You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


43. The Howard Stern Show, Radio 105, JBH video premiere, Mikey's 20th bday/Ama, Aria livestream, watching 5sos movie, The Late The Late Show, Jingle Balls/ interviewing the cast of stars wars

The Howard Stern Show,  Mikey's 20th bday/Ama, Aria livestream, Radio 105, watching 5sos movie, The Late The Late Show, Jingle Balls/ interviewing the cast of stars wars
Tristan's POV
We woke up early again cause after we film the Howard Stern Show than we're celebrating Mikey's birthday than we're flying to Italy again ugh this promoting album stuff really is hard work and drains your energy but the boys have drinking so much coffee to keep themselves awake it's almost sad they really need a vacation thankfully there're going on one very soon not sure if I'm going or not haven't decided yet but anyway back to the day it was very quiet in the car the boys were all just listening to music I had on my head on Luke's shoulder once in a while he would look at me and kiss my head lightly that just made snuggle more into him he put his hand on my knee which gave me goosebumps we got to the TV studio and the boys went on right away they sang American Idiot and Hey Everybody the boys played around on Snapchat and a creepy ice cream truck was driving down the street "ok that's creepy" I said Michael nodded I noticed his hair was red again I love red hair Michael "yay your hair is red again I love that color on you" I said he smiled at me all cute and sweet. Tonight is Michael's birthday party and their is beer involved so this could end very badly and as much as I don't want to see those things I can't miss Michael's birthday he's my best friend plus he used his pouty face on me it was so hard to say no his cuteness is evil I'll stick by Luke the entire time cause we all know what happens if I leave his side and he's drunk never letting that happen again  the party soon started so far it wasn't crazy but it soon started getting crazy it got so bad that I was afraid Michael would be too drunk to blow his candles on his cake LOL but he did somehow "what did you wish for Mikey?" I asked him he giggled and said "a girlfriend" he said smiling like an idiot that broke my heart a little he just wants a girl to love him why do girls don't like him? I don't get it at all the rest of the night was crazy. The next morning was painful the boys were all hungover mostly Michael we had to get ready for the American Music Awards tonight I'm performing too I'm so nervous a lot of stars are going to be there who weren't there last year so extra pressure on me anyway the boys had to practice and do interviews all day today before the red carpet so busy day first interview was just Luke and Michael I sat beside Luke just listening it was pretty funny another interview with just Luke and Michael than the boys did another interview with Zack Sang and I had to teach them about thanksgiving than I had to go practice while they did more interviews. After I practiced a few times I went to find the boys I feel good about my performance still nervous I find the boys but they doing an interview so I just ear dropped on them finally we went back to the hotel to get ready for the show I wore a sparkly dress it looked good on me but god did Luke look hot he wore a white shirt that was unbottom at the top so you could see his chest hair why must he torture me we got to the red carpet and it was crazy first stop the Ellen show and it was Sophia Grace and Rosie those two are so cute next was Entertainment Tonight and extra TV next was BillBoard and American Music Awards themselves the show started and amazing performances were happening we were sitting in the front row again yay I was sitting at the end beside you he was holding my hand tightly Selena Gomez was about to start performing Same Old Love next One direction was on I missed seeing them perform I sang along to Perfect next was Ariana Grande she was so good can't believe a voice like that comes out of a tiny body LOL next was my performance so scared I got ready here goes nothing I got on stage and saw the boys what they were about to see might shock them and everybody else in this place here's one of my new songs Dance like nobody is watching it was going good I saw the boys faces looking shocked, confused and surprised perfect I finished and the reaction I got was breath taken everyone was standing up and clapping and cheering I looked at one side 1d and fifth harmony were all cheering and smiling I smiled big than I saw the boys the looks on their faces were perfect I could tell they were proud of me I got backstage took a deep breath of relief I saw Luke running around looking for me when he saw me he had the biggest smile on his face he ran over to me engulfed me in his arms and hugged me tightly "that was amazing babe I didn't know you could dance like that" he said "neither did I" I said he chuckled and kissed me lightly this kiss felt different like he just discovered something new about me guess he didn't think I had that much power in me "um Luke we want to hug her too" whined a voice I knew very well it was Michael Luke groaned and pulled away from me "fine I'll get my guitar love you" he whispered in my ear than kissing it Calum, Ashton and Michael all hugged me than they ran on stage to perform Hey Everybody once again they killed it they came backstage and did a little interview with Young Hollywood Luke held my hand than suddenly Niall crashed the interview the next performance was a stars wars tribute their was a clip from the movie which looked awesome than a band called Pentatonix performed star wars songs it was good next was a very sad performance a tribute to the Paris attacks Celine Dion sung a song I don't know cause it was in French but it was very sad even if I didn't know what she was singing I felt tears in my eyes Luke wrapped an arm around me tightly. After the after party we went back to the hotel and fell asleep cause tomorrow we're doing a fun Live stream for the aria awards. The Live Stream was about to start the boys were in Onesies for some odd reason than came the moment to find out if they won an aria and they did they were so happy and excited it was so cute now we fly to Italy to do more promo yay. We got to Italy and went straight to a radio station their was tons of fans outside the window everytime the boys looked at them they went crazy and tapped the glass it was almost frightening the interview was about to start I sat at the end beside Luke he held my hand under the table I blushed a little finally the interview started part 2 we than left the radio station met some fans outside which was probably not a good idea since their were so many went back to the hotel and decided to watch How Did we End Up Here I'm very excited to see it I got my PJ's on the boys got some snacks and of course Beer cause their men LOL I snuggled into Luke and we watched their movie it was by the end of the movie I was asleep on Luke he didn't mind though he just held me close to him and didn't move a muscle tomorrow we're flying back to LA cause we're going to be on The Late Late Show and both me and 5sos are performing than we're doing Jingle Balls than it's Christmas and New Years than finally Vacation Yay. We woke up Early once again got on an early flight to LA we got to LA and just did practice for the show tonight I'm singing the same song I sung at the American Music Awards the boys want to see it again so I said I would perform it again it was time for the show we were in the dressing room waiting to be called out when they showed a video of the boys and the host doing a skit I tried not to laugh but it was too funny than it was time to get called out the boys stupid poses once the curtained opened I rolled my eyes they can such children the interview started and boy was it ever funny I in between Luke and Michael on the couch it was a tight fit than it was time for my performance the boys staying on the couch with James to watch my performance great pressure much I got ready and took a deep breath here goes nothing for the second time once again everyone went crazy than it was the boys turn they were going to be singing Jet Black Heart uh oh tissue time they finished than finally the show ended we went to a hotel and went to bed straight away cause tomorrow we're driving to Dallas for the first Jingle Ball. We got to Dallas thankfully on  time Ashton was making an Snapchat updating the fans so sweet of him the show was also amazing also tomorrow is another Jingle Ball. Another day another Jingle ball this one was with Kiss FM and we had a ton of interviews too do the first one was with young Hollywood and Luke was wearing a leather jacket so it was very hard to focus LOL than another interview with a radio station and the boys were wearing 5sos Christmas sweaters they were kind of ugly but also very cute I just watched this interview from the side lines part 2 the next interview was 5 minutes with 5sos I sat on a chair and this interview was so funny Calum nearly died from laughing so hard it was awesome next Mikey did an interview all by himself finally it was show time once again they nailed it tomorrow is the iheartradio jingle ball so more interviews yay. We got to the venue and walked the red carpet next one was with iheartradio and we drank eggnog which I don't really like it tastes funny next interview was with Billy the Kidd next one was with a guy in a Santa suite and he brought puppies out "Aw their so adorable" I said patting the one Michael was holding Calum was in heaven he looked so adorable than we got to take a little break the boys did a Snapchat than we did another interview with Kiss 108 than the boys did a Periscope it was so funny cause they didn't know how to work it so they kept messing up so funny finally it was show time I kissed Luke on the cheek they were up first I pushed them on stage "Hey Tristan" someone said from beside me I turned to my side and it was Shawn Mendes "oh hey Shawn" I said he smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders even he is taller me no fair their set ended we left right away cause tomorrow we have another show in Chicago but first the boys have a huge surprise for me not sure what it is all I know is that it involves stars wars.  We woke up early and the boys were all very excited about something "ok guys what's this surprise?" I asked "we're going to dress up as stars wars characters and interview the cast of stars wars force awakens" said Michael my mouth dropped open "OMG awesome" I said the boys all looked so strange Luke was Luke Skywalker of course and he looked hot in Luke's outfit, Michael was Hans Solo which he also looked hot Calum was Chewbacca which was so funny and creepy Ashton's costume was the strangest of them all he was princess lala "um Ash why are you a princess?" I asked since I was the girl "cause I want too" he said their was also toy lightsabers I was in stars wars heaven "my family is going to hate me when I tell them about this" I said sadly I couldn't dress up so I just wore my stars wars shirt and carried a lightsaber the boys did a good interview but I could tell they were nervous LOL than we got to Chicago and did more interviews first one was with Z100 next one was with B96 Chicago than it was finally show time the boys were going first again and I have a huge surprise for them I'm going to be performing too with special guests it's my way to tell them I won't be going back to Australia with them for Christmas or New Years I want to spend time with my family I know they won't like it mostly Luke but hopefully their be ok with it they came off stage I was already changed "wait a minute T are you performing?" asked Calum "surprise" I said they looked shocked I quickly ran on stage the special guests were friends of mine and they going to help me show the boys a side of me they never seen before my greedy side the boys all looked shocked when I came off stage in Christmas PJ's for the rest of the day and night we just fooled around with Snapchat I watched the Jet Black Heart video and nearly burst into tears it was so sad next stop DC. We got to DC and did more interviews and Calum showed off his new haircut which actually looked cute on him next one was with Y100 the show started and ended and that was it until February Vacation time Yay.

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