You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


15. Italy Milan and Spain and first fight and England and Scotland


Italy Milan Part 1    
Tristan's POV
I woke up at 5am to the boys screaming once again they were lucky that I was too tired to slap them we were on our way to Italy we were going to a city called Milan where the boys went with one direction in June I can't wait to see it I can't what happened the night before out of my head it's like my dream that I been dreaming for years actually happened but I don't remember almost having sex in my dream that was not excepted at all but it was nice but I'm glad I stopped it before it got to far it was the best night of my life wonder what Italy has in store for me and the boys I have a feeling it's going to be good. We got on the airplane and once again I was sitting beside Luke but just him this time so I got the window seat yay I put my music on and held Luke's hand he smiled and rubbed his thumb on my hand I giggled and smiled at him he was so perfect. I must of fell asleep because I was shaken awake by Luke "wake up babe we are about to land I put your seatbelt on for you" he said kissing my four head I opened my eyes and sure enough my seatbelt was on I smiled at him " thank you Lukey" I said he blushed and held my hand the plane landed and we got off they were a lot of fans the police were there to block them Luke held my hand tighter the fans started to chase us it was crazy we got in the car and we drove off "That was insane" said Michael I nodded my head Luke looked worried about me I grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek "don't worry Lukey I'm fine" I said he didn't look convinced though I rested my head on his shoulder there were millions of fans on the sidewalks as we drove it was crazy we got to the place where the show was and there was a Minnie stage outside and once the boys got it the crowd went super crazy they took a Selfie with the fans in it  we got inside and I sat at the end of the stage as the boys sang Out of my Limit than they got asked to speak Italian it was pretty funny "don't look at me I don't know any Italian" I said when the boys asked me for help than they had to say their favourite food I said ice cream which is my favourite food in the world. After the show we went to the hotel waiting for the host of a radio station to come and interview us we all sat on big couch I was in between Luke and Michael "this is going to be an long interview" I said Luke chuckled and kissed my cheek I pushed him playfully "can you two not be cute when I'm sitting so close to you it's gross" said Michael I giggled and Luke chuckled the guy came in the room and shook our hands the interview started than at the end of it we had to say kiss kiss my ass to somebody it was funny I said to all the people who thought I would never get a boyfriend they were so wrong. Next stop was the voice Italy studio where the boys are performing I'm so excited for them they practiced and than it was show time and once again they nailed it they sang don't stop which is one of my favorite songs of there's after the show we went back to the hotel and just chilled for the rest of the day tomorrow we fly to Spain so tomorrow is going to be crazy.

Tristan's POV
The Next morning we had to be up really early so the boys once again woke me up by yelling and jumping on the bed it was so loud I got ready and we were on our way to the radio station I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and yawned a little "tired babe?" Luke asked me I nodded my head all this traveling is making all of us so tired but we are enjoying it I know the boys are so I shouldn't complain and plus Luke is wearing a plait shirt again and it's red I swear he's going to make me go crazy one day LOL. We got to the studio and the interview began it went so fast I don't think anyone knew what was going on I didn't that's for sure next stop another radio station but we had a bite to eat before we got there and once we got there the interview began they were talking so fast but it was fun. After the interview we went straight to the airport and were on our way to Spain.
This interview was after 5 countries in 5 days but for my story just pretend it is ok

~~Tristan's POV    
We got off the plane in Spain and the boys took pictures with some of the fans it was crazy once again than we headed off to the acoustic show than interviews again we got to the place where the show was and it was crazy the fans were screaming and pushing the police were there and holding the fans back it was insane but as we walked onto the stage the screams were so loud the boys sang heartbreak girl first than we answered some questions well the boys did I just added stuff in to make it interesting than the boys sang beside you the fans held up signs that said Real fans save bands it was so cute I swear Michael was about to cry Calum too Luke tried to make Michael smile and I tried to make Calum smile I got to answer one question I had to describe the boys in one word "um Ashton is crazy" I said the audience laughed and Ashton got crazy like I said "um Calum is cuddy" I said it's true Calum is like a huge teddy bear when you hug him "Um Michael is um loud" I said he glared at me oh boy how I gotta describe Luke in one word "and Luke is um cheeky" I said Luke looked at me and I smirked at him he playfully glared at me and I giggled I wanted to kiss him but that would be awkward so I just stay sitting starring at him I now had the urge to kiss him he knew it because he kept looking at me and winking at me he can be so mean sometimes finally the show was over we bowed and left the stage as we got into the private part Luke pushed me against the wall I streaked a little because I wasn't excepting it "Luke what are you doing?" I asked him he kissed my nose than my four head "I know you wanted to kiss me up there babe" he said I blushed he knows me so well "yes I did and it didn't help that you kept winking at me" I said to him he smirked at me and rested his four head on mine I could feel his lips on mine "just kiss me babe" he said before I could reply his lips were on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me we couldn't kiss long since we were in the hallway so I pulled away from him and he pouted "I love you" I told him that still feels weird to say "I love you too" Luke said taking my hand in his. We got back to the hotel and just chilled  out I was scrolling through my phone when I find text messages from Jennifer I read them and they were so mean and rude "you ok babe?" asked Luke looking at me I completely forgot he was in the room "yeah I'm fine" I lied Luke looked at me with a look he took my hands in his "no your not I can see it what's wrong" he said dang it he can read me so well might as well "it's just I really wish I could tell my friends the truth but if I do than I'll get hate than I'll be depressed for the whole tour" I said Luke sighed and pulled me close to him "don't worry babe they don't deserve to know truth and I wouldn't call them your friends by the way they treat you" he said I smiled at him he always knew what to say "what did I do to deserve you huh?" I asked him snuggling into him "I'm pretty sure I should be asking you that" he said chuckling entwining our fingers together I suddenly felt guilty that I didn't tell him about running into the girls as I was walking to the studio "um Luke there's something I have to tell you" I said Luke suddenly got worried he held both my hands and looked straight at me "what is it babe?" he asked I took a deep breathe "As I walked to the studio the other day I ran into the girls and they threatened to take you away from me" I said wow that was tough I didn't like the look on Luke's face "WHAT YOU LIED TO ME" he yelled letting go of my hands I was afraid of this "Luke I only lied because I didn't want you to worry" I said to him "seriously babe those could of beaten you up or worse you could of told Michael or me or any of the other boys" he said he looked heartbroken he got off the bed and walked to the door "Luke wait please" I screamed tears coming into my eyes he turned around and looked at me "I'm sorry I lied to you but I can't let those girls get to me and take away the best thing that has ever happened to me I love you" I said Luke's cheeks turned a little red and he bit his lip ring god that was so cute he put his hands on my cheeks and whips the tears away "you are not going to lose me ever I love you too so much" he said I ran into his arms and hugged him tight he was so sweet and perfect "that was our first fight" he said I giggled and looked at him "lets never fight again" I said we probably would end up fighting again but I didn't want to ruin the moment "agreed" he said and than smashed his lips on to mine we walked back to the bed and made out for the rest of the night we went from a fight to making out. The Next Morning we got to sleep in which was awesome I snuggled into Luke suddenly the door burst open and three annoying boys came running in "Morning guys wake up our manger is going to be here soon" yelled Mikey I groaned into Luke's chest I never wake up normally anymore me and Luke got up and got ready I made sure my suitcase was packed and made sure I didn't forget anything I sat on the couch beside Calum with my head on his shoulder their manger came and he looked happy "ok boys and girl we are going to England  than going to be on a morning TV Show and perform at Wembley and be on Australia 60 minutes show with your moms than we are going to Scotland and do an EP signing and perform there than we are going to New York and than we are flying to  Manchester and do another EP signing an acourstic interview" he said wow these guys are busy and I'll be with them every step of the way and I can't wait to go to England and Scotland and New York this is going to be so fun. We got on an airplane and said bye to Spain and we were on our way to England I'm kind of glad I told Luke what happened a weight has lifted off my shoulders and he took it better than I thought he would I put my music on and looked out the window England we come. We landed in England we were greeted by fans than we went straight to the arena and played the show it was crazy I got to meet Luke's mom and I'll admit I was nervous but she's really nice I think she likes me I hope I watched the show with the moms it was fun and all of them are really cool and are proud of their boys. The next day we woke up early and went straight to the  TV Studio it was crazy I sat at the end of the couch beside Luke and was included in some of the interview but it was mostly the boys we watched the Don't stop video which is still one of my favorites than we went over to the kitchen area and cooked we talked a little more than started cooking whenever someone said blackeye pees music would play it was funny and annoying after we cooked the boys sang Don't stop acoustic reason it was good After the show we went out for lunch with their moms and I got to know Liz a little more and she got to know me know Luke seemed happy that his mom liked me and his mom seemed happy that I make Luke happy than we went back to the hotel and watched 60 minutes it was very good lucky I wasn't in it which is was ok with me it was about 5 seconds of summer anyway but I was mention in it after we watched the show we went to bed because we had to wake up early to fly to Scotland I fell asleep right away.

~~ I was awoken up by a kiss that placed on my cheek I knew right away who it was I opened my eyes and there was my handsome boyfriend looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes that make me melt whenever I look at him "Hey beautiful sleep well?" he asked me in his sexy morning voice stupid hormones I sat up and stretched my arms "yes I did sleep well how about you?" I asked him he smiled at me and pulled into his warm arms that I love so much "yes I did because I had you beside me" he said I blushed and giggled "still as cheeky as ever" I said he blushed and kissed the top of my head I got out of bed and got ready can't believe I was going to the place where my mom was born she is going to be so happy when I tell her about it I got dressed and the boys had my breakfast I love now they make sure I eat before we leave they all care about me so much it's really sweet and a little crazy since I been a fan for 2 years but I just scream in my head now. After breakfast we went to the airport and were on our way to Scotland yay I must of fallen asleep on the plane because when I woke up we have landed in Scotland which was awesome we went to the hotel and put our stuff there and than we drove to HMV to do a signing and interview as we drove I could not stop looking out the window there was an castle or a church on every corner it was so cool we got to the store and it was crazy there were fans lined all around the building it was crazy I sat at the end of the table beside Michael and the signing went really well I hugged some of the fans and they gave gifts to the boys it was so cool in the interview I find out we were in Glasgow which was cool and their EP got to number 1 which was crazy and when we go back to the UK we will find out if they are number 1 there too I'm excited for them and nervous because my next single is going to be played at the same radio station we are going to so I'm nervous but excited too next stop is New York City which I'm really excited about I'm still writing my secret song and it's almost done so hopefully I'll be able to perform it for the boys soon hopefully anyway back to the present we are on our way back to the airport to fly to New York these past few days have very stressful but I'm enjoying every minute of it and I wouldn't change anything bring on New York.

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