Who Knew

Finally the day I have been waiting for is right around the corner, nobody understands how long I have been waiting for this night except the one person who is going to be there with me!


3. Awkward Times

" Kia I am dreaming right? There is no way this is real!"

" No this is real and so amazing!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Okay everybody act cool."

" You do realize there is only the two of us?"

" Yeah and 5 Seconds of Summer like 10 feet away from us!!!!"

You could tell Kia was trying to stay cool, but it could only last so long. I looked at the guys hanging out in the hot tub probably trying to relax before the big concert tomorrow. The laughing and joking around stopped the second we walked through the gate and they all turned and looked at the two of us.

" Um........ We just wanted to swim, but we can always leave."

I was trying just as hard as Kia to stay calm, but it's just so hard. And I'm dying for them to let us stay! Nobody said anything it was kind of awkward silence, until finally thank god Luke said something.

" No, you two don't have to leave I'm pretty sure we can share the pool it's not a big deal."

Kia looked like she was about to lose it she is such a big Luke fan!

" Thanks!"

Kia and I said it at the same time wow we probably sound so normal ha yeah right.

Since we have already made such fools of ourselves we decided we might as well enjoy our time here instead of being so worried about the guys being right next to us (which it is so hard trying to pretend they aren't right next to us) so we jumped in the pool together and made a huge splash. Our heads came out of the water and the same time and we just couldn't contain our laughter. We are so weird haha!!!!  Who knew the second we got comfortable it was almost like 5 Sauce wasn't right next to us! Then I realized they weren't even talking. Just because we are here I didn't want them to stop having fun its not fair for us to take that away from them. I decided to look and see what they were doing. They weren't doing anything all four of them were just sitting there dead silent. All of them were just looking at one another..... except Ashton he was...... wait is he looking at me? I looked away really fast them I looked back over at him at he was looking at the other guys. Was he really looking at me? No I need to stop I'm just imagining it! Kia and I were still just swimming around playing 20 questions and any other random games we could think of, when all of the guys got out of the hot tub. Kia and I looked at we both shared a confused look. Then all of them guys ran and jumped into the big pool Kia and I were in. We thought our splash was big, oh my gosh I swear their splash drained half the pool. Again we couldn't contain our laughter especially since we were so not expecting that. Then they came over to us.

Ashton- Hi, I'm Ashton!

Luke- I'm Luke!

Michael- Michael!

Calum- And I'm Calum!

Kia and I looked at each other we were smiling so much it kind of hurt.

" We know who you are, but I'm Kia!"

Kia was always the first person to start a conversation she is very social sometimes I don't understand why we are friends because I am usually the one to stand back and watch everybody else socialize. The guys all turned to me waiting for me to introduce myself. And whatever confidence I had like 5 minutes ago is so gone now!

" Oh um I'm Maddie."

Ashton- "That's pretty and it seems to fit you, is it short for anything?"


I could tell he was trying to make conversation, but I was also trying not to freak out from being so socially awkward and Ashton Irwin was like two feet away from me and talking to me. I mean come on such a huge fangirl moment!!!!!

Calum-" Well where are you two from?"

" How do you know Kia and I aren't from here?"

Calum-" Well you are staying in a hotel."

Thank you Kia finally steps in. Wow of course he knows we aren't from here I mean we are staying in a freaking hotel. Ughhhhh I just need to go find myself a whole to crawl in.

"We are from....... blah blah blah blah."

I just tuned out Kia I know everything she is going to tell them like where were from, why were here, how we begged my parents for this for my birthday ( the New York part not the tickets. Kia and I knew about the concert my parents just think we are lucky because our favorite band just happened to be having a concert the same time we planned on being in this city.), and she would probably tell them some other stuff. I looked over at Ashton and even though Kia was talking he was looking at me like I was some kind of puzzle he couldn't figure out. Maybe I wasn't imagining him looking at me earlier maybe he really was.


We all talked and swam around for a few hours before we all realized how late it was and we should probably be leaving. We got our towels and everything else we needed. We shared the elevator. The guys were on the 10th floor (of course and I thought they didn't get any famous people here, wow I was so wrong) so when the elevator stopped for Kia and me Ashton offered to walk us to our room. When we got to the door Kia mumbled her thanks and talked about how cool it was to meet them, but she was speaking quickly and she couldn't stop yawing (the seconds she lays down I bet she will fall asleep) finally she went into the room and left the door just cracked open. It was just Ashton and me in the hallway.

" Well, thank you!"

" No problem"

I was starting to open the door to go inside when Ashton grabbed my arm so I would turn around.

" Will I see you tomorrow? Like before or after the concert?"

Wait is he asking me something, but also not asking me something at the same time? Maybe I can pull this off, play cool, stay calm. (Hopefully)

" I don't know maybe..."

I say him smile a little before I turned around and walked through my hotel door, closing it behind me.






Author's Note~ I really don't know how to do these note things, but anyways I decided that when all of the guys are in the same room I will put their names before what they say just so it's easier to keep track of who is talking.

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