You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


46. G'day USA Gala, periscope with Live Nation, skyping Hey Violet, first day of reheresal for SLFL, Valentines Day, Final Rehearsals

G'day USA Gala, periscope with Live Nation, skyping Hey Violet, first day of reheresal for SLFL,
Tristan's POV
Today we're going to a very fancy party called G'day USA Gala sounded fancy of course Luke asked me to be his date and I said yes cause its impossible to say no to him when he pouts it's just too adorable and finally Michael came back to us he was alive and had different hair again of course but this time he cut it and everything his was dark blue it good very nice on him and made him look very handsome now we were just missing Calum not sure where he was he always disappears whenever the boys have a big break I do get worried but he always shows up happy and crazy self again so it's all good hopefully we got ready for the Gala the boys were looking very fancy Luke even brushed his hair to the side which made him look so hot I wore a dress not too fancy but still made the boys drool that's I know I look ok LOL. We got on the red carpet and it was crazy Luke had a tight grip on my hand the whole time finally we did an interview with E News the evening was fun but I really wanted to go back to apartment we did and Calum was there nearly scaring us to death "CALUM" I yelled running to him giving him a hug he hugged back smiling like a idiot finally we're all back together again thank goodness and oh no back to babysitting LOL. Tonight we're doing an Periscope for Live Nation sadly Ashton doesn't feel well so he's resting of course the first 2 tries failed but once it started it went down hill I have never laughed so hard in my entire life somehow during the Periscope I ended up on Luke's lap I didn't care I love sitting on his lap he wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him he sneak a kiss whenever Michael would turn the camera away from us LOL for some odd reason Luke was wearing a king crown that was too big for his head "Lukey why are you wearing that crown it's too big for your head" I said he pouted at me "I like it in face it might look better on you babe" he said before I could protest he put the crown on my head "perfect fit now I'm a queen" I said "you were already a queen in my eyes" he said I blushed deep red "Aw look the love birds are at it again" teased Michael he was pointing the camera at us I blushed again and giggled I took the crown off and put it back on Luke's head than snuggled into him after the Periscope we all fell asleep tomorrow is the first day of reheresal for SLFL so exciting and scary. I next morning I woke up early I didn't want to wake Luke so I just watched youtube videos 5sos videos of course after watching the videos Luke was still sound asleep so I decided to skype Hey Violet haven't talked to them in a while I pressed their name and the skype sound started Luke was still sound a sleep though how can he sleep that long and not even move? someone finally answered and it Rena Yay "Hey Rena" I said she smiled big when she saw "Tristan Hey Guys come in here Tristan is on Skype" she yelled than suddenly Nia and Miranda were on the screen too "Hey guys" I said they said hi back we talked and laughed and talked some more I really miss these guys sadly they had to go to the studio so we hung up finally Luke started waking up "morning sleepy head" I said he turned over and smiled at me god he's so hot "morning babe sleep well?" he asked rubbing his eyes "yes I did and did you?" I asked "yes I did cause I had you beside me" he said reaching up and pushed a piece a hair behind my ear making me blush a little I love this boy so much I kissed his cheek and got out of bed "that's all I get" I heard him whine I giggled and yelled out "yes now get ready"  I shook my head and hopped into the shower I had a quick one dried off got dressed and came out of the bathroom to find Luke on the bed on his phone well at least he was dressed I rolled my eyes "come on Luke or we're be late for reheresal and make Ashton mad" I said he chuckled and grabbed my hand off we went hopefully we're not late. Just as I thought we were late cause someone wanted to stop for breakfast we finally got there and as usual the boys were playing around and making SnapChat stories but they soon actually started working and it sounded awesome as usual and they did some shocking things and the most shocking thing was Michael was playing keyboard I had no idea he could do that "ok you guys are going to kill the fans when they see this show" I said cause they were singing Broken Home and that is sadder than Amnesia so the fans are going to be crying rivers Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders "that's the point babe we like making our fans feel something" he said I rolled my eyes "you guys say you love your fans yet you write songs that make them so sad they can't breath" I said Luke chuckles and kisses my cheek lightly I hugged him tightly they practiced some more than we went outside for a little while and the boys had to pick the set list which isn't easy as you might think they kept arguing about what songs to put on it I know it's bad but it was pretty entertaining to watch the boys were teasing Calum saying he hates Beside You than they decided to get the fans involved oh boy than it was back to rehearsal I just sat on the couch watching them kill it I had to help Michael at the keyboard he was having a little trouble it hard to teach him cause he kept making me laugh than we took another "Babe we're out of water bottles could you go get some more please?" asked Luke I groaned "alright gosh you guys drink a lot of water" I said walking out of the room I grabbed 8 bottles of water thank god for the basket they had in there I walked back to the room and strangely all the lights were off strange and creepy if the boys are playing a trick on me I'm going to hurt them "Boys if your playing a trick on me I'm not laughing" I said suddenly the lights came on and there stood Luke holding a rose in his hands I was shocked and a little confused than I remembered today is Valentine's Day Aw this is so romantic odd but romantic I walked over to Luke and he handed me the rose "surprise babe?" he asked wrapping his arms around me I nodded "yes I am can't believe you did this instead of rehearsal" I said "we wanted to take a break to show you how much we love you I love you the most though" he said I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck "well this is the best Valentine's Day ever thank you Lukey" I said he smiled and leaned down to kiss me I stood on my tippy toes and met him half way our lips met and once again it was magical "Ew gross" said a voice Luke groaned and we pulled away "ok now that you two had a romantic moment time to tell the fans that we love them" said Michael holding up a camera I got out of the way and it was a short video but very funny than they did another video for the Asia Fans than finished the final touches on the show tonight we fly to Japan excited but also kind of nervous we went back to the hotel to get our bags and off to the airport we go.  

Sorry about the late update I was having writer's block but here it is the next chapter enjoy

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