You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


13. Sweden, etalk interview and surprise trip to Germany Berlin, Paris, Italy, Spain

Tristan's POV
I woke up and I had no clue where I was at first than realized I was in Luke's bunk without Luke beside me where was he? suddenly I heard screaming they all must be up I got off the bunk brushed my hair and threw on a sweatshirt I walked into the living room/ kitchen area "morning boys" I said yawning a little Luke smiled big and pulled onto his lap and kissed my cheek lightly "morning babe" he said kissing my neck lightly I giggled a little and snuggled into him "morning Lukey bear" I said to him he blushed and started playing with my fingers again their manger came on the bus and explained what was going to happen today we would be in the studio until 3:00 than we are going to fly to Sweden I'm so excited and still can't believe we are going to Sweden this is so exciting I should Skype my mom before we leave as the boys got ready to go to the studio I grabbed my laptop "what are you doing Tristan aren't you coming to the studio?" asked Michael "yeah I am but I should Skype my mom and give her an update" I told him he nodded and smiled the boys knew my mom's rule for letting me come on tour I need to update her once in a while so she's knows where I am all the time the boys were about to leave for the studio "come straight to the studio after your done talking to your mom ok babe" said Luke I nodded and hugged him tight he pecked my lips lightly and ran off the bus the other boys yelled bye to me I yelled bye back to them and logged into Skype I took a deep breathe and clicked on my mom's name it ringed and than I saw my mom's face on the screen "Hey Mom" I yelled waving to her she saw me and smiled big "hey sweetie how are you?" she asked good she was in a good mood "good a little tired but having fun too" I told her she smiled "good I'm glad so how's Luke?" she asked wagging her eyebrows  I blushed and smiled ever since I told her about me and Luke she keeps asking questions about him "Mom stop it and he's fine he treats me well and he says he loves me 10 times a day" I said she smiled big "Aw that's so sweet honey remember what I said if he hurts you Dad is allowed to kill him" she said I laughed "I remember" I told her "so what are you up to today?" she asked oh boy time to tell her "well the boys just left to do some recording and  I'm going to join them than we are flying to a place I never imagined I would ever go" I told her she kept smiling at me "how exciting where are flying too?" she asked me I took deep breathe it's now or never "Sweden" I said my mom's eyes widened and she yelled loud "Sweden wow that's amazing I'm so proud of you and what you have done in your life sweetie I have to admit I didn't see this coming at all" she said I chuckled and said "same here Mom oh guess what I met Taylor Swift and we are now friends" I said that made her scream louder it was funny "ok mom I better go before Luke starts to worry" I said to her she pouted but nodded "ok sweetie hey before you go 5 seconds did an interview on etalk in Canada before our Concert it's on youtube" she said my eyes widened I didn't know they were on etalk "sure I'll watch it when I get a minute" I said she nodded "bye mom love you" I said to her she smiled and waved "bye sweetie love you too" she said I hanged up and put my laptop away well at least she wasn't angry this time maybe she's finally accepting me and my new life and she likes Luke which is awesome speaking of Luke I should get to the studio I fixed my hair a little and left the bus and walked to the studio thankfully it wasn't far from where the bus was parked and I didn't get recognized at all "Hey aren't you Luke Hemmings girlfriend?" yelled a voice spoke to soon but I knew that voice it wasn't a guy voice it was a girl voice I suddenly got a horrible feeling in my stomach I turned around and there stood my ex best friend and her puppets behind her who also used to be my friends "Hey Michaela, Crystal and Jennifer long time no see" I said to them their eyes widen when they knew it was me "oops sorry Tristan we thought you were someone else" said Crystal so they don't know I'm Luke's girlfriend I was happy and a little sad "what are you guys doing here?" I asked them they rolled their eyes and Michaela "we been stalking one direction since they left Canada and we love 5 seconds of summer so we are going to try and catch them before they leave for Sweden and with that ugly girlfriend" said Jennifer I felt my cheeks turn red from anger they think I'm ugly? "don't call Luke's girlfriend ugly in his eyes she's the most beautiful girl in the world" I said to them they chuckled and smirked at me "once he sees me he'll dump her for someone better like me how better take our spot at the venue so we can catch them" she said and walked away I wanted to scream there is no way I'm gonna let her take Luke away. I continued to walk when I finally got to the studio and I saw Michael standing at the doors "Hey Michael" I yelled he looked at me and smiled big he ran over to me and pulled me into a hug I giggled he was seriously like a teddy bear whenever I hug him I just want to stay in his arms forever "hey Michael missed me so much that you had to wait for me" I teased he blushed a little and shook his head "no Luke was singing his part of the song so he couldn't come out here so I offered until it was mine turn to sing" he said I smiled Michael was so sweet I'm lucky to have him as a best friend "Aw how sweet but we should go inside before Luke goes crazy" I said Michael chuckled and nodded  he grabbed my hand and we ran inside to the recording booth he opened the door for me "ladies first" he said I giggled he was such an gentlemen "thank you Mikey" I said to him he smiled and kissed my head I chuckled and walked into the room Luke was sitting on the couch when he saw me he jumped up and ran over to me and hugged me tight "where were you babe I was getting worried " he said and he kissed my cheek over and over again "Luke I'm fine I'm just a slow walker" I lied well it was half the truth I can't tell him about what my friends said not yet anyway maybe when we are in Sweden "so what song are you guys recording?" I asked changing the subject the boys all smiled at me "we are recording a new song for our Good Girls EP and we are writing a new song well a Duet" said Calum my mouth dropped they are writing a Duet "who are you singing the Duet with?" I asked them "You Babe" said Luke wrapping his arm around my shoulders "Really?" I asked the boys all nodded I smiled big "cool" I said snuggling into Luke's shoulder while watching Michael sing. After the recording session we went back to the hotel to get ready for our long flight to Sweden we got to the airport and got on the plane yes we didn't sport the girls they must still be at the venue LOL suddenly my phone vibrated so before I turned it off I answered the message it was from Jennifer and it said "we didn't see 5 seconds of summer or one direction at all" I giggled and quickly answered "if you had Twitter than you would know that they were the recording booth all day and now on their way to Sweden" I hit send and turned off my phone I'm sitting between Michael and Luke this should be fun the plane was ready to take off and Luke and Michael were holding my hands they knew how much I hated the taking off part it didn't scare me that much anymore but any excuse to hold my boyfriend and best friends hands I'll take it LOL the plane was in the air and Michael had already fallen asleep but his hand was still holding mine I didn't want to wake him so I left it Luke's arm went around my shoulders and he pulled me closer to him singing sweet things in my ear it made me a little sleepy I snuggled into him with my head on his shoulder I felt my eyes get heavy and last thing I heard was Luke whispering in my ear "I love you" and kissed my head I fell into a peaceful sleep. SWEADEN HERE WE COME

SwTristan's POV
I was shaken awake by Michael "hey Mikey" I said stretching I woke up Luke and he was so cute I pecked his lips lightly and we held hands again as the plane landed. We got off the plane and went straight to the hotel there their manger told us the day we had "first you have an acoustic show , than we come back to the hotel and you have an interview, than you have an radio interview where you have to taste some Swedish food that made me a little nervous, than you have the rest of the day to do some sight seeing" he finished I'm tired just thinking about this day I have a feeling that we won't fall asleep until late tonight we got ready and Luke was wearing a plaid shirt and I must say he looks hot in plaid stupid hormones stop it. We were on our way to the place where the acoustic show was and pulled up to a place and there were millions of fans I looked at the Luke and Michael and they looked just as surprised as me "you guys have fans in Sweden" I told them they still looked shocked I don't blame them so was I the door opened and we were greeted by screaming fans I got out first and the screaming died down a little guess I'm not popular in Sweden oh well but the screaming started again once Luke came out next than Michael he ran straight to the fans Luke grabbed my hand and pulled with him to meet the fans they were all sweet I took the pictures some were crying a little and Luke hugged them I wasn't jealous at all though he loved his fans so I can't be jealous some of the fans wanted a hug from me too so I hugged them than Luke grabbed my hand again and pulled me towards the door way we got inside "that was crazy" said Ashton the boys nodded I think they were still surprised that they have fans in Sweden which I can understand we got to the stage and it was huge we sat down and the host started asking us fan questions  we got asked a question to describle each other in one word Michael went first he called me funny which is kind of true he called Luke annoying which isn't true he also called Calum annoying which is also not true and he called Ashton bald sport that was very funny than it was Luke's turn he called Michael coloured hair he called me beautiful which made me blush and the audience awed us he called Calum squishy which is true and than he called Ashton muscle which made Michael mad than Ashton called Calum Scottish he called Luke Long which is very true he called Michael a mythical creature which made 0 cents but whatever he called me scared which I don't get at all than Calum called Michael undesirable which was true than we went off to the next question because he couldn't think of anything the questions was if the boys had any hidden talents Luke moved his eyebrows and snapped his fingers very fast those were kind of stupid I kissed his cheek to make him happy again we did one more question before the next song and the question was do your best animal impression Michael did a cat which was pretty good Luke and Calum couldn't do any Ashton did a pea gun and one I didn't know and than he a chewy sound from star wars it was funny they did a few songs and than we answered a few more questions than we got asked a few more questions it was fun. After the concert we got back in the car and headed back to the hotel to do another interview we back to the hotel and we were send to a room to do the interview it started I wasn't in this interview so I was on the couch behind them and I gotta admit Luke's entire back side is very hot stupid hormones they are going to put me in an awkward position one day as I watched the interview the boys were their same goofy self's and the host didn't seem to mind which is good than for the second part of the interview they were going to play a game that involved sitting so I moved over I sat between Luke and Calum Luke right away wrapped his arm around me I smiled and rested my hand on his knee they had to guess who the person was in the picture it was funny than there was a picture of a girl and the boys could not stop starring at her I glared at Luke and he got scared and pulled me into a hug it's hard to stay mad at him after the interview the boys did a photo shoot on the bed it was funny. The Next stop was the radio interview and the tasting of Swedish food I'm kind of scared but excited to see the boys faces the first thing they tried was something called Kalles caviar it looked gross Ashton went first and his face was so funny "good Ashton" I chuckled he glared at me  than Luke went next his face was even more funny I felt bad for laughing but couldn't help it for the first time in my life I was glad I couldn't chew the next thing they tried was called I can't say the name but it was black it looked like candy and once they ate it oh my god their reaction was priceless I burst out laughing I sided hugged Luke "wow for the first time in my life I'm glad I can't chew" I whispered in his ear he smiled and whispered in my ear "he has something for you" he said I looked at him and he smiled I'm scared now Ashton tried some fish and it was funny "ok now before you go I have one more food and it's for you" the host said pointing at me uh oh he handed me a spoon and a bowel it had yellow stuff in it "how's that's Swedish baby food take a bite" the host I took a spoonful and looked at the boys "I'm scared" I admitted the boys chuckled and told me to eat it I put the spoon in my mouth a swallowed it tasted like baby banana's that my mom made me eat "ew it tastes like baby banana's gross" I said I grabbed the water bottle and drank like half of it. After the interview we went back to the hotel I was really tired and just wanted to relax "hey Tristan we are going to hang in Ashton and Calum's room want to join us" said Luke sitting on the bed I shook my head "no thanks I'm really tired I just want to sleep" I told him he pouted "are you sure we are going to watch a movie we can cuddle" he said he knew how much I loved cuddling with him but maybe later "no I'm really tired Lukey you go you need bonding time with your band" I said we have been spending a lot of time together lately he sighed and stood taking my hand "alright call if you need anything" he said I nodded he leaned down and kissed me lightly I kissed back we pulled away and Luke smiled at me "I love you babe so much" he said I blushed and giggled "I love you too Luke" I said he blew me a kiss and left the room I grabbed my laptop and went on youtube to watch them on etalk it was good and I got to see what they were like before they met me when it was finished I put the laptop down and decided to go see what the boys are up too I walked across the hall to the room that they were in I knocked on the door and it opened right away Calum answered "look who decided to show up" he teased I rolled my eyes and pushed him a side "haha very funny" I said he chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders "look who showed up" he told the boys Luke suddenly got happy "Babe you came but I thought you were tired?" he asked I shrugged my shoulders "I couldn't sleep" I answered he nodded and smiled he was always so happy whenever I was around I sat on the couch and looked at the TV "what are you guys watching"? I asked them "a horror movie" said Michael great I hate horror movies "Babe come here" I heard Luke call my name I'm guessing he wanted to cuddle I crawled to him and rested my back on his stomach so my head was on his chest than he wrapped his arms around my stomach and our legs and feet were tangled together "comfy babe?" Luke asked I nodded my head he grabbed my hands and interwined our fingers together than placing kisses on my neck it felt nice and it kind of tickled suddenly a scary part came on "HA" I screamed the boys laughed and Luke chuckled "babe it's just a movie" he said I glared at him and the other boys "don't judge I been afraid of horror movies my whole life" I said snuggling more into Luke I jumped a few more times I felt my eyes start to close which is crazy seeing as a scary movie is playing in front of me but being in Luke's arms I felt safe before I knew it I had fallen asleep. The next morning I woke up and I was still in Luke's arms and we were in the same position on the couch guess the guys didn't want to move us "morning Tristan" I heard a voice say I looked up and Ashton was starring at me "morning Ash" I said trying not to wake Luke " wake Luke up our manger is coming over here soon and he has some exciting news for us" he said my eyes widened exciting news cool but I don't want to wake up Luke he looks so peaceful and cute but I have too "Lukey wake up your manger is coming over and has some exciting news for us" I said shaking him lightly he opened his eyes and looked at me "morning babe" he whispered kissing my head I giggled and kissed his cheek "morning" I said and moved his arms off my waist and stood up I stretched and sat back down "I need to change" I said looking at my outfit I was in the same clothes as I was yesterday "not yet wait our manger is going to be here any minute" said Calum sitting beside me I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder their manger came walking into the room with a huge smile on his face "great news guys and girl we are going to Germany, Spain, Paris and Italy we are flying to Germany today" he said my mouth dropped open seriously Germany, Spain, Paris and Italy I always wanted to go to Italy this is so exciting "cool" I said the boys all chuckled and I blushed their manger left and me and Luke went to our room to get dressed and pack our bags I was suddenly really excited first Sweden now Germany, Spain, Paris and Italy what's next? I don't care as long as it's good and I'm with the boys. NEXT STOP GERMANY.

Tristan's POV
for some reason I was very jumpy on the way to the airport guess I was so excited to finally go to Germany my sister went there with her school and always told me stories about it she told me that one day she would take me there but I guess not she is going to love hearing about it. We finally got to the airport and their were some fans there saying goodbye to us we got on the plane and this time I sat between Luke and Calum I got comfy and held their hands as the plane took off than Calum let go of my hand and put his music on I looked at Luke and he had his music on and falling asleep I giggled he was so cute I leaned forward and kissed his cheek he looked at me and smiled he was probably too tired to say anything I put my music on and started writing in my journal I'm secretly writing a song that I'm going to sing the first night of the boys headlining tour but I'm having a little trouble I can't think of anything to write about I was thinking mine and Luke's relationship but so far it's been perfect we haven't even had a fight so maybe about my friendship with the boys but I can't think of anything writing songs is a lot harder than I thought the boys make it look so easy I started thinking of some ideas but I wasn't getting anywhere so I decided to leave it for now and have a nap I put my journal back in my bag and than snuggled into Luke's shoulder he didn't mind he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him it wasn't long before I fell into a peaceful sleep. I was shaken awake by Calum "wake up Tristan we are about to land" he said I nodded and woke Luke up he groaned and opened his eyes "hey Tristan sleep well?" he asked putting his seatbelt back on I nodded and grabbed his hand "yeah I dreamed about song ideas" I said he looked at me with a puzzled look but nodded and grabbed my hand the plane landed and we got off and were greeted by millions of fans it was crazy the boys were stunned as was I they took selfies with most of them even I took a few. We got in the car and drove to our hotel I looked out the window the whole time Germany was so beautiful and amazing this was going to be a long day but also full of adventure we got to the hotel it was beautiful and huge these were the rooms Me, Luke and Calum the other room would be Michael and Ashton I'm glad I get to share with Luke but for some reason people don't trust us alone which is understandable I guess we are in love after all but we wouldn't do anything unless we really wanted too but anyway moving on we got settled in the rooms than we gathered together before we had another interview and another acoustic show I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and yawned "tired Tristan?" teased Calum I threw a pillow at him and he chuckled  "yes I am and I'm a little jetlag" I said "aw poor baby tell you what after our interview and the show we can do some sight seeing than come back to the hotel and relax" Luke said rubbing my shoulder "that sounds great" I said he blushed a little and kissed my cheek I giggled and snuggled more into him more. It was finally time for the interview we got to a place and we met the host she was very beautiful I could tell this was going to be interesting and it was After the interview we went to the place where the show was going to be it was so beautiful it was called Tompedrom we walked onto the stage outside and the crowd was going super crazy Michael almost hit Luke in the face we than went inside  and I could already tell this was going to be fun and it was  it was very fun and loud the boys answered a lot of questions and than answered a few more questions it was a little confusing when she translated them in German and the girls kept throwing stuff onto the stage it almost hit Luke in the face than they had to do impressions of each other it was so funny the show was finally over and now we are going outside and we are going to do another show for the people outside so we got outside and the crowd was going super crazy After this very long day we went sight seeing we took a lot of pictures and we saw some very interesting things we had lunch than went back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the day I was on the couch checking Facebook and posting the pictures I took when I felt someone kiss my head I looked up and Luke was standing over me with a huge smile on his face "why are you so happy?" I asked him he sat down beside me and pulled me onto his lap "because I get to go to amazing places with my beautiful girlfriend" he said leaving tiny kisses on my neck I giggled and blushed I missed having these moments with him "and I like going to places I always wanted to go to with my handsome boyfriend and best friends" I said he smiled and leaned forward to kiss me but before our lips touched we heard yelling behind us Ashton Calum and Michael were running towards us they jumped on the couch "hey guys want to watch a movie" yelled Michael I looked at Luke and he was trying not to beat the guys up I kissed his nose and he smiled at me and pulled me closer to him "sure we would love to watch a movie Michael is it a horror one again?" I asked Michael shook his head "nope it's a Disney movie" he said I clapped I love Disney movies and it turned out to be finding Nemo which I love I snuggled into Luke and was still sitting on his lap he didn't seem to mind though and honestly I was too comfy and lazy too move LOL "so guys where's our next stop on this 5 days 5 counties tour?" I asked them the guys suddenly got smiley and happy it was kind of creepy than Luke whispered something in my ear "we are going to Paris" he whispered my eyes widened and I screamed a little "no way Paris the city of love and lights" I always dreamed about going to Paris and I was finally going with my handsome boyfriend who loves me for me and knowing he is probably planning something romantic "I can't wait" I said the boys chuckled and we watched the movie before I knew it my eyes started to close and I fell asleep on Luke with a huge smile on my face.
Next stop Paris 

Ok I know they did 5 counties in 5 days in April but in this story it's later than that ok just in case anyone gets confused

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