." "Thanks",she said and started to turn red. Allie tried to change the subject and asked me "Are you going to take me or not?" I answered "Yes", I opened the door for her and we left. She told me "I called you yesterday and Ashton answered and he said he would tell I called you, did he?" No wonder Ashton and Luke and probably Michael were excited because Ashton told them. I answered " Oh he didn't but I will talk to him." And we stayed quiet the whole ride.  Luke P.O.V. After Calum left me and Ashton woke up Michael to wake him up. Michael woke up all grumpy and ask "What the fuck do you want guys?" We reminded him about Calum and the mysterious girl. Michael got ready as fast as possible and Calum finally came with a beautiful girl. We were all glancing each other and thinking how did Calum find this girl. She seemed very shy and said "Hi my name is Allie." I said first "Hi Allie my name is Luke." And then Ashton and then Michael presented themselves. Allie's P.O.V. Omg I can't believe that I am meeting 5 Seconds of Summer I was really shy in front of them and they presented each other. I dared myself hug them starting with Ashton and Luke and Luke hugged me hard it was hard to breath. And even Michael gave me a hug they were all happy and asking questions. While Calum took a shower they all were looking at me like if they never say a girl before in their lives. I asked them "Why are you guys looking me like that?" Ashton answered "Calum has never brought a girl especially that he barley met." And Luke said "And he never brought someone that is pretty as you." I started to blush and all the guys were nodding at Luke's complement. Then suddenly Calum came shirtless you could see that he worked out and I was so impressed. Because of my face expression Michael said in a playful way "Calm down we always are shirtless or even naked." Ashton told me "It is true but Michael you shouldn't say that to our friend here. Especially that we barely met her." Then the guys left to go get some pizza and they left me and Calum all alone. I told Calum playfully "Nice six pack you have, it seems that you work out." Calum started to blush and said "Thank you" Then the boys came with the pizza and one slice in Michael's mouth. Calum and me started to laugh and Michael said "What I got hungry." We all started to eat pizza. Calum's P.O.V. Allie saw me shirtless I can notice she liked it and she even complemented me about it. I think I like her and i think she likes me too. After we eat pizza we play charades in my team I have Michael. Luke got to have Allie and Ashton so far we are winning. I am a little jealous because Luke keeps hugging Allie and Ashton does too. But I shouldn't get jealous it's not like she is my girlfriend. Allie's P.O.V.  I had a good time with the guys Calum and Michael has been winning so far. But I am so happy I got to spend time with the guys. My dad called me and asked me if I am still with my friend and said yeah. He told me what time am I going to come I told him about 8 and he sounded annoyed but he said ok. Luke asked "Who was that?" I told them "It was my dad he thinks I am with a friend that is a girl." Ashton asked "Why didn't you tell him the truth?" I answered "Do you think he would let me go with friends that are guys?" They all answered "No and we are your friends." I told them "Well if you guys want to be." They all said happily "Yes" It was finally 8 and I had to go home, they all said that we should meet tomorrow. I told "Yes if my dad lets me and I will call you guys." Then Michael said "Here are all of our numbers so you can call us if Calum doesn't answer we all started to laugh. Finally the guys decided that Calum was going to drop me off. When we were at the hotel I leaned in at Calum's face to tell him something and then we accidentally kissed. It was perfect for my first kiss and he got me and kissed me again. At that moment I knew that he liked me and that I liked him. "Goodnight Allie don't let the bed bugs bite." I told him "Goodnight my Calum have a goodnight sleep. See you tomorrow." I left and went to the hotel told my dad I was here and asked him if I can go tomorrow. He said only for a little bit and tell me in the morning when you leave okay?" "Okay dad." After I went to my room and went to sleep. Calum's P.O.V.  Allie kissed me I think that she really likes now and she called me her Calum. I leave to go with the boys and I notice they all went to sleep. Waiting for tomorrow to see Allie.
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