Who Knew

Finally the day I have been waiting for is right around the corner, nobody understands how long I have been waiting for this night except the one person who is going to be there with me!


2. Hotel

It took us about an hour just to get to the hotel after we got off the plane. Kia was talking my ear off. We haven't even checked in to the hotel and she is already talking about all the things we are going to do and she was making fun of me for packing a week early. We finally got to the hotel and I can easily say it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It had 10 different floors and Kia and I ended up on the 6th we might have had a chance of getting higher, but apparently it is reserved for famous people which my guess is they don't get very many people like that the hotel just wishes they did. There is a different hotel two blocks away which is apparently where everybody goes, obviously they are missing out because this place is amazing.

The room had two beds. You know that part in movies when the main character jumps on the bed and the blankets fly up and slowly fall back down and it just looks so comfortable, well that is what happened when I jumped on the bed shortly Kia jumped on the bed right next to me.

" So Kia now that we are in New York what is the first thing that you want to do?"

" Hmmmmm....... we could walk around and just hope for that small possibility of running to 5 Sauce and meeting 4/4!"

" Okay, well the way to start this adventure is to look on twitter to see if we know where they have been."


~3 Hours Later

"Look Kia we have been walking around for hours we aren't going to find them lets just go back to the hotel check out the pool come on you can't say no to water and we both know it."

" Yeah okay, I knew it was a long shot anyways."

When we were walking through the front doors of the hotel and I heard a lot of yelling and laughing coming from the pool. I couldn't see anyone because of the wall surrounding the pool. I heard one of the pool walls is glass instead of concrete its supposed to be really cool.

I put on my purple polka dot bikini, while Kia put on her pink one. Yes, we got matching ones on purpose. We grabbed our phones hoping the pool would be empty so we could blast 5 Sauce.

When we got close to the pool I could still hear the laughing. Kia used the key card to open the gate and dropped everything she had in her hands. Nobody would ever believe who we saw when we opened that gate! And they definitely were not expecting company!!!

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