Who Knew

Finally the day I have been waiting for is right around the corner, nobody understands how long I have been waiting for this night except the one person who is going to be there with me!


1. So Close

It was almost here finally the day I have been waiting for! Kia and I got the tickets a year ago the same day they went on sale. We saved up for two months just to get these tickets. I've been trying to figure out what to pack for my weekend in New York for two hours and I still haven't gotten anywhere. Maybe Kia could help. I found my phone under all my clothes and called my besty.

" Yellow?"

" I hate when you answer your phone like that Kia."

" Yeah yeah. So what's up?"

" What are you packing for New York City?"

" Maddie we still have like a week before we leave why are you already packing?"

" I know we have a week, but I'm just so excited I had to start packing!"

" Okay, well you have known what you have wanted to bring for like a month now just go with that. Oh, my mom is calling me I have to go, but just stick to the plan everything is going to be great."






~ One Week Later

"Plane 134 to New York is boarding now."

I grabbed my purse with the essentials and Kia and I went to get on the plane. We got settled right away and someone came and asked for are drinks that's when Kia turned to me freaking out. I couldn't tell if it was from excitement or fear.

" I can't believe we are two 17 year olds on a plane by ourselves on our way to New York, and we are finally going to get to see 5 Seconds of Summer  AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Yep definitely excitement!

" Do you think Luke will notice me? What songs do you think they will sing? What's New York like? Do you think will be okay on our own? Back to Luke do you think if we wonder around the city there is a chance we will run into him?"

She was throwing so many questions at me I couldn't even keep track of them all let alone answer them.

I wasn't sure if Kia was ever going to shut up I love her to death, but when she was nervous she didn't stop talking.

This might be a long flight!

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