You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


8. finding the perfect outfit

Tristan's POV
"Babe wake up we are here" whispered Luke I must of fallen asleep on his shoulder I opened my eyes and stretched my arms I looked out the window and the sign said WELCOME TO PHILADELPHIA "we are in Philadelphia cool" I said the boys laughed "and the radio station we are going to is Q102" said Ashton I nodded "than we are going to the children's hospital to meet some kids" said Michael  my eyes widened I didn't know we were going to a children's hospital "awesome I love meeting kids at a children's hospital and see them smile" I said and with these boys I'm pretty sure they all going to smile big. We got to Q102 and there were fans everywhere we were told to wait in a room while they got the winners into their seats they seemed clam which is strange but good too than I was going to walk out and sit in my chair and get the crowd excited well more excited LOL it time to go out but Luke smashed his lips onto mine I was shocked I didn't kiss back but I did "what was that for?" I asked him blushing he smiled and said "for good luck" he said I smiled and went out I talked to the crowd but I knew they wanted to see the boys so I shut up and they came out. After the show which was very fun we got to the children's hospital and the kids all screamed when the boys and me came walking they were so cute the little girls were so adorable the boys all wanted to hug them it was cute and seeing Luke with kids was just so hot wow maybe I do love him?. After we visited the hospital we drove to the venue I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders I loved it when he did that it was comfy and made me feel safe I did not move the whole ride there we finally got to the venue and it was huge so glad I'm not performing tonight I would pee myself for sure the boys look like they would though when we walked to the stage the boys eyes were widened and their mouths were dropped open I swear Luke was about to cry I squeezed his hand and he smiled but I could tell he was nervous I noticed Michael was scared too so I put my free hand on his shoulder to clam him he smiled big I had a feeling tonight is going to be interesting. As the boys rehearsal I could tell the nerves were showing but they still sounded good I clapped loudly and cheered for them they smiled at me I blew Luke a kiss and he pretended to catch it and put against his heart I giggled he was so cute and cheeky. During the rest of the day the boys did interviews while I texted the girls I missed them a lot they are the best friends I ever had other than the boys of course LOL suddenly I felt arms wrap my waist I jumped a little "sorry babe didn't mean to scare you" said a voice that I knew so well I relaxed and said "it's ok Luke I didn't except you that's all" I told him he smiled and twirled me around to face him I smiled big what did I do to get a guy like him he's so sweet and cute and treats me like a princess "what's you thinking about babe?" Luke asked me still holding my hands I blushed and said "just about how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend" I said he smiled and kissed my head "I think it's the other way around babe like what did I do to deserve you?" he asked me I giggled and kissed his cheek "Luke you are the sweetest boy I have ever met in my life you don't care that I'm disabled and whenever I'm in pain you always make me feel better and always make me laugh whenever I'm sad or just unhappy" I told him he chuckled "only because the boys help me make you laugh I couldn't do it by myself" he said I chuckled  and nodded "true" I told him he pouted and said something "Tristan from the moment I met you at the meet and greet I knew you were special and when you told us about yourself I discovered you were strong after all you been through and yet you still smile I'll admit I was so scared to ask you out but I knew if I didn't one of the other boys would snatch you up" he said my mouth dropped open "wait so you weren't the only who had a crush on me?" I asked him he nodded "yes so I knew I had to get you before the other boys did" he told me I couldn't help but smile I find it sweet that all the of the boys felt that way about me it shows that they care about me a lot "oh I am so going to tease them about this later" I said evilly because the girls are going to enjoy this "no please don't they didn't want me to tell you their kill me" Luke said begging god he was cute when he did that "alright I won't tell them" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I blushed and hugged him tight. It was show time and the boys were getting ready to go out the nerves were showing again "clam down boys you have nothing to be scared about you are going to rock it like always" I told them sitting on Luke's lap they smiled but I could tell they were still nervous it was almost time for the boys to go on stage and Luke would not let go of me "ok guys seriously clam down you have nothing to worry about" I told "I can't clam down I'm so nervous" said Ashton "me too" said Michael who was shaking and Calum looked like he was going to faint "boys you have nothing to worry about everybody loves you and the fans that came here to see you and one direction because you guys make the fans have the best night of their lives trust me I know" I told them they let my words sink in than Michael said "she's right boys we have nothing to worry about" he said "I hope so" said Luke I rolled my eyes "guys can you leave for a sec I need to talk to Luke" I told the boys they nodded and left I turned to Luke and he was biting his lip "I'm so nervous" he said I held both his hands "Look at me" I ordered him he looked at me "You are going out there and perform like you never performed before this your dream and you are sharing it with your 3 best friends in the entire world you need to show the world what you got and this is your big chance I know your nervous I would be but you need to shake the nerves off and not let them get to you" Luke smiled at me lightly "you really think we can do this?" he asked I nodded and put my hands on his cheeks he leans forward and kisses me gently I kissed back of course we pulled away and he rested his fourhead on mine "what would I do without you?" he asked "I have no idea" I giggled All of sudden Ashton's head popped in "Luke it's time to perform" he said "ok I'm coming" he standing pulling me with him I held his hand until we got to the stage the boys did a group hug and I gave each of them a hug for good luck "good luck boys I know you will kill it" I told them they smiled and thanked me "thanks Tristan" they got ready to go on stage I hugged Luke "kill it babe I know you will" I told him he smiled and kissed me "I love you" he said my eyes widened he actually told me he loved me but before I could tell him I loved him back he got pulled onto the stage I was smiling through the whole concert  I texted the girls and they were screaming and asking me if I said it back but I kept telling them I never got a chance and they kept telling me to tell him before he thinks I don't love him "there is no way that would happen is there?" I asked them starting to get worried they all said yes so I had to face my fear and tell Luke I love him oh boy this isn't going to be easy but it has to be done it was the end of their set before one direction went on I was starting to get nervous how do I tell him I love him? before I knew it their set was over and they ran off stage all sweaty I high fived them but when Luke came over to me I got nervous you can do it girl just say I love you too "good job Lukey" I told him he smiled big and opened his arms to hug me "Eww you smell no hugging or kissing till you shower gross" I said pushing him away I rather tell him I love him when he's clean so I can kiss him  he chuckled and blew me a kiss instead "alright but I'm kissing  you when I'm clean got it" he told me I nodded and he ran off to the showers I giggled he was sweet I love him so much wow that felt nice to say. I sat in the boys dressing room after wishing the one direction boys good luck Harry kiss my cheek and I couldn't help but scream hey I can still be a fan girl right? I was on Twitter and I didn't have any hate it was strange seeing as I was dating Luke and all guess 5SOS fans really do love me cool I love them too no wonder the boys love to meet them suddenly hands went over the eyes and I recognised them right away "hey Luke you smell nice" I said giggling a little he took his hands off my eyes and sat down beside me on the couch he was pouting "I really hate that you know my hands so well I can't scare you" he winced I laughed and rested my head on his shoulder "Lukey you couldn't scare me your too sweet that's Michael job" I told him he laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist "that's true" he said I nodded and looked into his eyes this is it just tell him you heard him say he loves him and that you love him too "you ok babe?" Luke asked me I shook out of my trance and smiled at him "yeah just thinking about something" I told him well if was half the truth "what might that be?" he asked playing with my hair shoot think of something quick "um just about how much my  life has changed since I met you" I said well it was sort of true he smiled and kissed my head "your best thing that has ever happened to me Tristan well other than the band of course" he said I blushed "you are the best thing that has ever happened to me I never thought I would ever date a rock star" I told him he smiled and leaned in I leaned in too and our lips met no matter how many times we kiss it always feels like the first the butterflies in my stomach are going crazy the shivers are going down my spine and my heart is pounding out of my chest the kiss got more heated and before I knew it my back was on the couch and Luke was on top of me his went under my shirt which gave me goose bumps before the kiss could get more heated we heard screaming and we quickly broke the kiss Luke got off me pulled me up and I fixed my shirt Michael came running in with Ashton and Calum right behind him they were dying or laughter me and Luke looked at each other and rolled our eyes "what did you guys do this time?" I asked them Calum stopped laughing and said "we just pulled the biggest prank on one direction ever" he said than burst into laughter again uh oh suddenly there was a huge scream which sounded like a girl I thought it was fan at first but than I saw the boys laugh harder than ever even Luke was laughing a little the door burst open and Harry Styles came walking in and he did not look happy than I noticed why his hair was all over the place and it was pink I couldn't hold it in any longer I started laughing hard he glared at the boys I looked at Michael and he had a innocent look on his face "really Michael hair dye" I said to him still laughing hard "don't worry mate we used the kind that washes out" said Ashton Harry still looked mad so I walked over to him and hugged him "don't worry Harry if it helps I like it" I told him he smiled a little but still looked mad I had to take a picture I quickly snapped a picture and hid my phone Harry left to wash his hair and the boys finally stopped laughing well tried too. After we did interviews and met some fans it was late but not too late we got back to the bus I got changed into my PJ's and brushed my teeth I sat on Luke's lap and we just sat in silence it wasn't awkward just quiet every now Luke would try and kiss my neck and I would lean forward every time so he would kiss my back instead he pouted like a baby I giggled it was so fun to tease him like that "stop moving" he whined I shook my head and jumped off his lap "sorry Lukey not tonight I'm going to Skype my friend back home than go to sleep" I told him he pouted but nodded "ok can we at least cuddle tonight?" he begged the boys laughed at him "of course now boys my friends doesn't know I am friends with you so don't make noise I don't want her to ask questions" I told them because knowing my friend she will ask questions if she hears boys in the back round "why don't you want your friend to meet us" asked Ashton uh oh he sounded hurt "because she's a fan of you guys and if she finds I'm friends with you and didn't tell her she might kill me" I told them they chuckled and nodded I kissed Luke on the head and he tried to kiss my lips but I ran away before he could "Tease" he yelled I giggled and got set up to Skype my friend I sat in my bunk and called my best friend Tabitha she answered and she was screaming at me "TRISTAN BROWN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I MISSED YOU SO MUCH I THOUGHT YOU DIED" she yelled I laughed and smiled it was sweet she cared about me that much "first of all clam down I didn't die I'm just on a long road trip singing and doing other stuff" I told her well it wasn't a complete lie "ok anything else new?" she asked me I thought should I tell her about Luke I'll just tell her about me but won't tell her his name "I may or may not have a boyfriend" I told her she screamed so loud I thought my ears broke "really finally what's his name? how old is he? and is he cute?" she asked I rolled my eyes "his name is Luke he is 18 and he is the hottest guy ever  mostly when he is smiling" I told her smiling just thinking about Luke smiling "Aw is he sweet to you do I need to hurt him?" she asked I laughed "I don't think you need to worry about that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body he tries to be mean but it never works" I told her she laughed "can I meet him?" she asked uh oh think of something quick "um he's um sleeping right now he had a busy day" I told her she nodded wow that was easy "listen um I need advise about something" I told her she looked curious "ok what is it?" she asked I took a deep breath "I overheard Luke say he loves me and I think I love him back but I don't know how to tell him" I told her and took a deep breathe her eyes widened and said "I don't know" she said I let out a huge sigh well that's helpful "well than what I do ?" I asked her she shrugged I rolled my eyes guess I need to figure this out on my own "thanks anyway well I better go I'm tired" I told her she nodded "ok bye Tristan I miss you so much" she said I smiled she really is my one true friend "I miss you too bye" I said and ended the call I closed my laptop and groaned into my hands how am I ever going to tell him "you ok Tristan I looked up and Calum was standing over my bunk smiling "yeah I just miss my friend that's all" I told him he gave me are you serious look and sat down on my bed "I know you Love Luke" he told me my mouth dropped how did he know "how do you know that?" I asked him he smiled "I see the way you look at him it's the same way he looks at you" he said I blushed and smiled "I'm scared to tell him that I love him" I said Calum scooted closer and grabbed my hand " are you sure your afraid to tell him you love him or are you scared to love him because you don't want to get hurt" he asked me wow  Calum knows me so well guess I can't lie "I never loved anyone like I love Luke so I'm scared if we break up than my heart will shatter and I'll be heartbroken forever" I told him Calum sighted and pulled into his arms in a friendly way of course "First of all I don't think you too will ever break up second you have nothing to worry about because you have me, Michael, Ashton one direction and the girls to love you too" he said I smiled Calum was so easy to talk to I'm glad he's my friend "thanks Calum your the best friend I ever had" I told him and kissed his cheek he blushed and pulled me into a hug we pulled away and smiled at each other "We should go back so Luke doesn't think anything is happening" he said I chuckled and nodded "ok" I said and stood up we walked back out and Luke pulled onto his lap again "I missed you babe" he said and started kissing my neck I giggled and snuggled into we spend the whole night cuddling.

Luke's POV
While Tristan was video chatting her friend I couldn't help but feel like something was bothering her she seemed happy but I could tell she was confused about something but what? "Luke you ok?" asked Michael I nodded my head "yeah I am just thinking about what's bothering Tristan I know it's something I just can't put my finger on it" I told him suddenly Calum said something shocking "I think she is worried about you loving her" he said my head shot up and I looked at him "how does she know I love her?" I asked him he rolled his eyes "she overheard you telling us while she were in the bathroom yesterday" he said I slapped my four head I knew I said it too loud and she acted like everything was normal oh god and I said it again before the show  she probably thinks we are moving to fast but I can't help these feelings "oh god I need to fix this" I jumping up "woah where are you going?" asked Michael "I'm going to talk to Tristan and find out if she feels the same way" I told him and walked towards the bunks but Calum ran ahead and blocked the doorway "oh no your not that's a horrible idea besides she probably still thinking about her feelings" he said I crossed my arms and gave him a look "how do you know she's thinking about this?" I asked him "Jaymi told me" he said blushing a little I let out a sight he was right "fine but what am I going to do about this" I said sitting back down on the couch "I know how about you plan something so romantic that make her so happy that's when you tell her to love her" said Ashton I looked at him that was a good idea "ash that's brilliant and I know what will make it even better getting our fans involved" I told the guys my plan and Calum left to talk to Tristan I really hope she feels the same way if not than hopefully after this date She came back from her call and she looked happy well happier for the rest of the night we cuddled and kissed while in my mind I was planning the best night ever.

Tristan's POV
I could not get what Calum told me out of my head "I see the way he looks at you it's full of love" it kept repeating in my head I have to tell him I love him before it's too late but how "babe wake up" someone whispered I didn't even know I was sleeping I opened my eyes and Luke was standing over me starring at me with those beautiful eyes "hey Lukey how long was I sleeping?" I asked him he sat down and pulled me into a hug "you been sleeping all night I just didn't move you" he told me I smiled and blushed and kissed his cheek he looked nervous for some reason "what's wrong Lukey?" I asked him he took both my hands and said "after rehearsal today would you go on date with me?" he asked me I smiled it has been a while since our last date "of course I will" I told him he smiled and started kissing my whole face "Luke stop it that tickles" I said gigging he kissed my nose, ear, cheek, four head, my other cheek and finally my lips can't wait for tonight. As I watched the rehearsal I noticed Luke looked very happy I mean he's happy on stage but he looks extremely happy today like something amazing is going to happen " I think he's excited for tonight" said a voice that I knew but couldn't put my finger on it I turned around and who do I see Jaymi, Chole, and Jasmine that's who I let a huge scream and smile so big and run to them we do a group hug and talk to each other I missed them so much "how did you guys get here?" I asked them "well Calum told me about you date with Luke so he asked us if we would come here to help you get ready for it" Chloe said I smiled big "thank god I was starting to panicked after Luke told me he was taking me on a date and he won't tell me where he's taking me" I said the girls just laughed "sorry Tristan we promised we wouldn't tell you" said Jasmine my eyes widened they knew about the date " you guys know where Luke's taking me" I said to them they nodded I crossed my arms and pouted "meanies" I said to them they laughed and Chloe wrapped her arm around my shoulder "don't blame us blame your boyfriend he wants everything to be a surprise" she said Luke is lucky I love him or I would not talk to him till he tells me where he's taking me "hey ladies" yelled Michael the girls all smiled and ran towards the boys I smiled as each girl hugged their dream guys Jaymi and Calum hug seemed too last the longest but what about Steven? I'll ask her later Luke came up to me "so were you surprised babe?" he asked me I nodded and hugged him "yes I was very surprised and now happy because I have help me plan my outfit for this date which is what by the way?" I asked him with the best puppy eyes ever Luke just chuckled and kissed my head "sorry babe not saying anything" he said I pouted like a baby which made Luke laugh and peck my lips "ok love birds break it up time to shop for the perfect outfit" yelled Jaymi and the girls pulled me away from Luke "see you guys later" I yelled while getting pulled by the girls the boys just laughed.

Still Tristan's POV

I usually hate shopping but this date is important so i must suck it up and shop the girls pulled me into three different shores and we haven't find anything suiteable for this date I mean I want to look beautful but also want to be comfortable we went into another shore which 4 in just 2 hours we looked through clothes and so far different see anything "hey Tristan how about this?" yelled Jaymi she held up a dress that was blue and had sparkles on it I love sparkles they made me glow "sure lets try it" I yelled to her we walked to the change room and I tried it on it felt a little tight but it looked nice I looked down at my legs they looked very hairy if I buy this dress I got to remember to sharve  them before the date LOL I came out of the dressing room and the girls all gasped  "wow Tristan that looks amazing on you" said Chloe I smiled and looked in the big mirror I did look beautiful in it "I don't know it doesn't fit the theme of the date" said JasmineChloe and Jaymi nodded I let out a huge sight guess we aren't done after all lets keep looking. After another hour of looking we finally find a dress it was red and blue and it amazing on me I felt like a princess I knew Luke was going to love it at least I hope right now we are in the food court because we were all hungry from all that shopping "so Tristan are you going to tell Luke you love him on the date?" asked Jaymi the other girls smiled at me I blushed "I'm going to try too it's going to be hard but it must be done" I told them they smiled "wait till the date is almost over" Jasmine said I nodded my head "we should get back before the boys break something "said Chloe I giggled and nodded "just let me text Luke" I told them I got my phone out and texted To Lukeybear: Hey babe find my outfit and we are on our way home see you soon and I send it 2 seconds later I got a replie From Lukebear "Hey babe ok don't show me your outfit I want to be surprise I miss you so hurry back the guys are annoying me I laughed he was so cute "ok lets go" I told the girls but I couldn't help but notice Jaymi looking at her phone and she didn't look happy is it Steven? I'm really starting to worry about her. We got back to the bus and I was so tired as soon as we got on the bus me and the girls got tackled into a hug from our guys "hey Luke" I said hugging him back "gosh we weren't gone for that long" said Jaymi who was trying to get out of Calum's grip "don't ever go shopping again I missed you too much" Luke said I giggled and kissed his cheek "babe I had to buy an outfit for our date" I told him he smiled big and pecked my lips for the rest of the day we just spend time laughing and talking.

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