You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


33. Pb, GMA, VC, 2nd album trailer/ announcement, Toronto HomeTown

Tristan's POV
We got to Pittsburg just before the show started HV were doing their acoustic hangout I got there just in time to see them sing Can't Take Back the Bullet finished and met some fans than it was time for the show HV went on stage and sang Blank Space and Smash into You next they sang Love me like you should and Make Up they finished and came off stage and the boys went on stage Luke kissed my nose and ran on stage they sang End Up Here and Permeant Vacation part 2 next they sang Long Way Home and Rejects next they sang Wrapped Around Your Finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside you and Everything I didn't say next they sang She's Kinda hot, Good Girls and than it was the End of the show they waved bye to the fans and came off the stage we got back on the bus next stop is GMA it's going to be so fun we're going to surprise some fans give them a backstage tour do an interview should be fun.
Good Morning America
Tristan's POV
we got to New York at 5am we parked in parking lot not far from Central Park that's the show is going to be but first we're going to the good morning America studio to do some exciting things first we were going to surprise some super fans I must say the boys looked extra good and Luke in white makes him ten times hotter the fans were so surprised and shocked it was funny to watch the boys just snuck up behind them it was mean and sweet of them next they did something called backstage pass which meant backstage tour than we drove to Central Park their were a ton of fans there it was crazy we went inside this tent to cool off cause it was very hot today than we got called out on stage and the screaming was so loud Luke had a tight grip on my hand I think he wanted to show me off LOL first song they sang was she looks so perfect I stood at the side watching them kill it like always than Michael gave the host lady and stuff unicorn for some odd reason than Calum pulled me to the platform to say hi to the screaming fans Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders that made the fans scream louder I blushed a little next we did a little interview the host talked to them about the tour and album and of course me and Luke which made Luke kiss my cheek which made me blush and Luke blush and the boys laugh and the audience scream next they sang She's Kinda Hot than we did another interview about the meaning behind their music it was than time to go they waved bye to the fans I waved bye too we got back on bus and than we were going to a secret location for something called Vevo Certified not sure what it meant but it sounded exciting.
Vevo Certified
We got to the secret location and went into the dressing room which was very nice Luke jumped on the couch and layed down I giggled at him Michael turned the tv on and began flipping through channels I sat at Luke's feet I was tempted to tickle them I got him smirking at me he patted the spot beside him I'm guessing he wanted to cuddle with me I couldn't blow it off he looked so hot he was wearing white so I clawed to the spot layed down and he wrapped his arms around me I rested my head on his chest I felt him kiss my head Michael picked something but it was in Spanish oh well than he changed to Cloudly with a chance of meatballs well I least I knew it Luke sat up and pulled me up with him so there was a spot for Calum to sit than they decided to post a video on twitter for Ashton who was somewhere than we left to go explore the stage than my phone vibrated Ashton had posted a video on Twitter saying how mean his band was LOL than we finally find Ashton and than it was sound check we met a fan who won a contest to present a reward to 5sos after the live show the than changed and we went to a red carpet yes a red carpet we got interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and they asked if we would babysit Louis Tomlinson's baby "um no not in a million years it would end bad" I said the boys all chuckled at me the show finally started and I finally find out why this was so important Vevo was honouring 5sos cause they sold over millions of copies and they were getting a reward tonight by a fan also this was free for the fans which was pretty awesome. The show started they sang End Up here and Permanent Vacation next they sang Disconnected and Amnesia next they sang She's Kinda Hot and She Looks so Perfect next they sang Good Girls and What I like about you during the song I noticed a girl with colorful hair was standing backstage with what looked like a trophy in her hands must be the award I decided to say hi to her "Hey" I said her head jerked up and she smiled wide "oh my god hi Tristan my name is Bryana" she said than smiled big "pretty name are you excited to present the award to 5sos?" I asked although I'm pretty sure I knew the answer "yes but I recorded a video and their about to show it I'm hoping I'm not awkward or say anything stupid in it' she said I chuckled I wrapped my arm around her shoulders as the video played she walked on stage and handed them their award she had the biggest smile on her face I walked out too and Luke wrapped his arm around me they did a little speech than walked off stage they hugged Bryana again I hugged her too and I promised I would follow her on Twitter when I get the chance that made her scream loud lol than the boys went on Twitter to announce the album pre order than the trailer for sounds good feels good was out so while the boys were talking I was in my bunk watching it on my iPhone it was awesome than I fell asleep next stop my hometown Toronto this is going to be fun I'm gonna ask the boys if I could come on stage during the show and maybe sing or say a tiny speech I feel like I should since it's my hometown there's one place I want to take the boys it might shock them not just them but HV too.
Canada Toronto Hometown
Tristan's POV
I could not sleep last night I had the show on my mind what if someone I know is going to be there I know the girl from derp con last year is going to be there we drove into the city I looked out of the window and saw all the buildings that I knew so  well the CN Tower, Union Station and Sick kids hospital that place holds a spot in my heart I never told anyone this not even Luke knows but I spend half my childhood in that hospital no more than one night but spending a night in a hospital for very sick kids gives you feelings that are hard to describe I want to go back there to see if those feelings come back but first better tell the boys the reason why this is going to be hard. We got to Molson Theater haven't been there since my cousin wedding it was beautiful Ashton and Michael left to do an interview with Kiss 92.5 and Luke and Calum had an interview with Et Canada and I was joining them ( here's Ashton's and Michael interview) Luke and Calum were their interview now I was in middle I was freaking out a little cause I watched Et Canada when I was at home so this is a little exciting part 2 we played a little game called This or That Canada vs Australia it was fun and somewhat hard next they did another interview with ANDPOP they finished and I pretended he didn't remember the first time we made out "come on babe I was just teasing I didn't want to embarrace you in your hometown" he said Aw how sweet stupid but sweet "ok I forgive you" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I went to the HV acoustic hangout they sang I can feel it than they met fans their was this one fan who was so excited to meet them it was so cute she screamed when she left LOL that was it till the show I looked out the window and their were ton of fans watching us to see if the boys were going to wave at them I noticed the CNE was on it looked so fun but we couldn't go unless we wanted to get mobbed the boys had another interview with kiss 98.5 Ashton didn't talk much though wonder why it was time for the show I was nervous for some reason and I'm not even performing I wasn't HV perform This is Why, Blank Space, and You Don't Love me Like you should they finished and ran off stage the boys got ready and went on stage I pulled Luke back and smashed my lips onto his he was shocked I was shocked myself we pulled apart and he smiled big at me "what was that for?" he asked I shrugged my shoulders "I don't know just felt like I should kiss you before you go on stage" I said he chuckled took his snapback off and put it on my head they sang End Up Here, Out of my Limit and Voodoo Doll next they sang Permeant Vacation and Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they sang Rejects and Heartache on the big screen next they sang Wrapped Around your Finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside You and American Idiot next they sang Everything I didn't Say and Kiss me Kiss me during this song I tipped toed to the dressing room and put my Canada Sweatshirt I got back to the spot just before they sang She's Kinda Hot next they talked a little than Luke said something "you know what I would like to invite a very special friend to the stage" he said uh oh please not me "she's very special to us mostly me and she's Canadian so tonight is very special for her do you guys think she should be on stage with us?" he yelled the audience screamed loudly I sighted Calum walked over to me and offered a hand I sighted and took it he pulled me onstage and everyone screamed I smiled and waved I walked over to Luke and he just smirked at me than they sang She Looks so Perfect Luke looked at me as they sang I sang along with them next they sang Good Girls and What I like about you I sat on step thing and sang along with them again it was so fun but my ears started to hurt just before they bowed I grabbed the microphone and screamed "good night Toronto I love you" I yelled the boys all smiled at me Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me to the end of the catwalk they were going to make me bow with them why am I not surprised Luke and Michael wrapped their arms around me I wrapped mine around them and than we bowed Luke handed me a pick "give one to a fan" he whispered in my ear I nodded and walked to the end all the fans had their arms up ready to catch I noticed a girl about 15 was crying a little I smiled at her and leaned forward to give her the pick she looked shocked and reached up she got it and smiled so big I waved at her and walked off stage Calum was playing Ash's drum kit I grabbed Luke's snapback off the chair I was sitting in and put it on my head again "hey that's mine" I heard him yell I giggled and took it off "you want it come get it" I said and ran away I heard him laugh and chase after I ran outside to the buses running faster but than some arms went around my waist I squealed as I was lifted into the air and spun around I screamed out laughing "Luke put me down" I yelled he chuckled and put me my arms still around his neck "that's what you get for stealing my hat" he said "I didn't steal it you put it on my head so you gave it to me" I said he chuckled and rested his fourhead on mine "I love you baby" he said I blushed a little "I love you too" I said he leaned down and kissed me we heard screaming that made us pull apart we turned around and saw some fans at the fence Luke blushed a little I giggled and waved at them we got back on the bus we never got to the hospital which is probably a good thing I guess I rested my head on Luke's shoulder tired from the show next stop Saratoga Springs.
Ok guys question how long were 5sos in Bali for? should they back together than or some other time I need ideas can't decide please comment

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