You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


5. getting ready for the show

Luke's POV

I was going to kiss her slowly but she smashed her lips onto mine and  it feels so nice it was so worth the wait I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck her lips tasted like strawberry our lips moved in perfect sync like they belonged together what felt like forever we pulled away and she smiled big I moved some hair out of her face "wow" was all I could say she giggled and blushed "I didn't know what I was doing" she said I chuckled and rested my hands on her shoulders "you were great do you like kissing me?" I asked her she nodded "yes it's the best feeling in the world now I know why people like it so much" she said I laughed and pulled her into a hug we let go and she said "Luke I really need to practice now" she said I nodded and pecked her lips quicky she giggled and kissed my cheek I walked off stage and winked at her she smiled and waved back I went back to our dressing room with a huge smile on my face "why so happy mate?" asked Ashton I rolled my eyes "because me and Tristan kissed finally" I said blushing a little Michael and Calum mouths dropped and Ashton slapped my back "way to go Luke finally got over your fear and kissed her" he giggled Michael and Calum both started laughing hard I rolled my eyes and said "I didn't kiss her well I almost did but she beat me to it I was slowly leaning in and suddenly she smashes her lips on to mine" I said the boys all looked shocked "WHAT" Michael yelled I nodded and smiled "I was shocked too but it was still felt awesome" I told them I could not wait to see her sing tomorrow.

Tristan's POV

What the hell did I just do? I just kissed Luke Hemmings from 5SOS I never thought I would be the first one to make the first move but I did he was just so close to my face and his eyes were melting me I took the risk and went for it and smashed my lips onto his it felt amazing I felt fireworks in my stomach and butterfries in my heart which was pounding so hard what felt like forever we pulled away and it felt amazing just starring into his eyes and to have his arms around me but I had to practice my songs and that one huge note I told him to let go and he pouted but let go of me he pecked my lips one more time and walked away but winked too I smiled big and sang through all my songs 3 times but I couldn't get that one high note I'm really worried about that I really hope I can hit it tomorrow. The boys came to get me and we decided to watch a movie on the tour bus because we were all so tired and needed energy for tomorrow we got back to the bus and changed into comfy clothes I couldn't stop thinking about the that note I have to hit should I tell the boys? No that would ruin the surprise and trust me they are going to be so shocked at least I hope I sat down beside Michael who playing on his phone "hey Mikey" I said leaning my head on his shoulder Michael looked up from his phone and smiled big "hey Tristan excited for tomorrow?" he asked swinging his arm around my shoulders "excited but nervous" I admitted he chuckled "that makes sense since you never  performed in front of more than 200 people before" he said I nodded and kept my head on his shoulder Luke came walking over and pulled me up Michael pouted I giggled and patted his head "come on lets cuddle" said Luke I nodded and blushed deep red we went over to the other couch and he sat down and pulled me into his arms it was comfy and I felt safe in his arms "comfy?" Luke asked kissing the top of my head I smiled and snuggled into him more "very comfy I could fall asleep right now" I said he laughed and wrapped his arms more tightly around me Michael sat down and yelled "hope you guys are ready to get scared because we are watching Saw" he yelled the boys all cheered and I just looked down I'm not a huge fan of a horror movies they give me nightmares but I never seen Saw but I heard it's scary the movie started and I told myself just hide my face when it looks scary and it started getting to that I scooted closer to Luke which he didn't seem to mind at all than something jumped out and I screamed so loud "AHHHH" I screamed and buried my head into my blanket the boys all looked at me "Tristan are you scared?" asked Calum I looked at them and decided to tell them the truth "I may not be the biggest fan of horror movies" I said and quicky hid my face again as another scary part came on the boys paused the movie and all turned to me Luke took my hand Michael put his hand on my shoulder "are you scared of horror movies?" he asked I nodded still kind of scared "why didn't you tell us?" asked Ashton "I didn't want you guys to think I was too chicken plus I never really sat through a horror movie" I said Michael looked sad for some reason "it's my fault I never should of suggested this movie I'm so sorry" he said and looked like he was about to cry I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight "it's not your fault Mikey you didn't know I should of told you guys this and plus I'm older now I thought maybe I could sit through horror movies now" I said to him he nodded and took my hand "so can we turn it back on?" asked Luke rubbing his thumb on my hand sending shivers down my spine "no you guys can watch this I think I'll go to bed and try to sleep but doubt it" I said knowing I won't sleep at all tonight "how about instead you and I cuddle in my bunk and watch a good movie together?" asked Luke I blushed and nodded "ok sure just let me brush my teeth first" I said he nodded and kissed my head I smiled and kissed Mikey's cheek and smiled at him he still felt bad for scaring me I hugged Calum and Ashton and I left them to watch their awful movie. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and went over to my bunk to grab my doll when I'm scared of something I always cuddle my babydoll even though I'm cuddling with Luke I still need it "ready now?" said a voice I knew too much I looked up and Luke was already in his bunk with his laptop "yes I am how move over I'm coming up" I said putting my doll on the bunk I needed two hands to pull myself up Luke took her and put her beside his stuff penguin which I find really cute I pulled myself up and sat beside Luke he handed me my doll and put the blanket over me I got comfy "what movie are we watching?" I asked him smiling he smiled back "toy story" he said wrapping his arm around my shoulder I smiled big I loved toy story and he knew that "to tell you the truth I hate horror movies too" he said playing with my hair I giggled and suddenly we heard screaming from the other room it sounded like a little girl me and Luke burst out laughing than just starred at each other he put his hand on my cheek " you are so beautiful" he said leaning in before I could answer his lips were on mine even though we kissed twice today it stills feels amazing it was slow but sweet we pulled away and smiled at each other I rested my head on his chest as we watched the movie I find my eyes closing and I fell asleep on my boyfriend's chest wait he didn't ask me to be his girlfriend yet so he's not my boyfriend yet I wonder when he's going to ask me?

The next day

Tristan's POV

I woke up still in Luke's arms I guess we fell asleep while watching the movie I still had my doll in my arms and I was cuddled into his arms it was comfy I didn't want to move but I opened my eyes and find a pair of blue eyes looking at me it was Luke " were you watching me sleep?" I asked him he blushed and smiled " I couldn't help it you looked so cute" he said moving some hair out of my face now I was blushing deep red I sat up and stretched then I realized today was show day oh god my first performance ever is today I need to get ready I tried to get up without waking Luke but his arms were wrapped around me so tight I couldn't move he moaned when I moved which was very cute " Lukey let go of me I need to get ready for my performance" I said he let out another moan and opened his eyes he looks very hot tired god what is happening to me " but the show isn't till the afternoon?" he said I rolled my eyes boys will never understand girls " I have to make sure I'm ready for the show" I said wiggling out of his arms he groaned and let go of me I bend down and kissed his cheek " thank you" I said jumping off his bunk " don't forget your doll" he said handing her to me I smiled an put in my bunk and got my stuff all together I showered before we left the hotel so I don't need to do that thank goodness I went into the bathroom and got dressed I made sure my hair was nice I was going to get makeup on at the show I got out of the bathroom and the boys bunks were empty guess they were up I put my stuff back in my bag and went into the sitting area in the bus all the boys were sitting and watching tv they didn't even notice me Luke was playing on his phone so I jumped onto his lap and snuggled into him "what the heck?" he yelled looking very shocked I giggled and smiled at him "morning Lukey" I said sweetly he smiled big and pulled me close to him "morning beautiful" he said I blushed deep red and snuggled into him again "what are we chop liver?" asked Calum I looked up and him and Ashton and Michael were all looking at us Luke was blushing "sorry boys good morning to you guys too" I said giggling "give us hugs too" wined Michael I rolled my eyes and got off Luke's lap he pouted and I giggled I went over to Michael and hugged him tight than Ashton than Calum "there happy now?" I asked them they nodded I walked back over to Luke and sat beside him he wrapped his arm around my shoulders I rested my head on his shoulder I can't get today out of my head I don't want to anything stupid on stage I know I'm ready but I can't help but be worried "what's wrong Tristan you look worried?" asked Mikey I didn't even notice he was sitting beside me and Luke looked scared "I'm fine boys just nervous that's all" I said well it wasn't the whole truth but still the truth kind of "babe you have nothing to worry about trust me I'll be there to cheer you on" Luke said kissing my cheek I smiled I'm I had someone like Luke in my life but he called me babe? we aren't even dating but we act like we do oh well I like the sound of it anything suddenly Ashton stood up and said "ok boys and girl time to get ready for the acortic show" he yelled I took a deep breathe here goes nothing.



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