You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


7. going on tour

Tristan's POV
Luke loves me? but he only has known me for 2 months I'm so confused do I love him or no I mean I like him a lot he's the sweetest boy on the planet he's funny, sweet, cute, romantic, hot, plus he's a very good kisser too but do I love him I never loved anyone apart from my family before I always dreamed  about finding love  but it never came true I don't think I even know what love is? I don't want to break his heart so hopefully he won't say it for a while than I'll know by than this is so hard I need help perhaps the girls I met yesterday can help when I see them today during lunch and it would be a good time to do some matchmaking. After breakfast we got back on the bus and just stayed there until it was time to practice before the show. After we practiced I decided to text the girls to see they wanted to hang out plus I needed to tell them what Luke said I haven't told him that I over heard him saying he loves me because than he would ask if I loved him? than it would be awkward it's actually pretty easy acting like everything is normal because well it is but I can't help but think about Luke being in love with me I should be happy but I don't know I need to tell someone maybe those girls I met at the meet and greet can help I texted Jaymi and she texted the other girls and they agreed to meet me too I got ready and than I heard a knock on the door "come in" I yelled and turned around it was Luke and he was smiling big I loved his smile he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me "what are you want Lukey?" I asked him wrapping my arms around his waist "what I'm not allowed just to hang with my beautiful girlfriend" he said I giggled and hugged him he hugged back tight than he leaned down and kissed me on the lips it was longer than the other ones I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me I had to stand  on my tippy toes since he's a giant we pulled away and I blushed deep red "what was that for?" I asked him he smiled big "no reason I just wanted to kiss you" he said I blushed  deep red and giggled "I'm going to be hanging with the girls I met yesterday" I told him snuggling into him he wrapped his arms tightly around me "but I want to hang with you" he whined like a 5 year old I laughed and kissed his cheek "Luke we can't be together all the time besides don't you boys have meetings before we get on the road again?" I asked him he sighted and nodded "I guess so" he said pouting I hugged him tight "besides I think I find girls for the boys don't you want them in relationships too so they stop bugging us?" I asked him he chuckled and nodded "yeah it would be nice to kiss you without hearing groaning in the back round" he said I chuckled and nodded "I got to go now their meeting me at the gate" I told him and hugged him again  he pouted but hugged me back "alright I'll text you when we are done with our meetings" he told me I nodded and kissed his cheek I grabbed my purse and phone walked to the door but I reached it I felt arms around my waist and lips on my neck "Luke let go please?" I begged him even though I was enjoying having his lips on my neck he sighted and let go I kissed his nose and ran out  the door. I got to the gate and I saw them standing there already I hugged them all and said to them "do you girls want to meet the boys? I asked them they all screamed yes and started jumping I laughed wonder what their going to say when I tell them I'm setting them up with their dream guys "can we go get some food first I'm hungry the boys ate all the food" I said they laughed and sure we went to McDonald's and we got to know each other better and they fit the other boys perfectly now it's time to tell them my plan "so girls after I first met you I realized something scary" I told them they confused looks so I continued "you three are just like Michael, Calum, and Ashton but in girl bodies you guys are perfect for them" I told them Chloe and Jessica started screaming loudly but Jaymi wasn't jumping and screaming in fact she wasn't even screaming but I thought she would since she loved Calum "what's up Jaymi?" I asked her she just shrugged and said "thanks Tristan but I don't need a soul mate I already have one my boyfriend Steven" she said my eyes widened she had a boyfriend oh well "alright how about you and Calum become just friends than" I told her she nodded and smiled big. After breakfast we went to the mall to buy new outfits to meet the boys well I bought one to make Luke drool LOL he gets so nervous when he sees me in something new it's pretty funny "I'm so nervous" said Jessica I laughed and patted her shoulder "don't worry Jessica Michael will you love you just as long as you don't laugh at his hair" I told her she gave me a confused look but smiled big I noticed Jaymi was texting someone "who are you texting?" I asked her "Steven just to tell him I'm meeting Calum so he won't get jealous" she said I laughed "good plan because knowing Calum he'll try to flirt with you" I said to her she smiled big which meant she was going to be ok with that not interested huh? we walked around the mall till Luke texted me telling they were finished wonder what the meeting was about "what's the meeting about?" asked Chloe I shrugged my shoulders "I have no idea I don't think they even know" I told her she nodded than my vibrated I looked at it and it was Luke it said "hey beautiful the meeting is over I told the boys you were bringing girls over and they are going crazy it's pretty funny anyway get back here fast because we have a huge surprise for you see you soon kisses" it said I blushed at the beautiful part "girls we have to go now the boys are waiting for us and they have a huge surprise for us oh and Luke told the boys you were coming with me and they freaking out which is a very good thing" I told them they jumped and screamed as we left the mall I was thinking about the surprise what could it be?

Luke's POV
I hate meetings they are so boring I rather go shopping  at least I'll be with Tristan when I go shopping but instead I'm stuck in the hotel room with the boys and manger "ok boys how before I let you go I have a huge announcement that I'm sure you will love" our manger told us that got our attention "are we finally getting a private jet?" asked Michael Calum hit his head Ashton laughed and I rolled my eyes although having a private jet would be cool "no Michael what is your guys as a band biggest dream" our manger asked us "um our own tour" I told him "exactly but why do just a tour when you can do a headlining tour that's right started in November of this 5 seconds of summer is going on their own headlining tour" our manger yelled my mouth dropped Ashton spit out his water and Calum and Michael were frozen in shock our own headlining tour that's like the biggest dream we have ever had besides getting a number 1 album I looked at the boys and we all started screaming and ran to do a group hug we were so happy could not wait to tell Tristan wait Tristan? hope she's aloud to come with us? "hey is Tristan allowed to come with us" I asked our manger he was smiling again "of course she is going to be your opening act" he said I think I smiled the biggest smile I have ever smiled ever my girlfriend was going to be our opening act on our headlining tour could this get any better? Um No I can't wait to tell her I got my phone out and quickly texted her to get back here fast could not wait to tell her.

Tristan's POV
We got back to venue and the girls were freaking out again and I kept telling them not to worry the boys were going to love them but I couldn't get the surprise out of my head what could it be? we got into the bus and I was tackled with hugs from the boys "HA boys nice to see you too I can't breathe though" I said they laughed and yet go of me "sorry Tristan" said Calum but he stopped mid sentence because he saw the girls behind me Michael and Ashton had the same faces match making "boys I will like you to meet the girls I met yesterday at the meet and greet this is Jaymi, Jessica and Chloe girls meet Calum, Michael and Ashton" I said to them all the girls all screamed and the boys chuckled and started talking to them I saw Luke and ran up to him he picked me up and spun me around I giggled and hugged him tight he kissed my head and kept his arms around me "come with me I have some very exciting news" he said I turned around and saw that girls were just fine "Ok can't wait to hear it" I told him he pulled me away from the others towards the game room wow he really wants to be alone "are you sure there's news or do you just want to make out with me?" I asked him he shut the door and turned around to look at me smiling "as tempting as that is right now seeing you in that outfit there really is news which is going to make you so happy like it made me so happy" he said I blushed deep red and sat down on the couch he sat beside me and took my hands "alright what is it?" I asked him he starting smiling big I never seen him so happy this must be very big "ok our manger told us that starting in November 5 seconds of summer is going on their own headlining tour" he started my mouth dropped open this is their biggest dream ever "OMG I'm so happy for you guys this is like your biggest dream ever" I leaning in to hug him but he stopped me still smiling "that's not even the best part guess who our opening act is?" he asked me I tried thinking but couldn't think of anyone "who?" I asked him he took my hands again and squealed them "you" he said my mouth dropped open as I let out a scream my hands went over my mouth "are you serious?" I asked him not believeing what I was hearing he nodded and kissed my nose "it's true babe you are going to be our opening act" he said I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight I was so happy couldn't to tell my family they are going to be so proud of me oh and my friends back home they are not going to believe this I looked into Luke's eyes and smashed my lips onto his he was shocked at first but kissed back we pulled away I wanted to tell him I loved him but still wasn't sure about that I forgot to tell the girls I'll tell him after we celebrate I pulled Luke out of the room and ran to tell the girls when I told them they screamed and hugged me I hugged the boys and spend the rest watching TV. After the girls left I Skype my parents and told them the news they were so happy for me I thanked them and told them I miss them and love them so much after the Skype call I was in my bunk writing in my diary can't believe I'm going to be an opening act on my boyfriend's headlining tour this is a huge dream come true. 

In just in a few we will be hitting the road again but the boys have a interview first so we will be going to do that first than we will be on the road again it's a radio station again but this time I'm not performing I'm just watching thank goodness I'm sitting in between Luke and Michael this should be fun and funny we got to the radio station and the fans were already lined up it was crazy and very loud. The show started and for some reason the boys were funnier than usual they were making people laugh every 5 seconds i thought I was going to faint from laughing so hard than they finally started singing Out of Limit when Ashton drum broke it was so funny and yet they kept singing the song it was good. After the show it was time to leave the girls all grouped hugged me and told me they would miss me than they hugged the boys I noticed Jaymi and Calum seemed to hug the longest it was so cute and sweet we drove out of the venue off to the next city wonder what will happen this time.
I was sitting on Luke's lap his arms were wrapped around my waist tightly and he was placing little kisses on my neck it felt nice "ok just because you guys are a couple does not mean you can make out in front of us" yelled Ashton I blushed deep red and Luke rolled his eyes "we aren't making out I'm leaving love bites on her neck" he said and continued to do it his lip ring was cold on my skin it send shivers down my spine "you boys are just jealous and mad that the girls aren't here" I said leaning back into Luke all three of them blushed I laughed out loud they liked them I could tell although I felt bad for Calum because Jaymi got a boyfriend but I saw the way she looked at him she wants to date him but she won't break up with her boyfriend wonder why? Luke tighten his grip on my waist which kind of tickled I let a little giggle which made Michael smirk "are you ticklish there?" he asked I could tell Luke had a smirk on his face as well as did Calum and Ashton uh oh "yes I am but I'm more ticklish on my feel and armpits" I said than I slap myself for being so stupid to tell them that before I even had a chance to run away the boys began to tickle me and I started screaming in laughter Luke was tickling my waist, Michael was tickling my armpits but he could only reach one and Calum and Ashton were tickling my toes it was torture I couldn't move at all and had a hard time breathing because I was laughing every 5 seconds "no fair I only got 2 hands" I whined in between laughs "boys stop tickling Tristan she's going to die" yelled the bus driver the boys chuckled and let go of me as soon as Luke let go of my waist I jumped up "HA now you can't tickle me oh and I'm ticklish on my neck too  by the way" I told them and ran away from them I heard them laughing I giggled. I sat back down with the boys because it's honestly boring being alone these guys always make everything fun so why would I want to be alone? when I can hang with my four best friends in the entire world and my boyfriend of course who is in love with me and I don't know if I love him yet I mean I like him a lot of course and he treats me like a princess and whenever I kiss him I'm the happiest person on the planet but do I love him? I don't even know what love is? this is so confusing "hello earth to Tristan" yelled Michael in my ear I jumped I must of zoned out "What?" I asked them they rolled their eyes Luke took my hand and told me "I asked you if you were excited for the tour?" he said I felt bad now he was talking to me and I was thinking about loving him "oh yes of course I am it's going to be the best thing ever" I told him for some reason he looked upset and worried "are you ok babe?" he asked me Aw he's so sweet another reason why I like him oh my maybe I do love him? "I'm fine Lukey don't worry about it" I told him he nodded and kissed my head I blushed and rested my head on his shoulder.

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