You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


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Tristan's POV
Last night was fun me and the boys just talked and played video games I beat Michael in Mario Kart 3 times he got mad at me I laughed and patted his head "I'm sorry Mikey it's not my fault I played this against my sisters and parents all the time when I was younger" I said he pouted again and left the room I rolled my eyes and put the controller down Calum was on his phone so I pulled out my phone and decided to check Facebook I scrolled through the posts but nothing interesting suddenly hands went over my eyes I knew right away who they belonged too "Hey Lukey" I said the hands came off my eyes I turned around and there stood my boyfriend he looked upset "no fair I wanted you to guess" he whined  Calum chuckled I glared at him and smiled big "Aw need a kiss?" I asked but I didn't really need a answer he suddenly got happy and sat down beside me "yes I do" he said I giggled and kissed his cheek "that's it" he whined I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips lightly I tried to pull away but he just pulled me closer to him I wrapped my arms around his neck "I'm still here you know" yelled Calum I giggled against Luke's lips and we pulled away from each other Luke smiled at me and moved some hair behind my ear I looked down and smiled big this boy is my everything their manger soon came in and we all sat on the couch Luke had his arms around me tightly "ok boys and girl our next big adventure is the American Music Award which are on the 24th so tonight also next week is the Aria awards so  the day after tomorrow we are flying back to Australia" he said the boys all smiled big when he mentioned Australia they really do love Australia "oh Tristan  Taylor Swift wants to know if you want to go shopping with her and a friend for the awards" he said my mouth dropped open Michael chocked on his water what the what? "did you just say Taylor Swift wants to hang out with me?" I asked him to make sure I heard him right he nodded I had a huge smile spread across my face HA my idol wants to hang out with me as soon as their manger walked out I jumped like a mile in the air and screamed "Taylor swift wants to hang out with me best day ever" I said and did a little happy dance the boys chuckled from behind me I stopped dancing and blushed a little wow I'm actually excited to go shopping that's a first. I got ready and Taylor was on her way to the studio to pick me up I already recorded my song and the boys were recording all day so this was a great day to go shopping I was nervous but excited too "babe your legs are shaking" said Luke I looked down and he was right they were shaking "oh well than I'm nervous" I said Luke walked over to me and hugged me "just be yourself babe Taylor loves all her fans" he said I sighted and pulled away from him "I know but I'm still a little nervous" I said he just sighted and pulled me into a kiss it was short but sweet suddenly there was a knock on the door I pulled away from Luke and turned around I looked at the boys they all smiled at me Luke pushed me towards the door I glared but took a deep breath I opened the door and there stood Taylor Swift I started smiling "HA Taylor" I screamed a little she chuckled and pulled me into a hug I felt like I was hugging my big sister we pulled away and than she went and hugged Michael he looked so cute his face was redder than his hair I grabbed my bag and my phone "are you ready to shop Tristan?" Taylor asked me "ready as I'll ever be but to warn you I get tired fast so can we walk slow" I said "oh yes for sure don't worry we aren't going be long I have to rehearsal for the awards" she said I nodded and smiled this is going to be fun I quickly hugged Luke and he pecked my lips "I love you" he said I smiled and kissed his cheek "I love you too don't miss me too much" I teased he blushed and bit his lipring man that is cute I quickly followed Taylor I waved to the boys and blew Luke a kiss he chuckled and smiled Taylor grabbed my hand and off we went. Ok never thought I would say this but shopping is so fun with Taylor and Her friend  Selena Gomez oh right did I mention her friend is Selena freaking Gomez I'm a huge fan of hers so when I saw her in the car my mouth dropped open I ran over and hugged her "omg I'm a huge fan of yours Selena" I screamed she laughed and hugged me again we got to mall and Taylor and Selena both held my hands I felt like a kid again but I don't care I love holding their hands we went into three stores and we find something for Selena to wear and we find something for Taylor to wear but nothing for me so far as usual we stopped for lunch and Selena left to go and pick out a necklace or something me and Taylor were at a table once in a while fans would come over and ask for a picture with Taylor and me sometimes I was texting Luke "so Tristan are you excited about performing at the awards?" asked Taylor I looked up from my phone at her "yeah I guess so" I said she looked at me with a confuse look guess she doesn't believe me "Ok I'm not excited I'm terrified about performing" I said she sighted and grabbed my hand "do the boys know?" she asked me I shook my head "I want to tell them but I'm afraid they're think I'm crazy" I said she sighted "Tristan the boys love you more than anything I saw it they wouldn't think your crazy when you get back tell them that your scared" she said I sighted "Taylor can I ask you something about relationships?" I asked her she rolled her eyes but nodded "are you and Luke having issues?" she asked me I quickly shook my head no "No we are fabulous but a few weeks ago we were left alone and we sort of kind of almost did it" I said in a quiet voice her eyes widened " What does almost mean?" she asked in a worried voice "I stopped it before it got farther his hand was about to take my shirt off but I stopped it" I said she let out a sight of relief "but ever since that day I'm worried if I'll ever be ready for it I mean I never thought of this before in my life" I said she smiled at me "well if your started thinking than maybe you are ready but wait till he's 19 at least" she said I giggled I keep forgetting Luke's one year younger than me and yet he's taller than me LOL suddenly Selena came running over to us "TRISTAN I FIND YOU THE PERFECT OUTFIT IT WAS YOUR SIZE AND EVERYTHING I HAD TO GET IT FOR YOU LOOK" she screamed she pulled out a beautiful dress my mouth dropped it was the most beautiful dress I ever seen in my life "Oh my god it's beautiful thank you Selena" I said she handed it to me and hugged me. I didn't want to leave them but they had to practice for the awards and I'm pretty sure Luke's freaking out right now LOL I hugged them one last time and knocked on the studio door it opened and Calum was smiling at me "Hey guys Tristan's back" he yelled he let me in and hugged me I giggled and hugged him "Babe your back" yelled a voice I knew so well Luke pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly I hugged him back "so what's you buy?" he asked reaching for the bag I quickly pulled it away from him "nice try but you guys aren't going to see this until the award show tonight" I said the boys all pouted at me "aw come on just one peak" begged Michael I shook my head and they groaned hahaha I'm so evil. It was time for the award show now well time for the red carpet anyway I got my outfit out of the closet hope the boys like it I put it on and it looked more beautiful on me I put a little makeup on too and put a clip in my hair time to show the boys I took a deep breath and walked towards them "Hey guys I'm ready" I said they turned around and gasped Luke's mouth was hanging open he walked over to me I blushed deep red he looked very handsome too his hair was on point and his outfit looked amazing on him he put his hand on my cheek "wow you look amazing baby" he said I smiled and giggled "thanks you look very handsome and you guys too" I said they smiled at me Luke grabbed my hand and off we went to the red carpet. We got to the red carpet and it was crazy cameras flashing fans screaming I held Luke's hand the first interview was with a guy and the girl from the Fosters my favorite TV show so this was very exciting the next interview was with Billboard we got inside and it was huge me and the boys got to our seats Taylor Swift was opening the show pressure much it started she was performing Blank Space Next 5 seconds of summer were performing I could tell they were scared I kissed each of their cheeks for good luck I kissed Luke's lips "you guys can do this" I said he smiled and hugged me and ran on stage I watched as Becky G introduced them and than they performed they once again rocked it when they came off stage I jumped into Luke's arms "you were awesome tonight Lukey" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I hugged the other boys and we walked back to our seats after the boys changed back into their clothes I'm getting closer to my performance and I'm not looking forward to it at all it was time to find out if the boys are going to be the New Artist of the year I grabbed Luke's hand and held it tight he looked he was about to faint all the boys did as soon as their name was called the boys jumped from their seats Luke looked at me with the biggest smile on his face he hugged me and I kissed his cheek I gave the other boys thumbs up I was cheering and clapping they were so funny they forgot what they had to say I understand this their first time doing a speech next was the Award For Excellence than my performance all boy the boys came back to their seats and kissed my cheeks Luke pulled me into a kiss I was shocked cause we were front of a lot of people we pulled apart and I blushed Taylor Swift got the award of Excellence I was so happy for her she deserves it she looked at me and smiled I waved at her after Taylor gave her speech it was time for my performance I was shaking like crazy it was time to perform I took a deep breath here goes nothing I was singing a new song called Make it Shine I finished singing and everyone was standing and clapping I looked at the boys and they had huge smiles on their faces Luke was cheering I smiled and waved at them I got off stage and let out a huge breath of relief I did it. I was looking forward to going back to the hotel and sleep I saw the boys and ran over to them "so how I do?" I asked them I was than crushed into a bone crushing hug guess that's my answer "I'm guessing I did good" I asked them they nodded and let go of me Luke kept his arms wrapped tightly around me we got back to the hotel and I went straight to bed I said goodnight to the boys Luke said he would come soon I kissed him goodnight anyway I got into my PJ's and brushed my teeth I got into bed and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was shaken awake by Luke "baby wake up we have to leave for Australia now" he whispered in my ear I groaned and opened my eyes and was face to face with my handsome boyfriend "good morning beautiful" he said I blushed and sat up "good morning handsome ready to go home again?" I asked him he nodded and smiled so big it was cute I got out of bed I packed my suitcase and got some comfy clothes to wear on the plane I brushed my teeth and got dressed I brushed my hair and the other boys were waiting for me in the other room I dragged my bags into the room and all the boys were sitting looking really tired "I'm ready boys" I said Luke walked over to me and hugged me tightly he looked like a baby who didn't get his nap it was so cute off to the airport. We got on the airplane and the boys fell asleep as soon as we took off I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and continued writing my song songwriting is a lot harder than I thought I restarted like 3 times already wish I could ask the boys but than I would ruin the surprise I want them to be shocked when they hear it ugh my Brain hurts maybe I should sleep I put my song writing book back in my bag and snuggled up against Luke he moved his arm around me and pulled me closer to him I smiled and kissed his cheek and fell asleep on my boyfriends shoulder. I was shaken awake by Luke "babe wake up we are almost there" he said I opened my eyes and stretched I looked at Luke and he was smiling at me I blushed and giggled he pulled my head towards his and kissed  me softly I smiled and kissed him back he licked my bottom lip begging for entrance I giggled and didn't give him entrance he groaned against my lips and pulled away from me he rested his four head against mine " your teasing me babe" he said I giggled and smiled "good" I teased he rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug I sighted and snuggled into his shoulder the plane finally landed and the boys were a lot more happy since they got some sleep Michael was back to being his gigging self Ashton too Calum was just happy and Luke was the same holding my hand and making sure I didn't get murder by fans LOL we met a few at the airport and I noticed that Australian fans are a lot nicer to me don't really know why but I'll take it the boys had to rehearsal for the aria awards so we went straight to the place where they were I could tell the boys were nervous but excited too once we got there we were told it was our turn to rehearsal after one direction Yay can't wait to them see again I miss them I didn't say to them  last night cause I was so nervous about performing we find where we were going to be sitting and it was at the front one direction was on stage right now and they were practicing Steal my girl which is one of my favorites by them they finished and Harry waved at us I smiled and waved back but I was freaking out on the inside LOL the boys were performing She Looks so Perfect and were opening the show so they were very nervous cause they were performing in front of their Home Country and they were also nominated for an Aria Award so tonight's a big night for the boys and I will be with them for support along with their families of course they once again rocked She Looks so Perfect and those jumps wow how do they not rip their pants LOL. Before we knew it  it was time for the show we had dinner at Mc. Donalds before hand LOL cause Luke says they have the best Milkshakes in the world and he wanted me to have one and he was right they are so good I got into my outfit which wasn't too fancy but nice when I walked down the stairs at Luke's house Luke's mouth dropped open and all the boys looked shocked when they saw me I blushed deep red I walked over to Luke and giggled "Luke close your mouth your going to catch flies" I said he blushed and grabbed my hands "you look so beautiful babe" he said I blushed and smiled "thank you you look very handsome too" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I grabbed his hand interwined our fingers together off to the red carpet. We got on the red carpet and went straight to an interviewer this interview was short but very funny I couldn't help but stare at Michael and Luke they were both wearing leather jackets and Luke looked so hot I felt like my heart was melting we took a picture than we went inside the boys had to get ready for their performance I kissed Luke for good luck "I love you go out there and kill it" I said he smiled and kissed my nose "I love you too and I'll try" he said I went to my seat and watched as my best friends took the stage they killed it and I think they did better than at practice if that's even possible when they came to our seats I hugged Luke and whispered in his ear "you killed it Lukey" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I hugged the other boys next it was time to see if they won Song of the Year I held Ashton's hand cause I was sitting beside him the other boys crossed their fingers Luke looked like he was going to be sick As soon as their names were called the boys jumped up and did a group hug Ashton pulled me in with them I kissed Luke quickly they ran on stage I looked up at their families and all the moms were crying I felt a few tears come down my eyes too they of course forgot what they had to say of course LOL once they came back to the seats I jumped into Luke's arms "I knew you guys would win" I said he chuckled and kissed me they had to go backstage and do an interview about winning I watched them get pictures taken and than the interview it was short but seeing them so happy just made my night better than it already was after the interview the show was over the boys ran straight to their families it was so cute Liz was hugging Luke so tight and crying "Mom please stop crying" he whined I giggled and held his hand we went back to Luke's house the boys were sleeping over to celebrate I was in Luke's room getting my PJ's on there was a knock at the door "is it safe to come in?" yelled a voice that was Luke's voice "yes Luke you can come in" I yelled back he opened the door and Molly was right behind him she follows him all over the house it's so cute she jumped on the bed "Hello girl" I said and patted her head she wagged her tail and than layed down at the end of the bed Luke wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder "where were you?" I asked him he let out a loud yawn "with the boys it's crazy we had like 3 group hugs since we got here" he said I giggled and moved out of his arms to put my braces beside my suitcase "well that's understandable you guys won a award in your country that's a big deal" I said he chuckled "yeah and tomorrow is going to be even busier cause we have interviews and a one hour live TV special Q&Hey" he said a live TV show sounds fun "cool sounds fun" I said he nodded and motived me to come over to him I giggled and walked over to the bed and sat down he pulled me into his arms I snuggled into him "this has been a crazy 2 days" I said Luke chuckled and said "yeah but tomorrow is going to be even more crazy cause we have interviews all day plus the TV special and next year is going to be even busier" he whispered in my ear I giggled and smiled "well I wouldn't dream of spending a year without you or the boys for anything" I said Luke smiled and rested his four head on mine "good cause I would die without you" he said I smiled and sighted "I love you Luke so much" I said he blushed and moved his face closer to mine if I moved we would be kissing "I love you too Tristan so much" he said and smashed his lips on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap we stopped kissing and Luke started kissing my neck I tide my head back and he kissed all over my neck I tried not to moan but it wasn't easy "Luke we should go bed we have a big and long day tomorrow" I said he nodded I slid off his lap and walked to the other side of the bed he look off his shirt and pants I tried not to stare at his abs but god it was hard LOL I got in the bed Luke got Molly comfy at the end of the bed she always sleeps with him which is very cute "night girl" he said I giggled and turned on my side so I was facing him he got in the bed and turned to face me "night babe" he said I smiled and kissed his nose "night Luke I love you" I said that still sends a chill into my heart "I love you too" he said I turned away from him and felt his arms wrap around me I love falling asleep in his arms I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
Morning with Luke
Tristan's POV
I was having the best sleep I have had in my entire life Luke's bed is so comfy and I'm guessing he woke up cause I didn't feel his arms around my waist anymore suddenly I felt a kiss on my cheek and there stood my handsome boyfriend "Hey Luke why are you up?" I asked him cause usually it's me kissing his cheek to wake him up in the morning "well Calum and Michael have to do an radio interview so I'm free for a little while and you and I are gonna go on a little date" he said grabbing my hand I blushed "sounds fun wait what about Ashton?" I asked Luke let out a sigh "ok I don't want you to worry but Ashton got appendicitis last night so he's spending today recovering" he said my eyes widened "aw poor Ashton he is ok?" I asked him "oh yes he's fine he calls one of us and whines so he's fine" he said I chuckled oh Ashton I'll send him a text later "ok so I'll get dress and have breakfast than we can go on our little date" I said Luke just smiled and kissed my cheek I blushed again and got up and went through my suitcase to find my outfit it wasn't fancy but nice I changed and brushed my hair I'll brush my teeth after I eat I went downstairs and Luke and Liz were in the kitchen Luke looked at me and his eyes widened I blushed deep red "wow babe you look beautiful" he said I giggled and hugged him I sat down at the island and Liz handed me my breakfast and some juice "thank you Liz" I said she smiled at me "no problem sweetie you need energy for today seeing all the stuff you guys are doing today" she said I nodded and ate my cereal this is better than how my mom used to make it "so did Luke tell you about Ashton?" she asked me I nodded "yeah he did poor Ashton he's going to miss all the fun" I said she chuckled "Well I have to babysit Harry today cause his mom wants Ashton to get complete rest" she said I smiled yay Harry suddenly there was a knock at the door "I'll get it finish eating babe" said Luke running to the door I smiled and finished eating and bringing my dishes to the sink but Liz grabbed them "I got this sweetie" she said I smiled at her suddenly a little boy came running in "Hi Harry" I said to him he saw me and smiled his cute smile yup he's Ashton's brother alright  he hugged me so tight "Hi Tristan" he said I smiled and hugged him back he than ran off to play with his toys Luke walked over to me and held my hands "ready to go?" he asked me "yes but I have to brush my teeth first be right back" I said running to the bathroom I could feel him smiling at me I blushed.
Luke's POV
I smiled at Tristan as she ran to brush her teeth "Aw my little boy is in love" said my mom I looked at her and blushed "Mom please" I groaned she chuckled "but seriously I never seen you look at a girl the way you look at Tristan" she said I smiled "Well Tristan makes me have feelings that I never had before and for Christmas I want to give her something special to show how much she means to me" I said "how about a promise ring" mum said I looked at her with a confused look "a promise ring?" I asked her "yeah to show her that she's the one for you and you never leave her and promise her you will marry her one day not now" she said quickly I chuckled "I wasn't planning on asking her anyway not now but your right mom she needs a promise ring thanks" I said my mom just smiled I bet she's thinking of Tristan being her daughter in law just thinking about put a smile on my face "ok I'm ready now" said a voice I knew so well I turned my head and there she was smiling so bright I walked over to her and grabbed her hand "ready for our date?" I asked her she nodded I waved bye to my mom and she winked at me I blushed and Tristan just giggled off we went.
Tristan's POV
Me and Luke were just walking down his street holding hands once in a while he would swing our hands back and fourth I felt like I was in a romance movie "this is nice" I said looking around at everything around me "I would of loved to grow up here" I said Luke smiled and squealed my hand "well I would of loved if you grew up here than I would of known you when you were a kid" he said I giggled and sighted "I was a boring kid I hated playing outside" I said Luke eyes widened "than why did you play football with me and Calum that one day?" he asked I shrugged my shoulders "it looked fun and well I kind of wanted to impress you guys since I was just getting to know you" I said Luke smiled at me "well it worked Calum told me "she's very pretty playing football" and I agreed with him" he said I blushed and giggled "well back than I was still fangirl I just didn't show around you cause I didn't want you guys to think I was creepy so when you guys left me alone I was screaming and jumping around yeah it was embarrassing" I said Luke chuckled and put his hand on his cheek "Well look now where you are your dating me so being a fan was a good thing" he said I nodded and he pecked my lips lightly I grabbed his hand again and we continued walking we got to the beach it was beautiful we walked down the sore line and Luke swing our hands back and fourth again it was like a screen in a romance movie and it was amazing this date was so nice and simple and I'm glad me and Luke got to have some alone time we stopped walking and Luke put his hands on my face "I love you Tristan" he said I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled "I love you too Luke so much" I said he started leaning in just as our lips started to touch Luke's phone went off he groaned and took it out of his pocket "is it the boys?" I asked him he nodded and texted them and put his phone back in his pocket "should we walk back to your house?" I asked him he shook his head and wrapped his arms around my waist again "No the boys are just going to pick us up here now where were we?" he asked I giggled and felt his lips on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck his lip ring was cold on my lips I giggled and pulled away from the kiss "we should go wait for the boys or they're think we're having sex or something" I said Luke blushed and than giggled god that's cute "good idea" he said and grabbed my hand we walked back to the driveway to wait for the boys and soon as we got on the hill there was a van which looked a lot like our van "wow that was fast" Luke said I giggled Michael came out of the van and ran over to us Michael spined me around "HA Mikey put me down" I yelled and laughed he put me down and kissed my head "sorry I missed you" he said I giggled and hugged him Calum pouted "Aw Cal did you miss me too? come here" I said opening my arms he smiled and hugged me tight "lets go we have a lot interviews today and Tristan your sitting in the middle between me and Cal Luke your in the back" said Mikey Luke pouted "why am I am in the back?" he whined and got in the van I giggled and I got in after Michael Calum got in too I had a tiny seatbelt "um what if I fall backwards?" I asked a little worried cause I didn't have a back on my seat "don't worry babe I'll catch you" said Luke I giggled and blushed off to interviews. First up was the Today Show I wasn't going to be in this interview so I sat behind the couch literally behind the couch it was awkward but strangely comfy but what shocked me was when Mikey said he haven't seen Abigail Breslin in  a year and her new song You Suck is about him he dated her? I didn't know that at all when the interview was over Calum helped me up "Mikey did you really date Abigail Breslin?" I asked him he nodded and I was shocked "but your so sweet why would she write a bad song about you?" I asked he shrugged I hugged him next up was The print Interview which was pretty funny the boys got pillows with famous people on them and they put them up to their faces and pretended to be them it was funny and creepy next was phone interviews which were kind of boring next was another interview and I once again wasn't in it so I just stood behind the scenes and watched next was an radio interview which I got to do finally I was inbetween Michael and Luke I had a feeling this was going to be fun and it was I was right it was funny I was just standing there laughing at everything they were saying I got asked a question "is it still strange being with the boys now since they won 2 awards?" the host asked me "yes it's crazy but I wouldn't change it for the world" I said the boys smiled at me and Luke grabbed my hand under the table they talked about You Suck I hugged Michael "it's so mean but it's about Michael cause it sounds like him the things she sings" I said fans asked some questions good questions the boys couldn't even answer one next we played the Yes/No Game I got to play too it was fun but also kind of awkward one question I answered yes too shocked the boys and it was Have you ever peed in a swimming pool? I said yes and the boys all looked shocked "really?" asked Luke I nodded "I also pooped in a swimming pool" I said that made the boys laugh out loud the next question was do you have Hair on your chest Luke looked under his shirt "you don't" I said to him the last thing was one direction called 5sos dirty boys and that made the boys mad and shocked next was a photo shoot with a kids choice award I got to hold it and I must say it felt amazing next is the Q&Hey first was the meet and greet and we met one girl that gave the boys a video (this is just her reaction video) next was finally I Q&Hey I was coming out later so I stayed in the dressing room I quickly kissed Luke and watched as they walked out I was coming out "Now you guys have a friend with you" one of the host said Luke started smiling that was my cue to come on so I walked into the studio and the audience went crazy again the boys all smiled at me the first game we played involved the fans and the boys had be evil and make lose forcus when they sang She Looks so Perfect but that wasn't all snacks were put on them one girl ran away it was scary but fun too mostly scary next was Q&A so we were back on the couch answering questions it was fun and very funny they got the boys parents involved with the next game and they got objects from the boys childhood it was so cute  next was the lip singing battle with Michael and Danny Michael won but he did a horrible job at Brittany spears next the boys were going to make some pizza since I can't eat pizza I was just going to watch and the worst pizza that person got dunked in the tank the boys started throwing food at each other "boys stop" I said they answered more fan questions and Luke lost "Aw poor Lukey" I said I hugged him before he got dunked it was hard not to laugh next was another and it was called Electric buzzer and the boys had to be paired up with a fan but I got to be Luke's partner since I'm girlfriend but I had a fan helping us and the buzzer was so painful "OUCH" I screamed Luke hugged me and the fan our team ended winning it was the end of the show and we find out who's getting dunked and it was Luke again I behind the tank before he got dunked "sorry Lukey guess the fans really want to see you wet which isn't bad to me" I said Luke I kissed him quickly and hugged him The show ended and off we went to do an interview Luke was still wet "Aw poor Lukey bear" I said Michael kept laughing and Calum was gigging to himself. Before the interview we did another meet & greet this time I was in it I'm coming out with the boys and at the end I'm going to be singing the boys know but there is something being shown that will give them a little bit more into my childhood hopefully it goes well during the meet & greet I started getting chilly "babe you should put your sweater on" said Luke "I don't wanna" I whined Calum chuckled "fine than no kiss for you" Luke said my eyes widened and I ran to get my sweater I knew he was joking cause he can't go one minute without kissing me LOL it was time for the show finally "why are there stairs" I whined the boys chuckled as we walked up there not even 5 minutes into this interview everybody started laughing one of the host said Love isn't real but Luke grabbed my hand and said "to me it's real" and that made my heart pound so fast it was hard not to blush than they started talking about Karaoke "when I was a kid I did Karaoke  at my summer camp and I sang the climb but I forgot the words it was awkward" I said the boys all awed and Luke kissed my cheek than Luke and Calum talked about doing Karaoke together at Michael's birthday party and he got mad "AW don't worry Michael you got me " I said he smiled at me next they talked about the pizza costume it was so funny next they talked about the new album than Michael whined "I have to pee really bad" he said we all burst out laughing "that's why you go before the show Mikey" I said and everyone wanted him to take the microphone with him so funny next we played another game where we ask Angus questions and if he gets them wrong he gets slap with a fish Calum wanted to hold it "ew gross it smells keep away from me" I yelled I jumped into Luke's lap Angus got slapped twice it was so funny next the You Suck song again so I just rested my head on Luke's shoulder and laughed along with them next we played something called 5 second summary the first one was the Aria Awards "Big" I said the boys smiled at me next one was something called schools don't know what that means next one was first kiss Luke said Magical "Um awesome" I said Luke smiled and grabbed my hand Michael was once again being funny and gross he said he went straight to the butt touch and Luke said he haven't yet and I looked at him "yes you have" I said everyone burst out laughing Luke just smiled "more than once I should know" I said
next game we played was called get your tweets out but I had to do it to see if I was a bigger 5sos fan I was scared  first was might walk into the venue in just my underwear the boys all looked at me "Um either Michael or Calum" I said "it's Michael Clifford" the host said I smiled and Michael looked confused the next one was I'm mad cause I can't see my eyebrows "Calum" I said I got it right again the next one was  Chicago your airport smells like popcorn "Michael" I said "No Calum" she said Calum looked shocked it was funny next one was I never got my pen licence "Luke" I said "yes" she said I knew my boyfriend so well next one was I get hungry at the most inprobitate times "Um Michael or Luke" I said "No Calum" she said what next one was rumors opened when I got back have to check for bad guys "Luke" I said "your right" she said I smiled Luke kissed my cheek next was fan questions  "No don't ruin your pretty face" I yelled everyone laughed than Luke called himself funny "no your not" I said "Um Stars wars and lord of the rings isn't that scary" I said "You hate horror movies but you watch lord of the rings" Mikey said next Angus left to change into Ashton and I had to get ready for my performance but I could tell it was funny next was finally my performance I was hiding around the corner waiting for my cue and I was laughing along quietly it was my cue the music started and I started singing. I was done singing and the boys were shocked Luke looked like he was about to cry the show ended we waved bye to the fans and soon as we got in the van Michael pulled me into a hug "that was amazing Tristan" he whispered in my ear I giggled a little "thanks Mikey I was so nervous while I was waiting for my cue to start singing my legs and arms were shaking and not just cause it was freezing outside" I said  the boys chuckled Michael let go of me and let me sit up I felt Luke put his hand on my shoulder I smiled big glad the boys liked it we went back to Luke's house and the boys decided to Skype Ashton and tell him how the day was I'm sure he watched the Live show but just in case LOL we got set up suddenly Ashton's face was on the screen "Hey ASH" the boys yelled I giggled in the background "Hi Tristan" I heard someone yell probably Ashton "Hi Ash" I yelled back the boys chuckled I just rolled my eyes they talked a little more there was a lot of laughing and swearing I had to cover Harry's ears a couple of times they finally ended the call "about time I felt myself going death" I said Luke chuckled and sat beside me he wrapped his arm around my shoulders "lets watch a movie" said Michael I nodded "ok what movie?" I asked "how about lord of the rings since you love it so much" said Calum I rolled my eyes "I said I watched it didn't say I loved it" I defended myself Luke chuckled "does it scare you?" he asked I nodded "it gave me nightmares for weeks" I said "Aw don't worry babe I'll protect you" he said I giggled and kissed his cheek "I know you will" I said he blushed a little Michael put lord of the rings  on and in 5 minutes we were all screaming not just me this time "just turn it off" I said hiding under the blanket as another scary part came on the screen "remind me again why I like this movie?" Calum asked I giggled and went to check the cabinet to see what else we had "lets watch something happy so we can sleep tonight" I said the boys laughed I put on Finding Nemo and got back into Luke's arms embrace I could stay in his arms forever half way through the movie Calum, Michael had fallen asleep it was just me and Luke watching the movie but I wasn't paying any attention I was looking at Luke he was so handsome I remember the first time I saw him my knees began shaking my heart was pounding so fast whenever he called me beautiful I would blush deep red back than I thought we would just stay friends but he surprised me by admitted his feelings on stage in front of millions of people I didn't see that coming at all but boy am I glad it happened I never been so happy in my entire life the way he makes me feel is something I can't explain "what are you thinking about babe?" Luke asked me I didn't even notice he turned the TV off "just thinking about how much my life has changed since I met you guys" I said Luke just smiled and began playing with my hair it was hard since I had short hair but he still manged to grab some and start playing with it "why are you thinking about that aren't you happy?" he asked my eyes widened he thought I wasn't happy "No of course I'm happy I'm happier than I ever have been in my whole life I have everything I ever wanted and I'm living my dream it's just crazy thinking about it like at this time last year I was at home going to school and now I'm traveling the world with my best friends and my boyfriend this is something I only dreamed about" I said Luke smiled and pulled me towards him "well my life has changed too I never thought I would be the one to fall in love with a fan let alone a fan falling in love with me" he said I giggled and began playing with his hand  "trust me I never thought you would fall in love with someone like me I don't usually have luck with guys until I met you guys anyway" I said Luke smiled and looked at me with his big round blue eyes he's going to be the death of me he than put his thumb under my chin and pulled my head forward so he could rest four head on mine I love being this close to him "well I wouldn't change a thing about these past few months for anything" he said ok that made my heart beat out of my chest I blushed and placed my lips on his I think I surprised him a little but he soon started to kiss me back and pull me closer to him I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me we pulled apart but I kept my arms around his neck he smiled and pulled into his chest "I love you babe" he whispered in my ear " I love you too Luke so much" I said I put Baby in my arms and made sure she wasn't going to fall and snuggled into Luke's chest he tighten his grip on waist he put a blanket on us it was very comfy my head on his chest I could feel his heart beat and it made me fall asleep peacefully. I woke up still in Luke's arms I had the best sleep in my life I should fall asleep in Luke's arms more often LOL I looked down at my arms and baby wasn't in them dang it why must she always fall I looked down and there she was flat on her face I tried to bend to reach but Luke's grip was too tight I tried to move his arms but they wouldn't budge I sighted poor baby "goodmorning Tristan" said a voice I looked up and Liz was smiling at me "morning Liz um could you grab my doll for me I would but your son has a tight grip on me" I said she chuckled and grabbed Baby for me "here you go" she said I smiled and hugged baby close to my chest "thank you" I said Luke started moving sure now he wakes up "sounds he's waking up" whispered Liz I giggled and smiled I looked at Luke as his eyes started opening I love watching him wake up he's like a baby  LOL his eyes finally opened and he looked down at me I quickly looked away so he wouldn't see me but I don't think it worked "were you watching me sleep?" he asked I blushed deep red "no" I said he chuckled and hugged me tightly "just move your arms so I can sit up" I said he sighted and let go of my waist I sat and stretched "your cute when you do that" Luke whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine curse this boy "shut up" I said he chuckled "Luke stop teasing Tristan she just woke up" said Liz I giggled and Luke groaned "Morning mom what time is our manger coming?" he yelled at her I think she was in the kitchen "in a couple hours and I'm making breakfast so wake up the boys Ashton will be here in a half an hour" she yelled back Yay Ashton I miss him Luke handed me a pillow "you get Michael I got Calum" he said I giggled and nodded this is going to be fun I looked at Luke "3,2,1" he yelled and hit Calum and I hit Michael "OW What the hell" he yelled I burst out laughing "morning Mikey" I said he glared at me but than started smirking uh oh he pulled me down and began tickling me I burst out laughing "HA MIKEY STOP IT CALUM HELP" I yelled he chuckled and started tickling me too I was dying of laughter by now "LUKE HELP ME" I yelled but he had other ideas he began tickling my feet I was trapped now "Breakfast time" yelled Liz Michael and Calum stopped tickling me and ran into the kitchen Luke stopped too and held his hand out "need a hand?" he asked smirking I glared at him and grabbed his hand "I hate you" I whined and walked away from him I heard him groan I giggled and sat beside Calum "come on babe it was just a joke" he whined I turned my head hiding my giggle Luke sighted and sat beside Michael  Liz handed us breakfast she handed me my cereal "thank you Liz" I said she smiled at me "anything for my daughter in law" she said winking Calum and Michael burst out laughing Luke blushed and I blushed deep red "MUM" groaned Luke I let out a little giggle and ate my breakfast. Their Manger and Ashton finally the boys were all hugging Ashton saying that they missed him and stuff it was funny and cute  we all sat in the living room Luke had his arms tightly around me "ok guys and girl next stop is New York for an Good morning America interview about the book" he said I smiled can't believe the boys wrote a book I can't wait to read it but in secret LOL "than we are flying to Liverpool for a book signing in a secret location, than we are flying back to New York for the Jingle ball, than flying back here for Christmas" he said oh boy what am I going to do for Christmas I have to decide fast maybe I should talk to Luke about it later we said to the boys families and off we went to New York. We got to New York and we went straight to the good morning America  interview I just sat on the sidelines watching it was funny than he asked the popular question who's single "well I'm taken" said Luke everybody was looking at me  I blushed and smiled a little after the interview we went back to the airport so we could fly to England for the BBC Breakfast radio show "Uh oh" said Mikey we all looked at him their manger told us to get our passports out "What Michael?" asked Ashton "I can't find my passport" he said we all gasped "WHAT CHECK AGAIN" yelled Calum Luke and Ashton ran over to help him I started to panicked if Michael didn't have his passport he couldn't come with us to England and the boys would have to perform without  him that's not good at all and would have to do the book signing without him  I hugged Luke "it's ok Luke" I said he looked like he was about to cry "Babe we never had to perform without Michael we aren't a band without him" he said Aw they weren't a band without Michael how cute "well there's a first time for everything and I'm sure you guys would sound awesome without him just not as good" I said he just smiled and held me close to him "thanks babe" he said I giggled and hugged him tightly their manger was not happy with Michael he was yelling at him and Michael looked like he was a little kid getting into trouble I felt bad for him but he kind of deserved it  their manger walked over to us and Michael followed him "ok guys there's nothing we can do but until Michael gets a new passport he's staying here but you guys are flying to England" he said the boys did not look happy either did Michael bet he felt bad I walked over to him and hugged him "it's not your fault Mikey well it is but you know I'm just not going to say anything" I said Mikey just chuckled and hugged me back "thanks for trying Tristan" he whispered I couldn't help but blush a little I let go and let the boys hug him it was funny they were being dramatic it was like a romance movie  our flight was soon called we all hugged Mikey again I kissed his cheek and said "get your passport fast" I said he nodded I saw tears start coming into his eyes I quickly walked away Luke put his hand on my shoulder "you ok?" he asked I nodded "it's going to be strange not having Michael with us" I said he nodded "and quiet" he said I giggled and nodded I grabbed his hand and interwined our fingers together Luke smiled and kissed my head I giggled and we walked through we turned around and waved at Michael he waved back I blew a kiss to him he caught it and put it in his pocket I giggled at him off to England without Mikey. We got to England and went to the radio station to do an interview before the boys perform without Michael they are very nervous I can tell they are "guys don't worry nothings going to happen" I said but I don't think they believed me  I sighted and watched them do the interview it was very cold here so I was wearing one of Luke's sweaters What? Luke noticed I was cold and was being a gentlemen plus I love his sweaters more than mine don't judge their comfy the interview was funny  next was the show I hugged them  for good luck cause they needed it for this performance Luke was actually shaking "Luke calm down you can do it" I said he smiled a little "I think I need a good luck kiss" he said I sighted and pecked his lips "there now go" I said pushing him forward the first song they sang was Don't Stop this will be the first time I hear it acoustic I'm excited Luke was the one playing guitar I'm nervous for him they killed that song and they sounded good without Michael next song was Amnesia it started snowing a little during it Calum was playing an normal guitar it was strange to see that they once again rocked it  the last song they sang was She Looks so Perfect they rocked it than they ran off stage Luke pulled me into a hug " I knew you guys could do it without Mikey it sounded good" I said they just smiled Luke nuzzled his face into my neck I giggled we walked to the van and it was snowing still "hey boys try and catch a snowflake on your tongue it's fun I did it all the time when I was little" I said and stuck my tongue out the boys laughed and did it "HA got one in my eye" yelled Ashton "this is harder than it looked" said Calum I chuckled and caught my third. After catching snowflakes we drove to do a interview  an Radio interview at BBC Radio 1 before we head to the secret location for the book signing we got to the radio station and we got all set I sat beside Calum  Luke pouted I rolled my eyes and the interview started it was funny a fan send in a tweet for me it was very sweet  we played a  strange question game After the interview we went to the book signing and there were tons of fans there already first we did another interview on very tiny couch I had to sit on Luke's lap not that I minded LOL Ashton walked in wearing a banana costumer Calum and Luke burst  out laughing and I tried not to laugh "Um Ash why are you wearing that?" I asked I nudged Luke and Calum to shut them up "I just want to dress like a banana" Ash said I rolled my eyes and the interview started it was a fun interview and a awkward one off to the book signing I just stood beside the boys and waved to the fans as they left Luke was being so sweet to all of them I went to talk to the fans and see their reactions after meeting them it was so sweet after the signing we went back to the hotel I was tired but I didn't want to sleep just yet I had my head on Luke's shoulder and our hands were tangled together ever now and than we kiss my hand lightly now he's kissing my fingers and playing with them this boy is my everything I don't know what I would do without him "what are you thinking about?" Luke whispered in my ear I jumped a little and smiled "You" I answered he blushed a little I giggled and kissed his nose "well you are all I'm thinking about" he said I giggled "chessy but sweet" I said he chuckled bumped his nose on mine "Gross we're still here you know" yelled Calum Luke glared at him and I stuck my tongue out Luke chuckled and we just stared at each other how did I get so lucky. We heard from Michael and he finally got a new passport so when we go back to New York he can leave with us this time Yay we got on the plane "excited to see Michael?" I asked Luke he nodded "yes but I also want to hurt him for making us do a gig without him" he said I giggled "Aw don't hurt Mikey" I said he chuckled and wrapped his arm around me I snuggled into him and he kissed my head off to New York again. We got to New York  and Michael was at the airport waiting for us can't wait to see him Luke grabbed my hand and we started walking we saw Michael and Calum and Ashton ran over to him Luke looked at me I nodded he smiled and let go of my hand he ran over to Michael and they did a group hug which was very cute I walked to them and hugged Michael too "Hey Mikey miss me?" I asked him he nodded and hugged me again "yes it's been very lonely" he said I sighted "well it's your own fault" I said he sighted and pouted I kissed his cheek and he smiled his cute smile we had Michael back. We decided to a Twitcam well the boys did I just sat on the bed watching it didn't start off well they forgot the password not a surprise than they couldn't get everyone in than they didn't know what to do Luke turned the camera towards "Stop it I don't want to be on a Twitcam" I whined hiding my face in the pillow Luke bought the laptop and sat beside me he pouted at me I rolled my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder Ashton took the computer from Luke and shout Michael falling to the ground holding his knee swearing of course it was pretty funny next Calum tried to teabag him (don't what that means) and Michael hit him in the bad place it was pretty entering than the computer was having some problems so we had to end it  the boys were sad but we had to get ready for the Jingle Ball anyway I got my outfit since it's Christmas time I'm wearing a dress with sparkles on it cause I love sparkles LOL I came out of the bathroom and the boys looked shocked "well how do I look?" I asked them Luke walked over to me and eyed me up and down "You look so beautiful and loving the sparkles" he said I giggled and took his hand off to Jingle ball. First the boys did an interview it was funny they it was finally time for their performance I hugged them and kissed Luke quickly and watched them they killed it they sounded 10 times better with Michael back I could tell Michael was glad to be back with his band they bowed and ran towards me I gave them a thumbs up meaning they did good Luke wrapped his arms around me and hugged me I hugged him back and smiled he kissed my head and held my hand we got back to the hotel and went straight to bed tomorrow we find what's happening after Christmas I know we're going to Japan but don't know what after that oh I have to talk to Luke about going home or staying with him shoot oh well might as well do it now "Lukey" I yelled at him he was in the bathroom " Yeah Babe?" he yelled back I took a deep breath "when you come out can we talk about something?" I asked "Sure give me one minute my hair hates me" he yelled back I giggled and waited for him to come out I was repeating was I was going to say in my head I can do this I hope finally the door opened and he came walking out his was flat "I hate my hair" he whined I giggled "I like it that way" I said he sighed and sat beside me "what's up babe you said you wanted to talk about something" he said oh boy here goes nothing "it's about Christmas" I started Luke looked confused "what about it?" he asked "you see Christmas is the one time of the year when all my family can get together and we have a Christmas party which is always fun but this will be the first year I'll be missing it since I'll be with you so what I'm asking is will you be sad if I went home for Christmas?" I asked taking a breath wow that was hard to say I couldn't read his face but I could tell he was thinking about it I put my hand on his shoulder he let out a sigh and grabbed my hand "Babe I really wanted to spend Christmas with the people I love espically you" he said I smiled "just say you don't want me to go and I won't" I said he let out another sigh "I can't just imagine Christmas without you" he said suddenly an idea popped into my head "how about I go home just for one week beside we always have an early Christmas cause my aunt goes to Flordia and than I come join you for actually Christmas" I said he started smiling "that's brilliant now I won't feel bad and plus you gotta be with us for Calum's birthday party he's turning 19" he said oh yeah I forgot Calum's birthday "Aw little Cal is growing up" I said Luke chuckled and rested his four head on mine "not having you with me for a week is going to be hard but you have to spend time with your family too" he said I smiled and kissed his nose "you guys are my family too" I said he smiled and held me in his arms that's how we spend the rest of the night in each others arms.  The next day I told the boys manger my plan and he agreed and told me he would get me the eariest flight he could find the told the other boys and they were supportive but also a little sad "you better not miss my birthday" whined Calum I rolled my eyes "I won't Cal" I said Michael kept hugging me and crying "there there Michael" I said patting his head I looked at Luke and he looked upset but tried not to show it I knew he would be upset but I also knew he wanted me to spend time with my family I spend the most of the time with them Luke would not leave my side their manger soon came back and told us that he booked me on a flight to Canada tonight the same time they were flying to Australia the time came too quickly on the way to the airport I had my head on Luke's shoulder he had a tight grip on my hand as we sat in the airport I was sitting on Luke's lap his head on my shoulder I was holding Calum and Michael's hands my flight was soon called I looked at the boys and I felt tears coming "well bye boys" I said I started with Ashton I hugged him tight "bye Ash" I said I heard me sniffle a little "bye Tristan see you next week" he said and kissed my cheek I smiled than moved on to Calum I hugged him tight Calum has become my best friend "bye Cal I'll miss you" I said he looked at me with a sad face "bye Tristan don't forgot to buy me a birthday present oh and I'll miss you too" he said I chuckled and kissed his cheek he kissed mine I moved on to Michael and he was crying he pulled me into a bone crushing "Aw don't cry Mikey it's only for a week" I said hugging him back I felt few tears start to fall "I'll miss you  FaceTime, Text, Tweet and Skype me" he said I nodded my head " I will change your hair I'm tired of red" I said he chuckled and kissed my cheek I kissed his last but not least Luke  he pulled me into a hug right away I hugged him tight to me I never wanted to leave his arms this was going to be a long week we let go and he put his hands on my cheeks "I love you and we will talk everyday" he said I nodded and wrapped the tears out of my eyes "I love you" I said he smiled and rested his four head on mine "I love you too I promise we can make this work" he said I nodded and smashed our lips together I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me man I'm going to miss his lips and him so much we pulled apart and I pulled him into another hug which turned into a group hug I seriously love these guys more than anything their my everything we pulled apart and I sighted "I should get going" I said Luke pulled me into another quick kiss than pulled I started walking away but still held his hand than I finally let go I grabbed my backpack and my suitcase and started walking to the gate I turned around one time and waved at them they waved back I blew Luke a kiss and he caught it and held it to his heart I felt tears coming again I got to my seat and buckled up that's when the tears started coming down it's only a week I can survive. 

ok guys I need some help on my story on Wattpad ok so Luke and Tristan (me) are not going to break up and Luke isn't going to cheat on her but I'm having trouble deciding if she should go back home or stay with Luke for Christmas? also should I put Bryana in it and should she be nasty or sweet? and should she stand Ashton up on a date (don't know if that's true or not) also should I put Ashton and Luke's fight in it ( again don't know if that's true or not) also I'm putting Hey Violet in it and they replacing Tristan as 5sos opening act should she be jealous or be supportive of them ( they become friends) and should they have feeling for the other 3 boys and should Casey have a crush on Tristan? comment your opinions

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