You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


50. Mom in troube,Uk leg of tour starts, finding out who the other opening act is, first night performing again?, Sheffield, mom update. BBC Radio 1 interview. O2 Area Night 1

Mom in troube, Uk leg of tour starts, finding out who the other opening act is, first night performing again?,Sheffield,  mom update. BBC Radio 1 interview. O2 Area Night 1
Tristan's POV
The next morning was hard Luke and Ashton were leaving after lunch and Luke would not leave my side not that I minded or anything I also got a text from my mom that she was going to FaceTime me today cause she had something very important to tell me it sounded serious I'm kind of worried my phone began ringing it was my  mom I took a deep breath and answered it Luke left the room to give me space "Hey Mom what's up?" I asked "Hey sweetie how's tour?" she asked "good Luke had a little cold but he's good now Asia is amazing this is has been an amazing tour so far" I said she smiled but looked upset "what's wrong Mommy you look sad?" I asked "honey I don't want you to worry but I'm having surgery on Friday cause they find a tumor in my stomach" she said my mouth dropped open a tumor but that means Cancer my mom has Cancer this is crazy my mom is the healthiest person on the planet this is not fair I felt tears start form in my eyes "Mom keep me updated ok?" I asked her "of course sweetie go on spend time with the boys" she said I blew her a kiss and hung up I couldn't hold the tears in anymore I burst out crying Luke came running into the room he pulled me into his arms "Luke my mom she has" I said but couldn't bring myself to say it "I heard everything you don't have to tell me just cry baby I'm here for you always" he whispered in my ear I smiled Luke is so perfect I snuggled into him more and just let the tears out Sadly it couldn't last forever he had to leave with Ashton he debated on going now but I pushed him to the door and told him I would be fine and if I need to cry some more I would cry into his pillow or sweater that I love so much he chuckled and hugged me one more time "call me when you need someone to talk too" he said I nodded and kissed his nose I hugged Ashton goodbye too than they left I grabbed Luke's sweater curled up into bed and cried into the sweater it smelled just like him I soon cried myself to sleep.  2 weeks later this has been the worst 2 weeks ever my mom is in the hospital for 5 to 7 days I been crying a lot and my boyfriend isn't here to comfort me Calum and Michael are trying to comfort me but it isn't the same thank goodness they are coming back today we're recording a little today than it's Rehearsal time before the first show of the UK Tour I been thinking a lot about performing and just don't think I can do it and with my mom thing going on I won't be able to focus on anything I really hope the boys will understand Luke texted saying their on their way here and he can't wait to see me I smiled I need my boy to cuddle up too his sweater is great but it's not him than the door opened and their stood my handsome boyfriend smiling like crazy "Lukey I missed you" I said running to him he picked me up and spun me around "I missed you too baby" he said and smashed our lips together I missed his lips on mine I kissed back we pulled away and I just hugged him close to me after all the boys reunited we went to the studio and recorded later I wasn't in a good mood Luke tried to cheer me up by taking funny selfies and sending them to me it made me smile a little than he took one with funny glasses on "Luke stop being adorable I'm trying to be sad" I said Calum chuckled now Rehearsal time I sat on one of speakers and watched them do their thing they rehearsal Catch Fire which was amazing than they goofed around being their selves and I couldn't help but burst into laughter "Yay she's laughing" said Ashton I smiled "I'm fine guys really my mom is going home soon she'll be fine I hope" I said "so I'm guessing performing is not happening?" asked Michael "I'm sorry guys I thought I could but I can't focus on anything right now" I said they nodded understanding. I just find out that the boys got another opening act since I don't want to do it right now and it's a boy his name is Jessarae he's cute and very talented and Canadian so I like him Luke looked a little mad wow he gets so jealous I love it as I watched the boys rehearsal I think about performing I miss it a lot but I can't right now my mom needs support right now I really wish I was home with her right now she texted me telling me she has staples in her stomach ouch but tonight is the Sheffield show so that will keep my mind off it I hope. The boys got ready and were ready to go on stage they told me I could come on stage and just sit on a chair and watch I accepted we went on and I watched the boys do their thing first they sang Hey Everybody/ Carry On than Outer Space next they sang HAOTBS and Waste the night which is so amazing live Luke's voice makes me love him even more next they sang Jet Black Heart and Beside You next they sang Catch Fire and End Up Here finally they sang She's Kinda Hot and did the final bow I stood up and clapped while they did it we ran off stage "well that was more fun than  standing backstage I'm doing that for now on" I said Luke smiled big we got back on the bus I texted my mom asking how she was but she was probably sleeping next stop London Yay
Tristan's POV
We got to London and had a radio interview in a little bit but first we had to rehearsal a little bit I really hope nothing bad happens this time maybe Michael should wear a helmet on stage LOL "well at least theirs no fire on stage this time" I said the boys chuckled and Michael suddenly got scared "I still have nightmares about that" he said tuning his guitar I pouted at him I sat on the piano chair and watched rehearsal they were killing it like always and than goofed around like always I tried not to laugh but it was so hard not too than Luke said he wanted to have sex with his guitar "excuse me?" I asked he quickly looked at me and thought I didn't hear him "just kidding babe I only want to have sex with you" he said I blushed deep red than I decided to play a little trick on them "HA Michael there's a spider on your foot" I yelled he screamed and jumped around the whole stage I burst out laughing "just kidding" I said the other boys laughed too "not cool Tristan" Michael whined I giggled "there's some on your guys feet too" I screamed Luke, Calum and Ashton all jumped and screamed I was laughing so hard I nearly fainted "ok that's enough T" said Ashton I giggled and sighted "sorry I couldn't help it" I said than stopped laughing completely they did a snapchat of the rest of the day than we rehearsal some more and it was funny when the boys were yelling at each other than we had an early dinner before the radio interview now it was time for the radio interview and it was once again funny after the interview the boys did crazy dance moves it was so funny finally it was time for the show and the boys were once again goofing off in the dressing room and played around with the meet & greet sheet it was very random but funny Luke did a crazy dance than it was show time I kissed Luke for good luck and he kissed my cheek before running to his spot I sat on the bench beside Michael as he started Carry On/ Hey Everybody than they sang Money and Outer Space next they sang Waste the night and Castaway next they sang Vapor and Catch Fire next they sang End Up Here and Disconnected next they sang Don't Stop and Jet Black Heart next they sang Amnesia and Beside You 3 sad songs in a row Why? next Ashton talked about fans than the signs than they sang a made up song than they sang Heartache on the big screen next they sang What I like about you and permeant vacation than Michael and Luke had a guitar battle "um guys now's not the time for that" I said into my mic next they sang She's Kinda hot they bowed and Michael tried to make me bow too but I didn't move an inch from the seat he gave up and went to bow with the boys I clapped and cheered than Ashton stood on a speaker to throw his drumsticks "ASH BE CAREFUL" I yelled into the my mic thankfully he didn't fall than we went off stage Luke was teasing Calum he did bad "Luke stop being mean" I said hugging Calum "I'm just kidding babe" he said than gave Calum a hug ( here is the tour diary we got back on the bus tomorrow round 2 of o2.

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