My Best Choice

5 sos Luke Calum


4. My Wet Date

Calum's P.O.V

I woke up at 7:30 am and called Allie hope she is awake. "Um hello Calum, why are you calling me so early?", she said all sleepy. "Wake up I am going to pick you up." I said. "What? I am not even ready Calum." She said all worried. "Don't worry bring your stuff and a swimming suit."I told her. "Okay" she said. "I will pick you up in 15 min., bye" "Okay" she said. I woke up all the boys and said to put there swimming suits. And that we are going to see Allie, they all woke up and got ready. I took the keys and went to pick up Allie.

Allie's P.O.V.

Oh gosh Calum woke me up at 7:30 I have 15 minutes to at least some make up on. I ate cereal and brushed my teeth and hair. I put a little bit of makeup thinking that we are going to the pool. I got the cutest swimming suit I could find and put it inside my purse. I wrote a note to my dad and lied to him that me and my friend are going to hike the mountain to see the sunset. I put the note under the door and pushed it inside the room. Calum was calling and I totally forgot I had my onesies and I didn't have time to change so now Calum is the one who is going to laugh at me. I went outside to see Calum and he started to laugh at me and told me in a baby voice "Ohh who's the little baby that is wearing their onesies, you look so adorable." "Shut up Calum" I told him and suddenly something happen. I thought Calum was going to hug me but he came in for a kiss. I kissed him back and then we went in the car. It was awkward because of what I was wearing but Calum didn't care. He was telling me how the boys are very excited to see me again. We finally reached Michael's house and they were outside. They were all laughing at me and I was laughing too. But then I hugged them and said hello. Luke said,"You look cute in your pjs." I went inside to change into my swimming suit. I looked in the mirror to see if I looked at least ok. I went inside and I noticed the boys were inside the pool already. I jumped in and then I felt that someone got me and threw me up in the air. It was Ashton I screamed and went inside the water again. We played water balloon fight Luke and Calum were in my team and we had to get Michael and Ashton. They were cheating because they always got me. After our team won and we got to choose where we wanted to eat and Ashton and Michael got to pay it. They asked me where I wanted to eat and I said "I don't know guys you choose for me." Then we went to this place and there food was good. We all got stuffed and went to looks around. Some fans saw them and they decided to take some pictures. Of course I had to take them and them out of the blue a fan kissed MY CALUM I got so angry I gave her camera and went away from them. Calum saw me and ran after me and then got hand. And told me "That's what fans do but I don't like her, I like you." Then he kissed me right in front of the guys and they were all saying "Ohh Calum likes Allie, Calum likes Allie, Calum likes Allie." And Calum told them to shut up. Then my dad called me that I come home and I told the guys. They seemed sad but I said I was going to see them tomorrow. Calum dropped me off a block away so my dad doesn't think I was with a boy. I kiss him goodbye and he tells me "Allie thanks for going on a date with you." I told him "Ohh so this was a date with you, then I will have another date with you tomorrow. Goodbye my Calum have a good afternoon." He said "Call me before you go to sleep and don't worry I won't forget this time, okay?" "Okay, I will see you tomorrow,bye." I told him and got out the car and started to walk to the hotel. I reached and my dad said "Get ready because we are going to eat." I went to my room and got something casual I could wear and put it on. I got outside and went with my family to eat. We all decided to eat some pizza at a pizza place even though I wasn't that hungry. When we sat down at a booth I notice something familiar, I saw Luke getting some pizza. I could tell he saw me too and he was about to yell my name when Ashton saw me too and probably told Luke I was with my family. I lied to my dad that I had to take a phone call and went in the back so no one can see me and called Ashton. "Hello Allie" he said. I told him "Ashton, you and Luke come outside please." They came outside and asked what I was doing here, I told them "I have to spend quality time with my "family". And please don't tell anyone about this no one knows that I am hanging out with you guys. It's not bad but if my dad knew he would make us leave and take us back home. Then I couldn't see you guys and I would miss you." Ashton added "Especially Calum." I told them goodbye and gave them a hug and they left. After we went back to the hotel and went to sleep except me. I started watching cartoons and called Calum. "Hi Allie how did you spend your "family" time?" He asked of course Luke or Ashton would tell him but it is okay. I told him "It was boring and how did you spend your afternoon?" He answered "You know just band rehearsal." "Oh I wanted to see guys rehearsal." I told him and he said. "You can our rehearsal tomorrow, okay?" I said, "Okay goodnight Calum I can't wait to see you tomorrow, bye. He said "Bye and I will see tomorrow bye my Allie." After I went to sleep, waiting for tomorrow to see my Calum.

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