You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


26. Norway, Berlin, Munich, Oberhausen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris,

Tristan's POV

Me and the boys spend the rest of the night talking, laughing, and of course there was a few swear words said by the boys but what else is new ​LOL Luke would not let go of my waist for the entire time not that I'm complaining or anything LOL he had a tight grip on me it made me feel fluttle inside and gave me some goosebumps too can't believe I still blush around him even though we're dating I still feel the same way I did when I had a crush on him or when I was fan even the same with the others too I still feel happy when I'm around them it's just the same as it was when I met them which was a year ago which I can't believe time flies bye when your having fun and boy I been having tons of fun with these boys I don't remember what my life was like before I met them they are my family and I love them so much mostly Luke of course LOL. We finally got to Norway and there was surprisely no snow for some reason I thought their was snow in Norway but it was cold very cold I had a sweater and jacket on Hey Violet were doing a Acoustic Hangout I asked Luke if I could go he said I could go since he was doing interviews all day and he didn't want me to be boread all day aww he's so sweet I met up with Hey Violet and we walked to the Acoustic Hangout and boy there was a lot of people there I was a little scared of it to be honest but I focused on the songs instead the first they introduced themselves the first song they performed was This is Why part 2 next they sang I Can Feel it next they performed You Don't Love me like you should they finished than took pictures with everyone well almost everyone their was so many people there they couldn't meet everyone there which was sad I decided to go back to the venue cause Hey Violet had sound check now and the boys already had sound check so their either on the bus or in the dressing room Luke hasn't texted me so he's either busy or sleeping LOL gotta go find him I hugged Hey Violet goodbye waved to the fans and walked away I decided to check the bus first since I'm almost to the parking lot anyway I spotted the bus I don't know why the driver didn't park inside the building I mean I fans can easily climb over the fence and sneak onto the bus I'm surprised nobody has yet the bus door was open so I walked right on "Boys" I yelled no answer I checked their bunks nobody checked the lounge room nobody guess their not here must be in the dressing room I got off the bus and walked into the venue I got to their dressing room before I knocked on the door I could hear voices so they were in there I knocked on the door someone yelled "Come in" I think it was Ashton not sure but I opened the door anyway and walked in I saw all of them there "oh there you guys are I been looking all over for you" I said Luke just smiled at me I blushed a little "come here babe I missed you" Luke whined I giggled and walked over to him he pulled me onto his lap and he wrapped his arms around me "how was the acoustic hangout?" asked Michael "fun but there was a ton of fans there it was actually pretty scary" I said Luke tighten his grip on me when I said that "I'm still shocked at how many fans we have over here" said Calum the boys all nodded "yeah who we would be popular in Norway" said Ashton I wanted to say I did but Luke was making it very hard to focus on anything cause he was leaving tiny kisses on my neck it felt so nice and it kind of tickled "Luke stop it" I whined although I didn't really want him too "I love you so much" he whispered in my ear sending my heart to pound out of my chest "I love you too" I said and snuggled closer into him the guys all groaned at us but we ignored them LOL. It was finally show time I wished Hey Violet good luck as they got ready they ran on stage and sang blank space they finished off and ran off stage "nice job guys" I said they smiled at me I wished the boys good luck and kissed them on the cheek Luke looked at me and smiled "good luck Lukey" I said he smiled and kissed my hand and ran on stage I blushed and held my hand close to my heart I love my life I watched as they performed End Up Here and Heart break Girl next they performed Out of my Limit, Voodoo Doll and Permanent Vacation next they performed Don't Stop and Disconnected next they performed Long Way home and rejects next they performed Heartache on the big screen and wrapped around your finger next they performed Amnesia and Beside You and Everything I didn't say next they sang American Idiot and She Looks so Perfect they ran off stage "good job guys your killing it like always" I said they all smiled at me which my heart jump again Luke grabbed my hand and squesled it I blushed a little and smiled they than ran back out for the encore and began singing Good Girls and finished with Pizza and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage I stopped Luke before he got to me "no hugging until you de sweat yourself" I said he pouted I grabbed his hand interwined our fingers together and smiled at him he smiled and kissed my hand and that's all he's getting until he gets clean LOL. We had dinner in the dressing room for some reason which was kind of cute and strange we sat on the couches and we ate, laughed, and of course there was swearing but mostly the boys talked about the show they were so happy about it I could tell their really were enjoying it but I could also tell they were tired they needed sleep we got back to the bus and we just went to the game room and watched some movie I got ready for bed I snuggled into Luke I felt my eyes start to close and I soon fell asleep next stop Berlin.


Tristan's POV

I woke up still on the couch but my head wasn't on Luke's lap it was on a pillow and I had a blanket on me what happened last night? "well goodmorning sleeping beauty" said a voice I looked up and it was Ashton "Hey Ash what happened last night?" I asked him well you were in a deep sleep and we just couldn't move you so we put a blanket over you and let you sleep here" he said these boys are so sweet "Aw how sweet of you guys" I said suddenly my phone vibrated it was from Casey and it said "Hey we're going shopping today do you want to come?" it said I don't really like shopping but shopping in Berlin could be fun but first I'll have to see what Luke is doing today cause I'm sure he'll want to hang with me I texted back saying "sure but let me check and see what the boys are doing" I texted back I got a LOL back I shook my head "Hey Ash what you guys doing today?" I asked him "um nothing I'm going out and the guys are sleeping all day today" he said I giggled "ok well I'm going shopping with Hey Violet today than" I said I stood up and I walked to the bathroom brushed my teeth and hair I grabbed some clothes changed put a little makeup on had a yogurt and juicebox grabbed my purse and phone I blew the boys kisses but they still passed out in their bunks LOL I walked to Hey Violet's bus the door opened I got on and their was Hey Violet sitting "Hey Tristan" they all said at once   I giggled and sat on the couch "Hey guys" I said we soon left to go Vintage shopping first shore we went into we just walked around looking at the strange clothing "Hey Tristan maybe you can buy something to impress Luke" said Nia the others laughed I blushed and rolled my eyes "very funny Nia I don't need new clothes to impress Luke he loves me for me" I said "yeah but don't you want something to make him drool?" asked Miranda "no he drools when I'm wearing PJ's so nothing new will make him react any different" I said they laughed I tried shoes on and it was bad next store Miranda tried on a dress and it looked amazing on her "please try on something" begged Rena I gave in she handed me a dress and I tried it on and it actually looked pretty nice on me too "wow this is nice" I said "you should get it" said Casey I blushed a little but I decided to get it next we went sightseeing and met some fans too than we rode some crazy bike/taxi thing it was very scary and very hard to move "I can't ride a normal bike" I said suddenly Ashton came running up to us "Hey guys um Tristan Luke is looking for you he just texted me asking where you were" he said "um ok" I said he than ran off we all looked at each other we were both confused and creeped out next we went to an Historical site than took photos in a photo booth I gotta say this has been the funniest shopping trip I ever been on. Hey Violet went back to their bus to sleep cause they needed energy for the show tomorrow I went back to bus where the boys were to see if they were awake yet I got on the bus and Luke and Calum were sitting on the couches "well look who's finally awake" I said Luke jumped up and ran over to me he pulled me into a bone crushing hug "where were you babe? I woke up and you weren't here I was worried" he said I smiled at him "I went shopping with Hey Violet" I said hugging him back "but you hate shopping" said Calum I sighted "I know but shopping in Berlin sounded fun I actually ended up getting something" I said holding up my shopping bag Luke looked at it "oh what is it?" he asked trying to peek at it I slapped his hand away "nice try but your not allowed to see it until I wear it" I said he pouted Calum chuckled "when are you going to wear it at the show tomorrow?" yelled Michael who was still in his bunk I looked at Luke "Maybe" I said I kissed his cheek and went to my bunk "babe your torturing me" I heard Luke yell I giggled and put my bag with my stuff "Good" I yelled back and giggled I love torturing him for the rest of the day we all just chilled I cuddled with Luke and we watched TV I love days like this the boys deserve a day off to just chill and re charge their batteries for the show "I'm board" whined Michael we all groaned "than decide what we can do" said Ashton "lets go explore the city" said Calum the boys all agreed but I whined "but I just explored with Hey Violet" I whined the boys all pouted at me "but babe you have to come with us I haven't seen you all day please?" Luke begged ugh curse his hotness "fine but if I get tired you have to give me a piggy back" I said he nodded and smiled at me I kissed his cheek and sat up "lets go exploring" I said. We just walked around the boys tried German beer than we went on the bike thing which turned out to be a beer bike it was so hard to balance "how do you balance on this thing" I yelled Luke held my hand to help me balance we got back to the hotel and went to bed  can't wait for tomorrow.

Still Tristan's POV

Next DayShow Day the boys were all hyper and full of energy they needed that chill day Michael was acting like a 5 year old "Mikey calm down" I said but it didn't work I soon gave up it was time for the show I decided to wear my dress I took it out of the bag and went into the bathroom I put it on looked in the mirror it looked amazing on me "Boys I'm wearing my new outfit get ready to be amazed" I said it was quiet guess they were waiting for me to come out I took a deep breath and walked out the boys mouths dropped open "wow it looks amazing on you Tristan" said Michael I blushed and smiled "thank Casey he told me to get it" I said Luke didn't look to please about that I walked up to him and put my hand on my cheek "I bought it for you" I said he smiled and pecked my lips. Hey Violet were getting ready to go on stage "good luck guys" I said they smiled at me and went right before they started singing I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and it was Calum "yes Calum?" I asked "shh we're going to prank Hey Violet and we need your help" he said dragging me away before I could even answer we got to Hey Violets dressing room "ok what's the prank?" I asked them "we're going to move all of their stuff into the bathroom" said Michael my eyes widened that is so mean "guys their going to get you back hard" I said they shrugged and began moving stuff I rolled my eyes oh boy Hey Violet are not going to be pleased they finished the prank and we walked back "babe go back to your spot and pretend that you were there the whole time we want them to be completely surprised" said Luke I pouted "but they might hate me when they find out I was part of it" I said Luke chuckled "nobody can hate you your so cute" he said I blushed and giggled "so true" I said he chuckled again and kissed my cheek he let go of my hand and ran to the dressing room I sighted and went back to the spot they just finished You Don't Love me like you should "Great job Guys" I said a little too loud "what's up Tristan your acting funny" said Nia shoot I'm acting silly why was I part of the prank they started walking to the dressing room suddenly I heard  a loud scream I walked into the dressing room and they were looking around with shocked faces "they took our stuff away" yelled Miranda they all suddenly looked at me "where did they put it?" asked Nia before I could say anything Rena yelled from the bathroom they walked in and saw all their stuff "um I gotta go wish the boys good luck see ya" I said and dashed out of there I have feeling their going to prank me back and that scares me I got to the boys and they were chuckling "guys their going to prank me now I hate you" I said Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulders "come on Tristan it's fun to prank others" he said I rolled my eyes at him suddenly the intro music started and the screaming got louder and louder "good luck guys" I said I sided hugged Michael he kissed my head I kissed Luke's cheek and watched them run off and perform End up Here and Heartbreak Girl

intro next they Sang Out of my Limit than did a welcome speech than sang Voodoo Doll next they sang Permeant Vacation and than did another Speech than sang Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home they did another Speech than sang Rejects and Heartache on the big screen next they sang Wrapped around your finger did another speech well Calum and for some reason they started talking about Berlin Sausage have no clue why but it was funny  than they sang Amnesia next they Sang Beside You and the fans did something special during this song it was so cute I think I even saw the boys tear up a little than they sang Everything I didn't say next they did another Speech than sang American Idiot and Kiss me Kiss me next they did another Speech than sang She Looks So Perfect during she looks so perfect I started not feeling well my head hurt my legs ached I think it was from standing too long lucky their was a chair right beside me so I sat down grabbed my water bottle and took a drink they finished the song and came off the stage "Hey Tristan your alright?" asked Michael I nodded "yeah I'm fine just not feeling that good" I said Luke came running over to me "oh no maybe you should go lie down babe?" he said with a worried look on his face I rolled my eyes he overreacts way too fast "Luke I'm fine besides I want to see the end of the show I'm ok really" I said he sighted "alright but tonight we are going to cuddle on the couch ok" he said I smiled big "Yay your cuddles are the best medication" I said he blushed "gross I'm going back on stage" said Ashton Calum and Michael followed I giggled and looked at Luke he smiled at me "better go" he said he kissed my head and ran back on the stage to sing Good Girls than they did their Farwell Speech which was kind of sad than sang What I like about you they did their final bow and ran off stage I stood up from the chair clapping "Yay good job boys" I said "how are you feeling?" asked Calum if I said fine they wouldn't believe me so might as well be honest "not that great" I said "uh oh your getting a cold than" said Ashton I pouted I hate being sick it's awful although I never been sick with the boys though so this could get interesting "Let's get you back to the bus" said Michael before I could  react he scooped me into his arms "HA MIKEY I CAN WALK" I yelled  "your sick so I'm carrying you to the bus" he said I wanted argue but I knew I wouldn't win so I just let him carry me.  We got back to the bus Michael put me on the couch "how stay there we're going to get you comfy" said Calum than they all dashed to the back I was kind of afraid to ask what they were doing but they soon came running back with stuff in their hands Michael had my pillow and a blanket in his hand Luke had my doll in his hand and he was holding it the way I showed him Aw how sweet Calum had a water bottle and a hot water bottle in his hands and Ashton had movies in his hands "Aw guys I don't need all of this" I said "yes you do your sick so we're helping you feel better" said Michael how lie down" he said he had placed the pillow at one end of the couch I rolled my eyes and layed down on the couch Luke sat at my feet "I'm going to take your braces off for you babe" he said I smiled and put my feet on his lap "oh here's your doll" he said handing me her I smiled and put her in her spot on my arm Calum came over to me "Water bottle in case you get thirsty and hot water bottle in case you get a fever" he said I smiled "Thanks Cal" I said he smiled and kissed my head "what movie do you want to watch?" asked Ashton I shrugged my shoulders "I don't care you guys can watch whatever you want" I said they ended  up choosing a action movie oh well "Ok Tristan time for cuddle time scoot over" said Luke I giggled and scooted over for him he got in beside me wrapped his arms around me and began rubbing my stomach "how does that feel?" he whispered in my ear that send shivers down my spine "much better" I said I felt him lightly kissing my neck over and over again I love how Luke can make me feel all tingly inside even when I'm sick the movie started but I wasn't paying any attention to it I felt my eyes start to close this is so comfy I was falling asleep before I knew it I had fallen into a peaceful sleep in my boyfriends arms.


Tristan's POV

I woke up still feeling a​little sick but not as bad I also noticed Luke wasn't beside me anymore guess he went to his bunk I'm surprised I didn't wake up from him moving guess he was carful I don't want to say this but in order for me to get better I can't go to the acoustic hangout or soundcheck today I need a lot of rest in order to see the show tonight ugh I hate missing out on things but I have to get better plus don't want the boys to get sick or we're have to cancel the whole show which we can't do at all I grabbed my phone from the table and texted Rena that I wouldn't be able to make it to the acoustic hangout again I send it and put my phone on the table I heard talking so the boys must be up great now I got to tell to them I can't come to sound check oh boy "Well look who's awake" said a voice I looked up and it was Michael I smiled "morning Mikey" I said he blew me a kiss I giggled and caught it he's so sweet uh oh my crush on him is coming back up no I love Luke I can't like Michael that will cause so much drama with them and their best friends I can't cause their bond to break I have to get over this but how? I'll figure it out later than Calum and Ashton came over and said good morning to me too "where's Luke?" I asked them "slowly getting up" said Ashton I giggled that boy is so slow when he's tired he finally came out even tired he looks hot how is that even possible? "morning Lukey" I said he perked up when he saw me awake he smiled walked over to me sat on the couch and pulled me into a hug I smiled and snuggled my head into his shoulder "morning Baby how do you feel?" he asked I blushed he never called me Baby before it send shivers down my spine and the way he said it with his voice so deep oh god it was hot "a little better but not 100 percent I think I need to skip sound check so I can get better before the show" I said Luke began pouting man why must everything he does be adorable "Aw but your right your health is more important stay here and get better one of us will come back and check up on you before the show ok" he said I smiled big this boy is too perfect "ok sounds good I'm going to go back to sleep" I said "hey I didn't get a kiss from you yet" Luke whined I giggled "Luke I don't want to get you sick too" I said he shrugged and put his hand on my cheek "I don't care I still want a kiss" he said before I could protest he pulled me into a kiss I tried not to kiss back but it was so hard I soon gave in and kissed back I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled closer to me "gross we're still here" said Ashton Luke groaned and pulled away I giggled and blushed "well I'm going back to sleep now" I said falling back onto my pillow the boys chuckled and Luke put the blanket back on me "sleep well babe" he said still holding my hand "I will but can you hand me my phone before you go?" I asked he sighted and handed me it "thank you Lukey love you" I said he smiled at me I felt my heart pounding in my chest "love you too get better" he said and kissed my hand it started shaking when he did that oh boy my hand only shakes when I'm excited or nervous about something he let go of my hand and left the bus Calum and Ashton followed they both patted my head I giggled Michael smiled down at me "get some rest" he said I decided to tease him "yes mom" I teased he rolled his eyes "very funny" he said I giggled he than leaned down and kissed my head and left the bus I looked at my doll "that boy is making my crush on him get bigger instead of smaller what am I do?" I asked her oh boy talking to my doll I need sleep I turned on my side and fell asleep. I was sleeping peacefully than I heard a noise it sounded like someone was coming on the bus I kept my eyes shut and listened I suddenly felt breath on my face "ok so your still sleeping Luke was panicking for nothing ugh you have that boy wrapped around your finger Tristan" said the voice it was Michael I smiled a little do I really have Luke wrapped around my finger? and he was worried about me Aww how sweet than I heard get off the bus I opened my eyes and sat up I looked at my phone I got a text from Rena it said "ok get well soon the acoustic hangout was so fun I danced with a fan" it said Aww man all the good things happen when I'm not there well it's almost show time better get to the venue I got up had a drink of water brushed my teeth and got dress in a simple outfit grabbed my purse and phone and got off the bus I walked to the venue and towards the boys dressing my head hurt a little but not bad I knocked on the door and someone "COME IN" think it was Ashton not really sure but I opened the door and walked in "Hey Guys" I said the boys heads shot up and they looked at me Luke ran over to me and pulled me into a hug "Babe how are you feeling?" he asked "good that nap really worked" I said yawning a little the boys chuckled "Hey Violet just went on you should go watch them" said Michael I nodded "I will but first gotta pee" I said running to the bathroom I heard the boys laughing "don't judge me" I yelled I went pee and came out and walked out of the door without saying a word I got to the backstage area got to my spot just in time to see them perform Blank Space I started feeling sick again oh no my head started hurting again "woah Tristan you ok?" asked someone behind me I turned around and their was Calum looking worried "hey Cal yes I'm fine just my head hurts again I think I'll go to the dressing room to rest" I said suddenly feeling bad that I was going to miss the show "good plan but before you go can I have my good luck hug?" he asked opening his arms I rolled my eyes at him he is so childish but that pout is just too adorable "oh alright" I said walking into his arms he wrapped them around him I love Calum's hugs their so comfy and warm I pulled away from him "there do you feel lucky now?" I asked he nodded and kissed my head which still hurt badly "now go get better or else Luke won't be forcussing on the show" he said I giggled that is true Luke does lose focus if I'm not beside him most of the time I walked to their dressing room but before I knocked on the door I thought if I go in there and say I'm still sick Luke will focus on me instead of the show he needs to focus on the show and the fans I decided to go to Hey Violet's dressing room instead I need to make it up to them lucky it was right beside 5sos's dressing room so I didn't have to walk far thank goodness I knocked on the door someone yelled Come IN I opened the door and walked in Hey Violet were sitting on the couches "Hey Tristan shouldn't you be watching 5sos right now?" asked Nia "yes but my head hurts and I didn't Luke to worry about me during the show I decided to come here to lie down is that ok?" I asked them "sure of course" said Miranda Rena jumped off the couch "here" she said I smiled and lied down on the couch "thanks guys" I said turning on my side we talked, laughed and joked around I could hear the boys performing it sounded awesome but I do wish I was watching them from the side like usual stupid cold I felt my eyes start to close and I soon fell into a sleep. Oberhausen

Tristan's POV

I must been very sick cause when I woke up I was in my bunk on the bus the last thing I remember is having fun with Hey Violet guess one of the boys must of came and got me and carried me back to the bus I would explain the moving I felt while I was sleeping but anyway sleeping helped cause I feel so much better my headache is gone I don't feel dizzy anymore and I'm not hot can't wait to get back to normal I sat up stretched I heard voices so the boys must be up Luke is going to shower me with kisses oh well I love it when he does that makes me feels special LOL I stood up not feeling dizzy Yay I walked to the front of the bus and saw all the boys talking away "morning guys" I said the boys heads all turned towards me Luke smiled big "morning babe you sound better" he said I smiled aw he noticed that my voice was better "well at least my boyfriend noticed my voice is back to normal" I said "I noticed" said Michael I looked at him "thank you Mikey" I said "HEY" Calum and Ashton yelled I giggled and went to the mini fridge to get a orange juice and a yogurt I was finally hungry Yay I think the boys were more excited than I was though LOL. Since I'm all better now I decided to go  to Hey Violet's Acoustic Hangout Luke didn't want me to go he wanted to make out with me it was tempting but I had to make it up to HV some how so I begged Luke to let me go he gave in as long as me and him get to spend the night together I agreed right away I kissed his cheek and left I missed kissing him it felt so good I met up with HV and they were so happy I was better even Casey gave me a hug and he hates hugs we got to the place where the acoustic hangout was and their were a lot of fans there they screamed even louder when they saw me I blushed and waved back the song HV sang was This is Why which sounded so good acoustic they finished I clapped and cheered they took pictures with everyone and some fans even took pictures with me it felt nice that some fans like me I went back to the bus to rest up before the show the boys were at soundcheck so I had the bus all to myself again yay I now wanted cuddle time with Luke this would of been a great time to do it but he had sound check ugh  sometimes I hate dating a rock star but he is my first love so I can't complain or I might lose him and don't want that at all. Finally it was time for the show HV got ready I wished them luck and they went on stage and sang This is why and I Can Feel it next they sang Blank Space and You Don't Love me like you should they finished and came running off stage I high fived them the boys came over and got ready to go on stage "good luck guys" I said they all smiled at me I felt my face turn a little red I known these guys for a year now and they still make me blush Luke side hugged me and smiled at me I put my hand on his cheek and smiled "go out there and do what you do best Lukey" I said he smiled at me "I will and you missy better be here when I come back" he said I smiled and leaned my four head "always will" I said "I love you" Luke said I smiled big no matter how many times he tells me that I'll still have butterflies  "I love you too" I said and bought his lips to mine we pulled apart and I pushed him to the stage he turned his head winked at me and ran on stage I let out a sigh and listened to the beginning of End up Here than Out of my Limit than Heartbreak Girl next they performed Voodoo Doll and Permanent Vacation next they performed Don't Stop and Disconnected next they sang Long Way Home and Rejects and during Rejects someone played Ashton's drums crazy next they sang Heartache on the big screen than Wrapped around your finger and Amnesia and Beside You and I couldn't help but notice during beside you that the fans would hold up a piece of paper that had one word on it interesting next they sang Everything I didn't Say, American Idiot, Kiss me Kiss me and She Looks so Perfect they all came running off stage "awesome job boys" I said Michael wrapped his arm around my shoulders I rested my head on his arm they drank some water and ran back on stage to sing Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage all sweaty "gross you guys stink" I said Luke wrapped his arms around me before I could push him I groaned "LUKE let go of me you smell" I whined but he just held me tighter I gave in and hugged him tight back I saw him smirk when we let go I rolled my eyes we went back to the dressing room for a little while than got back on the bus we hung out in the lounge room a little while than I started to fall asleep so I went to bed Luke whined again I kissed his cheek than he was all happy again that boy is so confusing sometimes LOL. Next Stop Amsterdam

Tristan's POV

I woke up to once again to the boys yelling at each other strangely I missed waking up to that I got out of my bunk the screaming was coming from the front of the bus usually it comes from the back I strugged put on my fuzzy socks and walked towards the front I think they heard me coming cause the yelling started to quite down "morning boys" I said they all looked at me with worried looks "did we wake you?" asked Ashton I wanted to say yes but I don't want them to feel bad "no I was already awake" I said Luke didn't look convince though I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch beside him he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him I rested my head on his shoulder I let out a sigh "are we doing anything before the show tonight?" I asked Luke looking up at him he was so cute I can't handle it sometimes "well me and Luke are going on a boat tour" said Calum I lifted my head off Luke's shoulder "what and you didn't invite me?" I said acting angry Luke's eyes widened and grabbed my hands "No at all we were just about to invite you" he said I smiled big "oh well I will love too come" I said Calum was now glaring at Luke I giggled I ruined their little bromance date oh well I need to spend time with Luke and Calum anyway. I got dressed and had a quick breakfast we were going to walk to the boat place cause Luke and Calum wanted to explore Amsterdam I did too actually but I didn't like the walking part very much we began walking Luke and I were trying to not act all couple around Calum but I was so tempted to hold his hand we were walking so close to each other I felt his hand brush on mine than felt him grab my hand and interwine our fingers together well that didn't last long oh well I felt his thumb rub against my hand it made me blush a little I looked around cause I never been to Amsterdam before it looked so beautiful and hardly anyone reconingned the boys I was shocked than we got to the river and their was boat on the dock which I'm guessing was our boat Calum got in first than Luke I put one foot on the boat and almost fell over "woah careful Tristan here take my hand" Calum said holding out his hand Luke did too Aw such gentlemen but I remember how I got in a canoe at home I can do the same with this boat hopefully "thanks guys but I can get in myself watch this" I said I sat on the dock Luke and Calum looked confused I put my legs over the boat and lifted my butt off the ground than put my hands on the boat and landed on the seat "see told you I could do it" I said Luke smiled Calum looked shocked we walked to the front of the boat and sat on the seats they were so slippy you actually end up lying down on them Luke wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him I snuggled into him this could be really romantic if Calum wasn't here don't get me wrong I love hanging out with Calum but me and Luke need some more time together "Hey Luke lets take a selfie to post on Twitter for the fans" said Calum I thought of that it didn't sound like a good idea "ok" Luke said he unwrapped his arms off my waist and stood up "um guys isn't that a bad idea cause the fans here could see the tweet and come here we're be mobbed" I said "we can't get mobbed we're on water" said Calum ok he got me there "that's true ok fine take your selfie" I said Calum smiled and got his phone out than he and Luke did silly faces I giggled at them Calum sat back down and tweeted I still didn't like that idea Luke stood in front of me "what are you doing?" I asked he just smiled and held out his hands "stand up and dance with me" he said I looked at him strangely dance? I gave in and grabbed his hands he pulled me up "but theirs no music" I said he just kept smiling "Now Cal" he said than music started playing I'm starting to think they planned this before we started dancing we started to hear screaming "uh oh please tell me that's not what I think it is" said Luke Calum turned around "uh oh um Tristan you have been right about tweeting where we were look" he said he pointed to the lake me and Luke looked where he was pointing and we were shocked their were fans on the docks on boats in the water "see this is what happens when you don't listen to me" I said now how are we supposed to get off the boat without get mobbed. Luckily Dave somehow cleared a path for us Luke had a death grip on my hand so I wouldn't get hurt which was very sweet we got to venue just in time for sound check I went to HV dressing room and hung out with them until it was time for the show  it was finally show time I wished HV good luck as they ran on stage to do their thing I sang along too every song they are so good and their going to be so big one day they ran off stage I gave them thumbs up than the boys got ready I wished them luck I kissed Luke's cheek before he ran on stage they performed End Up Here and Out of my Limit first next they talked a little than sang Voodoo Doll and Permanent Vacation Part 2 of Voodoo Doll next they sang Don't Stop and Disconnected next they performed Long Way Home and Rejects during Rejects I was excited to see who they would pick they ended up choosing a girl Michael couldn't say her name I couldn't say it either she got to play Luke's guitar and she was so good she finished and hugged all the boys well waved at Ashton I high fived her "good job" I said she smiled wide I giggled at her next the boys sang Heartache on the big screen next they sang Wrapped around your finger and Amnesia and Beside You and again during this song all the fans had a sign with one word on it something is up next they sang Everything I didn't Say next they sang American Idiot and Kiss me Kiss me and Luke looked at me during the whole song I blushed deep red next they sang She Looks so Perfect they finished singing and ran off stage to rest before the Encore "good job guys your killing it like always" I said Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders than it was time to go back on too perform Good Girls and What I like about you Luke quickly kissed my cheek and ran back on stage they sang good girls than the final What I like about you they bowed and came running off stage Luke wrapped me in his tight embrace "awesome job guys" I said they all smiled at me we than went to eat dinner in the dressing room Michael locked the door and got 4 beers out and since I don't drink beer I got a root beer instead  we sat at the coffee table I sat inbetween Luke and Ashton who had no shirt on him and Calum both had no shirts on at least every night one or all of the boys will have no shirt on I should be used to it but I'm not and don't think I ever will be  we began eating and all they boys began talking about something don't really know what about but something about the show "Hey Tristan what are you eating tonight?" asked Michael "um not really sure it might be corn and beans or sweetpotatoes can't really tell the difference" I said the boys all chuckled at me Luke kissed my cheek I giggled a little I explained to the boys why I couldn't eat normal food it was hard cause I don't really understand it at all the doctors and my parents use big words that I don't understand at all but really all it is that if I eat something with lumps in it it gets stuck and I choke so I either need to split it out or drink lots of water and try to push it down but anyway back to the present "sounds good" said Calum I nodded and ate another spoon full the boys finished than Ashton left to go find Bryana Calum finally put a shirt on and Michael went somewhere don't know where Luke was sitting on the ground and I was on the chair behind him suddenly Michael came running in the room butt naked I quickly hid my face I heard a big scream which sounded like a girl but it wasn't me "MICHAEL CLIFFORD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON RIGHT NOW" I yelled I heard him chuckling and than running back into the room "well that was gross" I said Calum was dying for laughter Luke looked scared to death "Luke was that you screaming?" I asked him he didn't answer I looked at Calum and he was so big trying not to laugh I giggled "Aw poor baby come here" I said opening my arms he chuckled stood and sat on the chair beside me he pulled me into his arms I snuggled into him he ended up carrying me to the bus cause I fell asleep on him oops next stop Brussels.

The Next Day Brussels 

Tristan's POV

I woke up in my bunk guess I was carried back by my boyfriend he is such a gentlemen makes me love him more I heard laughing and of course cursing in the back lounge wonder what their talking about this time only one way to find out I hopped off my bunk put my socks on and walked to the back lounge I opened the door and all they were doing was starring at a laptop screen what the heck? "um morning guys what are doing?" I asked all their heads turned at once it kind of scared me "Hey Tristan we are just watching some of our old youtube covers" said Ashton I smiled big I used too watch those all the time when I was a fan " can I watch I used too watch those all the time when I was fan" I said they all smiled at me and nodded I blushed a little Calum scooted over so their was a space in between him and Luke I giggled and sat down Luke wrapped his arm around me "what video are we watching?" I asked "mine first cover that I did by myself" said Luke I smiled that was one of my favorites "Yay I love that one that was when I first became a fan of you Lukey" I said he blushed a little and kissed my cheek I giggled and rested my head on his shoulder. We watched Luke cover and it was so cute and his voice sounded so different compared to it now his voice is so beautiful and hot we watched a few more covers than watched some old Twitcams and I nearly died of laughing I forgot how funny they were suddenly my phone vibrated I took it out of my pocket and looked at it I had a text from Casey asking if I was going to their Acoustic Hangout today? "who texted you?" asked Calum he was trying to look at my phone I slapped his hand away he pouted his cute pout I giggled at him "it's from Casey asking if I was coming to their Acoustic Hangout today are we doing anything today before the show?" I asked them "not really just interviews that are going to be boring" said Ashton I looked at Luke he just smiled at me "go with them babe besides I don't wanr you just sitting around as we do interviews that's boring" he said I smiled big I kissed his cheek he's so sweet "ok well if I'm hanging with HV today better get dressed" I said and stood up and walked out of the room I got dressed and hanged out with the boys before they had to do their first interview I texted Casey back telling him I was coming soon. It was time for the boys first interview Luke would not let go of me until he had to leave "Luke I'll see you tonight for the show chill out" I said he pulled me into a hug "I don't care I hate not being with you everyday" he said I blushed a little "me too but we're going to hang out in Paris right?" I asked next is Paris and last time we were there we did something Romanctic hopeful we do something like that again "of course we are but first Michael wants to spend time with you then we are going to be alone" he said I nodded I missed Mikey he is my best friend "you better go" I said pushing him forward "not without a kiss" he said I shook my head and leaned up to kiss him when our lips touched it felt magical I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me he had to lean down to kiss me but I still had to stand on my tippy toes why must he be so tall? we pulled away and smiled at each other I pushed him forward he chuckled and walked away with the boys I sighted and walked to HV bus we had such a fun morning we laughed, had some food, laughed, watched some TV, and laughed some more these guys are so fun can't wonder what with having them and 5sos together I would die of laughter. It was time for the hangout so we got to the place in front of the venue their was lots of people there they started singing this hangout was so funny they made the fans they made me laugh a lot next they sang Sparks Fly and it sounded so good Acoustic they finished than took pictures with everyone we went back to their bus and hung out a little more suddenly my phone vibrated it was a text from Luke it said "Hey Babe interviews are all done now we have sound check come to the dressing room before the show I love you" I blushed a little "ok and I love you too" I texted back than put my phone back in my pocket "somebody is in love" teased Nia I glared at her but smiled a little "yeah I really am I think Luke is the one" I said "Awww" yelled Nia, Rena and Miranda Casey made a gagging noise I smiled but on the inside I was saying hopefully I won't regret saying that. It was finally show time HV were getting ready and I was standing in my usual spot I went to the boys dressing room and Luke was so happy to see me it was so cute I wished HV good luck as they went on stage to perform they finished and ran off stage "good job guys" I said they smiled at me than went to their dressing room the boys got ready I hugged them for good luck I kissed Luke on the cheek "good luck Lukey" I said he smiled and winked at me I blushed than pushed him onto the stage they finished bowed and came running off stage Luke engulfed me in a hug "wow great job guys" I said they all smiled at me Luke kissed my cheek they changed and we got back on the bus next stop Paris.


Luke's P​OV

Off to Paris I'm hoping me and Tristan can have a little date while we're there but how can I top last time that date was amazing and made her so happy how can I top that looks like I might need the boys help again right now we were in the back lounge of the bus Tristan was in her bunk napping "Hey Guys I want to do something special for Tristan while we are in Paris" I said their heads bolted towards me "mate you really think you can top last year I mean that was romanctic and nice" said Michael I groaned "I know how can I top it ?" I asked them "just take her shopping wait she hates shopping never mind" said Calum I rolled my eyes their not being very helpful as usual guess I can't top last year oh well I'll just have to give her extra love I suddenly started hearing footsteps and than I saw my beautiful girlfriend walking in sweats wow even in a sweat shirt and sweat pants she is so beautiful how did I get so lucky?

Tristan's POV

I tried to have a nap but I couldn't get comfy at all so I just wrote in my song book for a bit I need to write a good song cause the last one I wrote didn't really work out the boys have given some advise on how write a good song life issues but I'm still finding it hard cause I never had life issues in my life not even heartbreak well yet maybe I should take a break my brain is starting to hurt I put my book back in my hiding place can't trust those boys I got off my bunk and walked to the back lounge I walked in the room and the boys all looked at me I faked a yawn "hey guys" I said "hey babe have a nice nap?" I asked Luke I giggled guess he bought my fake yawn "yes I did" I said lying again he smiled at me and patted the spot beside him I giggled and sat beside him he put his arm around me "so other than exploring the city what else are we doing today?" I asked Luke while resting my head on his shoulder "um nothing at all" he said oh well this is going to be a long day. We got dressed than left Ashton wanted to stay behind not sure why but he did so me, Luke, Michael and Calum left to go exploring Calum ditched us to go get food we got stopped a few times but other that we were pretty much mobbed free as we walked down a street Michael tried to hold Luke's "Hey paws off Michael he's mine" I said Luke smiled and grabbed my hand and interwined our fingers together Michael pouted "it's not fair we're in Paris city of love and I don't have anyone to share it with" he pouted I felt bad and heart broken Michael is the sweetest boy on the planet all the boys are not sure why their luck with girls is bad "Aww don't Michael your find someone and if I wasn't dating Luke and in love with him I would date you" I said "Really?" he asked smiling "Really?" asked Luke pouting I blushed cause I pretty much admitted my tiny crush on Michael "yeah I would" I said Michael just smiled so big "don't worry Lukey I would never dump you though" I said Luke smiled and kissed my hand I blushed than I had a idea I know Michael just because I'm dating Luke doesn't mean I can't hold your hand" I said Michael smiled big and grabbed my hand I looked at our hands they fit perfectly together like mine and Luke's hands creepy I think he noticed too cause his face was red "Aw little Mikey is blushing cause he is holding a girls hand" teased Luke I nudged him in his side "Luke be nice" I said and looked at Michael he was so cute and adorable how does he not have a girlfriend? we continued walking we stopped by some booths I tried on a hat it looked stupid on me we walked on a bridge over a river we stopped and starred over it was very beautiful bet it would look more beautiful at night time suddenly we saw Calum walking towards us with food in his hands I rolled my eyes we walked around some more and of course took some selfies even took a picture of me and Luke kissing what were in the city of love we need to kiss a lot which I think Luke doesn't mind at all me either. Sadly though the boys had to do sound check so we walked back to the venue I sat in the dressing room and tried to write my song again but still had nothing why must song writing be so hard the boys make it look so easy but it really isn't finally it was show time as walked to the stage to wish HV good luck I noticed the boys were doing something in their dressing they were using spray paint uh oh this looks like a prank "what are you guys doing?" I asked them Luke smiled big when he saw me I blushed and smiled back at him "well you know during beside you the fans were holding up signs with one word on them" said Michael as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders I nodded "we find out who was behind it all and she's here tonight" said Calum "wait one girl was responsible for all that" I said shocked they nodded wow they have the best fans ever "so we're going to give back to all of the Europe fans by holding up a sign at the end of the show that says we love Europe fans" said Ashton I smiled these love their fans so much "Aww that is so sweet well I better wish HV good luck" I said I sided hugged Michael blew a kiss to Luke who caught it and held it to his heart I giggled I got to my spot wished HV good luck and watched them perform This is Why next they sang Blank Space the last song they sang was You Don't Love Me like you should they finished and ran off stage I hugged Rena "great job guys" I said they smiled at me than the boys started getting ready I hugged them for good luck and Ashton kissed Bryana on the cheek they are so cute Luke than kissed my cheek and hugged me I watched them start with End Up Here and Out of my Limit next they sang Heartbreak Girl and Voodoo Doll next they sang Permeant Vacation and Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they sang Rejects and Heartache on the Big Screen they brought the girl that behind the sign project she was very beautiful all the boys seemed to love her which made her smile 10 times bigger LOL she explained how she did the project I was shocked all she used was her Social Media wow Social Media is very powerful she played Michaels guitar and she said she never played before but she was actually pretty good she hugged all the boys well fist bumped Ashton cause he was at the drums he gave her a bandana and Michael gave her a guitar pick I high fived her when she got off stage "nice job you are truly a true fan" I said she smiled big and went back to her seat next HAOTBG next they sang Wrapped around your finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside You and once again signs popped up it was a long one this time than they sang Everything I Didn't Say next they sang American Idiot and Kiss Me Kiss Me next they sang for some reason was Highway to Hell it was funny though than they sang She Looks so Perfect they finished and ran off stage I smiled at them "once again great job boys" I said they smiled at me Luke kissed my head than they ran back on stage to sing the Encore Good Girls and What I like about you they finished but than came off the stage to grab the signs "um how come their is 5 signs?" I asked "one is for you babe come on" said Luke grabbing my hand pulling me on stage we walked to the end of the catwalk they bowed and I just waved than one by one we held the signs which just made the fans scream louder we got off stage and went to the dressing room "quick question are we flying to the UK tonight?" I asked the boys "no actually we're taking a boat" said Ashton my mouth dropped open a boat really that's new "cool I love boats but I like flying better" I said the boys chuckled at me I glared at them. We said bye to HV and got on the bus oh so it's a ferri ok that makes more sense we got on the boat and it was nice for a ferri we got out of the bus walked to the edge and looked out at the sea it was beautiful with the sun setting and everything I felt an arm wrap around me I looked to my side and saw Luke he smiled at me I smiled back and rested my head on his shoulder off to the Uk.

So Sorry it's Late I been having bad writer's block and I'll get finished ROWYSO before Sounds Live Feels Live starts really wish I was going but sadly no. Ok I need your guys opionin on something should Luke cheat on her with that girl (can't spell her name sorry) or should he not cheat on her at all? I can't decide which one would make my story dramatic if you have a idea write it in comments.







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