Ain't That Funny (Face So Sunny part 2)

Face So Sunny part two(: please comment and enjoy! My instagram is @hotterinabandshirt and my twitter is @ali_leppard Please message me if you like my story! Again the chapters are long even though there's only three.


1. Chapter 1

*Two weeks later*  

Luke's point of view

I sit at the desk  in the living room on the laptop Ashton bought for all of us and mess about on tumblr, tempted to go onto Ashton's profile and fuck shit up but decide against it. "Damn it you can't refuse. We're going" Ashton yells and I groan. "Social gatherings is not what I ran away from my parents for" I say and Ashton rolls his eyes. "I don't give a fuck, you're going so get dressed"  he says and I sigh. There's absolutely no winning with Ashton so I really just have to go with it. I get off the couch and walk  slowly back into mine and Calum's room and dig through my dresser to find clothing that is barbecue appropriate in a sense. I pull on black skinnies without rips in the knees and a 'Ramones' t-shirt. I walk over to the closet and find my vans with socks already shoved inside and I put those on and grab sunglasses as I walk back to the living room. "Happy?" I ask Ashton and pull on the corners of my shirt. "Throughly pleased, thanks for asking, let's go" he says and walks to the door with the keys in one hand and a bowel of some type of food in the other. I oblige and walk to the door, waiting for him to lock the flat and follow him as he walks to the backyard of the flat complex. There is already several people there and I internally groan. We walk over to the food table and Ash puts down the bowel of whatever it is and awkwardly stand there. "Hey lads come over here" the Irishman yells. "Come on, he's cool and really funny" Ash says to me and pulls my hand. "Hey Niall" Ashton says and waves to our neighbour. "How's it going lads?" He asks. "Ah it's going fine" Ash answers and takes a seat next to Niall. They continue making conversation whilst I watch the people around. Zayn and Liam talk to Lou and Tom, Harry and Louis holding their adopted twins Jackson and Casper whilst talking to some people I don't know, Lux, Lilliana, and another little I don't know all colour in colouring books, Lilliana's the most colourful and beautiful because she's the daughter of Zayn, you can't get any more artistically legendary then that. I roll my eyes at myself for not being social but I won't walk into anyone else's conversations. Harry puts Casper down and he runs to me, smiling and saying "I like your shirt" which doesn't surprise me because Harry is his dad and naturally he would be raised on Harry's style of music. Besides Lilliana, Casper impresses me the most out of all the little's here. "Thanks bud" I say and pull him up on my lap. "Can I try on your sunglasses?" He asks, already reaching for them. "Yeah here" I say and take my raybans off and putting them on him. He giggles at the size when I show him how he looks with the 
in-facing camera on my mobile. "Where's Callie?" He asks and it makes me laugh. "Callie is at work but he'll be here soon, bud" I say and ruffle my hand through his dirty blonde hair. "And Mikey too?" He asks and I nod. "I want to colour my hair like him some day" he states and it makes me smile. "Oh yeah what colour?" I ask, and he smirks. "All colours!" He yells. "At the same time?!" I ask in a surprised tone. "No, silly, one at a time, Auntie Lou said she'd do it for me" he says and points at Lou. "Well that's cool" I say to him with lack of things to talk about with a five year old. "I'm going to go colour, bye uncle Lukey" he says abruptly and hops off my lap, handing me my sunglasses and running to the table the other little's are colouring at.

 With nothing else to do I walk up to the food table and look over all the foods and snacks. I find out that all Ashton brought was a bowel of suckers and I smile because that was totally for the little's here; he loves all of them. I overlook the food and grab a small croissant and a cup of lemonade and sit back down next to Ashton who is still engaged in a conversation with Niall that involves a lot of laughs that would nonetheless come out of the both of them more than anyone else here. "Glad to see you're eating" a voice says and hands snake around my waist and a kiss is planted on my neck. "Hi Princess" I say with a smile. "Hi Lukey" he replies and comes around to sit beside me on the bench. "How was work?" I ask. "T'was fine" he replies. "Where's Mike?" I ask and he laughs. "Searching, well tearing  the flat apart for Daniel, the stuffed lion that I may or may not have given to Jackson to play with yesterday" he says with a giant grin. "You're a bastard sometimes, Hood" I say and lean into him. "He's a grown boy he shouldn't have a stuffed toy, not to mention it's not very punk rock" he says with a mock tone. "Oh sure, you're talking, let's not bring up a certain blanket you own that has puppies on it" I tease and he blushes. "Well you have ninja turtle undies so we're even" he teased back. "And Ash has the ponies shirt" I add and he nods. "We're all just dorks" he says with a laugh and I nod. "I'm going to get some food I'll be right back" he says, putting a hand on my shoulder and placing a quick kiss on my temple. I watch him get food and I cringe when he comes back when I see the amount of food piled on his plate. It's not that I think he is going to get fat, it's more of me considering how I would look if I ate all that. Calum has noticed my eating habits and tries to stay positive about it but I can tell it scares him slightly. It started right after we arrived two weeks ago, me not eating half of the food I should on a daily basis. "Love, don't wither away on me" Calum said to me about a week ago and I've been trying to eat, but I am so used to my stomach grumbling and I rely on it to remind me that I'm alive... It sounds so messed up when I try to explain it to anyone so I just refrain. "I have a feeling a certain Hood-ling is responsible for  the disappearance of Daniel" Michael says as he walks up, glaring at Calum. "I wouldn't know anything about that..." Calum says smugly. Michael sits down next to Ashton and kisses his cheek, trying not to interrupt his conversation with Niall. "M'gettin food be right back" Michael says and taps Ashton on the knee before getting up and getting an assortment of food. As Michael walks over to the food table Lilliana sees him and shrieks in excitement "Michael!" She yells and drops her crayon and runs to Michael, making a huge scene. Michael's cheeks burn a bright red because he's aware of the scene she just made but he still takes her into his arms and hugs her and puts a small kiss on her cheek. All the little's really like us four, but they all have favourites. Lux adores Ashton and his hair that he lets her play with all the time. Lilliana obviously loves Michael, and it's actually quite adorable how they get on with each other. Jackson favourites Calum and they fit so well together because Jackson loves playing with Cal's bass and Cal loves teaching him. Casper and I get on because he thinks I'm fun to be around and likes some of the same music I do because Harry plays his music around Casper all the time. The adults call us "little and littler" but I don't mind because the little's are nice to be around because they remind us of our siblings. "What are you thinking about Lukey?" Calum asks. "Oh just the little's" I say and point to them at the table where most of them are colouring. Michael holds Lilliana on his hip whilst he gets his food and she reaches down every so often and places food on his plate whilst he's not looking and it makes me laugh cause she's very sneaky sometimes.

 Shortly he comes back with his food and Lilliana. Niall walks away back to the direction of his flat and Ashton turns to us. "Hey mates how was work?" He asks Michael and Calum "'twas fine" Michael says and puts Lilliana down. She runs back to the colouring table and continues her picture and Calum adds "yeah it was fine." "Holy shit" Michael says under his breath and drops his plate and runs from the table. We all see what he ran to and go seconds later. Niall struggles with two giant speakers and a sound board tower, and Michael ran to help because the top speaker is about to fall on Niall. "Fuck thanks lads, I almost died!" Niall declares and we laugh because that's a little dramatic. 
Michael's point of view 

As I sit down and Lilliana runs off I watch towards the flat complex as Niall comes out, and he has a bunch of his DJ equipment. As he pushes it the top speaker starts to fall and I say "holy shit" and get up and run over to him so the speaker doesn't fall on him. The boys run after me and when they notice the speaker falling too they help hold it up. "Fuck thanks lads, I almost died!" Niall exclaims when he sees what we did. We all laugh and the boys go back and sit down as I help Niall set up the speakers and his sound tower. Niall plays a barbecue appropriate playlist as we mull about around the back yard of the flat complex. Harry disappears for awhile and comes back with small water pistols. He hands the neon guns out to everyone as Louis fills buckets with water so we can fill the guns up and everyone gets one, even the adults. I walk over to Luke and ask "allies?" He smirks and whispers "sure." After everyone has a gun and the water is filled up we all fill our guns and wait for Niall to announce the beginning of our water gun war. I look around to see if I can spot Ashton or Calum and I realise the same time Luke does that they probably teamed up with each other too. "Three" Niall says through his DJ mic "two" he shouts  "one!" He yells and everyone runs. Me and Luke hide behind rubbish bins and sneak around benches and search for our boyfriends. Niall plays an energetic playlist of songs, songs that get everyone hyped and I find myself enjoying it and oddly enough singing along to Haven't Had Enough by Marianas Trench. 

Luke gets spotted by Zayn who is holding Lilliana and he gets two times as soaked. I eye Lilliana and she smiles and me and mouths "I won't shoot you" and when she says that I get up to run and hide behind a near tree. Lilliana does end up shooting me with a devilish grin on her face and it just makes me laugh. Liam takes an unfair advantage by shooting everyone from his and Zayn's balcony and damn it why didn't I think of that. Luke finds me behind the tree and ducks down and says "I saw Cal and Ash, let's go" and I follow him. Lux lays in the middle of the lawn already soaked and laughing at the wetness as Louis runs and picks her up and takes her to the water bins to fill up again. Me and Luke hide behind Lou's car as we spot Ash and Cal hiding behind the bushes on the side of the complex. Ashton sees me and gives me a grin that could kill, and then chases me. When Calum sees Ashton chasing me he chases Luke and we all run in different directions. Tom comes from behind the large rubbish dumpster and he has a super soaker that gets all four of us from a decent length away. "No fair!" Jackson shouts at Tom from up in a tree. I run past the main office to get away from Ashton. Casper smiles and waves at me from behind the glass doors of the office, dry and proud of himself for the hiding spot. As I continue running away from Ashton I decide the best idea would to go to our flat so that's what I do. As I run to our flat I spot the couple and their little that I don't know and their little is crying and the mum tries to comfort her as the dad says "it's just water" in a dry tone. I keep running and Ashton still chases me with a smile knowing that he will get me eventually cause running isn't my thing. The flat is unlocked thank god, I accidentally left it open when I was searching for Daniel and I'm glad I did because I would already have been soaked if I had to find my keys and unlock the door. I run into the flat and slam the door behind me to buy more time and I figure he's going to find me anyway so I go into the shower to hide.

 "Oooooh Miiiiikeeeey" Ashton calls devilishly out as he comes in the flat. "I will find you" he says as he gets closer to the bathroom. "Gotcha" he says as he flicks the light on in the bathroom. I press myself up agains the corner of the shower with no where else to go and he grins at me before shooting me right in the crotch so it looks like I've wet myself and he evilly laughs the whole time. When his gun runs out of water he pulls me into a heated kiss, and after his hand is down my pants I know this isn't a water gun war anymore.  
Calum's point of view

"Oh fuck guys please" I say as I accidentally walk in on Ashton's hand down Michael's pants. Michael blushes and Ashton ignores me as I walk out and slam the door. I go to the bathroom connected to the kitchen and remove my wet clothes and change into dry clothes in that bathroom instead because the other one is occupied. After I change I go back outside to the barbecue and sit next to Zayn and Liam, and Jackson comes over and sits on my lap. "Hey little man how's it going?" I ask. "It's cool" he says and it makes me smile because he's such a chill five year old. "Where'd the other two Aussies go?" Liam asks. I lean over to Jackson and hold his ears and whisper "things got a little heated and hands went to places they shouldn't be" and Liam laughs and nods. It makes Zayn smile and shake his head in fondness of the two. Luke comes over seconds later with Lilliana on his back and sets her down next to Zayn's chair "princess Lilliana delivery" Luke says and I roll my eyes. "papa!" Lilliana shouts and throws her arms around Zayn. "Hi baby girl" he says and kisses her forehead. I smile at Luke and he takes a seat next to me and says hello to Jackson. "Casper didn't get wet cause he hid in the office" Jackson pouts. "Well then you're going to have to beat him at the next thing we do" Luke says and Jackson smiles evilly. "By the way what did your daddies plan for the next thing we're doing?" Luke asks. "Food fight" Jackson says and sighs as he follows Lilliana to the little's table. I can see Luke shudder and it hurts me inside. I put an arm around his shoulder and my other hand on his hip and I stroke up and down his side, up to his ribcage that I can slightly feel and down to his hip bone that pokes out. He turns to me and looks me right in the eyes. I don't understand what made him start with this eating pattern, and I don't know why he's doing it but I'm going to help him eat normal again. "I love you and I don't think you need to lose weight if that's what you're trying to do" I whisper in his ear.  He sighs, and I don't think he quite knows what he's doing it for either but he can't stop it. I give him a quick kiss before getting up and going to the snack table again, picking out all the healthiest things like berries, crackers and cheeses. I pick a few and bring them back to the table, and offer them to Luke. He shakes his head 'no.'

 I look at him awhile longer and he obliges and takes two raspberries and a blueberry and swallows them. I kiss him on the cheek telling him 'thank you' and I eat a few things myself to show him that he's not alone and that it's okay. "Ah there they are" Niall shouts as Michael and Ashton come out of the flat holding hands, coming back to the party and trying to be subtle but failing because Niall's greeting. "You know this is not the time for re-exploring" Zayn says smugly as they sit down. Michael turns pink and Ashton blushes slightly and glares at me. "He asked, I told" I supply and he rolls his eyes. "My god did someone just get laid, the tension is so thick" Harry says jokingly as he approaches. "Actually" Zayn says and tilts his head toward Ash and Mikey. "Oooooh" Louis says, trailing behind Harry. Ashton then goes very pink and Michael hides his face in his long shirt sleeves. "That was a quickie" Louis says in a chipper tone and ruffles a hand through Mikey's Magenta hair. "Fuck you all" Mikey says, muffled by his long shirt sleeves still covering his blushing cheeks. "We love you too Mikey, just not the same way as Ash does" Luke says. "Shut up Luke" Mikey says and narrows his eyes at Luke. "Oh look here comes a child" Louis states and everyone becomes quiet as Lux's comes up and sits on Ashton's lap. "Hi" Lux says cheekily as she looks up at Ashton. "Hello love, whatcha workin on over there?" He asks and points at the little's table. "Ponies because Lux and uncle Ashy both like ponies" she states and it makes Ashton smile. "You're right I do like ponies" he says and she smiles with all her teeth and nods. "Well I think it's time we get this show on the road! The last activity we have for today is a food fight. Over here we have two tables set up of food and it's your guys job to get rid of all of it on each other" Niall says through the mic. Lux makes a disgusted face and says "ew" and gets off Ashton to run to her parents car so she doesn't have to play. Everyone else gets up and walks over to the tables of food and waits for Niall. "Three" he whispers "two" he says in a normal tone "one! Go!" He shouts and food flys right away. I throw a nasty looking pie right at Ashton and it lands right in his hair and I can't help but laugh cause that was quite the shot. Mikey avenges the pie shot by getting a shit ton of spaghetti on my head and down my shirt and I glance back over to my right where Luke is, except he's not. I scan the yard for him and see him finally at the other end of the food tables with Jackson, aiming eggs right at me. When I notice that he is using the little that favourites me I make it a point to find Casper so I can have revenge. Casper is hiding under the table and I have to convince him to come out but when he does he has a lot of fun. He throws bowels of jello at his brother and evilly laughs as it lands in Jackson's lap. I glance around the yard and see that Michael has a pink cupcake smushed into his head and it makes me smile because Ashton probably did that because he calls Mikey cupcake. Liam has red frosting all over his face and Zayn has cake all over his chest, incidentally the cake that belongs to the frosting that is on Liam. Harry squirts chocolate sauce all over Louis back as he runs away with Lilliana who is covered in rainbow coloured icing. The whole event is just so colourful, messy, and fun and it just makes today so much more memorable. "What a fucking mess"

 Luke says when he comes over to me after all the food is off the table and all over the ground. I give him a kiss, trying to get more food on him by hugging him and kissing him but I pull away after a few seconds and spit, and he laughs. "What ever the hell was in your mouth and what ever the hell was on my lips does not taste good together at all" I say and he laughs harder. I take a second to watch him laugh, adoring the way he squints his eyes, the way his nose scrunches, how he leans back slightly and the way his whole body shakes and it makes me forget all the problems in the world. His laugh is adorable and contagious so it makes me laugh too and he pulls me back in for another kiss but this time it doesn't taste horrid like the last one, this kiss taste like sugar and something sweet. "Better?" He asks cheekily and I nod. "Love you princess" he murmurs and leans into my side. We stand and watch for awhile, Lilliana and Lux still trying to get messy after we've already finished, Harry hosing off his sons, Niall packing up his equipment, Tom filling rubbish bins with scattered food from the ground, Lou tries to clean out Zayn's hair as Liam picks up the chairs and Mikey and Ash fold up the food tables. 

I find out that the couple that attended the party stay in the complex too, Nick and Cher and their little called Kenzi. They went back to their flat earlier because apparently Kenzi didn't fancy the water gun fight. 

"We should probably go help" I suggest and Luke nods. "What do you want us to do?" I ask Harry. "Er...uh... Oh well can you take the boys to our apartment and make sure they get all the food out of their hair?" He asks. Luke smiles and because he loves it whenever he has the opportunity to be with the little's. "Yeah sure we can do that" I say and Harry throws us his keys. Me and Luke go to search for the twins and as we're walking Luke says "wow Harry trusts us a whole hell of a lot." "What do you mean? Like giving us his flat keys?" I ask. "No like trusting us with the twins and I mean yeah going into his flat too but like we've only been here two weeks I don't know why he'd trust us so soon" he replies and I nod. "Well he knows where we live so..." I say and Luke laughs. "Oh come here Casper" Luke says as he spots Casper by the trees that are in the back of the yard. Casper walks over and Luke bends down and asks "where is Jackson?" Casper shrugs his shoulders and starts to walk away but Luke picks him up. "Not so fast Cassie we gotta take you home and give you a good hair washing" he says and holds Casper as he wiggles. "Wait look there's Jack" Luke says and points to the small set of stairs by the main office. I walk over with Luke close behind and I sit down next to Jackson. "Hey Jack, your dad wanted me to take you home and make sure you get your hair all cleaned out cause there's still food in it, bud" I say. "I hate getting my hair washed" he states and stares at the ground in front of him. "Hey man I'll make it fun" I offer and he turns his head to look at me with a skeptical look. "I had little's... Siblings at home and I used to help with their hair, I'll be gentle" I say. "Why didn't they come so we could all play?" He asks, innocently. "It's hard to explain, Jack, but we gotta get your hair clean, c'mon" I say and stick out my hand as I get up. He grabs my hand and all four of us walk to their apartment. When I unlock the door I expect it to be exactly like ours and our neighbours, but it's so much bigger. "He's the complex owner what do you expect" Luke states when he sees my surprise. "True" I agree and lean down to Jackson "where's your bathroom?" I ask and he pulls me by the hand to a very colourful bathroom. Jackson pulls a stool from the wall and pushes it up against the tub and stands on it till he can reach the shower water handle. Once the water is on they take their smelly shirts off and lean their heads into the water.

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