You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


3. Date


Luke's POV

It was time for the date finally I was so scared the boys were helping me to get ready "Luke stop freaking out and get your butt ready" Ashton yells fixing my hair "shut up I'm nervous damn you would be too if you were me" I groan swatting his hand away the boys are fixing my hair and clothes millionth time "ok going to get her early because I get stand having you poke me" I say I grab my phone and sunglasses off the couch "Have fun and be back by midnight or I'll stab you" said Ashton going all big brother on me "don't worry we are just going to the fair" I said waving goodbye to the boys and going to the spot when I'm meeting Tristan.  I got to the spot and waited holding a white rose in my hand I saw her  walking towards me and boy did she look beautiful she was breathtaking like always I went over to her and handed her the rose she smiled and took it "you look so beautiful Tristan" I said taking her hand she blushed and looked down but also said "thanks you look very handsome" I smiled we walked out of the bus holding hands. We got in the car and Tristan looked nervous but excited she put her hands on her lap and looked out of the window as we drove I took one hand off the wheel and grabbed one of her hands I was scared she might pull away but she didn't she tried to hide her blush but failed she looked so cute "don't hide your face you look beautiful when you blush" I said she just giggled and smiled big.


Tristan's POV

I was trying to not look nervous but it wasn't easy I really wanted to know where we were going but Luke wouldn't tell me so I was just starring out the window while he drove my hands were on my lap and Luke took one hand off the wheel and grabbed my hand interwining our fingers together I blushed deep red as he rubbed his thumb on my hand it felt good than he kissed my hand I giggled he was so cute ~~than he asked me something "How long have you liked me?" he asked I thought about it than said "Um I don't know you were my favorite when I was just a fan but when I met you it changed so I'm going to say since I met you 2 months ago" I said he nodded "how long have you liked me?" I asked him "since we played truth and dare and you told us your biggest secret so 3 months" he said without having to think wow I was clueless for 3 months "wow I was blind for 3 months" I said giggling a little he chuckled than we pulled into the fair parking lot "the fair" I ask smiling at him "yeah Niall told me it's a fun place to go to so I wanted to bring you" he said blushing a little than getting out of the car running to the other side to let me out how sweet "where do you want to go first?" he asked intertwining our fingers together "lets walk around and see what there is and than get food" I said he nodded and walked in got our tickets and stamps on our hands there was a lot of cool rides and games but we went to get food I a ice cream sundae while he got a burger and fries and a milkshake we walked down to the beach and sat down at one of the tables "So since I don't know everything about you how about you tell me something about your disabilities" Luke asked while he ate I ate a spoonful of ice cream I guess I could tell him about my eating problems "Well as you know I can't chew and that's why I eat babyfood and ice cream all the time but there is something I haven't told you when I was 2 I ate 15 fruit loops at school and my mom took millions of pictures my teacher made a video of it was hard but so worth it" I said Luke was looking at me funny "if you ate fruit loops back than why can't you eat them now?" he asked "I chocked on them and now I'm afraid to chew anything" I said taking another bite of ice cream he chuckled "fair enough" he said eating some fries. We finished eating and cleaned up our mess than we walked hand in hand to the rides "what ride do you want to go on first?" he asked swaying our hands back and fourth "I don't think I should go on rides after eating so much ice cream" I told him he chuckled and said "ok how about that game over there" he said pointing at a game "sure" I said and ran over to it we had to throw balls at 6 pins I was a little scared because I wasn't very good at throwing I threw the first ball and it just missed the pins "oh so close babe try again" said Luke I couldn't help but smile he called me babe I can get used to that "I'm bad at throwing can you help me?" I asked him that came out flirter than I wanted but he nodded he wrapped one arm around my waist and he put the other one on my hand it was awkward but also felt right too I threw the ball and it hit the pins I smiled big "Yes" I yelled and hugged Luke tight he hugged back I got to pick my prize I looked around and saw a huge stuffed penguin with a blue bow on it "that one please?" I asked the man he handed it to me it was so soft I handed it to Luke he chuckled and took "aren't I suppose to do this" he said putting his arm around my shoulder "I know how much you love penguins so I thought you should have it" I said "did you have fun" he asked as we drove back to the venue "yes I did enjoy my time with you" I said smiling up at him we got back to the bus and Luke took my hands "I don't kiss girls on first dates I want to take it slow if you don't mind" he asks nervously I smiled big he wanted to take slow too thank goodness "I feel the same way" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I hugged him tight. We got on the bus and we fired with questions from the boys it was along night but the best night of my life. 

Next Chapter they are going to kiss so excited


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