You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


35. Tampa, West Palm Beach, Partying and trouble


Tristan's POV
We got to Tampa we went straight to the venue we did sound check and all that stuff can't the next show is the last one of this area tour where has the time gone 5sos have officially done their first ever area tour which is very exciting I'm so proud of them right now HV were on stage performing Blank Space they finished and ran off stage the boys got ready I kissed Luke on the cheek he smiled at me than they ran on stage they sang End Up Here and Out of my Limit next they sang Voodoo Doll and Permeant Vacation next they sang Don't Stop and Disconnected next they sang Long Way Home and Rejects next they sang HAOTBS and Wrapped around your finger next they sang Amnesia and Beside You next they sang Everything I didn't say and Jet Black Heart next they sang American Idiot and Kiss Me Kiss Me next they sang She's Kinda Hot and She Looks so Perfect next they sang Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and came off stage we got back on the bus the last and final stop on ROWYSO is West Palm Beach I have a feeling there's going to be tears and pranks pulled but it will be fun and after the show we have going to be having a big party to celebrate and I have a surprise for 5sos and HV.
Last stop West Palm Beach
Tristan's POV
We got to West Palm and HV had one last Acoustic Hangout I went with them I'm going to miss hanging with HV but they said I could come and hang out with them whenever I needed a break from the boys LOL they have become my best friends and I will miss them so much this time they sang I'm There a new song and Blank Space I could tell they were sad that this was the last hangout Rena was wearing a 5sos shirt again I was going to wear mine too they took pictures with everyone than left for sound check I went on the bus to change into my 5sos shirt I brought it just in case I find in my bag and I also wore my 5sos socks I swear I wasn't a crazy fan LOL finally it was show time I wished Hey Violet Luck and they ran on stage for the last time they sang I Can Feel it and Blank Space next they sang Sparks Fly and Smash into You during Smash into you I noticed 5sos going behind the screen thing they had ninja turtle masks on uh oh this can't be good finally HV sang You Don't Love me Like you should during the song I curious to what in the world the boys were doing I walked over to them and before I could even say a word they pulled their pants down and I looked at the big screen bad idea cause their bare naked butts were on the screen my eyes widened I quickly covered my eyes "BOYS PULL YOUR PANTS UP" I YELLED  they finally did than put their masks on and ran on stage now what? I watched them take apart HV's set but HV were still singing I rolled my eyes this must their big prank HV finally finished singing and ran off stage laughing their heads off 5sos came off too Luke took off his mask and I smacked his head "OUCH WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" he whined "for possibly killing all your fans out there from showing them your butt" I said he chuckled than smirked he must of seen my shirt "nice shirt babe" he said I giggled and blushed they got ready to go on stage I kissed Luke on lips showing him how proud I was of him he ran on stage to perform one last time till the next tour before they did the final bow they did something different they invited all the crew, Hey Violet and of course me on stage we going to be doing one big bow I got beside Luke and Nia than Michael yelled "on behalf of 5 seconds of summer thank you" he yelled and we all bowed that moment felt very special I hugged Nia than looked at Luke he pulled me into a kiss that made the audience scream louder we all got stage than that's when the crying started Rena, Nia, and Miranda pulled me into a hug than Casey joined than Michael joined than the rest of the boys joined we did one big hug "WHO'S READY TO PARTY?" YELLED MICHAEL  we all chuckled time for the surprise we checked into a hotel cause we were staying here for a while before our next radio show/ interview I got changed into my outfit it was too revealing but I knew it would make Luke drool LOL we got to the party location it was a club and it was crazy the whole crew was there and the boys families suddenly music started playing I smiled show time I got together some of my friends from home and we are performing a song that we performed at summer camp and by the looks on the boys faces I say we surprised them. We finished and everyone cheered and clapped Luke walked over to me and spun me around I giggled and kissed him softly "that was amazing babe want a drink?" he asked "oh I'm not staying you know I hate these kind of places you stay and celebrate I'm going back to the hotel and sleep" I said he sighted "ok I'll be there at midnight the latest" he promised I nodded kissed him again and left her not knowing that it was the worst thing I ever did?.

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