You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


23. Xmas/ Cal's bday, Japan, Hi or Hey Records signing, KCA/ iheartma

Tristan's POV

I think I fell asleep on the plane cause the next thing I knew I saw the CN Tower out my window I was home never thought I would miss it this much but I did the boys probably are still in the air right now so I won't get to talk to them until late tonight but man do I miss them already this plane ride was very boring without the boys not yelling at each other and I didn't have Luke's shoulder to snuggle into which I missed the most his shoulder is better than a pillow LOL I got off the plane and got my bags which was surprisely easy I walked towards the gate my mom said she was going to be picking me up with some family I looked around for her suddenly I saw a big sign that said "welcome home Tristan" must be them LOL I walked towards the sign and sure enough it was them and boy there was a lot of them "GUYS" I yelled they all turned towards me and smiled I ran over to them and hugged my mom first " Mommy " I yelled she sniffled a little and hugged me close to her "Hi sweetie" she said I hugged my dad and my sister "Hey butthead" she said I rolled my eyes nice to know she missed me I hugged my grandma next and of course she was crying "Grandma" I groaned she whipped her eyes I hugged my aunts and my cousins than we drove home I fell asleep in the car we had a big family dinner and I was sitting on the couch looking at my phone Luke said he'll message me when he's home but nothing yet I was getting worried "so sweetie we want to talk to you" said my mom suddenly the mood dropped "what's going on" I said "we are very happy for you but we think you need spend some time apart from the boys" my mom said my eyes widened "why?" I asked "well since you and Luke are no longer together we think it might be awkward for you to be hanging with him" said my cousin Bobbi what they think I broke up with him? I jumped up and screamed "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU HEAR THAT ME AND LUKE HAVEN'T BROKEN UP WE ARE HAPPY" I yelled "but we thought you too broke up and that's why you came home since he cheated" said my aunt my eyes widened "Luke hasn't cheated on me at all where is all this coming from?" I asked than looked at my mom she had a look on her face it made sense "oh I get it you guys just don't want me to leave" I said running out of the room " I'm NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE YOU CAN'T KEEP CONTROLLING ME I LOVE LUKE AND WANT TO BE WITH HIM FOREVER COMING HERE WAS A MISTAKE" I screamed and ran to my room I slammed the door and started tearing up how could they do this to me they know how happy I am with Luke suddenly my phone vibrated it was Luke thank god it said "finally home want to Skype?" with a smiley face I giggled and replied "yes I do cause I have to tell you something" I send it and got my computer suddenly his name flashed on the screen I giggled and clicked accept his beautiful face popped up "LUKEY I MISS YOU ALREADY" I yelled he just chuckled and smiled "Hey Babe I miss you too so does my mom" he said I giggled and sighted "what's wrong?" he asked he knows me so well "coming here may have not been the best idea" I said he looked confused "how come?" he asked I sighted "my family seems to think I only came back cause we broke up or you cheated on me which I know you haven't right?" I asked teasing him a little his eyes widened "I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU BABE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" he yelled I giggled "I know you wouldn't I was just teasing" I said he glared at me I smiled just what I needed my boyfriend to make me happy again "Well babe you know you can come to Australia our manger bought you a plane ticket for Friday just in case you wanted to leave earlier it's in your bathroom bag" he said my eyes widened "ok your manger is the best" I said Luke just smiled "yeah he is" he said than I caught on I rolled my eyes "you told him to get it didn't you?" I asked he giggled and bit his lip ring why must he be cute "Yes" he said and smiled again I laughed "oh Luke" I said he smiled and started pouting "it's not till Friday though can you make it?" he asked I sighted "I guess so" I said he chuckled and yawned "I should get to bed love and miss you so much babe good night" he said and blew me a kiss I giggled and blew one back "I love and miss you so much more back Luke good night" I said and shut down my laptop I got ready for bed and just lied in my bed starring at the ceiling I felt tears coming and I cried myself to sleep. The next two days were torture I acted like everything was ok but really I couldn't wait to get back to the boys finally it was Thursday I didn't unpack my bags "Sweetie can I come in" yelled my mom I been ignoring her all week I'm just so mad at her "Yeah I guess" I yelled back she opened the door and sat down on my bed "Sweetie we need to talk you avoided us for 2 days" she said "I have nothing to say to you after what you called the best boyfriend in world and who's treats me like a princess" I said she sighted "Honey I'm so sorry I said Luke was a cheater I know he's not" she said I felt tears in my eyes "you even met him mom he doesn't have a mean bone in his body he loves me he truly loves me isn't that what you wanted for me?" I asked her with tears in my eyes she had tears in her eyes too " Sweetie Yes seeing my kids happy is my number one mission but seeing you happy is so special to me and knowing that all it took was meeting 4 boys than I want them in your life forever" she said I wiped my eyes "and they will be those 4 boys love me so much and they love seeing me smile and be happy besides if anyone is mean to me I have 4 hot bodyguards" I said mom just chuckled and hugged me I sighted and got a pen and paper mom left to let me unpack guess I better write her note cause I can't tell her now it will break her heart I took a deep breath and started to write the hardest letter I ever written. It was finally Friday it was so hard acting like everything was ok my parents went shopping I put the note on the kitchen table and said bye to my puppies I hate leaving my family but I don't belong here anymore I belong on the road with my friends and boyfriend I looked at my house one more time and off I left for a really long time. I got on the airplane and looked at my phone I had a million messages for my mom I sighted and turned it off she had her change but she chose to assault Luke instead I rested my head on the window and sighted off to Australia I go. I must of fallen asleep again cause when the next thing I looked out the window and their was the ocean under me I started smiling I can't wait to see the boys mostly Luke LOL I got off the plane and got my bags I looked around for Luke or any of the boys but so far nothing than I saw a red head hopefully that's Michael I walked towards the person and sure enough it was Michael thank goodness for his colourful hair and I also saw Ashton and Calum too and Luke oh Luke "GUYS OVER HERE" I yelled all of their heads turned and looked at me they all got smiles on their faces Luke's was the biggest he started running towards me I started running to him I dropped my bags and jumped into his arms "HA I missed you" I screamed he just chuckled and pulled me closer to him "I missed you too babe so much even though it's only been a week" he said I giggled and pulled him into a kiss

boy I missed these lips I think Luke could tell I missed them cause he pulled me closer to him "Hello stop hogging her Luke" said Michael Luke groaned and turned around with me still in his arms "I want to kiss my girlfriend you guys can get a turn when I'm done with her which will be never" he said and hugged me I don't know if I should be scared or happy about that I guess happy knowing he'll never get tired of me "Luke I want to say hi to the others don't worry you will get me back" I said he sighed and let go of me "fine I'll share you" he said I giggled and walked over the boys but before I could say anything I was crushed into a hug boy it's good be home with the boys.

(Skip to Calum's birthday)

Tristan's POV

Well this was a good Christmas we had a big party with the boys and their families and I got awesome presents my mom send my stocking too I really hope she isn't mad at me still I haven't talked to her yet I'm afraid I told Liz about it and she told me to call her when I'm ready to talk I'm so glad I can talk to Liz about anything she's just like my mom but nicer and isn't controlling well to me to Luke she is it's so funny anyway back to presents I got awesome stuff from the boys from Ashton drumsticks of course from Calum and Michael a shirt that said my favorite boys and there was a picture of them on it Luke wasn't happy about that and Luke's present to me I have no idea he hasn't given it to me yet he said he's waiting for a special time to give it to me I'm ok with that which is strange since I'm always greedy when it comes to Christmas but I don't feel greedy this year which is awesome because I hate when I do that right now I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Luke he and I are gonna get stuff ready for Calum's birthday party which he has no idea about I love surprise parties so much their so fun "Ok ready babe?" I heard Luke ask I jumped up and grabbed

my purse "about time" I said he pouted and rested his head on my shoulder "I'm sorry babe but you know this hair doesn't just happen" he said I rolled my eyes "whatever come on we have stuff to do" I said grabbing his hand. "Ok how lets see if everything is ready for Cal's 19th birthday party" I said checking the list I was in charge of making sure everything was ready "1 guests?" I asked "taken care of I invited all of our old friends from school and his ex girlfriend" said Luke "Wait What?" I asked screaming a little "I invited his ex girlfriend and mine" Luke said my mouth dropped open he invited his ex girlfriend "you invited your ex girlfriend" I said trying not to sound angry Luke quickly put his hands on my shoulders "Babe don't be mad she's a good friend of mine I'm over her and she's over me" he said I sighted and hugged him "ok I believe you" I said he smiled and kissed my head "moving on 2 food?" I asked "taken care of I got every kind of sweet food and of course pop" said Michael reaching for a cane I slapped his hand "not yet Mikey" I said he pouted I laughed "3 music?" I asked "Um Tristan remember we have that taken care of" said Mali said oh right me and her have a big surprise which I'm nervous but excited about it "Right that pretty clears it we are ready to party" I said Luke wrapped his arms around me and hugged me Please don't let anything happen tonight. It was party time and Mali was helping me get ready "Oh I'm so excited can't believe my baby brother is turning 19" she said I giggled "me either and yet he still acts like a 5 year old" I said she chuckled "there you are done" she said I looked at myself in the mirror I was wearing a black dress with my sparkly tights and my sparkly sweater it's nice but not fancy but I also want to look beautiful for Luke LOL "you look so beautiful Tristan Luke is not going to leave your side" Mali said I blushed and smiled good cause the last thing I want is for his ex girlfriend to try and take him back he told me she's not into him anymore but I can't help but worry a little "are you worried about Luke's ex girlfriend?" asked Mali I looked at her how did she know that? "yes a little bit" I said she chuckled "I wouldn't worry Alishia is the sweetest person on the planet and she dumped Luke so he could live his dream so just think if she haven't broken up with him you two wouldn't have gotten together" she said never thought of it like that guess I owe it to her to be nice "I guess your right" I said she smiled no time to keep chatting we have a surprise party to pull off. We got to the party location Luke and Michael were setting up as soon as Luke saw me his mouth dropped open I blushed and looked down "wow babe you look so beautiful please look at me" he said I looked up and he looked so handsome "thanks you look very handsome yourself" I said he chuckled and kissed my cheek I giggled and helped finish setting up guests started to arrive and Luke and Michael had smiles plasterd on their faces guess they were very happy to see all their friends from school than I saw Luke hug a girl oh boy that must be his ex girlfriend and their walking over here oh god ok Tristan be nice and don't yet jealously take over "Alishia this my girlfriend Tristan Tristan this is my ex girlfriend Alishia" Luke said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder "Hi Luke has told me all about you" she said sticking her hand out I forced a smile and shook her hand so far so good "Um Luke go and see if Calum has arrived yet" I said to him he looked at me confused "isn't that Michael's job" he said I sighted "go help him he's probably at the snack table" I said Luke chuckled and kissed my cheek "be right back be nice" he said looking straight at me I rolled my eyes "your worried that I want Luke back aren't you?" Alisha asked me my eyes widened guess I didn't hide my jealously well "yeah a little bit" I said she sighted "You don't have to worry I'm completely over him besides I'm pretty much the reason he's living his dream cause he didn't want to leave me but I told him to go and live his dream" she said this girl is making me more jealous by the minute "but I'm so glad he find you your perfect for him and he seems to really love you he was never like that with me" she said I sighted well now she's making me feel bad I put my hand on her shoulder "don't worry just cause Luke is in love with me doesn't mean he doesn't care about you I trust you won't make any moves on him and you should be happy about this cause I usually hate Luke being friends with other girls so be glad I'm not beating you up" I said she chuckled and nodded "ok and thanks your very lucky to have Luke I was too stupid too see it and now he is famous and is a lot cuter than when I was dating him he was cute but now wow" she said I chuckled "no arugnment there" I said suddenly Luke came running over us "Babe Calum just pulled up time for surprise" he said uh oh I ran over to microphone on the stage "attention everyone I just been informed that Calum has arrived and be here any minute so everyone find a hiding place and be quiet time to surprise don't yell surprise until he turns the lights on" I said everyone went running around the room looking for a hiding place I jumped off stage and ran over to Luke me and him and Ashton and Michael were going to be hiding beside the couch the lights were turned off it was pitch black now and it was very quiet I looked at Luke and he smiled at me even though I couldn't see him I could tell he was smiling suddenly the lights were turned on and we jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE" we all yelled Calum's mouth dropped open and he screamed "OH MY GOD THANKS GUYS" he yelled I ran over to hug him "happy birthday Cal by the way this was my idea" I said he chuckled and kissed my cheek I blushed a little he hugged the boys and all of his friends I couldn't help but notice him hugging a girl the longest he was smiling over her shoulder I went over to Luke and tapped his shoulder "yes babe?" he asked wrapping his arms around me "who's that girl Cal's hugging?" I asked him pointing at them he looked and than started smirking "that's his friend Jennifer he says but I know he has a crush on her and he still does" he said uh oh what about Jaymi speaking of her I haven't heard from her or the other girls in a while "oh has he told her?" I asked him Luke than burst out laughing "yeah right he's too chicken he tried for years and always chickened out" he said AW poor Cal "oh tonight I'm going to give you your Christmas present" he whispered in my ear that send shivers down my spine "oh really finally" I said he chuckled and smiled at me there was a tap on my shoulder it was Mali "time for the surprise" she said Yay time to shock everyone I kissed Luke's cheek and ran on stage with Mali "attention me and Tristan here have a little surprise for the birthday boy happy birthday little bro" Mali yelled Aw how sweet "I wrote this song a long time ago it's called don't look down (just pretend it's two girls instead of a boy and girl ok) me and Mali smiled at each other and began singing we finished and everyone clapped and cheered I ran off stage Calum gave me a hug and kissed my cheek than he hugged his sister it was so cute Luke wrapped his arms around me "that was amazing babe" he said I giggled and kissed his nose "thanks" I said he chuckled and kissed my lightly and pulled me to a chair so I could sit on his lap I giggled and snuggled into him the rest of the party was full of laughter and tears from Cal's mom of course and some funny stories from his sister about his childhood which were super funny Calum didn't laugh much though the party was finally over I gave Calum a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek he smiled and winked at me guess he knew what Luke got me I glared at him and blushed me and Luke got back to his house I was in Luke's room sitting on his bed waiting for him to bring me my present I'm excited and nervous at the same time he finally came into the room with a tiny box in his hand he looked at me and smiled I blushed and smiled back he sat on the bed with the present in his hand "it's not much but I know it will mean something to both you and me" he said putting his hand on my shoulder I gave him a confused look than started to unwrap it I took the bow off the top and lifted the lid off there was another tiny box inside it looked like a ring box uh oh "what is this?" I asked him "open it" he said I opened it and I let out a huge gasp inside was a beautiful ring I just had it on my lap and looking at it "Luke I don't know what to say it's beautiful" I said Luke took it from me and said "this isn't a engasment ring we are way too young for that" he said I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding until now "this is a promise ring a ring to show everyone your mine and nobody will ever break us apart now babe if you will let me put this ring on your finger than you promise that one day you will marry me" he said my heart was beating so fast he wants to marry me one day that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me I never thought about marrying Luke until now he is the one for me and to have something that shows that I'm taken is just what I need I put my hand out "well what are you waiting for put it on" I said Luke smiled so big and took the ring out of the box and slide it onto my finger it fit perfectly I jumped into his arms and hugged him "I love you Luke" I said he pulled me closer to him "I love you too Tristan so much" he said and smashed his lips onto mine I wrapped my arms around his neck I leaned back a little onto the bed and Luke got on top of me I felt the urge to pull his shirt off but didn't cause I still wasn't ready we pulled apart and spend the rest of the night in each others arms.The next adventure is Japan can't wait to see what it has in store for us.

JAPAN tour diary tour diary part 2 full japan gig

Tristan's POV

Today is finally the day we fly to Japan and the boys are super excited I never seen Michael smile so big ever all the boys were happy and smiling but Michael was like freaking out we were at the airport going through security and Luke had a tight grip on my hand ever since last night me and him seemed to have gotten a lot closer he always seems to hold the hand that the promise ring was on guess he wants to make sure I still have it on I will never take it off ever I love it so much we got on the plane and I was sitting beside Michael this time Luke was on the other side of him "excited Mikey?" I asked him he nodded and smiled at me "Hell yeah I always wanted to go to Japan" he said "and your fit in too" I said he chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders off to Japan. We landed and Michael was very jumpy "Mikey calm down" I said but that didn't work before we were greeted by fans who we could hear them already the boys were wearing some Japanese robed with 5sos and their name written in Japanese "those are awesome" I said than I was given one "oh I get one too cool" I said and put on "how do I look?" I asked Luke he whispered in my ear "hot" I giggled and grabbed his hand we started walking and the screams of fans got louder and louder as we turned the corner my mouth dropped open their were so many fans the boys walked over to them and began taking pictures even I took pictures with them we got on the elevator and Michael had a pikuagu in his hand "Aw he's so cute" I said he told us about the girl that gave him it we drove around the city and walked around it was very beautiful we had a interview to do than the boys have their first headlining show in Japan which is very exciting also we are going on Japanese TV Shows which should be fun and interesting we got to our first stop before the show while we waited to go the boys were being goofy as usual and Ashton got it all on video it was finally time for the interview I sat in between Luke and Calum it was fun the boys got to answer some questions I just sat there Luke grabbed my hand at one point they got asked a question about Pokeomon and I said "I'm not a huge fan but I did watch it sometimes and my friend had the game and I used to watch her play it" I said the boys all smiled at me Luke kissed my cheek quickly of course their were some laughs and when we played a game that involved paddles with our names on them I knew this was not going to end well the first question was who is the most popular amoung girls? Michael chose himself Ashton picked Calum Calum picked Luke and Luke picked Ashton than I had to choose "I'm going with all of them cause when I was a fan they were all my favorite" I said the boys laughed and smiled at me the next one was Who is the least tidiest in the band? everyone picked Luke Luke looked at me with a pouty face "sorry Lukey but I have to agree with the boys on this one" I said and picked his name he sighted and picked All which also kind of true the next one was if you were to go to an deserted island who would you take? "I'm taking my girlfriend" Luke said I blushed deep red than Ashton and Michael picked Calum so they could eat him "Aw I wouldn't eat you Cal" I said Michael was sad cause nobody picked him "don't worry Mikey I pick you" I said Luke pouted I giggled and kissed his cheek next we got given masks to protect us from the air "cool I always wanted one of these" I said and they had cool designs on them too we were also given a pocket warmer it was very cool. After that interview we went to the studio where the show was going to be the boys practiced since they haven't performed in a while and they sounded awesome "good job guys" I said Luke smiled and kissed me lightly I giggled and smiled the boys got ready and we sat in their dressing room their was a camera in the corner of the wall for some reason and it recorded the boys doing some stupid/ crazy things it was finally time for the show Luke was holding his guitar "Luke don't be nervous you got this" I said he smiled and hugged me "thanks Tristan I love you" he said I giggled and held his hand "I love you too" I said and kissed him it was short but sweet he ran on stage I kissed Michael and Calum's cheeks too and watched as they performed the first song they sang was End Up Here, the next song they sang was Out of my Limit next song they sang was Heartbreak Girl  the next song they sang was Voodoo Doll the next song they sang was Don't Stop the next song they sang was Disconnected the next song they sang was Long Way Home the next song they sang was Heartache on the big screen the next song they sang was Amnesia uh oh tissue time the next song they sang was Beside you one of my favorites the next song they sang was Everything I didn't say the next song they sang was American idiot which I don't like that much the next song they sang was Kiss me Kiss me which is another one of my favorites Luke looked at me quickly and blew me a kiss I giggled and blushed the next song they sang was she looks so perfect which is my number 1 favorite they ran off stage to rest before the Encore "good job guys that was awesome" I said they smiled at me Luke hugged me tightly and he was wearing a tank top too so my heart was beating a million times faster than usual LOL they had to go back on stage Luke quickly kissed me and ran onto stage to sing Good Girls and What I like about you which are another couple of my favorites I smiled big as I watched them these guys are so talented and I'm so proud of them they took their final blow and ran off stage Luke pulled me into a hug "good job Lukey" I said he smiled and kissed my hand we met some fans than we went back to the hotel tomorrow we have another busy day but I don't what we'll doing for the rest of week guess I'll find out soon I could tell the boys were tired and wanted to sleep this was the first show they have done for a while and they gave out all of their energy on stage tonight and now they are having trouble keeping their eyes open even "guys go to bed before you fall" I told them I spoke too soon cause Michael fell to the ground and started snoring Ashton and Calum started laughing out loud Luke was chuckling and I just rolled my eyes "oh Mikey guess this where your sleeping tonight" I said and threw a blanket on him I yawned and Luke chuckled "time for bed babe" he said I giggled and nodded he went into the bathroom as I got my PJ's on I wrote in my Journal and took my ring off so I wouldn't sleep on it I put it on the night stand beside my phone Luke came out of the bathroom than I went in and brushed my teeth I came out and Luke was already in bed looking at his phone I got on my side and hoped on the bed I scooted towards Luke and rested my head on his shoulder he smiled and put his phone down and wrapped his arms around me and tangled our legs together "I love you" he said I giggled and played with his fingers "I love you too" I said than he leaned forward and kissed me softly he linked my bottom lip begging for entrance I giggled and teased him a little he groaned and pulled me closer to him we pulled apart and rested our four heads on each other "you are such a tease babe" he said I giggled "I know" I said turned over so I could sleep Luke wrapped his arms around me and kissed my ear I soon fell into a peaceful sleep in my boyfriends arms. the next morning we woke up early cause the boys were going to be on a Japanese Game Show and will be performing Don't Stop than I don't what we're doing tonight but I'm sure it's awesome hopefully we got to the TV studio and we were in the dressing room watching the show looks very interesting and fun "this show looks fun" I said the boys nodded and Michael was jumping up and down the only thing I'm worried is how are they going to understand the hosts they are speaking Japanese "how are you guys going to understand them?" I asked Ashton he smiled "there's going to be a translater with us" he said I nodded and smiled it was time for them to go out I hugged them and kissed Luke "Have fun boys I'll be watching" I said and sat on the couch watching the TV so far it was funny the boys were their goofy selves as usual than they performed Don't Stop which was so good than they talked a little more than it was over they came back to get me I hugged Luke "that was awesome boys" I said Luke smiled and kissed my cheek. We got back to the hotel and the boys told me they were going to be the opening act for one direction again tonight and after the show we're going to a dinner theater thingy than an arcade oh boy Michael and arcades we're never get him out it was time for the show the first song they sang was End up Here the next song they sang was Teenage Dream the next song they sang was Don't Stop the next sang they sang was Heartache on the big screen the next song they sang was well first they talked a little than sang Amnesia the next song they sang was Beside you the next song they sang was What I like about you than they talked some more than the next song they sang was good girls the last song they sang was She Looks so Perfect . They ran off stage and Luke pulled me into a hug "great job boys that was awesome" I said they smiled and Luke kissed my cheek we stayed and wished one direction good luck Harry kissed my cheek I blushed deep red I better not tell my friends this their murder me LOL Calum was playing with the video camera for the Tour Diary it was funny he was talking with different accents we got back to the dressing room and I sat on Luke's lap Calum wanted to prank Ashton but they bailed out at the last second it was funny to seeing how mad they got. We got to the dinner theater and I sat in between Luke and Michael Luke held my hand the whole time the show was very strange there were robots and girls drumming and dancing it was very confusing but fun to watch we got to the arcade and Michael was in a daze "I'm in heaven" he said and stepped on a dance floor thingy and it light up that is scary and cool "awesome guys try it" he yelled and ran over to the games this is going to be an long night the boys starting jumping on the floor I was too scared too "come on babe try it" Luke whined I rolled my eyes and stepped on foot on it and it turned purple cool I started jumping on it too and I was getting different colors every time it was so cool than there was this giant air hockey thing where there was more than one ball it looked hard Michael and Luke played it than they played against their security it was funny to watch than they made their own Avatar. We got back to the hotel but it wasn't easy we had to pull Mikey by the arms he's very strong when he's trying LOL "so guys tomorrow you have two interviews but than nothing what are we doing tomorrow?" I asked "we're flying to LA" said Ashton oh so we are leaving after the interviews guess that makes sense since we done everything we were suppose to do and we went sight seeing too so there's nothing left to do me and the boys spend our last night in Japan watching some strange TV shows me and Luke mostly played with each other's hands the whole time I kept calling his fingers huge and he would tickle me a little I than noticed a ring on his finger it didn't match mine so it wasn't for our love "what's this ring on your finger?" I asked him he looked at me and smiled "my mom gave me it before the Take me Home Tour and she made me promise no matter how big the band got I would always come home" he said that is the cutest thing I ever heard "AWW" I said he chuckled and pulled me into a kiss and we soon fell asleep in each others arms. We had to wake up early again for the TV interview now the boys don't know this at the beginning of the interview I'll be performing one of my new songs that's not on my album it's going to be on the next one and it's dedicated to Luke I wrote it when he and I had that little fight and I discovered just how much he means to me I'm a little nervous but excited we got to the studio and as the boys did a little introduction with the host I got ready to perform I was wearing a short pink dress with sparkles on it I saw the boys sitting at the table show time I tipped toed to the piano it was hard to see cause I was behind a dark curtain than I heard the host start to introduce me "Now before we start I have a surprise for you your good friend who's been traveling with you is going to be introducing a song that's going to be on her next album it's called Parachute please welcome Tristan Brown" yelled the host the curtain came up and I looked at the boys they all had surprise looks on their faces Luke looked at me with wide eyes I took a deep breath and started singing it was going good I was pouring my soul into this song I was looking at Luke the whole time and the other boys too cause they mean a lot to me too I finished and the boys just looked shocked I got changed again and sat in between Luke and Calum Luke held my hand under the table and I could tell by his touch he was happy the interview started the interview ended and as soon as we got backstage Luke pushed me against the wall and kissed me it caught me off guard "Um Hello we're right here" yelled Michael I giggled and pulled away from him "you wrote that song for me didn't you?" I asked Luke I blushed and looked down "maybe" I said he chuckled and pulled my chin up with his finger "ok yes but isn't just about you it's also about the other boys too you guys are my family and I want you too know how much you mean to me" I said the other smiled "Aw group hug" yelled Michael and I was soon pulled into a group hug ouch. We got to the other TV station but this time the boys were hosting it I was staying behind the scenes this time and I watched from the dressing room it very boring it finally ended and we went straight to the airport as we were waiting for our flight my head was on Michael's lap "what are we going to be doing in LA?" I asked him he looked at me and smiled "well we are going to be recording and getting ready for the tour and we have two award shows" he said I smiled awesome I love award shows and recording but I had a funny feeling that this leg of the tour was going to be different but I'm sure still awesome our flight was called and we got all of our stuff together Luke held my hand and off we went to LA.

The next part is the Hi or Hey Records signing and is where Hey Violet will be coming in not sure if there's going to be drama yet? with Tristan and them or with Casey and Tristan but main thing is Luke and Tristan are not going to break up.

Luke's POV

I'm very scared to tell Tristan that we signed a band called Hey Violet and their going to be our opening act instead of her will she be mad? or be jealous? or be happy? I don't know I seen her mad once and I never want to see that again we're going to LA so we can hang with them and bond before tour "Luke you got to tell her" said Calum I sighted and looked at her she was sleeping peacefully on my shoulder we were waiting for our flight to be called I looked at Calum "I know but I'm worried she'll get mad or worse get jealous" I said Calum rolled his eyes "I think we all have known Tristan long enough to know she doesn't get jealous and if she does she won't do something crazy" he said I looked at her and sighted I'll tell her on the plane but that won't stop her for hitting me but Calum right I got to tell her.

Tristan's POV

Luke was acting strange he had a scared look on his face like he was afraid I was going to be mad at him for something "Luke why do you look scared what's wrong?" I asked him he turned around and sighted he took my hands "Babe me and the boys have been keeping something from you for weeks now and it's been very hard so I'm going to tell you now cause it's the reason we are flying to LA" he said I looked at him with a confused what could it be "ok so tell me if it's bothering you for so much" I said he took another deep breath "ok um you know we started our own record label" he started I nodded they called it HI OR HEY Records which is totally a name they would come up with for a record label "well we signed our first band" he said my eyes widened they signed a band and I'm just hearing about it right now "OMG Luke that's amazing" I said he still looked upset though "and well here's the thing they are going to be our opening act on tour instead of you" he said in one breath my mouth dropped I'm not going to be their opening act anymore? I don't what I felt but Luke looked scared "babe please say something" he begged I took a deep breath and looked at him "calm down I'm ok with it besides I never liked being the opening act anyway to much pressure" I said pretty much lying but it was sort of true Luke had a confuse look on his face "you mean your not jealous?" he asked huh am I jealous I don't know if I am or not "No" I said ok now that was a sort of lie too Luke got all happy and hugged me tightly "thank god I was afraid you were going to be mad and hit me or something " he said over my shoulder I faked a giggle am I jealous or not? we pulled apart and he pecked my lips lightly "so we are flying to LA to hang with them and bond with them before tour" he said I nodded "what's the band called?" I asked "Hey Violet their a rock band and theirs three girls and one boy" he said what 3 girls yes I won't be the only girl on tour anymore huh maybe having them on tour won't be so bad after all (she's going to do something horrible anyway) our flight was finally called we got our bags and walked to the gate "thanks for not being mad babe I love you" Luke said grabbing my hand I smiled at him "no problem I'm totally ok with it" I said he leaned down and kissed my cheek I than hit his arm "ouch what was that for" he whined I giggled "for not telling me you signed a band" I said he chuckled and pulled me to the gate off to LA we go and meet Hey Violet. We got to LA and it was 5:00 in the afternoon I'm nervous about meeting Hey Violet hope their nice? we got off the plane grabbed our bags and got into the car "I'm so excited" said Michael I smiled at him but inside I was freaking out Luke held my hand tightly if he was trying to make me feel better he's failing my heart is pounding but he is making me blush that's for sure we got to the recording which I'm guessing is where we're meeting Hey Violet Luke grabbed my hand and smiled at me I smiled back at him we went into a room and we waited and waited and waited some more "how long is this going to take" whined Michael I giggled and patted his head "be patient Mikey" I said he pouted and rested his head on my shoulder I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and was holding my hand on his knee suddenly the door opened and a girl with red hair jumped in and yelled "Hey Violet has arrived" she's Michael in a girls body the boys stood up and walked over to her I stayed sitting than a blonde girl and boy came in the boy was cute but Luke's cuter LOL than a girl with colourful hair came in she looks kind of cool the boys hugged them and started talking well this is awkward this feels like the first day of school again suddenly Luke walked over me and grabbed my hand "come and meet them don't worry their nice" he whispered in my ear before I could respond I was pulled forward and I was now Face to Face with the girl with colourful hair "guys this is Tristan my girlfriend" Luke said and kissed my head I smiled and blushed a little "so your the girl that Luke won't stop talking about" said the red hair girl I looked at Luke and he started blushing deep red I giggled "Aw you talk about me how sweet" I said he glared at me and sat on the couch "I'm Rena" said the colourful hair girl I smiled and shook her hand "I'm Nia" the red hair girl said I shook her hand too "I'm Miranda" said the blond hair girl I shook her hand too "I'm Casey" said the boy he was cuter up close but Luke is still cuter I shook Casey's hand too "we should hang out so you can get some girl time cause I'm guessing you don't get any of that being the only girl" said Nia I nodded my head very fast "Yes please I need some girl time I'm tired of seeing Calum naked" I said everyone burst out laughing Calum glared at me "Hey" he whined I giggled "sorry Cal but it's true" I said "I like you already" said Nia she grabbed my hand and pulled out of the room Miranda and Rena followed guess we are starting girl talk now poor Luke I didn't kiss his cheek or anything before I left oh well he'll survive LOL "ok so first thing first we got to know about your relationship cause by the way it sounds it's perfect" said Miranda I gave her a confuse perfect? "it's not perfect it's a normal relationship" I said "your kidding right you guys are perfect everybody wants a relationship like you guys the way Luke treats and acts around you it's crazy" said Nia Rena nodded I never thought that it was like that I just thought it was a normal relationship guess not "wow well your right about the way Luke treats me no guy has ever cared about me as much as he and the other boys do" I said "AWWW That is so cute" said Rena I smiled at her "quick question what's it like dating someone who you were crazy about for years before you met him?" Nia asked I started blushing guess they knew I used to be a big fan "well to tell you the truth I still pinch myself at night after he gives me a good night kiss and says I love you for the 100th time I still can't believe I'm dating Luke Hemmings hello that's every girls dream and I'm living it" I said the girls laughed and smiled "well believe it cause the way Luke talks about you your his treasure" said Miranda I blushed "Aw she's blushing that means she thinks of him as her treasure too" said Nia " not just a treasure he's my everything I'm afraid I'll do something stupid and I'll lose him forever or he'll just stop loving me" I said the girls eyes widened and Nia and Rena grabbed my hands "don't even think that Luke loves you more than music and that's saying something since he loved music for years and he should be the one worried about doing something stupid cause if he does he'll lose you and will have us kicking his ass" said Nia I giggled I can tell we are going to be great friends maybe this won't be so bad after all. Me and the girls have been talking for hours now and it's awesome we have so much in common than my phone vibrated I looked at it and it was a text from Luke I smiled a little and read "Hey Babe please come back Hey Violet have to perform for us plus I miss you" it said I giggled a little replied "be right there Lukey hang in there LOL" I send it and told the girls "sorry guys we have to go back now Luke is panicking that I'm not beside him 24/7 he's freaking out" I said the girls all laughed "you have that boy wrapped around your little finger" said Rena Nia wrapped her arm around my shoulders "if that doesn't prove he loves you more than music than I don't know what will" she said I blushed and smiled. We got to the studio and Luke jumped up to hug me "I missed you babe" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine "yes I been gone for an whole hour must of been torture" I teased he blushed and bit his lip god that was cute I kissed his cheek and wrapped my arms around him I love holding him against me "enough with this romance time to see Hey Violet perform" said Ashton Luke pulled me to the chair and sat down pulling me with him "guess I'll sit here" I said since I was Luke's lap and he wasn't going to let me move anyway. Hey Violet sang a song called Don't love me like you should and I gotta say their amazing Rena's voice is so good how does a sound like that come out of a tiny body like hers maybe having them as the opening act instead of me won't be so bad after all. After the performance we went back to the hotel and just had a movie night I got into my PJ's and brushed my teeth their was a knock on the bathroom "hurry up babe or their going to start without us" yelled Luke I rolled my eyes boys "Coming Luke" I yelled back I brushed my hair and opened the door Luke was on the bed "I'm ready" I said he looked up and his eyes widened "how is it possible that you look so beautiful in PJ's?" he asked taking my hands in his I blushed "my hair is messy and I have no makeup on I'm not beautiful" I said looking down I felt my head being pushed up next thing I knew I was starring into Luke's beautiful eyes "in my eyes and the boys eyes your the most beautiful girl on the planet" he said I blushed again and wrapped my arms around his neck "even when I'm in PJ's?" I asked he nodded and rested his four head on mine "Yes you can wear a potato shack and still look beautiful in my eyes" he said I blushed and smiled "how did I get so lucky to have you as my boyfriend?" I asked he chuckled and kissed my nose "cause someone as beautiful as you should have everything she's ever dreamed about" he said I couldn't resist anymore I smashed my lips onto his he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him I wrapped my arms around his neck we pulled apart and rested our fourheads together "come on we should join the others" he said I nodded he kissed my head and grabbed my hand we walked out of the room hand in hand "what took you guys so long?" yelled Calum as we walked into the room Luke rolled his eyes "we got held up" he said looking at me I blushed and smiled " by what?" asked Ashton we ignored him and sat on the couch "hey Tristan sit with us" said Nia her, Rena and Miranda were on the ground I looked at Luke and he pouted "but we always cuddle when we watch movies babe" he whined I giggled "will it make you feel better if I hold your hand and you rub circles on my hand with your thumb?"I asked him he sighted "guess it will have to do" he said I smiled big I wanted to cuddle with him too but I needed more girl time I sat on the ground beside Rena she smiled and gave a big side hug I find Rena so cute that's it very hard to hate her it's hard to hate all of them I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and it was Luke's hand I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand he interwined our fingers together "so what movie are we watching?" I asked the boys "Stars Wars" said Michael who was beside Miranda I smiled big I love Star Wars me and my dad spend father daughter time watching them all "awesome haven't seen that in forever which one are we watching?" I asked Mikey "the first one with Anakin" he said I smiled I liked that one still don't understand why they did them backwards but whatever the movie started I leaned back on the couch still holding Luke's hand than Rena whispered something in my ear I looked at her she, Nia and Miranda were sitting in a circle but I couldn't leave Luke I looked at me and seemed to get what I was asking he nodded and let go of my hand I felt bad for leaving him so I stood up sat on the couch and pulled him into a kiss he was shocked at first but than he kissed back I felt his lip ring on my lips we pulled apart he smiled at me he kissed my nose than my cheek than my four head "I love you go enjoy some girl time" whispered in my ear I blushed and was happy he wasn't mad that I was ditching our cuddle time " I love you too don't worry we're make up for our lost cuddle time tomorrow or tonight I promise" I whispered back he smiled than smirked I rolled my eyes and got on the floor again I joined the girls and Rena and Nia got all happy and hugged me we weren't even paying attention to the movie anymore but that's fine and what happens at a sleepover I know one thing for sure this is the start of a beautiful friendship with Hey Violet.

Kids Choice Awards and iheart music awards

Tristan's POV

the boys have been practicing so much for tour they want it to be a night the fans will never forget well I can say the person they bring on stage during Rejects will die happy LOL Hey Violet have been practicing too everytime I see them perform I'm screaming and dancing and singing along their songs are so catchy it makes me want to be in a band but I'll stick with my solo career LOL I been writing a lot of songs lately and I been secretly recording them without the boys or Hey Violet hearing them the boys manger's assistant who's also the tour mom LOL arranged the boys schedule so when their in the studio recording I'm on the bus or hotel room writing my songs and when their on the bus or in the hotel I'm in the studio recording Luke keeps whining he misses me I want to tell him I'm recording songs but I don't want to ruin the surprise my plane is too premier my new songs live on stage at award shows which there's two coming up but not sure if I'm performing at any of them yet. The boys manger has called a meeting to talk about the award shows me and the boys were sitting down waiting "this is torture" said Michael before I could say anything their manger came walking in with his assistant "ok guys and girl here's the plan we have the kids choice awards on Saturday than the iheart music awards you guys are performing at the kids choice awards and will get slimed and Tristan your performing too and at the iheart music awards you guys are presenting a performer and Tristan you got invited to perform with someone very special" he said I was confused someone wants to perform with me but who is it? "who is it?" I asked "sorry can't tell you yet" he said I pouted hopefully it's someone I like "oh and you guys are also nominated for a kids choice award and a iheart award" he said wow they are nominated for 2 awards hopefully they win both and seeing them getting slimed will be very funny I loved watching people get slimed it's the best part of the kids choice awards but they not might find it funny oh well LOL. The boys and Hey Violet have been practicing non- stop their excusted and tour hasn't even started yet right now I'm in the dressing room writing some songs I have had a lot of free time since I don't have to practice for tour anymore and honestly it's very boring practicing for tour was very fun I kind of miss it but I'm not jealous I think suddenly I heard voices than the door handle turned I quickly hid my journal and sat up the door opened and it was Michael "hey Mikey" I said he looked at me and smiled "Hey Tristan just taking a break my fingers are going to fall off if I play guitar anymore" he said I giggled "Aw want me to rub them?" asked him he nodded and sat beside me on the couch he gave me his hand and I began rubbing his hand "this is what you get when you play guitar for 24 hours straight" I said he chuckled and said "we just want everything to be perfect for the tour the fans deserve to have the best night of their life" he said I smiled these boys love their fans so much it's so cute "Aw how sweet" I cooed he chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders other than Luke Michael also makes me feel safe same with Calum and Ashton doesn't matter who I'm with these boys make me feel safe and loved so happy I met them hard to believe I wasn't a big fan back than suddenly the door opened again and Calum and Luke came walking in I smiled at Luke and he smiled back at me he sat down on the other side of me cause Michael was sitting on the other side he pulled me into his arms "Babe I'm tired" he whined into my neck I giggled and patted his head "that's what happen when you practice all day Lukey you used up all your energy for today" I said he nuzzled his head into my shoulder "I need a nap and a cuddle from the best girlfriend ever" he whined I smiled and blushed a little "well how about we go back to the hotel and we can cuddle and watch a movie" I said he lifted his head off my shoulder and smiled at me "that sounds awesome minus the movie part" he whispered in my ear that made me blush harder than I discovered what he meant by that "LUKE" I screamed and smacked his chest he chuckled and kissed my four head I rolled my eyes "come on guys we are going back to the hotel" said Dave their bodyguard "Aw that means I have to stand" I whined the boys chuckled and Luke started pulling on my hand "come on babe" he whined I sighted "fine let me get my bag" I said and stood up I walked over to the makeup booth and grabbed my bag that had my song writing book in it and my phone and ipod "where's my phone?" I asked "right here Tristan" said Michael pointing at the table "oh yeah" I said feeling a little stupid I picked it up and put in the bag "I'm ready" I said the boys chuckled and Luke grabbed my hand. We got back to the hotel and I find out tomorrow we are going to be practicing for the kids choice awards that are on Saturday and iheart music awards are on Sunday I haven't figured out who I'm singing with but I have find out what song we're singing it's a good and big song with a lot of high notes I don't think I can reach them I haven't told the boys yet I want them to be completely shocked I know I'm evil lol "Babe hurry up I want to cuddle" whined Luke I rolled my eyes he is so unpatient "hold on I'm changing" I yelled back at him I was in the bathroom trying to change into sweats but Luke kept whining I was taking me too long well if he keeps whining I'll never get done I finally brushed my teeth and washed my face I opened the door and walked out Luke was lying on the bed face down I shook my head and tipped toed I flopped down beside him and he looked at me "I'm done" I said he started smiling and rolled on top of me god he was heavy just kidding he thinks cause he's a giant he's heavy but he's not he's so light it's almost scary "what are you doing?" I asked him he leaned down and rested his four head on mine " we haven't a lot of alone time in a while and I'm taking advanced of this cause the boys are going to barge in any second" he groaned I giggled that's true the boys seem to get joy but ruining our moments "well in that case are you going to stay so close to my face and tease me or kiss me already?" I asked cause having him so close to my face is making it very hard to focus " come here" he said and smashed his lips onto mine I was caught off guard a little but soon relaxed into the kiss I still wasn't ready for you know and Luke understood cause he was kissing me slowly and rubbing his hand slowly on my stomach which gave me goose bumps I wrapped my arms around his neck he pulled me up so I was sitting and he was standing he put his hands on my face and kissed me again I tighten my hands on his neck and began playing with the little hairs on his neck he than began kissing my neck he find my sweet spot which made me moan he chuckled into my neck which tickled a little he pulled away from my neck and pulled me into a hug "I love you" he said I smiled and blushed still feels strange having a boyfriend but I wouldn't change anything at all "I love you too" I said he leaned forward to kiss me again but before our lips touched we heard Michael yell "SHIT" Luke groaned "what happened now?" he groaned I giggled "better go see what he's done now" I said Luke nodded "want a piggyback?" he asked me I shook my head no "too bad your getting one hop on" he said bending down "your not going to move till I'm on your back aren't you?" I asked him he nodded I sighted and jumped onto his back "there I'm on" I said I could see his face turning red aw he's blushing how cute we started walking to the boys room that they were in which is Calum and Ashton's room me and Luke and Michael share the other room we got to the room and Luke knocked on the door it opened and Ashton answered he had a big smirk on his face and looked he had been laughing non stop "what happened?" I asked him still on Luke's back which probably looked very wield "Michael dyed his hair again and it didn't turn out to the colour he wanted come and see" he said I could hear Calum gigging in the back round Luke walked into the room still carrying me "Luke you can put me down now" I said I felt him sigh "ok" he said and let me jump off I jumped off and kissed his cheek lightly "there there I loved it I'll be asking for piggy backs more often" I said he blushed and smiled "Mikey where are you?" I yelled "hiding in the bathroom go away" I heard him yell back Luke began laughing and Calum and Ashton were giggling to themselves I rolled my eyes at them "guys he's never going to come out if you keep giggling" I whispered to them they still giggled I sighted and walked over to the bathroom door I knocked "Mikey please come out your hair can't look that bad and we won't laugh at you well I won't" I said glaring at the boys the all gave me cheeky smiles "ok I'll come out" I heard him whine he opened the door and walked out my eyes widened and I gasped his hair was blonde like really really blonde wow it looked good on him "wow I like it Michael blonde hair looks good on you" I said he started smiling "really?" he asked me aw he was embarrced "yes really and I gotta admit you look cute with blonde hair fans are going to pass out when they see you" I said he started smiling and cheering "yay I'm going to get girls" he cheered I giggled and opened my arms for a hug "want a hug?" I asked him he blushed and giggled and pulled me into a hug other than Luke I love Michael's hugs he's so comfy and warm it's like hugging a big teddy bear we pulled apart and I kissed his cheek he blushed again and smiled.

2 days have passed and all we done is practice, practice, and more practice I met Shawn Mendes during my practice and he was so sweet and so tall in real life I sometimes blushed when he smiled at me his smiles are beautiful I wished I was 16 again cause if I wasn't dating Luke and was in love with him I would date Shawn LOL right now I'm taking a break and sitting with Shawn he's not performing at the kids choice awards sadly but he is presenting a reward and maybe getting slimed "I loved watching the kids choice awards when I was growing up" he said "me too I loved watching people get slimed it's funny" I said he chuckled at me "well than I hope you get slimed than so you will know how those people felt" he said I pushed him playfully "my boyfriend is getting slimed tonight along with his bandmates" I said "oh yeah your dating Luke from 5 seconds of summer aren't you?" he asked me I nodded and smiled big "that must be hard since they have so many fans are you worried that one girl will steal Luke away from you?" he asked me I shrugged my shoulders "I was in the beginning but Luke made it clear to me that I'm the only girl that has his heart and I'm the only girl he'll ever love besides his mom" I said Shawn chuckled and smiled "that's good cause a nice girl like you should live in a fairy tale" he said I blushed never thought I will blush for a 16 year old but hey at least he's cute lol. It was finally Saturday so time for the kids choice we spend all day practicing and I find out Nick Jonas is the host omg I'm a huge fan of his and he's performing Jealous awesome it was time to get ready my mom texted me saying she'll be watching me great more pressure more than there was on me already the boys keep begging me to tell them what I was singing but I didn't give in "come on Tristan please tell us?" begged Calum I giggled "sorry Cal still no" I said he sighted "thought you would give in for sure" he said I rolled my eyes "you thought wrong" I said he sighted and walked away I giggled than my phone vibrated I took it out of my pocket and it was a text Rena "wish we were coming but we can't we'll be watching you and 5sos good luck" it said I smiled I have gotten so close to Hey Violet can't believe I thought I would hate them I love them to death Rena and Nia are so cute their like my little sisters Miranda is like an older sister if I'm having problem she'll always listen and Casey he's so funny whenever I'm down or stressed he will always try to make me laugh or smile or both I'm never sad when I'm around them I can't wait for the tour it's going to be so much fun. right now the boys are getting ready for walk the orange carpet I was already ready I was wearing someone nice but not fancy my outfit that I was wearing for my performance was at the studio already Luke was in the bathroom changing and Ashton, Calum, and Michael were brushing their teeth than Michael said something with his tooth brush still in his mouth "it smells disgusting in here" he said " I farted" said Ashton " Gross Ashton" I said the boys chuckled I rolled my eyes these boys are such children sometimes "boys what did you do now?" I heard a voice ask I know that voice it belonged to my boyfriend I turned around and my mouth dropped open he was wearing a black and white shirt and a black jacket his hair was on point is this boy trying to kill me "like what you see babe?" he asked me I blushed and kept my head down smiling "wow you look beautiful like always" he whispered in my ear pushing my head back up so I was starring into his beautiful eyes "thanks you look very handsome Lukey" I said he smiled and pecked my lips lightly "get a room" yelled Michael me and Luke giggled he grabbed my hand and off we went to the orange carpet. We got to the orange carpet and their was already so many people on it "wow this is a lot bigger than it looks on TV" I said Luke had a tight grip on my hand I find it cute that he worries about me in big crowds well all the boys do but mostly him we got to the first interviewers and it was from Entertainment Canada something I watched sometimes with my mom and Ariana Grande's brother was one of the interviewers pretty sure Michael was freaking out on the inside LOL the question they asked us was what was our reaction when Zayn left one direction I didn't really answer so I just stood and watched I felt Luke grip my hand tighter a few times the next interviewer was Carlos from ytv which is something I watched all the time after he interviewed the boys he asked me to stay back so he could interview me for a bit Luke was unsure about that "don't worry Lukey I'll be fine you will be right over there I'll be right over once I'm finished" I told him "ok be careful I love you" he said and kissed my cheek "love you too" I said he let go of my hand and walked away with the boys to do another interview "so Tristan we want to know what's it like touring with one of biggest band in the world right now and is it hard dating a member?" Carlos asked and handed me the microphone "it's really fun and interesting because we never in the same place for more than a week when we're on tour so everyday we're in a new place it's a adventure I never saw coming for myself but I'm happy and I wouldn't change a thing" I said Carlos smiled at me "great to talk to you and can't wait to see you back in Canada come visit the ytv studio" he said I smiled " I will bye" I said he shook my hand and off I walked back to the boys I could see them fine they just wrapped up the interview "oh babe there you are" said Luke quickly grabbing my hand again I rolled my eyes "you worry to much" I said he smiled and kissed my hand I giggled and smiled. We got to our seats I was at the end beside Luke we were sitting in front of the cast of Modern Family and beside us was Meghan Trainer "guys Meghan Trainer is right beside us" I said the boys chuckled Luke held my hand tightly as the show started Nick Jonas was singing Chains and Jealous At the Beginning of Jealous he walked down our row and High fived us but he grabbed my hand looked straight into my eyes I swear my heart was melting he let go and high fived the boys Michael was acting like a fan girl he finished and than it went to break "omg my heart just melted" I said Luke looked at me and pouted "I thought I made your heart melt" he said I sighted "Luke I been a fan of Nick since the Jonas brothers and you do more than melt my heart you turn it into liquid and make my stomach burst into butterflies" I said he smiled and tightened his grip on my hand. As the show went on some more performers performed and some awards were given out Modern Family got slimed as they accepted an award it was funny and Shawn got slimed during his speech Aw poor Shawn but I still laughed "haha I knew that was going to happen I tried to warn him" I said the boys were dying of laughter they didn't hear me oh well more awards were given out and now it was time to see if they won a award they were up against fifth harmony I'm not a big fan of them so I hope the boys win Luke gripped my hand tighter guess he's nervous I rubbed my thumb on his hand like what he does to my hand when I'm nervous he smiled at me but I could tell he was scared all the boys and when they pushed the button the tense was big Fifth Harmony won I looked at the boys and they tried not to look dissppointed as they clapped I was kind of mad though they deserved to win that award "that's not fair you guys deserve it not them" I said Luke smiled and leaned forward to kiss my cheek "thanks babe but it's fine we can't win everything" he said I sighted guess that's true but I'm bummed Luke kissed my hand and smiled at me I blushed and giggled. It was finally time for my performance I'm very scared "Hey Tristan" I heard a voice say behind me I jumped a little cause it scared me "I turned around and Shawn was there still covered in slime "oh hey Shawn still covered in slime I see" I said holding back laughter he glared and opened his arms "want a hug" he asked I quickly ran away from him "don't even think about it" I said he chuckled and held his hands up "sorry so what's the song your performing?" he asked me I smiled and said "it's a song I wrote for my best friend back in Canada I texted her to tell to watch the show so hopefully she is" I said "Aw that's so nice good luck I gotta get this slime off" he said I giggled and nodded and waved at him I grabbed my microphone and took a deep breath "here goes nothing" I whispered to myself I walked onto stage "I would like to dedicate this song to my best friend back home miss you Tabitha" I screamed and began singing I finished and the whole place went crazy I smiled and walked off stage hopefully she saw that the boys came back stage to get ready for their performance Luke picked me up and spin me around "that was amazing babe" he said I smiled "thanks" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek and nose than my lips "have fun boys can't to see you get slimed" I said "just going to be the biggest slime prank in the history of sliming" said Michael I rolled my eyes as they ran on stage to sing what I like about you they rocked it and that slime explosion was awesome and gotta say they look hot with slime on them "that was awesome guys" I said I quickly put my hands in front of me "not so fast no hugging till you get all slime off you" I said Luke pouted wow that was even hotter than usual the boys cleaned up and than we went back to the hotel the boys kept about my performance it wasn't that great the one I'm doing tomorrow is going to be even better cause I just got text saying who I was performing with and I screamed a little cause I was a huge fan of this person I changed into sweats and got into bed Luke and the boys were going to be talking for a while so I thought it was best if I left them have boy time Luke kissed me sweetly and whispered in my ear "I'll be in soon" that send shivers down my spine I giggled and went into our room I brushed my teeth and got my PJ's on I got into the bed and checked Twitter and the boys were tweeting they can talk and tweet at the same time boys I plugged my phone in and I got under the blankets and smiled to myself how did my life end up like this? whatever it is I'm so glad it happened I soon fell asleep. I woke up with arms wrapped around my waist I smiled I loved waking up with Luke's arms around my waist I feel safe and loved I tried sitting up but his grip on my waist was very tight "Luke let me go please?" I whispered he moaned his cute morning moan and gripped my waist tighter "No don't leave me" he whined I giggled and smiled "I just have to go to bathroom I'll be right back" I said he sighted and let go of me I leaned down and kissed his cheek "hurry back I want cuddle time" he whined I giggled and stood up and stretched "we cuddled all night" I said walking towards the bathroom "yeah but we don't get to cuddle all day so we need to get all cuddle time we can get now" he whined I blushed I closed the bathroom door and smiled big I finished and left the bathroom Luke was sitting up on his phone "why are you sitting up?" I asked him he looked up and smiled at me "cause I can't sleep without you beside me" he said I blushed deep red Luke must of noticed cause I saw him smirk he stood up and walked over to me he grabbed my hands "how did you sleep when you didn't have a clue who I was than?" I asked referring to the times before we met "I don't know all I know is that I sleep better with you by my side" he said putting his hand on my cheek before I knew it our lips were together I wrapped my arms around his neck we continued to kiss he had pushed me back into the bathroom door and he wrapped my legs around his waist we pulled apart and rested our four heads together "I love you" he whispered I felt my heart beating so fast never imagined a rock star who I had a massive crush on for a year be saying he loves me after we just made out "I love you too" I said he kissed my nose and just before our lips met again there was a knock at the door Luke groaned and pecked my lips lightly he put me back on the ground and went to answer the door I sat on the bed and looked at my phone the door opened and Ashton was there "morning guys Tristan you have to go rehersal your duet" he said to me my eyes widened oh yeah me and the mystery person haven't had a chance to rehersal our duet yet and tonight's the show "oh yeah ok I'll get ready than" I said Luke and ash bro hugged which was adorable and than Ashton left I went to my suitcase and started looking for an outfit Luke got dressed too I finally find an outfit and got ready. After we had a quick breakfast I brushed my teeth got my leg braces on grabbed my bag and phone "have fun babe we are just gonna hang out around text me when you are done" Luke said pulling me into a hug I hugged him back and smiled at him "I will Lukey you and the boys behave yourself" I said chuckling he smiled and nodded I pecked his lips and he kissed my cheek I hugged the other boys and left for the studio. Me and the Mystery person had a amazing time we kept goofing off and making each other laugh it was fun I got back to the hotel and the boys were in the room on their phones "hey guys" I said Luke's head shot up and he started smiling he jumped ran over to me and pulled me into a hug "I missed you babe" he whined into my shoulder I giggled and hugged him tight "I missed you too Lukey" I said he smiled and pulled me into a kiss it was small one but still send shivers down my spine we pulled apart and he grabbed my hand I smiled at him. It was finally time for the award show Luke was in the bathroom getting ready I decided to wear something cause that's the colour theme Michael came into the room and when I turned around my mouth dropped open Michael was wearing a red leather jacket and boy did he look handsome I felt my heart beating "wow Mikey you look very handsome" I said he blushed and smiled "thanks you look beautiful Luke is going to drool when he sees you" he said I giggled and smiled the bathroom door opened and my mouth dropped open yet again Luke was a white shirt, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket and his hair was on perfect my heart was beating so fast I was blushing like crazy he noticed me and his mouth dropped open he walked over to me and looked me up and down "wow you look amazing Tristan" he said I blushed deep red "thanks you look very handsome too" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek Calum and Ashton soon came into the room and off we went to the red carpet. We got on the red carpet and the first interview was with MTV we did a few more interviews than we got inside we were going to be eating dinner during the show I sat in between Luke and Calum I looked down and Taylor Swift was sitting at the table below I waved at her she saw me and smiled and waved back I than noticed who she was sitting beside it was Justin Timberlake HA the show started and it was cool so far than the boys had to introduce Meghan Trainer oh boy this is not going to end well it was so funny they tried to be serious but failed big time they got back to the table I tried to hide my laughing "good job guys" I said "we saw you giggling" said Ashton I put my head down Luke grabbed my hand and gripped it tight. Next was the best fan Army award and the boys were noiminated for it I could they were scared so was I the guy started reading out the names he than read the winner it was 5sos army the boys all smiled Luke pulled me into a kiss he and the boys went on stage I smiled watching them thanking their fans it was so cute next was mine performance and finally reveal the mystery person. After the break I was backstage getting ready Taylor was back there too "Hey Tristan good luck tonight" she said I smiled "thanks Taylor" I said she hugged me I took a deep breathe here goes nothing I got on stage and started singing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson "Please welcome the wonderful and beautiful Kelly Clarkson" I said into the microphone the place went crazy and I smiled and watched Kelly come out she walked up to me while singing and grabbed my hand we walked to the end of the stage I looked at the boys they had surprise looks on their faces but they also looked happy Luke looked proud than came the high note that I had to hit I looked at Kelly and she nodded I took a deep breathe "what doesn't kill you makes you STONGEEEEERRRRRR" I sang yes my voice didn't crack at the end thank goodness than me and Kelly finished together we stopped singing and the place went crazy the boys were standing so was Taylor I spotted Shawn and he stood up too I waved at him Kelly grabbed my hand and we bowed I hugged her and we walked off stage together. The Show ended I changed back into my outfit but before I could walk back to my seat I saw boys I waved at them and Luke saw me first he smiled and ran over to me he picked me up and spinned me in a circle I giggled and smiled "Hey Guys" I said they all smiled and gave me hugs "that was amazing Tristan" said Ashton I blushed and smiled "thanks Ash I still can't believe I performed with Kelly Clarkson she's been one of my idols for years" I said Luke grabbed my hand kissed my head. We got back to the hotel and we went straight to bed tomorrow we have final reheresal before tour than we are flying to the first tour stop and the first show is the next day at night I got into my PJ's and brushed my teeth I got out of the bathroom I saw Luke sitting on the bed smiling I blushed and looked down "what?" I asked him "nothing your just beautiful come here" he said patting the spot beside him I smiled and walked over to him and sat down he wrapped his arms around me and pulled into him my head was on his chest "are you ready for tour?" I asked him he shrugged "I don't know maybe" he said I moved my head and looked at him with wide eyes "you think uh oh you sound nervous" I said he looked Aw he's nervous time for me to be a good girlfriend and help him I grabbed his hands and rubbed my thumbs on his hand "what's wrong Lukey?" I asked him he looked up at me with tears in his eyes "I been dreaming about this moment since I was a kid and now that it's happening I can help but wonder if something is going to happen while we're on stage" he said I wrapped the tears out of his eyes moved so I was on his lap "Luke nothing is happen I understand why your scared but you and the boys have been dreaming about this moment for years and now your dream is coming true and you get to share it with your three best friends" I said he looked at me and rested his four head on mine "your right besides when I have you by my side I can do anything" he said I blushed and nodded "I love you" I said shocked I actually said it first Luke smiled and kissed my nose "I love you too" he said and smashed his lips onto mine he lowered me onto the bed off his lap he stood up and took off his shirt damn he's hot he got on top of me and stopped "let me know when you want to stop" he said cause I still wasn't ready I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck he bought his lips onto mine we made out for the rest of the night wonder what tour will be like?


So Sorry it's late I was at summer camp for a week than I got sick and I'm just so excited I'm seeing 5sos on the 25th anyway the rest of this story is going to be on tour and other things if you have any ideas on what should happen please leave them in comments also if you any idea on when Tristan and Luke have sex LOL also leave that comments I'll get to work on the next chapter right away


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