You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


14. Paris Part 1 and 2

Paris Part 1
Luke's POV
I can't believe Tristan is my girlfriend how did I get so lucky? she's so beautiful and amazing at everything I haven't heard her sing on a big stage before but I bet she's good she hardly ever sings because of her stage fright but I think me and the boys are showing her that performing is the most fun in the world her single is coming out soon and she's really excited about it so are the fans we are going to Paris today so I'm going to try and do something special for her after all Paris is the city of love and she always wanted to go to Paris so I'm going to make this trip one she will never forget. I didn't want to wake her up from her peaceful sleep but we had to get to the airport "Tristan baby time to wake up" I whispered in her ear she groaned and opened her beautiful blue eyes "morning Lukey" she said and stretched I pecked her lips lightly and hugged her tight "I love you" I told her she blushed and giggled "I love you too" she said and got out of bed.

Tristan's POV
I still can't believe I'm going to Paris with 5 seconds of summer seriously someone pinch me I'm having the best dream in the world I always dreamed about going to Paris since I was a little kid I would listen to love stories about people falling in love and kissing on the top of the Effie Tower it sounded so awesome and romantic. Luke and I are in love and kiss a lot but I'm really hoping something romantic will happen on this trip if not than that's fine but I can't help but want a happy ever after oh god I sound like a princess this trip needs to happen right now and fast. We got on the airplane and as usual I was in the middle but this it was Luke and Ashton I was sitting beside and Ashton kept bugging me about Chloe asking if I heard from her "Ashton yes I have heard from her and she misses you a lot now shut up" I yelled at him he must really like her "fine" he said and put his headphones on I giggled at him he acts like such a child and yet he's the oldest I looked at Luke and he was listening to music and falling asleep it was so adorable I got my music out and put on some Taylor Swift LOL I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and fell fast asleep. I felt the plane land which woke me up I looked at Ashton and he was looking out the window and Luke was starring at me "why didn't you wake me up?" I asked him he smiled at me and took my hand "you looked so cute sleeping I didn't want to wake you" he said kissing my head I blushed he could be so cute sometimes it makes my heart beat so much we got off the plane and the airport was full of fans the guys took pictures with them we got in the car and drove to a  radio station  for an interview we drove past the Effie tower I swear I smiled so big "someone is happy" said Michael I nodded and kept smiling "I always wanted to come here" I said very happy Luke just smiled at me and pulled me close to him I rested my head on his shoulder we got to the radio station and the interview was very funny even when we didn't understand what the host was saying half the time after the interview we went back outside it was insane the fans chased the car Luke almost got ripped in half we got to the place where the show was and it was a pretty fun show After the show we went back to the hotel and Luke looked nervous for some reason which I don't understand he didn't have that look before the show I'm started to get a little worried "Lukey you ok?" I asked him he nodded and just smiled at me the other boys were smiling too ok what is going on? I will find out sooner or later I hope sooner we got back to the hotel and the boys all looked super happy and Luke still looked nervous "ok what the hell is going on here?" I asked them all Luke walked up to me and grabbed my hands "I'm taking you to a special place tonight on a very special date" he said looking down I smiled big I was going on a date in Paris "awesome" I said Luke smiled big and kissed my cheek "get ready we leave in an hour" he said closing the door I'm guessing he's going to get ready in the other room with the boys I looked through my suitcase to try and find something nice to wear finally find something it wasn't fancy but it was the best I could do. I had a quick shower and got dressed than blow dried my hair and put a little makeup the boys hate when I wear a lot makeup which I don't understand they find me beautiful without it well Luke does I put a little of perfume on and just sat on the bed and played on my phone wonder when this surprise is going to happen probably any second now suddenly there was a knock on the door I knew it wasn't Luke because he wouldn't knock on the door he would just walk in I got up and answered the door and to my surprise Calum was standing there with a huge smile on his face "Hey Calum" I said a little confused "hey Tristan ready to have a night you will never ever forget" he said winking at me ok now I'm really confused but knowing Luke he wants this night to be special I grabbed my purse and shut the door behind me "Yes I'm ready" I told Calum he smiled and grabbed my hand.
Wonder what's going to happen tonight?

Tristan's POV
I was seriously so confused right now Calum and I were in the elevator and he would not stop smiling at me it was kind of creepy but in a good way since Calum can be so adorable sometimes even when he smiles I get weak in the knees all the boys make me feel like that don't know why but they do mostly Luke though finally the elevator stopped Calum grabbed my hand again and pulled me into the lobby I was still confused though where was Luke? we walked to the front door and Michael and Ashton were standing there with smiles on their faces too ok I'm really confused now "hey guys why are you standing here?" I asked them they just smiled at me "ok Tristan now put this blindfold on" said Ashton seriously a blindfold Luke and his surprises "fine tie it on but not too tight Ash" I said to him he nodded and put it on my eyes I now can't see anything than I felt hands grabbing mine "follow us Tristan" said a voice that sounded like Michael "I don't have a choice" I told him I heard chuckling as we walked.

Luke's POV
Ok I'm really nervous Michael just texted me that their on their way with my princess which means she is going to be any moment now I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees where I am I'm at the top of the Effie Tower and tonight I'm going to give her a present that I had for a while but didn't know when I should give it to her tonight feels like the right time it's a charm bracelet and on it are charms that will remind her everything that has happened to her since she joined the tour we are going to be dancing and there are going to be fireworks too it's going to be amazing I just hope nothing goes wrong my phone vibrated and it was Calum saying that they were at the bottom and were coming up I got into my position and waited for my princess to show up.

Tristan's POV
Ok I been walking the streets with a blindfold on me and I still have no idea where I'm going the boys won't spill anything I even threated to tell the girls their biggest secrets and they still wouldn't say a word we finally stopped walking thank goodness my feet were starting to hurt "ok Tristan we are going to take the blindfold off but keep your eyes shut ok" said Ashton I nodded my head they took the blindfold and than someone's hands went on my eyes "hey" I said "you can't be trusted" said Michael I wanted to slap him so badly he's lucky I couldn't see where he was "ok step up now" said Calum I took a step up and I suddenly felt moving like we were on an elevator I'm still confused though the moving stopped and I heard nothing "ok Tristan on the count of 3 you can finally look" said Ashton I can just picture all the boys smiling I can't wait to see what this is all about "1,2,3 look" the boys all yelled I opened my eyes and I gasped what I saw in front of me I was on the top of the Effie Tower and it was decorated with lights there rose peddles all over the ground and Luke was standing in the middle of it with his guitar and smiling at me "welcome to your ball" said Calum I just nodded my head I was still shocked I walked towards Luke and he was smiling at me "so what do you think?" he asked me I was still surprised can't believe he would do this for me I got close to him and I jumped into his arms he caught me and spun me around "I love it everything is amazing I always dreamed something like this would happen to me" I said Luke just smiled than I heard music playing it was beautiful Luke took my hand "may I have this day?" he asked I giggled and bowed "of course you may" I said he chuckled and pulled into him I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist she started swaying back and fourth  it was perfect this was everything I ever dreamed of maybe even though because I so didn't except I would fall in love with a rock star and than come to Paris I rested my head on Luke's chest as we continued to move with the music "I love you Luke Hemmings" I said to him he let out a sigh and I lifted my head off his shoulder to look into his beautiful eyes we stopped dancing and just starred at each other "I love you too Tristan Brown so much" he said I blushed deep red I have never felt this way around a boy before even hanging with my crush at school I didn't feel like this even when I had a crush on Luke I had these feelings he made me happy and made me love myself for who I was he made makes me believe I'm special before I met him and the boys I didn't know what love or friendship was until I met them and one direction I know one thing I'm in love with Luke and nothing is going to change that "I got something for you" he said snapping me out of my thoughts I smiled at him "you do" I said surprised he nodded and pulled me towards a blanket on the ground with pillows and candles it was so cute "you set this up?" I asked him he nodded and looked at the ground trying to hide his blush I giggled and kissed his cheek I sat down on the blanket and he sat down beside me and took my hand "I actually picked this out while you were at camp but I didn't know when to give it to you but after finding out we were coming to Paris and you told me where you always wanted to go I decided that this night was the perfect night to give it to you" he said handing me a box with a bow on it I smiled and took the bow off I opened the box and inside was a beautiful charm bracelet "a charm bracelet" I said and took it out Luke grabbed it and said "yes it has pictures of everything that has happened to us since we started dating and you joined the tour" he said putting a hand on my shoulder "Luke it's beautiful thank you can you help me put it on" I said he nodded and put the bracelet on my wrist it fit perfectly and it didn't hurt at all which is good because I'm never going to take it off ever "you like it babe?" Luke asked me I looked at him and jumped on him to hug him tight he was a little surprised but hugged me back tight "I love it Luke  thank you" I told him he smiled and smashed his lips onto mine this kiss was hard and rough and let still filled with Love I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me Luke pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist his tongue licked my bottom lip begging for entrance I decided to tease him a little and not give him entrance I felt him moan against my lips he pulled away from my lips and began to kiss my neck I tried not to moan but he find my sweet spot and I let out a huge moan "Luke stop not here" I gasped as he sucked my sweet spot again he pulled away and looked at me "sorry babe" he said I quickly kissed his lips lightly "it's not your fault" I said I got off his lap and rested my head on his shoulder "I think before we leave we should take a look at the view" he said I completely forgot we were on the top of the Effie Tower Luke stood up and pulled me up with him we walked to the edge and what we saw was breath taken you could see all of Paris and all the lights were on it was just really beautiful "wow this is the most amazing thing I ever seen" I said resting my head on Luke's shoulder he wrapped his arms around me "me too" he said but he was looking at me I blushed deep red and turned away I felt his hand under my chin he turned me back facing him "stop looking away when you blush I love seeing you blush" he said that just made me blush harder "I love you Luke" I said to him he smiled and rested his four head on mine "I love you too" he said and kissed me softly we pulled apart and hugged I love being in his arms I wanted to stay there forever "we should go back we leave for Italy tomorrow" he said I nodded and we walked to the elevator and we walked back to the hotel I find out it wasn't that far from the Effie tower we were still in each other's arms I felt so safe we got back to the hotel I got into my PJ's brushed my teeth and got into bed "Night Luke" I said to him he got in the bed too and wrapped his arms around me "goodnight beautiful" he said and kissed my cheek I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.
Best night of my life bring on Italy


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