You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


11. Date night part 2 plus Nashville

Tristan's POV
 As Michael walked me over to the place where I'm meeting Luke I am getting so excited we stopped and Michael took the blindfold off my eyes and I looked in front of me my mouth dropped open.This has to be a dream I can't believe Luke did this for me in front of me was a limo Luke knew I always wanted to travel in a limo I was so excited I ran towards it "welcome to your fairytale adventure here's your first clue" said the driver and he handed me a piece of paper I thanked him and opened it  "Hello beautiful ready for an awesome night this limo is going to take you to a secret location there you will find your next clue solve them all and you will find me see you soon Luke XOXO I blushed and looked at the note he is very creative and so sweet too I guess I just look out the window until the limo stops at the secret location wonder where it is?

Luke's POV
Ok I'm super nervous Tristan is in the limo and on her way here I am so scared I kept fixing my hair and shirt I didn't dress fancy just nice enough I was holding a red rose in my hand that I was going to give her when I saw her I got a text from Ashton telling me that she was almost here I took a deep breathe and waited for my princess to arrive.

Tristan's POV
I was looking out the window and kept thinking about Luke and I have never been so happy in my whole life he makes me feel like a princess and makes love myself because he calls me beautiful 5 times a day not that I mind it I love when he calls beautiful it always leaves a warm feeling in my stomach I believe now that this is true love and I plan on telling him that hopefully he feels the same suddenly the limo was slowing down and I quickly looked out the window but all I saw were trees I'm really confused right now I driver opened the door for me  I got out than I realized where I was the park not very secret but it is nighttime  so nobody would except a star to surprise his girlfriend in the park I got out of the limo and looked around it was very dark but it wasn't creepy the driver handed me another clue I opened it and read it Hello cutie if your reading this you have arrived at the secret location now what I want you to do now is walk down the trial that is in front of you and as you walk you will noticed red roses on the ground I want you to pick them up as you walk they will come in handy as you continue to walk can't wait to see you now get walking XOXO Luke I giggled as I read the note he was so cute I put the note in my purse with the other one and started walking the path thank goodness I had a light on my phone I looked on the ground for the red roses so far nothing yet wow who knew Luke was good at hiding things? LOL however he did manage to keep his feelings for me hidden for 2 months anyway back to the search I looked everywhere and finally I spotted a red rose lying on the ground "Got YA" I yelled and picked it up I find another one and another and another and another and another I now had 4 roses one more to go I looked everywhere but couldn't find it he hid the last one good suddenly I saw it on a table with a beautiful vase on it I picked it up there was another note taped onto the vase I picked it up and read it hey babe your getting closer to the surprise put the roses in the vase and continue walking down the path when you hear music playing that means you are getting closer to me and our awesome night hurry up I'm getting inpatient I laughed a little and put the note with the others I put the roses in the vase and started walking down the path again it's all nice and quiet until I start to hear a strange noise as I keep walking it gets louder and louder and soon it turns into a Ed Sheeran song I love Ed Sheeran but I didn't know what song was playing I didn't recognise it at all as I continued walking I noticed something up ahead and saw someone standing on the path as I walked closer to the person I started to recognise the person they were very tall had spikey blonde hair and had beautiful blue eyes that could melt any girl they look at and had a lip ring there's only one person who I can think of who fits that and it's my boyfriend Luke Hemmings he had a smile on his face that I never seen before it was happy and excited all in one he looked very handsome too I walked faster because I wanted to get to him but couldn't help but listen to the Ed Sheeran changing into one that I knew it was Lego House I finally reached Luke and when I did I couldn't control myself I jumped into his arms I think I surprised him because he jumped backwards a little but he pulled me into his arms anyway I loved his hugs they made me feel safe and loved but this hug felt different like he was afraid if he let go he would lose me he held me close to him and he snuggled his head into my neck which kind of tickled a little it made me giggle a little "Luke that tickles" I said giggling he smiled and kissed my neck once and lifted his head off my neck "sorry babe couldn't resist" he said I smiled and stood on my tippy toes to peck his lips he smiled and pecked my lips back "thank you Luke this night has been amazing" I said as held my hands for some reason he started laughing "it's not over yet babe" he said my eyes widened there's more? "really?" I asked shocked what else could there possibly be? Luke chuckled and let go of my hands and looked at me "yes did you really I would make you walk all this way and just make you turn around and walk back again?" he asked I shook my head and smiled "good because I know you are going to love what's next come on" he said holding out his hand I took it and he interwined our fingers together here we go again. As we walked down I heard another Ed Sheeran song I recognised it right away I stopped walking and pulled Luke back "is this Thinking out Loud?" I asked him  he smiled and nodded I smiled he really did know me than he stopped walking "may I have this dance?" he asked sticking his hand out I thought about it I never slowed danced before but I heard it's easy and dancing with Luke Hemmings is a dream come true "yes you may have this dance" I said grabbing his hand he smiled and pulled me close to him he wrapped his arms my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started swaying back and fourth it was so far easy I got lost in his blue eyes they were so beautiful Luke looked like he was looking in my eyes too as we danced his head came down and his four head leaned against mine before we knew it the song ended and we

 knew it the song ended and we stopped dancing suddenly there was a huge exploring I jumped high in the air than I realized it was fireworks "wow fireworks too" I said looking at Luke he smiled and nodded what will this boy think of next but for some reason Luke looking at me instead the fireworks I was about to ask him why when I noticed words in the sky it was a sentence I read it my hand went over my mouth and I gasped out loud right there in words in the sky said Tristan Brown I love you - Luke I looked at Luke and he looked very nervous I took his hands and said "Luke I don't know what to say" I said Luke let out a sigh and said "I just felt like this was the right time to tell you I felt it for a while now and I just want to know if you feel the same way" he said rubbing his thumbs on my hands again as I looked at him and thought about everything he's done for me I finally realized that I do love him "Luke I actually been thinking about it a lot too I never had a boyfriend before and I always dreamed about having a fairy tale life and now it's happening I was just afraid about loving someone but they don't love me back or cheat on me but I know you will never do that to me so I'm going to say the thing I always dreamed about saying to a boy I love you too Luke Hemmings" I said wow that was actually pretty easy Luke looked liked he just won a Grammy he had the biggest smile on his face he pulled me into his arms and hugged me so tight "I was so scared you didn't love me back I was waiting for you to break up with me or something now I'm the happiest boy alive" he said I giggled "and I'm the luckiest girl alive I might get hate but I don't care I'm finally happy and finally know what love is" I said Luke smiled and leaned down I knew what was going to happen and I couldn't be happier our lips smashed together this kiss felt different it was full of passion as always but it was also full with love like something was lifted and allowed us to love each other and show it when we were kissing it was also longer than the other kisses we shared too I moaned a little and that made Luke kiss me harder but still soft somehow we ended up on the grass with Luke on top of me this was something I never done before and Luke understood I wasn't ready so he kissed me slowly what felt like forever we pulled away from each other Luke got off me and pulled me up I ended up on his lap I snuggled into him and he tighten his grip on my waist "that was amazing" he said I nodded and kissed his cheek "yes it was" I said and smiled big I finally said I love you too a boy and a cute one too LOL I have never smiled this big before ever and Luke was smiling big too "we should probably go now or the boys will come looking for us" Luke said pushing me off his lap I giggled and nodded "ok but help me up first" I streaching my hands out Luke chuckled and pulled me up but he pulled too fast and I couldn't keep my balance and I fell into him I laughed and looked at him he smiled "can't get enough of me can you?" he said smirking I hit his arm and giggled what did I do to deserve this boy I grabbed his hand and we walked back to the limo. The whole way home me and Luke just were in each other's arms talking about the date also seeking in a few kisses every now and than too we got back to the hotel and I was very tired Luke picked me up bridal style "um Luke I can walk" I said wrapping my arms around his neck he chuckled and said "you looked tired and being the gentlemen I am I'm carrying you back to the room" he said I smiled big he was such a cutie pie how did I get so lucky? I snuggled my head into his chest as he carried me I could fall asleep in his arms but there's no point once we get back to the room the boys will all yell at me and want to hug me so I will just wait till they fall asleep we got to the room and Luke couldn't open the door so I knocked on it and it opened right away "THERE YOU GUYS ARE WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG" yelled the boys me and Luke looked at each other and rolled our eyes "boys we are really tired and let us in the room so Luke can tell you all about it I'm going to bed" I said still in Luke's arms "Luke you can put me down now" I told him he smiled at me and kissed my head "ok you asked for it" he said smirking before I could ask what he meant I find myself out of his arms and on a bed he had thrown me out of his arms good thing I landed on the bed or I would have been in a lot pain I looked at the boys and they were all smiling and trying not to laugh Michael was about to burst and Luke had a huge smirk on his face I stood up and walked over to him I smacked his arm "how rude if you didn't just take me on the best date in the entire world I would be mad at you right now" I said to him he smiled and kissed my cheek I blushed and walked over to my suitcase "I'm going to change into my pj's and brush my teeth how you guys talk while I do this" I told them they nodded and began being they're strange selves but that's why I love them so much mostly Luke though wow that is so wield to say out loud and not in my head but good too I grabbed my bathroom bag and my pj's I got up and went to the bathroom but before I shut the door I noticed Luke looking at me I couldn't help but blush Luke winked at me and than started talking to the boys. I brushed my teeth and got my pj's on than I got out of the bathroom and the guys were on a laptop I put my bathroom bag on the table and sat down on the bed to take my braces off I felt someone sit on the bed beside me I looked up and Calum was sitting beside me "hey Calum" I said to him he smiled and sided hugged me "hey Tristan so enjoy your date?" he asked wiggling his eyes I blushed and pushed him "yes I did it was one of the best nights of my life" I said to him he smiled big "it was the same for me too" said Luke I didn't even know he was in the room still I looked up and he sat down on the other side of me on the bed Calum have gotten up and joined Ashton and Michael at the table Luke had wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him I was so tired but I didn't want to sleep yet "hey guys where is our next adventure?" I asked them "well we are performing in Nashville so tomorrow we are flying" said Ashton I smiled I always wanted to go to Nashville "awesome I always wanted to go to Nashville" I said that made the boys smile they love making me happy I noticed which I love I yawned a little "well I think we should go to bed boys since we have to fly tomorrow" I said the boys nodded I got into bed and got comfy "night Tristan" the boys yelled I waved at them "night guys love you" I yelled back Luke walked over to his side of the bed and got under the covers I turned to him "so glad I said I love you" he said rubbing his finger on my cheek I smiled "I'm glad I said it too because now I know your mine and only mine" I said Luke smiled and pulled me into a kiss it was passion and sweet we pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes "I love you Tristan" he said I smiled big "I love you too Luke" I said and cuddled into the boy that I love and will forever love as I fell into a sweet sleep.


Next morning
Tristan's POV
TRISTAN WAKE UP OR WE'RE GOING TO MISS OUR PLANE" yelled a voice in my ear I opened my eyes and Michael was standing beside the bed I groaned and sat up  "ok I'm up Michael stop yelling" I said to him he nodded and hugged me good morning no matter now annoying he is I can never stay mad at him forever I mean he gives the best hugs in the world and he's just too adorable hard to believe he's turning 19 this year I got out of bed and stretched I checked the clock it was 6 am how are the boys even awake right now I don't know I looked at Luke and he looked like a zombie with messy hair which is very cute actually "morning babe sleep well?" he asked in a morning voice which sounds so hot "yes I did actually maybe because I had you to cuddle with Lukey" I said I noticed his cheeks getting a little red  I giggled and stood up and walked over to my suite case I grabbed the outfit that I was going to wear on airplane and went into the bathroom. I changed and walked out of the bathroom I was just wearing sweatpants and my sweatshirt that I got at camp it's so warm and comfy I love it I wish I didn't have to wear my leg braces but I have too sadly I sat on the bed and put them on "do you have to wear those on the plane?" asked Ashton sitting down beside me I turned to him and nodded "I didn't bring shoes for by bare feet so I have to wear my braces for my running shoes" I said he nodded and patted my shoulder he knew how much I hated wearing them Ashton was like an older brother even though he's only one year older than me I packed my bag "hey Tristan don't forget your doll" said Michael passing me my baby doll I giggled "thanks Mikey I can't go to Nashville without my good luck charm" I said hugging my doll close to me I put her in my bag and closed it up "I'm ready" I said "so are we ready? lets go" said Calum I got my shoes on and waited at the door Luke grabbed my hand and interwined our fingers together I should be used to this but it always gives me a tingle in my heart which is good I think also I always notice Luke's cheeks turn a little red when he grabs my hand which always turns my cheeks red I reached for my bag but Ashton grabbed it "I can carry it" I said he shook his head "Luke told me not to let you carry your bags" he said I turned to Luke and he was smirking at me I rolled my eyes and smiled a little. The whole plane ride the boys were all talking and screaming I'm surprised we didn't get kicked off the plane Luke would not take his arm off my waist so I just rested my head on his shoulder "Hey Tristan lets play truth or dare" he said I lifted my head off his shoulder "alright but don't make me do anything stupid" I told him turning in my chair to face him he smiled and nodded "alright I'll ask you first truth or dare?" he asked me with a smile I pretended to think a bit if I picked dare he would make me yell I love him or something so I'm staying safe "Truth" I said Luke's smile turned into a pout "I was hoping you would pick dare" he said I giggled I knew him so well "ok um oh I know what your hobbies?" he asked I gave him a confused look "um Luke you already know my hobbies remember" I told him "oh yeah oh what your hidden hobbies?" he asked smirking a little oh boy he really wanted to know everything about me "ok um I love acting and dancing even though I'm horrible at it" I told him he chuckled and grabbed my hands "your not that horrible you are better than me and the guys that's for sure" he said I laughed and thought about what else I liked to do than I remembered I loved to paint and do pottery "I love to do art and make pottery and paint stuff" I said Luke had a surprise look on his face guess he wasn't excepting to hear that "I never knew that" he said playing with a piece of my hair I shrugged and looked at him "I usually don't tell people because I'm not good at it" I told him Luke just rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug "why are you always doubting yourself babe I'm sure you are awesome at art" he said to him I smiled into his shoulder "thanks Luke for believing in me but I think I will stick to singing" I told him he chuckled and nodded I kissed his cheek he blushed a little now it was my turn "my turn now Lukey Truth or Dare?" I asked him he pretended to think which was pretty cute stupid hormones "I pick Truth" he said oh he was playing safe now because I did I thought about what to ask him I really want to know what he sees in me because I never had a boyfriend before him so I want to know what he sees that other guys don't "ok um I want to know what is it about me that makes you love me because no other guy as ever loved me like you do ever" I said shrugging my shoulders Luke seemed surprised about my question than sighed and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him "where do I even begin I'll admit when I first met you at the meet and greet I thought you were a little strange but once you told us your story and what you been through I started to see you as a girl who's been through so much bullying and yet still mangers to smile every day I started liking you when I heard you love performing on stage but had stage fright but you didn't let that stop you from living your dream and once you stood on stage that very first time I could see that you were scared but you didn't run off stage" he said I sighted "I wanted too but as soon as I looked at you I could see you and the guys smiling and I didn't want to let you guys down and run" I told him he nodded and continued to talk "As me and the boys got to know you better I soon figured out that I didn't want to just be your friend I wanted to kiss you and comfort you when you were sad but I was afraid I would hurt you and I was also afraid that you liked Michael or Calum because you spend a lot of time with them" he said my eyes widened he thought I liked Michael or Calum should I tell him about my tiny crush on Michael? No I can't Michael is behind me sleeping I don't want him  to hear me besides my crush on Luke was bigger and I ended up with him so I don't want drama "I'm just best friends with them Luke they care about me and I care about them were you seriously scared I wouldn't like you?" I asked he nodded and blushed a little that made me smile he really did like me when I was so blind  to see it anyway Luke started talking again "Asking you out Tristan was probably the bravest thing I ever done but also the best because I can call you mine now and kiss you and hug you and not worry about anyone stealing you from me and now I can finally say I love you to you and I know you feel the same way" he said looking straight at me I felt my heart pounding out of my chest that is the sweetest thing I ever heard I fall more in love with Luke every day when I spend time with him I can be myself and not worry about being stupid or anything "Aw Luke that is so sweet and I love saying I love you to you too I love you Luke Hemmings" I said wrapping my arms around his neck he wrapped his arms around my waist "I love you too Tristan Brown" he said and leaned forward and kissed me I kissed back slow and sweet we can't really do anything because we are on a plan and sitting in chairs we pulled away and smiled at each other I rested my head on his shoulder and fell asleep for the rest of the fright. 

"Tristan  wake up we are about to land " whispered a voice in my ear I opened my eyes and Michael was hovering over me with his hand on my head "hey Michael" I said stretching a little Luke was listening to music beside me "Hey I heard what you and Luke were talking about" Michael said my eyes widened uh oh he heard "you did?" I asked him a little worried "yes I can't believe he thought you had a crush on me" he said laughing a little "yeah crazy" I said rubbing my neck suddenly the seatbelt light came on meaning we were landing soon I put my seatbelt on and tapped Luke's shoulder "Lukey we are landing soon put your seatbelt on" I told him he nodded and put his music away "sleep well babe?" he asked putting his seatbelt on and grabbing my hand "surprisely yes your shoulder is very comfy" I told him he chuckled suddenly the plane started going down I held Luke's hand a little tighter I never was a fan of flying I felt the bumping under me than we stopped I took my seatbelt off and stood up my butt hurt from sitting so long I put my bag on my back and Luke grabbed my hand again suddenly their manger came towards us "ok guys there are a lot of fans in the airport so Luke keep a tight grip on Tristan's hand so she doesn't get hurt" he said Luke nodded and gripped my hand tighter he hated the idea of me getting hurt but I haven't gotten seriously hurt yet thank god but you never know with the fans I should know I used to be a fan and they can be crazy when their favorite band is right in front of them "maybe Tristan should hold another hand just in case Luke" said Ashton Calum and Michael I smiled they all truly cared about me which made me happy and blush "guys I'll be fine I'm tough and brave" I said the other boys chuckled and Luke smiled "yes you are babe but it's a good idea for you to hold another hand just in case" he said I sighted and nodded my head "but who's hand am I going to hold? I'm already holding yours" I said to him he blushed and nodded "I'll hold your hand Tristan" offered Michael grabbing my hand "thank you Mikey" I said to him smiling I looked at our hands they seemed to fit perfectly together just like mine and Luke's fit perfectly together also Michaels hands are very soft and warm I felt safe when he held my hand wait what? I'm supposed to feel safe when Luke holds my hand not Michael why did I just think that? As we got off the plan I could hear screaming fans already that made Luke and Michael grip my hands tighter I blushed as we walked towards the gate where the screaming was getting louder and louder and louder when we turned we were looking at millions of fans screaming at the boys it was a little scary but cool too Ashton and Calum ran straight to them Ashton went to one side and Calum went to the other side that just made the girls scream louder Michael and Luke just waved at them I felt kind of bad because they too busy protecting me from the fans that they couldn't meet them and a lot of girls were screaming their names "guys go over there I know you want to meet the fans I'll be fine" I told them Michael suddenly got happy and hugged me "thanks Tristan and if you do get hurt I'm sorry" he said I pushed him towards the fans "I'll be fine Mikey" I told him but he was busy hugging and taking pictures with the fans now I just had to get Luke to go over there but I highly doubt seeing as he has a strong grip on my hand "Lukey I know you want to meet the fans I can see it in your eyes just go over there I'll be fine" I said to him letting go of his hand he looked at me and said "ok but I'm not letting you out of my sight if I'm meeting fans so are you" he said pulling me towards the girls guess I don't have a say in this do I we got closer to them and the girls screamed even louder Luke finally let go of my hand and went over to them I decided to say Hi to the fans that were waiting for Luke to get to them "Hi girls" I said to them that made a girl scream "Hi Tristan your so lucky to get to see the boys everyday" one girl yelled I smiled and nodded "yeah it's fun but I'm still a fan too" I told her she smiled and screamed again "can I ask you a very important question?" another asked me I nodded yes to her "how are you still dating Luke after what some fans did and said to you?" she asked my eyes widened I never been asked this before guess not all fans are bad "well it's hard but than I remember that they are just jealous that I'm dating Luke and want to try get me to break up with him which isn't going to happen I love him so much so I just stay strong and ignore them although it's not always that simple" I told them they nodded and smiled "we all actually think you are the perfect girl for Luke he always smiling and being happy when you are around him so we ship you guys and support you also it's so cute when he kisses you" another girl said I blushed deep red a lot of people say that it's cute how Luke kisses me at fandom times I'm not complaining though I like it when he does that it always makes me happy that he feels he needs to kiss me in order to make me and himself happy for the day of course he does it more than once a day but hey we are a couple right that's what couples do when they are in love right? "thanks I find it cute too but the part I love most is when he blushes after he does it I still make him blush which is strange because I blush whenever he kisses me and he blushes when he kisses me "Hey do you guys want to meet Luke cause I'm pretty sure he will love to meet fans who haven't beat up his girlfriend" I told them they all screamed very loud which meant yes "HEY LUKEY COME OVER HERE I NEED YOU" I yelled at him he looked up with wide eyes and ran over to me I giggled he was so sweet "what's wrong babe?" he asked holding my hands I smiled big "nothing I just want you to meet these fans " I told him pointing to the girls who were trying to not cry "seriously why did you yell than? I thought you been injured" he said with a serious look I giggled and hugged him "Aww sorry Lukey but it was the only way I could get you come over here and meet these sweet girls" I told him he sighed and kissed my head "well if these fans are sweet to you than I must meet them" he said walking over towards the girls and judging by the looks on their faces this made their day and life forever the way these boys can change a mood in fans is crazy girls smile and cry whenever they take a picture with them or sign something I hope one day I can see fans cry when they meet me. After meeting the fans security began pushing us towards the door I hugged the girls goodbye and promised to follow them on Twitter and Instagram when I get a minute we got in the car and drove to the place where the show was being held the boys had to practice before we could check in our hotel and go sight seeing "so boys excited for tomorrow night?" I asked them they all nodded "yeah babe we are and I'm glad you will be there with us" said Luke resting his hand on my knee I smiled big and kissed his cheek "I wouldn't miss it for the world" I told him he smiled and kissed my lips lightly the other boys groaned as we pulled away I rested my head on Luke's shoulder for the rest of the drive. We arrived at the place and it was huge can't imagine what the inside looks like I saw the looks on the boys faces and they were just as shocked as I was we got out of the car and Luke grabbed my hand as we walked inside we were going to see the stage first than the boys are going to run through everything we got inside and the stage was behind big doors we all took a deep breathe and opened the doors and what we saw in front of us was breath taken I looked at Luke's face and he just looked speechless as did the other boys Ashton and Michael mouths were dropped open and Calum just had a surprise look on his face this place was big the stage was so big the boys ran all around it  I swear they act like little kids all the time and for some reason I love it but once they pick up their instruments they turn into men and play amazing all the time they also have fun while they perform "Ok boys lets practice" said Ashton already sitting at his drum kit with sticks in his hands Michael and Calum grabbed their guitars and began to tune them Luke was still holding my hand starring at the stage "Luke go and practice I'm not going anywhere"  I said  "But I love holding your waist" he whined I blushed I liked it when he held my waist too but the boys need him he is the lead singer after all  "I love having you close to me Luke but you don't want the boys to hate you do you?" I asked him he sighed "your right they need me but after we practice I'm coming right back to my girl" he said letting go of my waist finally I blushed again and giggled what did I do to deserve him? he's perfect he pecked my lips lightly and ran on stage grabbing his guitar and tuned it I sat on my usual seat in front of Ashton's drums and listened to them practice no matter I how many times I see them on stage I can't help but fangirl they always have so much fun and sound so amazing live Luke's voice kills me when they sing Amnesia  it has so much passion and hurt in it also when he jumps in She looks so perfect I freak out it's so hot but I won't tell him that because if I do than he'll do it everyday just to turn me on as I listened to them sing I felt my phone vibrated I took it out of my pocket and it was my ex best friend "Hey Tristan why haven't you been at school to embarcced to show your ugly face" it said I got so angry this is why I didn't say anything to her or my other friends " I'm traveling for a while and I already graduated remember so leave me alone" I texted back and send it and put my phone back in my pocket I tried not to cry I  looked up  and Michael was starring at me "what?" I asked him "nothing are you ok? you were looking at your phone during the song" he said I nodded "yeah I'm fine don't worry Mikey" I said with a straight face  he nodded and  kissed my head I felt my cheeks turn red even though I'm dating Luke and I love him I can't help but blush whenever one of the other boys kiss my head or cheek I can't help it they are all wonderful and sweet to me  I'm so glad they are my best friends "you sound great so far boys keep going" I told them they all looked at each other and I suddenly got a feeling that they had a plan that I wouldn't like "ok what is the crazy idea this time?" I asked them "Tristan we were thinking maybe if you wanted to perform with us tonight" said Calum my mouth dropped open were they serious? "your joking right?" I asked them they all stared at me with looks " we aren't joking Tristan you are talented and you need to show what you can do" said Ashton I looked at Luke and he had a smile on his face they were serious I can't perform in Nashville no way "guys I can't perform in front of all those people you know that" I told them "come on Tristan you performed in front of 50,000 people the other night and you are scared of  this crowd " said Michael "this is different" I told them "how is it different?" asked Calum "it just is" I yelled at them I looked at Luke he didn't say a word I wanted to tell them why I didn't want to perform but I can't I ran off stage to their dressing room I shut the door and jumped on the couch and cried.

Luke's POV
I just don't get it why won't Tristan perform with us I mean she is so talented we told her a million times I just don't get it why won't she perform with us I mean she did last time why not now? something isn't right but what is it "Dude am I the only one that thinks something isn't right with Tristan" said Calum walking over to me I shook my head "No Calum your not I noticed something was bothering her too but what can it be" I said hitting the strings on my guitar "I didn't want to tell you this but after She Looks so perfect I noticed Tristan was starring at her phone and it looked like she wanted to cry and when I asked her about it she told me she was fine" said Michael my mouth dropped why would my princess want to cry? "we have to find out what's her sad I hate seeing her sad" said Calum I nodded and walked off stage "where are you going Luke? we still need to practice" yelled Ashton "I'll be back but first I need to find out who's making my girlfriend cry" I yelled back and walked to our dressing room I heard crying on the other side of the door why is my princess crying? I knocked on the door and the crying stopped "who is it?" she yelled "Babe it's me I'm coming in" I yelled back she didn't yell no so I guess she's ok with it I opened the door and I saw her sitting on the couch her cheeks were red from crying and her eyes still had tears in them I ran over to the couch and wrapped my arms around her she rested her head on my shoulder I could tell she wanted to cry "Babe please tell me what's wrong and why you won't perform tonight?" I cooed into her ears and kissed her neck she lifted her head off my shoulder and looked at me she handed me her phone "look at my messages" she said whipping her eyes I was confused but read them I was shocked at what they said.

Tristan's POV
I was crying so much why are people so mean? they don't even know I'm making music and traveling the world with their favorite bands they think I'm having a surgery and keep telling to die because they never want to see me again suddenly there was a knock at the door I stopped crying and sat up "who is it?" I yelled whipping my tears away "Babe it's me I'm coming in" yelled a voice that I knew so well and loved so much this is the moment to tell him everything and hopefully he won't be mad that I kept it from him this long the door opened and Luke walked in he shut the door and ran over to me and wrapped his arms around me I rested my head on his shoulder  "Babe please tell me what's wrong and why you won't perform tonight?" he cooed into my ears that send shivers down my spine and he kissed my neck lightly I sighed and lifted my head off his shoulder and looked at him it was now or never I handed him my phone  "look at my messages" I said whipping my eyes because they still had tears in them I could tell he was confused but he read the messages and by the look on his face he was shocked at what they said he gave me back my phone and I put it in my pocket he pulled me into a hug and started to kiss my neck over and over again it felt nice but I could tell he was upset at the messages "who's this Jennifer?" he asked I sighted time to explain "she was my best friend from school but when you guys invited me on tour I graduated early so I could  come but I didn't tell her or my other friends so she started posting mean stuff and sending me rude messages it stopped for a while but now it has started up again and now she's texting me mean messages I want to tell her the truth but that will just make it worse" I told him he nodded and sighed "when did they start coming again?" he asked me I took a deep breathe "just last night" I told him he pulled me into him again "don't listen to anything they say a lot of people are going to hate you but a lot of people love you like one direction, Taylor Swift, the guys, the fans and me mostly me though" he said trying to cheer me up I smiled a little and giggled "there is the smile that I love so don't even listen to those people I love you just the way you are" he said to me I blushed Luke is the sweetest boy I have ever met in my life "your right as long as I have you and the guys my life is perfect and these girls have been bullying me since I told them I love to sing they think I'm weak and don't have talent what so ever but I know I do have talent because I'm touring the world with 2 of the biggest bands on the planet so I'm not going to let them bring me down" I said wow how  did I ever get so convicted? Luke smiled and put his hand on my cheek "I love you so much and will I never stop" he said leaning forward before I could say I love you too his lips smashed into mine this kiss felt different from all the other kisses we had yes this one had passion in it but also a lot of love too I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly I felt his lip ring on my lips it was cold the kiss got more intense and somehow I ended up lying on the couch with Luke hovering over me his hand was under my shirt a little rubbing circles on my skin that gave me goose bumps  suddenly his hand went higher up my shirt to where my bra was "Luke stop" I said suddenly without thinking I knew I wasn't ready for this but I wanted to do it with Luke just not here Luke stopped and looked at me with worried eyes "you aren't ready are you?" he asked me I nodded and Luke sighted pulling my shirt back down "me either sorry babe we won't do it until you are ready" he said kissing me softly and than getting off me I sat up and grabbed Luke's hand "Luke I want to do it with you just not here and I'm not ready" I told him he blushed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders "well I'm glad you told me you aren't ready because either am I we just got caught up in the moment I guess" he said I nodded and rested my head on his shoulders "the guys are never going to let you live this down" I told him smiling he sighted and rested his head on my head "yeah I know" he said I smiled big he is the best.

Tristan's POV
I was right about the boys not letting Luke live down that he and we had almost had sex in the dressing room as soon as we told them the guys kept teasing him I haven't told any of my friends about this because well nothing happened really I stopped it before it could go anywhere I must admit it felt amazing and I wanted to continue but it just didn't feel right when I am ready I want to do it in a special place anyway moving on I'm still not going to sing tonight and the boys all accept that after I told them why and I'm so glad I did because they all hugged me so tight and told me that they love me  and don't listen or believe anything my friends say to me which I'm going to try to do as the boys rehearsal some more songs I smile because no matter how sad I am about the messages I can always count on 5SOS or One direction to make me feel better and to be best friends with both bands is the best thing that has ever happened to me so I can't throw it away because some bullies are jealous that I'm a good singer and could actually become famous well I am famous but not for singing but for dating Luke lucky they haven't said anything about that but I'm sure they will hear all about it soon and come up with more hurtful stuff but Luke is right I won't let it bring me down no matter how hurtful they are suddenly I heard Luke yelling at Ashton oh boy I better go see what this is about I ran on stage and Luke was about to hit Ashton with his drum sticks Calum and Michael were laughing at them just before the stick hit Ashton's head I grabbed Luke's arm "Luke don't next you will get hit on the head with your guitar" I told him he sighed and crossed his arms "ok now two questions  one Ashton why does Luke want to hit you?" I asked Ashton Luke was about to say something but I put my hand on his mouth to shush him "I was just teasing him about you know what" he said smirking I blushed deep red and I saw Luke was blushing a little too "ok you seriously need to stop teasing Luke we both weren't ready and we just got caught up in the moment so drop it your making Luke very mad which isn't good now come on you have an interview and a acoustic show before the show tonight" I said walking away Luke pulled me back and kissed my cheek I giggled. I watched the boys do an interview backstage and as usual it was funny so glad I wasn't in it because some of it was very awkward and I find out Ashton may have a thing for Demi Lovateo LOL than they talked about the restaurant we went too and the studio lucky they didn't say anything about me they talked about the Today show which I didn't exist in than also the funniest part they showed a picture which I never seen before and it was so funny and than they got asked twitter questions and lastly they talked about the tour it was funny because they aren't coming to Nashville and they keep getting yelled at fans and Luke being dumb again didn't know they weren't coming to Nashville than they finally finished I clapped for them and ran over to them Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders "good jobs boys" I said resting my head on Luke's chest we walked back to the dressing room to get ready for the radio show I love radio shows there's a few fans and they are always so funny my stomach from laughing so hard but the fans sometimes ask awkward questions and some fans are so shy it's so cute "so Tristan are going to sing your single at this show?" asked Calum the boys always ask if I'm gonna perform my single at the show because sometimes fans want to hear me sing "not this time my voice kind of hurts" I lied Calum looked with a are you serious look I really hate that the boys know I'm a good liar "next show I promise" I said Calum looked at me "peaky swear" he said holding out his peaky I rolled my eyes and wrapped my peaky around it "peaky swear" I said Calum smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulder I couldn't help but blush a little "so have you heard from Jaymi?" I teased him I noticed him blush a little but he had a sad look on his face "sadly no not for weeks" he said now I was worried Jaymi was crazy about Calum why wouldn't she keep in touch with him "don't worry Calum I'm sure she's just busy she's crazy about you trust me she wouldn't forget you" I told him he nodded and smiled a little. We got to the radio station and we sat in a room waiting to walk out we hear some fans screaming already I wasn't going to walk out with the boys they were going announce me and I will walk out and sit down and listen to the boys perform "see you out there babe" said Luke pulling into a hug I hugged back tight and smiled at him "have fun Lukey" I said he chuckled and pecked my lips lightly they walked out Ashton talked to a little girl she was so cute and only 8 it was so sweet "ok before we sing some songs we would like to introduce someone very special take it away Luke" said Ashton I got behind the door so when it opened I could walk out when Luke said my name "so this girl is a good friend of ours and she is super talented but she doesn't believe it she has a new single coming out soon and if you guys ask her I'm sure she will do it so please welcome the beautiful and talented Tristan Brown" yelled Luke I walked out "did you really have to say super talented Luke?" I asked him sitting in the chair the audience laughed I waved at them the boys first played out of my limit than she looks so perfect and now they are playing Amnesia which always makes me cry for some reason than some fans asked questions it was so funny funnier than all of the other Q&A they have done don't know why but it was after the radio show the guys met the fans it was sweet the little girl was so shy it was so cute Luke even kissed her cheek which I didn't mind at all than for some reason she ran over to me to hug me I couldn't say no to a little girl she was too cute I hugged her and took a picture with her than for the rest of the day we were in the studio and before we knew it was time for the show I hugged the guys good luck and Luke sneaked a kiss after I hugged him I blushed no matter how many times I kiss or hug Luke it always feels like the first time after the show we went back to the hotel and went to bed well I did the boys didn't me and Luke cuddled on our bed he was on Twitter and I was falling asleep but for some reason my eyes wouldn't close "why aren't you sleeping babe you look tired?" said Luke moving his hand up and down my arm I shrugged my shoulders "how about I sing to you?" he asked me I nodded I loved it when he sang for me he started to sing  she looks so perfect and I felt my eyes start to close I looked at Luke and smiled he was so perfect I'm so glad I have him "I love you so much Luke" I said to him he smiled and kissed me lightly "I love you too forever and always Tristan" he said I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

So sorry about the late update but here you go finally


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