You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


6. Finally Dating

Tristan's POV

as I stood watching the boys I'm smiling so big even though this the first time for me to sing acourstic it was still amazing and Luke's voice sounds so good it gives me shivers and they are so funny I can see the girls laughing their heads off and smiling big they were so happy to see the boys live and yelled some funny things to them and some awkward finally it was time for me to join them and sing my first song I took a deep breathe and listened to them talking I didn't know how they were going to introduce me but what happened next was totally unexcepted "Ok now we would like to introduce someone very special to us take it away Luke" yelled Ashton Luke let out a huge sigh and started "Geez thanks Ashton ok um this person was just like everyone here she was a fan who would do anything to meet us and two months ago she did little did she know her life was going to change she is now our opening act on our tour and she's here today to perform for the very first time please welcome Tristan Brown" Luke yelled I took a deep breathe and walked out all the girls and the boys were clapping for me I blushed and waved at them they all seemed friendly enough "hello everyone my name is Tristan and this is my first time singing in front of people so please don't laugh if I screw up that also means you boys" I said glaring at the boys the girls laughed Ashton put his hands up in surrender "we will only laugh if something funny happens" he said I glared at him and he stopped talking Luke smiled at me which met he wouldn't laugh no matter what "ok this song is a song I learned 2 weeks ago hope you enjoy" I said I took a deep breathe and started singing I looked at the boys and they looked shocked which I hope is a good thing I finished the song and everybody was cheering and clapping I smiled big "thank you" I said I looked at Luke and he was smiling so big it was so cute but I quicky looked away so the girls wouldn't get mad "now I'm going to sing a popular song it's been in  my head ever since I saw the movie plus it's by one of my favorite singers hope you enjoy" I said and took another deep breathe and sang I was singing my heart out and the boys all seemed very shocked I finished singing and everybody was clapping and cheering "thank you it's going to sound a whole lot better tonight at the show though who's coming tonight?" I asked the crowd and everybody raised their hands "oh great I have to impress all of you a second time" I said everyone laughed and I giggled I sat down in a chair as the boys got asked questions bye the fans some were very funny ones but than someone asked me one "I have a question for Tristan?" a girl in the back yelled my head shot up "how are you so clam around the boys?" she yelled I looked at Luke and he just smiled at me I decided to be honest "actually when I first met the boys I was screaming and shaking" I said everyone started laughing I blushed and laughed a little I was a crazy fan girl back than "sometimes I scream a little because I still can't believe I'm friends with them but once you get to know them you love them more than you did before you met them" I said speaking the truth which felt good the show ended which was kind of sad but we had to get to the venue I stood out of the way while the boys met the fans they were so cute and to their fans and so sweet to them Luke kissed one girl on the cheek I wasn't jealous though the look on her face said that she was happy but also she knew somehow he was taken bye me I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and the girl who Luke kissed  on cheek was standing there with 3 other girls "um Hi" I said "hello can we get a picture taken with you?" one girl asked my eyes widened they wanted to take a picture with me? "um sure" I said they screamed and we took a selfie "who are your girls favorite?" I asked "mine's Calum he's so cute also Luke but you have him" said one girl I looked at her she would be a good match for Calum  "mine's Michael and my name is Jessica Lancaster  " another girl said she had a purple hair another good match "mine's Ashton and my name is Chole" another girl said she also looked also like a good match oh boy match making time "perhaps we can hang out sometime" I told them they all screamed and pulled into a group hug I chuckled and hugged them back they left but the girl who liked Calum stayed behind "can I have you number I'm Jaymi" she said I nodded and gave her my number "I'm Tristan see you guys at the show and maybe hang with the boys too I said she nodded and hugged me again and ran off I have a feeling this won't be the last time I see those girls.

Luke's POV

we got to the venue and I was excited but nervous because I was going to ask Tristan to be my girlfriend on stage and I really hope she says yes as she waited to go on stage I noticed she looked scared so I wrapped my arm her shoulders "don't worry Tristan you be great like you were at the radio station" I said she smiled at me and rested her head on my shoulder " I hope your right" she said I kissed her cheek and hugged her she got told to go on and she ran on stage me and the boys watched her and she was amazing even better than before she let out three huge notes and me and the boys were shocked even one direction was shocked she finished and ran back stage she jumped into my arms "had fun babe?" I asked "that was amazing never will ever top that" she said well hopefully she'll change her mind about that she kissed my cheek and hugged the other boys "good luck Lukey" she said I smiled and me and the boys ran on stage hopefully when we finish I will have a girlfriend.

Tristan's POV
as I watched the boys sing I noticed Luke kept looking at me something's up I can tell but what? they started singing their last song and it was very good but something was different Michael came walking over to me and reached out for my hand I didn't know what was happening but took it he pulled me onto stage and the crowd cheered louder than ever I smiled and waved than Michael bought me over to Luke I'm very confused right now than Luke grabbed my hand and I felt something strange than they finished singing and Luke said something so amazing "Tristan ever since i laid eyes on you. I thought you were Beautiful. You're all I ever wanted. You're perfect for me. And ive gain some really strong feelings for you. You're amazing. And I really like you alot. I called you out here in front of everyone so they all knew how much you mean to me! And you're special to me. I was just wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" he finished my mouth dropped was this really happening "L-luke I-i. Don't know what to say" I said still shocked he took my hand and said " you dont have to say anything" and with that he cubs my cheek leans down and kisses me softly we deepen the kiss luke still has his microphone  in his hands we pull away with people clapping I blush and look around I look up at his eyes they were so blue and so beautiful "yes" I say but no one heard me Luke chuckles and hands me the microphone "yes" I say in the microphone and with that he picks me up and spins me around I giggle and he puts me down and kisses me again I felt like I was in a fairytale and I just got my prince he grabbed my hand and we ran off stage for the rest of the concert we were in each other's arms best night ever.

We got back on the bus and I was so tired "how about we watch a movie" said Ashton I nodded I needed something to make me fall asleep we got comfy I was in Luke's lap holding my doll and started  watching a random movie not long after the boys fell asleep and me and Luke were the only ones awake "this was one of the best concerts ever" Luke said randomly while  playing with my hair I looked at him shocked "why was it the best one?" I asked him while playing with his huge fingers "because I got a girlfriend" he said I blushed and giggled "you cheeky boy but I'll admit it was the best night of my life too because I got a boyfriend"I said he chuckled I let out a yawn "we should get to sleep we have another show tomorrow"he said I nodded and layed my head on his chest pulled my legs up and got comfy "here don't forget your doll" Luke said I looked up and he had his stuff pengiun in his arm it was so cute I took my doll and cuddled her "goodnight beautiful" he said I looked up and he was looking at me wow he was even hot upside down this boy is perfect "goodnight handsome" I said to him he leaned down and kissed my lips I kissed back he pulled away and took my hand in his I fell asleep while thinking about how lucky I was hopefully we can make it work. I woke up from one of the best sleeps I ever had I felt arms around my waist I turned around and it was Luke he was cuddling me like a teddy bear no wonder I slept good he was so comfy I felt safe in his arms I could stay  in them forever I wanted  too but I had to pee I grabbed his hands and tried to move him gently but he noticed and wrapped his arms around me tighter "Lukey I have to pee please let me go we can still cuddle" I said trying to not pee my pants he sighed and let go of me I kissed his cheek and giggled and sat up I stretched and stepped over Michael trying to not wake him I into the bathroom and went pee I also washed my face to wake me up I walked out of the bathroom and Luke was sitting up and pouting like a little boy "why are you awake?" I asked him sitting down "I lost my cuddle buddy" he winced I gave him a confuse look his penguin was right beside him "your penguin is right there" I said pointing to it he chuckled and took my hands in his "he's my sleep buddy your my cuddle buddy" he said playing with my fingers I blushed deep red and looked down smiling big I was his cuddle buddy how cute he was my cuddle buddy too other than my doll "your mine too I feel safe in your arms" I said blushing Luke and put his hand on my cheek he started leaning in I started leaning in too but before our lips met we heard groaning we turned our heads and Michael had his face in Calum's shoulder and Calum and Ashton were starring at us with gross out faces "why are you guys up?" Luke asked I was blushing so much "we heard you guys talking and we wake up to almost watching you making out on the couch" said Ashton now Luke was blushing and I was just sitting there awkwardly "ok well I'm going to get dress now before breakfast" I said jumping off the couch and going to my suitcase I heard Luke yelling at the boys I giggled and picked out my outfit we had a interview, than rehearsal, than the acoustic show, than another rehearsal, than the concert which is in Boston we are also gonna do some sight seeing before the concert well hopefully if the fans aren't crazy I went into the bathroom and got dressed brushed my hair and put a little makeup on just a little bit though and some perfume too I wanted to smell nice for Luke what has this boy done to me LOL just as I was about to open the door I heard the boys talking it sounded like they were talking about me I put my ear on the door and listened and what I heard was shocking.

Luke's POV

When Tristan left to get to get dress I couldn't help but smile she was so beautiful and looked so cute when she sleeps I loved having her in my arms she trusted me to keep her safe and I'm planning on doing just that "Dude snap out of it" yelled Calum hitting my head "OW' I yelled rubbing my head  the boys were sitting in front of me with smirks on their faces "what?" I said "don't what? us" said Michael "yeah we saw you and Tristan talking and cuddling last night you two seem to be a lot closer than you were before" said Ashton I smiled big "well yeah I mean we are dating now and I love her so much" I said the boys widened and I was confused than I realized I love Tristan Do I love her? I mean I only known her for like 2 months but I feel different when I'm around her she makes me so happy "I can't explain it she makes me feel something I never felt before so I'm around her I can't help but make it special" I said "AWWW" the boys all said at once I laughed at them "are you going to tell her?" asked Michael I quickly shook my head "I want to wait for the right moment plus give her time to see how she feels because what she doesn't love me at all yet" I said the boys nodded and we got ready I really hope she loves me.

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