You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


41. Elvis Duran,The Today Show, 4music, SiriusXM, IHRHalloweenLive, New Broken Scene, BBC RadioTAwards, Associated Press,

Elvis Duran, The Today Show, 4music,  SiriusXM, IHRHalloweenLive,
Tristan's POV
at 5am I was shaken awake by a very tired Luke my poor baby I let him rest his head on my shoulder in the car and I rested my head on Ashton's shoulder why do radio shows start so early in the morning we got to the radio station and it started I sat in between Luke and Calum the boys were drinking coffee to get their energy up it was very funny and sweet next they performed What I like about you which sounded good acoustic than Hey Everybody we went back to the hotel and rested up I was so excited for the Halloween show that we're doing in 2 days the boys won't tell me what their costumes are so I'm not telling them mine I haven't decided what I'm going to be might just be Minnie mouse I packed my mouse ears I got in Disney when I was 9 but I want to be something different maybe a princess since the boys call me princess sometimes ugh I hate Halloween trying to think of something new every year I need sleep now goodnight. Once again I was shaken awake at 5am I never sleep in anymore we got to the today show and their were ton of fans lined up already it was crazy "don' they ever sleep?" asked Michael he had a point the fans seem to sleep whenever we're not there no matter how early we get somewhere the fans are already wide awake and screaming their heads off the show was about to start "you guys go and kill it I'll be here watching on the TV" I said Luke wrapped his arms around me he was wearing a snapback he looked so hot "ok babe but your sitting with us during the interview right?" he asked I nodded "of course" I said he pecked my lips and than my head I blushed and giggled they ran to the stage I sat on the couch and watched them get on stage and did their thing first they sang She's Kinda Hot, Hey Everybody next they sang She Looks So Perfect and Amnesia next was the interview I was already in the studio waiting for the boys when I saw them I cheered for them Luke ran over to me and engulfed me in a hug the interview started I sat  beside Luke at the end he held my hand and the camera zoomed in on it oh great of course they asked me a question about my music "I'm going to be singing it live soon and I'm excited nervous but excited" I said Luke smiled next was NBC News I wasn't in this one just watching but it was funny and cute next we drove to SiriusXM Radio Station the boys were going to perform there I was watching videos on my phone of when they did a interview with 4music it was so funny part 2 part 3 we got to the radio station the boys got set up they sang Hey Everybody and She's Kinda Hot we got back to the dressing room and the boys started fooling around again Luke had a black hair wig on "um Luke why are you wearing that?" I asked "it's part of our Halloween Costumes babe you will find out soon" he said I sighted whatever their costumes are I have a feeling I'm going to be scarred for life. Today is the day of the iheart radio Halloween show I put my costume on I decided to be Jasmine from Aladdin I had someone make my costume it's gold and sliver it's the most beautiful thing I ever wore in my life and very sparkly and shiny the boys were getting their costumes on and I could hear them laughing at each other I know I'm not going to enjoy this "hey guys ready to see my costume?" I yelled through the closed door "yeah and are you ready to see ours?" yelled back Calum I sighted "yes" I said I took a deep breath put my tiara on and opened the door I opened my eyes and I was shocked what was standing in front of me the boys were all dressed as 80's rock stars they were wearing nail polish and eye liner and had very long hair I don't think they noticed me starring cause they were too busy starring at me "woah T you look beautiful" said Ashton I smiled at him "thanks Ash you guys look interesting and never knew you guys could wear makeup and not look stupid" I said even though they did look very stupid and creepy Michael looked like a  zombie "so babe what do you think?" asked Luke he didn't look too bad but still not good "well I was not excepting this but it's different" I said he smiled and leaned in to kiss me for some odd reason I stopped him "sorry Lukey but no kissing while your wearing that you look kind of creepy" I said he pouted at me I giggled and took his hand before the show the boys had a interview on the Adam Bomb radio show I stayed in the dressing room I had a feeling it was going to be funny next interview was with iheart radio than it was show time I stood in the front row watching the action and even though they looked creepy they still killed it part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 the show ended and the boys came off stage we got back to the hotel and Luke finally took off the costume he was back to being hot and my boyfriend "yay my boyfriend is back to normal now I can kiss you again" I said Luke smiled so wide like a little kid with candy he wrapped his arms around me and smashed his lips onto mine I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer the boys groaned at us we pulled away and smiled at each other than we went to bed tomorrow we're driving to Atlanta to get ready for Derp Con 2.0 which I have a feeling is going to be better than last year maybe.
New Broken Scene, BBC RadioTAwards, Associated Press,
Tristan's POV
We got to Atlanta right on time for once it's amazing LOL we got to check out the building yes the event was in a building this year cause it was cold outside and it wasn't LA so the boys didn't want the fans to be cold which was so sweet they made a snapchat while we explored first the boys made some sort videos for the fans to find during a treasure hunt their making it so hard but it will be funny to see the fans try to solve it part 2 part 3 next they did sound check and of course goofed around surprise surprise LOL than we checked out the 5sos reality thing ( not sure what that's called) it was very scary and cool it was like a whole different place but I was in the same place very confusing now time for the show before the meet & greets I went on stage with the boys this time and sat on the drum kit platform the boys once again killed it and they were funny of course I sang along too every song fans even threw stuff onto the stage underwear and socks it was gross and insane so glad I'm not in the audience cause if I was I would be pushed more than once the show ended than came the best part the meet and greets Luke put a snapback great he was going to kill the fans from hotness LOL I put my mouse ears on since it was Halloween first up was the UK and Ireland winners the UK winners names were Danielle and Emily the Ireland girl was so adorable she snuggled her head in each boy shoulder and  would not let go of Michael not that he minded LOL she had their first ever EP the boys all signed it than she took selfies with each of them which was very smart  she even took one with me next was New Zealand and Denmark the boys hid from them too it was very mean of them but also very funny these fans have crazy hats on and ninja turtle backpacks so cool next was Austria and the girl was so adorable than the Netherlands next was 3 more counties I don't know what though but they were also so sweet next was Canada and England the Canadian fans were awesome they hugged me the longest and they gave the boys Canadian tire money "my dad had that all over the house" I said the funny part was that the boys had no idea what it was it was so funny trying to explain it to them next was Sweden and Belgium and Mexico after that we went  back to the green room "was it me or were those fans sweeter than last year" I said the boys nodded "yeah I noticed that too but that's ok I love meeting cute fans" said Michael I giggled and snuggled into Luke we were lying on the couch and he had his arms tightly around me tonight we're flying to London for the BBC Teen Awards We got to London early morning  got to Wembly and a lot of stars were there too I saw Little mix and Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato HA "who's the opening act?" I asked Luke he just shrugged "I don't it's a huge surprise not even the host knows" he said wow this person must be very huge soon it was the boys turn on stage Luke kissed my cheek and ran on stage I was watching the guys kill it they came off stage breathing heavy "save your energy for the show boys" I said Luke pulled me into a hug I patted his back to calm him than finally it was show time Luke was wearing a leather jacket not nice at all we got on the red carpet and did an interview Nick Jonas jumped into it I was so shocked I been a huge fan of him for years we went inside and did another interview Sugarscape part 2 I was sitting on Luke's lap it was hard to focus part 3 than we did a radio interview with Nick Jonas I just watched this time and boy was it funny 5sos and Nick Jonas doing an interview was so funny than we did another interview and this one was funny also than it was the boys turn on stage I wished them luck I kissed Luke who was wearing white again why must he torture me they went on stage and just before they started singing Michael fell off stage "Michael" I yelled he was fine though he got right back on stage and performed that boy needs to wear a helmet on stage seriously this venue hates him lol they came off stage I ran over to Mikey  "are you ok?" I asked he nodded but groaned holding his ankle "stupid boy what made you fall?" I asked I noticed the boys chuckling a little at him "he saw Rita Ore and fell off cause of her" said Ashton I giggled a little oh Mikey even girls make him hurt himself uh oh he may never get a girlfriend now oh dear Michael was told to rest his ankle over night so we checked into a hotel and went straight to bed "I hope Michael is ok?" I said to Luke he was brushing his teeth and I was getting my PJ's on "he'll be fine serves him right to try and flirt with a hot singer" he said I giggled a little "he could of at least waited until the set was over how is he older than you?" I asked it's insane to think Luke is the youngest Michael should be the youngest and yet he's turning 20 in a few days I heard Luke chuckling he came out of the bathroom shirtless which I must say made it very hard to focus he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me "it confuses me too but Michael can be mature when he wants" he said "so never" I said he chuckled at me and rested our four heads together "pretty must now lets get to bed" he said I nodded he went on his side and I got on my side he wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his bare chest he than started playing with my hand "I love you baby so much" he whispered in my ear that still sends tingles down my spine "I love you too Lukey" I said he leaned forward and kissed me I put both hands on his cheeks and kissed him back he pulled me closer to him we pulled away and I kissed his chest once than layed my head on it before I got tempted I could see the smirk on Luke's face he kissed my head than we both fell asleep in each other arms. Today we had 2 interviews before we flew to I think Spain not sure first one was with Associated Press 

OK Guys I need your opinion on 2 things 1 Michael's birthday party should put drama in it and put Arzaylea in it and make her kiss Michael? (not sure if that's true or not?) or should I just leave her out? 2 this may sound crazy and extreme but should happen to Ashton's family cause of the press and Lauren and Harry join the gang on tour or is that too extreme and scary? please opinions and ideas needed comment them

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