You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


17. Manchester- Radio 1 again- questions- LS- Chicago- LA

Tristan's POV
I woke up to Michael having a different hair colour again this time he had green hair "nice hair Mikey" I said he smiled and sided hugged me "thank you Tristan" he said and kissed my cheek I giggled a little and blushed Luke isn't the only one that makes me blush as bad as that is all the boys make me blush for different reasons Luke doesn't mind though he knows I have special bonds with all the boys and he's ok with it as long as he's the only one that gets to kiss me which I'm ok with. We got into the car and drove to Manchester for the EP signing I must say I'm really excited just as much as the boys are they love doing signings and meeting all their fans and seeing how happy they make their fans is just awesome we got to HMV and we could hear the screaming fans it was so loud we got to the table and the screaming just got even louder I sat at the end of the table and hugged some fans as they left some fans videotaped meeting the boys which was a good idea and one fan videotaped me it was really cute than it was time for the acoustic show and once again the screaming got louder when the boys came out After the show we drove back to the hotel to get some rest before we go on  BBC Radio 1 again "so boys did you enjoy that?" I asked them my head was on Mikey's shoulder "yes we did and was  it just me or was that audience louder than all of the other ones we had?" asked Ashton all the boys nodded their heads right away "yes they were pretty loud" I said we got to the hotel and the boys went straight to bed and so did I. The next morning we woke up really early and drove to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast and we were told we going to play spin the bottle oh boy this should be fun and it started Mikey went first and he lost so he had to kiss Ashton it was so funny and awkward Ashton went next and he got it right it was crazy than Luke went and he lost he hoped the bottle would land on me but it landed on Calum he got nervous suddenly and I giggled "come on Luke you and Calum have a bromance you have to kiss him" I teased he glared at me I giggled he kissed Calum's cheek it looked cute I must admit and for once I wasn't jealous of him kissing someone else LOL next was Calum and he lost so he had to kiss Ashton now that was funny they made silly faces and everything. Next we went and got breakfast than we went to a place where we had to answer fan questions that fans submitted from all over the world it was cool there wasn't  enough room for me so I sat on Luke's lap he didn't seem to mind though and one by one we asked questions and answered them together it was very fun and funny Luke did not take his arms off me the whole time which was ok with me I loved being in his arms the boys let me answer a few questions but they mostly answered them. Next was the LiveStream where the boys put on ninja turtle costumes it was pretty funny Ashton didn't want to wear it but the boys forced him in this Live Stream the boys will be answering fan questions by fans on Skype which sounds so cool and those fans are probably going to freak out I would too anyway here it goes well the show started with the boys having trouble hearing the fans talking and laughing the fans asked questions Calum asked a fan out and she freaked LOL and the boys played some songs they sang don't stop and she looks so perfect and during she looks so perfect Calum started laughing which caused Ashton and Luke to laugh it was a mess but a funny one anyway the whole hour was full of laughter and Ashton was being stupid but what else is new LOL. After the show we went back to the hotel and just chilled out had dinner and watched a movie which I got to pick and I picked little mermaid the boys groaned and I glared at them "hey I love this movie I watched it all the time when I was kid and I met Ariel when I was 10 so watch this and don't complain" I said snuggling into Luke who just smiled and pulled me close to him during the movie the boys had fallen asleep so it was just me and Luke "so do you like this movie?" I asked him he looked at me and smiled "yes it's not bad" he said which meant he liked it but didn't love it like I did that's ok it is a princess movie after all I let out a yawn and Luke chuckled at me "tired babe you should sleep we have a busy day in the studio tomorrow" he said I nodded and snuggled closer to him just before my eyes closed I heard Luke whisper something in my ear "I love you Tristan Brown so much you are the best thing that has ever happened to me" he said I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face. I was awaken by someone rubbing my cheek with their finger I opened my eyes and Luke was looking at me with his hand on my cheek "were you watching me sleep?" I asked him he had a cheeky smile on his smile that turned into a smirk "I can't help it you look so cute sleeping" he said grabbing my hand I blushed deep red Luke is so perfect it kills me seriously what did I do to deserve him? "your even cheeky in the morning" I said standing up and stretching my  arms he chuckled and stood up too I got dressed in just a sweatshirt and sweatpants I was too lazy to put on nice clothes "how is it possible that you look more beautiful in those clothes than nice clothes?" a voice whispered in my ear that shivers down my spine "I don't know you look handsome even tired" I said it was his turn to blush and he bit his lip ring which is so hot I quickly left the room before I lost it why must he be so hot that it makes me go crazy? I got to the living room area of the hotel room and Michael, Ashton and Calum were on the couch on their phones "morning boys" I said sitting down beside them they all smiled at me and Ashton sided hugged me "morning Tristan sleep well"? he asked winking at me I giggled and nudged him playfully "haha very funny" I said and rested my head on his shoulder Luke soon came into the room too and sat beside Michael we ordered room service and soon their manger came into the room he has a key so he can just walk in whenever he wants "ok guys and girl today we are going in the studio until 3:00 than we are flying to Chicago and do a acoustic show and a regular show than we are flying to LA and do an show at the famous House of blues than the next day we are doing another acoustic show and another regular show than we are going back in the studio" he said oh so now we are back to the normal schedule yay we all piled into the car and drove to the studio and the boys recorded some songs and I worked on my song it's getting there but I'm still having trouble. At 3:00 we drove to the airport I noticed Calum was wearing a beanie which is strange because he usually wears snapbacks but this time he wasn't but I'm not going to ask we got on the airplane and were on our way to Chicago yay. We got to Chicago and went to the stadium to practice for a little bit before we went to the radio station I sat in the front row and watched the guys in action even during practice they perform like they are in front of an audience it's always so cute seeing how happy they are and now they always have so much fun than we were on our way to the radio station "good job boys tonight's show is going to rock" I said Luke wrapped his arm around me "thanks babe you are my good luck charm" he said kissing my cheek I giggled and snuggled into him more Calum was still wearing his beanie "Calum why are you still wearing that beanie?" I asked him he smiled at me "because I dyed my hair and I don't want anyone to see it yet" he said my mouth dropped open I didn't know he dyed his hair "oh can I see it?" I asked him he shook his head I pouted guess he wants everybody to be surprised we got to the radio station and it wasn't too bad there was fans but not a lot than the show started the first song they sang was Out of my Limit than they talked about shooting guns the last time they were in Chicago and Michael got a scar than Luke was told to rap but he was too scared than they sang she looks so perfect than Luke talked about being bullied in school it was so sad I wrapped him in a side hug than the boys answered some questions the fans asked some pretty funny ones too than Calum finally took his beanie off and his hair was blond in the front it looked good on him "nice hair Calum" I said the audience laughed. After the show we went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert and Luke decided to go out and meet fans who were at the back entrance I went with him but I stayed inside and watched him meet the fans it was so cute some fans saw me and waved at me I smiled at waved back the fans were being so calm it was nice to see and Luke got to every single person it was great than we had to go and get ready he walked back to me and smiled at me "they all slip us together" he said I smiled and took his hand we than started walking back to our room. We got into the car and drove to the venue the fans were still outside I waved at them but I don't think they saw me we got to the venue and the boys started to get ready for their performance I sat on the couch and checked Twitter I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and it was Niall with a smile on his face "Hey Niall" I said smiling at him he sat down beside me and I'll admit I still get nervous around the one direction boys because I was a huge fan of them for years and now I'm best friends with them which is still crazy "hey Tristan how's the song coming?" he asked me sitting down beside me Niall is the only one that knows about my secret song I'm writing I was just about to tell him it was going good when my phone started ringing I looked at the number it was Chloe I quickly answered it "Hey Chloe" I said she suddenly started yelling "TRISTAN OH MY GOD WE MISS YOU WE ARE COMING TO THE SHOW TONIGHT DO YOU THINK YOU GET US BACKSTAGE TO SEE THE BOYS" she yelled I suddenly got happy I missed these girls so much and I'm sure the boys will love to see them again well 3 of them will "no problem head over to the back entrance and I will meet you there" I said she screamed again and hanged up well guess I better get going I hugged Niall and stood up "where do you think you are going missy?" asked Luke grabbing my arm I smiled at me "I'm getting three surprises for the boys before the show starts I'm sure they are going to love it" I said winking at him he looked confused "don't worry I'll be back before you go on I promise" I said he suddenly got all happy and spin me around a little "alright as long as your back soon and I get my good luck kiss from you" he said I giggled and pecked his lips lightly I ran to the back entrance and looked around for the girls I suddenly saw Jasmine's purple hair I got so happy and bolted over there yelling "GIRLS OVER HERE" I yelled they turned around and saw me they all screamed and ran over to me I was soon crushed into a huge hug they soon let go of me and we all started talking at once "I missed you guys so much" I said they all smiled "We missed you too Tristan so how are you and Luke doing?" asked Jasmine Chloe and Jaymi smirked at me I blushed and giggled "we are doing good he told me he loved me in Paris at the top of the Effie Tower" I said smiling from that memory "Aw that is so cute" said Jasmine I nodded "so have the boys said anything about us?" asked Jaymi I just noticed she didn't mention anything about Steven maybe she finally ended things with him I'll ask her about it later "yes they keep saying they miss you it's really annoying" I said they all blushed I would too if I find out three members of 5 seconds of summer missed me "we should go I have to see Luke before he goes on stage or he'll freak out" I said knowing he's probably doing that this very moment the girls giggled and followed me inside we walked back to the dressing room and I could hear the boys goofing off inside I knocked on the door and I heard Luke yell "come in" I opened the door and the girls followed me "hey boys I bought you  a surprise look up" I said the boys turned their heads and their mouths all dropped open except Luke's he just smiled at me the boys all ran over to us I quickly moved out of the way so I wouldn't get pushed I walked over to Luke and sat beside him "I think they are happy" I said he chuckled and wrapped his arm around my waist I watched the girls hug the boys I have never seen the boys so happy Ashton had his arm around Chloe's shoulder and Michael was hugging Jasmine she had a huge smile on her face but the cutest was Jaymi and Calum they were wrapped tightly in each other's arms Jaymi had her head on his shoulder it was so cute those two are so meant to be it was time for the show so I held Luke's hand as we took the long walk towards the stage I could feel Luke was getting nervous because I felt his hand tighten as we got closer to the stage "Luke you will be fine" I said he smiled but still looked nervous I rolled my eyes and pulled him into a hug "you have nothing to worry about you are going to kill it just like you always do" I told him he smiled and nudged his nose on mine "thank you Tristan for always being here for me and the boys I don't know what we would do if you weren't here to cheer us on" he said I blushed deep red these boys were my second family I love them so much and would do anything for them "I love you guys and I think I have become a bigger fan than I was before if that's even possible" I said Luke chuckled and pulled me into a kiss I kissed back I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me we pulled apart just in time for Luke to go on stage he grabbed his guitar and a pick I quickly hugged him again and kissed his cheek he ran on stage I high fived Mikey and Calum before they went on stage I was soon joined by the girls we wrapped our arms around each other as we watched our boys rock it. Once again they rocked it and Luke sounded awesome as usual they got off the stage and they were all sweaty and gross "eww you sweaty get away from me" I teased Luke chuckled and chased me "come on babe just one hug" he asked I shook my head and pushed him away from me he pouted and walked towards the showers I giggled and walked over to Calum and Jaymi who were cuddling "Aw aren't you two adorable" I said they blushed but didn't let go of each other I rolled my eyes and sat down on one of the chairs and played on my phone. Sadly the girls couldn't stay over night they were just in town for the concert and are driving back home tonight the guys were not happy about that either was I because I'm back to being the only girl we all hugged the girls goodbye and I promised to text them more often after they left we went back to the hotel to sleep because we are flying to LA tomorrow yay we got back to the hotel and the boys fell asleep right away I got into my PJ's and fell asleep on the couch. We woke up around 7:00 in the morning and were on our way to the airport we got on the plane and we all fell back to sleep Luke had his head on my shoulder I didn't mind it strangely it was actually comfy this boy is so perfect and is all mine.
LA Here we come 

 Tristan's POV
I woke up and we were about to land Luke's head was still on my shoulder he looked so cute sleeping I didn't want to wake him but I had too "Lukey wake up" I said shaking his shoulder he opened his beautiful blue eyes and smiled at me "hey babe have we landed yet?" he asked in his hot morning voice god why must he be hot even in the morning "we are about too so that's why I woke you up" I said he chuckled and held my hand I love it when he holds my hand our hands fit perfectly inside each other I noticed that on our first date and his hands are so soft and whenever he squeezes my hand it makes my heart skip a beat I felt the plane start to drop and than I felt the bumping under me we have landed we got off the plane and drove to the hotel tonight was the House of Blues show so the boys had to go and practice as we drove I looked out the window LA looked so beautiful I always wanted to come here when I was little we got to the House of blues and there were already people lined up lucky they didn't see us we got inside and I held Luke's hand because we were about to see the famous house of blues stage we got backstage and walked onto the stage I let out a gasp and the boys eyes widened the stage was huge a lot bigger than I thought it would be I could tell the boys were excited to perform here and I was excited for them too this place was huge and sold out the boys spend the rest of the day practicing going through all the songs and trying to not forget the words we soon had a fast dinner than it was show time the first song they were going to sing is 18 and this show was being recorded for a live album which sounds so cool the boys were about to run onto the stage "good luck boys rock it" I said I high fived Ashton hugged Calum and Michael and Luke pulled me into a tight hug "I love you" he said I smiled and said "I love you too now go" I said he quickly pecked my lips and ran onto the stage I went to the other side of the stage where they are coming off and watched them rock it first song was 18 they killed it the next song was
Voodoo doll and it was awesome I couldn't help but sing along with them Calum looked at me and smiled I smiled back the next song was Heartbreak girl Luke looked at me and winked I blushed and giggled it was good I couldn't help but smile I will never be a Heartbreak girl because Luke will never hurt me at least I hope not the next song was Don't Stop which was one of my favorites I started singing and dancing to it the next song was Out of my Limit was another one of my favorites my feet were starting to hurt so I sat down in a chair and watched them rock it they talked a little before the song though. The next song was Disconnected which was another one of my favorites they sound so good singing it the next song was Amnesia which always makes me cry and is one of their slower songs it always makes me cry hearing Calum sing than Luke it has so much passion. The next song was Besideyou which is another one of my favorites Calum suddenly came towards me and held his hand out "come on Tristan be on stage with us" he said I grabbed his hand and was pulled onto the stage I sat on a chair that was there for some reason and watched them perform the next song was Everything I didn't say they all talked a little and Luke said he had gum on his shoe it was funny Ashton talked a little before they started the next song was Long Way Home and Luke and Calum started arguing about something Luke said about the song it was funny "boys just play the song" I yelled they sounded awesome the next song was Heartache on the big screen which was another one of my favorites the next song was American idiot by green day which was one of the fastest songs I have ever heard and the boys did a good job performing it Ashton said he sucked at it but I think he rocked it. the next song was Kiss me Kiss me which was another one of my favorites Luke walked over to me and pulled me to his microphone he looked at me the whole time which made my heart pound so fast after the song he kissed my cheek I giggled and sat back down in my chair. The next song was a cover and it was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry which was my favorite song by her the boys rocked and I sang along with them the next song was called Lost Boy I never heard this song before so I can't wait  to hear it it was awesome and catchy Luke's voice sounded so great on it too the next song was Good girls which is a pretty good song that song is so catchy and awesome the boys sometimes say I'm a bad girl but I'm really a good girl LOL the next song was another cover and it was What I like about you which is one of my favorite songs and it's catchy to sing too none of their voices cracked during the whole song which is amazing and impressive. The next song is End Up Here which is an awesome song I was mouthing the words to the songs the whole time the next song was She Looks so Perfect which is my all time favorite Luke walked over to me again and grabbed my hand again and pulled me up he looked at me the whole time and AHH part he pushed  the microphone towards me and I sang into it "AHHHHH" I sang the boys all smiled at me they love hearing me sing than they did the jump and it was even more crazy up close the last song they did was called Pizza and it was mostly Ashton screaming though it was very weird and Luke did this weird up and down this with his guitar I was so confused. After the show the boys ran backstage and did a huge group hug it was so cute I quickly ran away so I wouldn't get hugged by 4 sweaty guys LOL after they all showered and weren't smelly anymore we drove back to the hotel Luke would not stop kissing my cheek and it was getting really annoying "Luke stop kissing my cheek it tickles" I said he stopped and rested his head on my shoulder I rolled my eyes and patted his head we got back to the hotel and Luke started tickling me for some reason "HA Luke stop it" I said gigging non stop he chuckled and continued "I won't kiss you tonight if you don't stop" I threated but I don't think I sounded scary because I kept giggling he stopped and pulled into his arms "I'm sorry babe please you know I can't live without your kisses" he said I smiled he looked at me and he realized I tricked him he glared and I smiled all innocent "what?" I asked he rolled his eyes and pecked my lips I giggled and got into my PJ's I got into the bed and snuggled into the blankets I felt Luke wrap his arms around me "did you have fun tonight?" I asked him turning around and facing him he nodded and rubbed his fingers on my cheek "Yes I did I still can't believe we played the house of blues and it was sold out" he said I giggled and smiled at him "well believe it because it happened and more is coming and I'll be with you through it all" I said Luke smiled and pulled me into his arms I love snuggling with him it makes me feel safe and loved "I love you" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine " I love you too" I said than we both fell into a peaceful sleep. We had to wake really early to go to the radio station Luke just wore a hat because he was too tired to fix his hair and I must say he looks hot in a snapback so does Michael are the boys trying to kill me or something why must they look hot in the morning? also Ashton was wearing glasses and never seen him in glasses before he looked good with them "nice glasses Ashton" I said he smiled and sided hugged me we got to the radio station and it was crazy fans were everywhere Luke held my hand tightly so I wouldn't get lost in the crowd we got inside and I sat in the front on the floor beside some fans were so nice and sweet the first song they sang was Out of my Limit and at the end of the song Calum told Luke to shred which he didn't do because he didn't want too but his face was so cute when they finished they all said the audience was loud and they were the next song was She Looks so perfect than by the end of the song Calum did something that Ashton talk and made Luke laugh which was made me smile I love hearing Luke laugh than they all laughed and did a guitar solo which was crazy than Calum said the audience was awesome  the last song they sang was Amnesia "Sing it Calum" said Luke playing the guitar I giggled at him during the song Michael sang "I can't play acoustic guitar" which caused the boys to laugh and me roll my eyes he can be such a goof sometimes he was like that during the whole song after that it was question time I got off the floor and jumped onto the stage Luke pulled me on his lap at once it was question time 2 girls got hugged one from Ashton and another from Michael it was cute and those had smiles on their faces that weren't leaving anytime soon than Luke stole the host hat "Luke don't take hats" I said he stuck his tongue out at me and put the hat on his another hat I rolled my eyes I'm dating a 5 year old. After the radio interview we had another interview with Young Hollywood which is so cool because I watched young Hollywood when I was at home we got to the place where the interview was being taped and I could tell this was going to be fun I sat on a chair beside Michael Luke pouted that I didn't get to sit on his lap I smiled and giggled the interview started it was fun and funny they talked about someone kidnapping Ketchup that was funny and a little sad. After the funniest interview I ever been part of we got to venue for the show and practiced for the show tonight the boys killed it like always I sat in the seats and continued to write my song it was getting on my nerves every time I think of a line I can't think of the next line why can't I be a song writer like Calum? "someone is stressed out today" said a voice it wasn't Luke because he was up on stage I could see him so I looked up and Harry Styles was standing there with a grin on his face "oh hey Harry" I said quickly shutting my book so he wouldn't see what I was writing "yeah just have a lot on my mind I have to write a song that I can sing on the boys tour but nothing is coming" I said putting my head in my hands Harry rubbed my back "well don't give up" he said I smiled other than Luke Harry was someone I can always talk too and no matter what I always smiled and also why when I was a fan he was my favorite "thanks Harry your the best don't tell Luke I said that" I said he chuckled and nodded. The show was once again awesome we got back to the hotel and went straight to bed.

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