You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


42. Fox News, RTL Late Night, X factor Italia, NRJ Sweden, Sweedish idol, watching trailer for 5sos movie

Fox News, RTL Late Night, X factor Italia, NRJ Sweden, Sweedish idol, watching trailer for 5sos movie
Tristan's POV
Finally find out where we're flying tonight  Amsterdam, Italy, and Sweden we're going all over to promote the album we're going to be so tired but thankfully we get Christmas and all of January to rest up before SLFL starts anyway back to the interviews the boys were doing an interview for Fox News I was watching from the side right after that interview we drove to the airport got on a plane first stop Amsterdam. We got to Amsterdam but their was a problem with the hotel room only one bed well this should be a interesting night tonight the boys would be performing on a Late show and later perform for the fans outside which is super sweet of them and I'm pretty sure will make the fans scream louder Ashton was off doing an interview by himself and Luke, Michael and I were on the bed chilling Michael was making a funny snapchat than pasted it onto Luke who also did something funny while my head was on his chest ( just pretend that's this one is ok) now it was time for the show I sat in the audience watching them kill it and dare I say it they looked hotter than usual they finished talked to the host a little than they went out onto the balcony and the fans screamed so loud Luke helped me out since I fall a lot and falling in front of millions of fans is not a good idea I stood in the back watching them kill it even when their super tired after the show we went back to the hotel and fell onto the bed tomorrow Italy. We got to Italy and went to the X factor Italy studio the boys made a small video than it was time for the show I stood backstage watching them kill it we went back to the hotel and fell asleep right away next stop Sweden. We got to Sweden and the boys were so tired so was I it was hard to stay awake the boys did an interview I stayed quiet and rested my head on Luke's shoulder than we did another with some of the contestants on Sweedish idol I sat in between Michael and Luke Michael was still wearing that beanie finally it was time for the show the boys went out and killed it like always we went back to the hotel I decided to the watch the trailer for the boys new movie How Did we End Up Here it comes on Mikey's birthday and it's supposed to be good and I can confirm after watching the trailer the fans are going to love it I put my phone on the charger snuggled into the blankets and fell asleep. Tomorrow we're on the Howard Stern Show than back to Italy for more promo than it's Mikey's birthday party which should be fun and crazy I might ditch and watch the movie than it's the AMA's and the Aria's and a bunch of other stuff.

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