You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


37. The Project, H&K, HA, Nova Red Room,TURPL, Shazamahang 2.0 , Breakfast Brunch, Alan Carr Chatty Man, BBC RadioLL, MTV UK, Awkward interview with 5sos

The Project, Hughesy and Kate, Hamish & Andy, Nova Red Room interview/ gig
Tristan's POV
as we got ready for the show the boys did another snapchat ( pretend it's before the project ) than it was time to go to the project the show started we waited till we were called out I was a little nervous Mikey held my hand I looked at Luke and he was a little jealous I was a little bit happy about that stop it brain your just friends for now remember that we walked out I sat in between Michael and Calum the interview started and once again it was funny than by the end of the show I got asked a question and it was what is it like living with 5sos is it a dream come true? I answered "yes it is a dream come true cause just 2 years ago I was a fan of these guys and I would dream about meeting them and telling them what they done for me but than I did meet them and I completely froze I was so nervous but than I discovered their just normal people living their dream and than they asked me to join them on tour and ever since than we been best friends" I said. The show ended and we went back to the hotel to rest up for more interviews and a acoustic gig tomorrow. The next morning we woke up at 6am ugh it was so early the boys were like zombies we got to the radio station and before the interview the boys were going to surprise some super fans it was very cute and the fans were so surprised next was the interview and the interviewer asked if the boys were single and they all said yes even Luke you could literally see the pain in his eyes when he said that great how I feel more bad this just friends thing is getting harder I just want to hug and kiss him again but he still needs to earn my trust next was another interview part 2 part 3 part 4 than we were off too another radio station but for some reason during this one they were split up from the interviewers they were between a glass wall thing so confusing part 2 part 3 they sang She's Kinda Hot acoustic next was the Nova Room interview and gig.
Nova Red Room interview/ gig
Tristan's POV
We got to Nova Radio Station and went to the red room it was very red LOL the boys sound checked than we went to the back room and played a game which was giant Jenga with a twist it was fun and of course funny than the boys played first and last I just watched this time part 2 next was the interview with Nova I sat beside Luke at the end it felt like old times except he wasn't holding my hand part 2 next we played the Yes/No Game it was pretty funny than it was show time I stood on the balcony and watched them they sang Jet Black Acoustic which sounded amazing than they sang She's Looks so Perfect and She's Kinda Hot the show ended than the boys met the winners I met them too and some of them said that me and Luke belong together I faked a smile but inside I was thinking is that really true? we got back to the hotel and went to our rooms to rest up we have a busy day tomorrow more interviews than we're flying to the UK to do more promo I was walking with Luke I missed when he would grab my hand when I wasn't looking shut up brain just friends remember 'night T" he said I felt my cheeks turn red I quickly went in for a hug before he saw it I miss his hugs maybe this friendship thing was going to be a lot harder than I thought we pulled away and looked in each others eyes I quickly looked away "night Luke" I said and ran to my room I'm falling for him again maybe I never stopped maybe Calum was right all along maybe I do still love him? well tomorrow I'm singing a cover song during Shazamhang 2.0 and it's about Luke and me maybe that will trigger something I haven't been able to see yet?
60 second interview/ TURPL, Shazamhang 2.0
Tristan's POV
The next morning we got up early again I couldn't get Luke off my mind we ate breakfast in Ashton's room than off we went to the do more interviews first up was a 60 second interview next was one with NME than they had to play She's Kinda Hot on tiny children's instruments after that it was time for Shazamhang 2.0 well practice first the boys going to be performing Jet Black Heart as they practiced I tipped toed into the other room and practiced my song I was singing a country song so hopefully the boys like it finally it started and I had a feeling it was going to be funnier than last year and I was right we walked in I sat on the floor beside Calum cause their was no room on the couch than the fun started first of course they talked about Sounds Good Feels Good than we played 5 seconds Summaries  again and that's when I started laughing I may have wet pants after this interview LOL next they recreated a photo that 5sos took 3 years ago but with a twist I was going to be on top of them all 'uh oh this might not end well" I said the audience laughed they got in position than it was my turn "sorry Cal and guys" I got on top of Calum this was so uncomfortable they took the photo and than we got up well I rolled off and got back on the floor next we did fan questions and I got asked one "when are you releasing new music?" a fan asked 'um hopefully soon I been writing a lot I wrote like 2 songs last week and hopefully I'll be recording them soon" I said the boys looked shocked about that I smirked at them next we painted pictures I had to paint the people that make me smile of course and the boys pictures was so funny and when I showed mine the boys all smiled it was them of course they do make me smile everyday next we played a game called 5sos Feud this was not going to end well next was performance time "ok after you guys perform Jet Black Heart Tristan is going to be performing a song" said Angus the guys got ready I was in my outfit kind of nervous now they sang Jet Black Heart it was so good than it was my turn I got on the stage the boys watched me I took a deep breath "I'm going to be singing a Rascal Flatts song called What Hurts the most it's dedicated to someone very special to me hope you enjoy" I said I looked at Luke took another deep breath and than the music started than I sang (pretend it's her singing)  I finished I never broke eye contact with Luke during the song I think he knew it was about him the boys all cheered for me I smiled at them Luke than ran over to me he jumped on stage and pulled me into his arms I buried my face in his shoulder I miss him so much and singing that song made me realize that I can't be just friends with Luke I need to hold him and kiss him we pulled away from each other and looked into each other's eyes "T I miss you I miss kissing you I miss holding your hand I miss cuddling with you I know I need to earn your trust back but I  need you to know I never stopped loving you" he said I felt my heart slowly coming back together he does love me he never stopped and I never stopped either "Luke I know I said I just want to stay friends but the truth is being friends is awful I miss you I miss cuddling with you I miss holding your hand and I miss kissing you I only said I didn't love you cause I was so heartbroken but after singing that song I realized I never stopped loving you" I said Luke smiled so big he grabbed my hand and asked me "Tristan will you be my girlfriend again?" he asked I nodded my head "yes but you still have to earn my trust back so no kissing for now we're just holding hands and cuddling deal" I said "yes deal" he said I smiled and kissed his cheek he blushed a little making the other boys chuckle he jumped off stage and held out his hand I took it and felt that feeling again I missed holding his hand we walked over to the boys who were smirking at us I rolled my eyes now we had to leave for the airport to fly to the UK but all I had on my mind was WE'RE BACK TOGETHER AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER.

   Breakfast Brunch, Alan Carr Chatty Man, BBC RadioLL, MTV UK, Awkward Interview with 5sos
Tristan's POV
We got to the UK just in time to go on the Breakfast Brunch a breakfast show on TV the boys were very tired so was I me and Luke spend the entire flight in each others arms he did not let go of me for the whole flight which was fine by me I love being in his arms I missed them so much we still haven't kissed yet although we were pretty close a few times but I haven't forgiven him completely yet I'm trying really trying it honestly feels like we're starting all over again it's strange but must happen if we're ever getting back to where we were. We got to the Breakfast Brunch studio and the show started I sat at end  beside Luke than the show started than they sang a acoustic song which is their new single Hey Everybody it was over now and we had nothing to do until the Alan Carr show tonight we in the dressing room I was sitting in the middle of a couch Luke and Calum had their legs on me and were playing with them it looks so strange from my POV "guys please stop before you kick me in the face but they didn't hear me they were too busy playing and Luke nearly fell off the couch that part was a little funny than it was show time I was just watching this time thank goodness the show started I was in the front row watching the interview it was pretty funny than they performed Hey Everybody we went back to the hotel and rested "Well that was a strange interview" I said Luke nodded "I know' he said than walked over to me wrapping his arms around me we been sleeping in the same room again and it's so great it feels like old times again and I am so tempted to kiss him but trying my hardest not too and him being so close to me was not helping "I really missed you" he said I blushed a little "I missed you too" I said we starred in each others eyes I quickly pulled away from him "we should sleep" I said he nodded I kissed his cheek and he smiled a little I could he really wanted to kiss me what's wrong with me? my brain is telling me don't trust him yet but my heart is telling me to go for it and kiss him again I don't know what to listen to ugh my head hurts maybe tomorrow I'll figure it out I got in the bed I turned on my side and Luke was starring at me I scooted over to him and snuggled into his side I couldn't help it he was always so comfy and I sleep better in his arms he tighten his grip on my waist and nuzzled his face in my neck I sighted I need to figure this out I can't lose him again I felt my eyes start to close and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. The next morning we woke up again at 6:30 in the morning to go to BBCRadio one the boys are going to be doing a live lounge it's exciting hopefully they don't mess up cause their so tired we got there and they went straight into the Live Lounge I sat on the other side watching them set up first they were doing a cover than singing Hey Everybody the cover they were doing was a song called Drown I never heard it so hope it was good they started and boy was it good next they sang Hey Everybody it was good acoustic the show ended than we left to MTV UK to do a Periscope thing it was going to be funny I could tell we got there and the boys started the Periscope well at least tried too next was something called Awkward interview we finished than we went back to the hotel to rest up for tomorrow is another busy day we're driving around all of the UK in one day I know crazy but it must be done and judging how the boys are acting their not looking forward too it either and I can't help but notice Luke acting strange today maybe cause he was tired or something else can't put my finger on it but I have a feeling I'll find out tomorrow at least I hope?

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