You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


9. Date Night Part 1

Tristan's POV
I dragged the girls into the game room "Tristan why are we having girls night we spend the whole day together" said Jasmine the other girls nodded "because I feel that we don't know everything about each other so I thought we should truth and dare without the boys here that way it won't be awkward" I told them they laughed "good plan" said Jasmine we sat down on the couch and I explained the game to them "instead asking truth or dare to someone all of us are going to tell a secret that we never told  anyone before that will show that we trust each other enough" I told them they all nodded "who's first?" asked Chloe I pulled out a bottle and spun it around it landed on Jasmine "Jasmine is first" I said she let out a sigh "ok um a secret I never told anyone before is I slept with a night light until last year" she said I giggled and Jaymi and Chloe chuckled "now you don't need it because you have Michael to protect you right?" asked Chloe nudging her she blushed and spun the bottle this time it landed on Chloe "it's now you turn Chloe" I said she nodded "the secret I never told anyone is that I had a crush on Ashton for 2 years" she said my eyes widened and me and the girls screamed "that is so cute you should tell him cause I'm pretty sure he feels the same way" I told her she blushed and spun the bottle I was hoping it would land on Jaymi but it landed on me instead darn it "your turn Tristan" said Chloe I sighted might as well get it over with "ok um my secret is that I got bullied and teased all through school which is why when the boys invited me tour with them I said yes right away" I said and took a breathe the girls all sad faces "aw that's so sad Tristan" said Jasmine wrapping her arm around my shoulders "please don't tell Luke he thinks I just got bullied in high school not all though school" I begged them "we promise" they said all at once I smiled "ok Jaymi it's your turn now" I said she nodded "ok my boyfriend Steven has been abusing me for 2 months now ever since I told him I loved 5SOS and Calum he thinks I'm at my parents house if he find out I lied to him he would hurt me, Calum, the other boys, and you girls" she said and started to cry me and the girls gasped we ran over to her and hugged her I knew was something was up but never imagined this no wonder she didn't want to leave me either if I was her "wait so you do like Calum more than a friend?" I asked her she nodded uh oh this will break Calum's heart "Jaymi you have to tell someone like Calum he'll understand he'll be heartbroken but he will understand he cares about you a lot" I told her she smiled and nodded "your right Tristan Calum needs to know but I'm not telling the other boys he can do that but what if Steven does something to him or the other boys?" she said beginning to cry again "have you seen how many security guards the boys have Steven isn't getting close to them no matter what he tries" said Jasmine that made Jaymi smile and she stood up and left the room "I knew that guy was trouble from the moment I met him" said Chloe I nodded suddenly the door opened again and Jaymi walked in with Calum behind her "girls can you please leave I have to talk to Calum" she said we nodded and left the room I hugged her quick and I closed the door and walked back over to Luke "hey babe everything ok with Jaymi?" he asked pulling me onto his lap I snuggled into him and sighed "I hope so" I told him thinking about what's happening in the next room.

Jaymi POV
this is officially the hardest I ever had to do but Tristan is right I have to tell Calum about how I feel and about Steven I walked back towards the boys and took a deep breathe "Hey Calum can I talk to you?" I asked him he looked confused but smiled "sure be right back boys" he said and stood up ok easy part finished now time for the hard part we walked back to the game room the girls were still in there "hey girls can please leave I want to talk to Calum" I told them they nodded and stood they hugged me and left us ok now time for the really hard part I pulled Calum towards the couch and we sat down "what's wrong Jaymi? Calum sounding worried why must he know me so well "Calum I been keeping something from you and I can't hold it in any longer I um like you more than a friend" I said in one breathe that was actually easy Calum's face was surprised than he smiled and pulled me into a hug ok now I'm confused more why is he hugging me? we pulled away and he looked into my eyes it was amazing "I like you too" he said I smiled Calum hood the guy who I been crazy about for 2 years just admitted he has feelings for me after 3 years with an awful boyfriend maybe I can finally be happy but I should probably tell him about Steven "but sadly we can't be together because of my boyfriend Steven" I said Calum's smile disappeared and now he had a very sad look on his face "can't you break up with him?" he asked holding my hands oh boy here comes the difficult part "it's not that easy because he abuses me and he has been for months he thinks I'm  at my parents right now" I said Calum's eyes widened and he pulled me into his arms it felt nice I felt tears but fought them back "why didn't you tell me sooner?" he said kissing my head "I didn't want to put you guys in danger who knows what Steven would do to you or me" I said Calum sighted and rested his four head on mine "thanks for telling me now I'm going to do everything I can to keep you safe I promise you won't have to deal with him anymore" he said I smiled than something happened that I always dreamed about Calum leaned forward and his lips touched mine it wasn't like when I kissed Steven this kiss I enjoyed his lips are so soft and fit perfectly with mine I wrapped my arms around his neck we stopped kissing and we just hugged each other this was the best moment of my life.

Tristan's POV
Luke kept kissing my neck and it tickled a lot I couldn't help but giggle which made him laugh "I love it when you laugh babe" he said I blushed and laughed the things this boy does to me seriously I am just me around him the whole time and he doesn't care at all it's awesome I'm very excited for the date too even though I don't know what's going to happen during it but as long as I'm with Luke it will be awesome hopefully suddenly Jaymi and Calum came walking back holding I smiled big and jumped off Luke's lap "are you two dating now?" I asked Jaymi blushed and Calum scratched his neck "yes we are" he said proudly and kissed Jaymi cheek which made her blush harder I screamed and ran to hug her she laughed and hugged me back Luke high fived Calum he blushed a little I was so happy that they were finally together now just Michael and Ashton need to ask their girls than we will all be happy "sorry to ruin the moment guys but we have rehearsal than we have a radio interview" said Ashton the boys all sighted "alright you girls are coming too right?" asked Michael I looked at the girls and they nodded right away "sure we will love to come" I said Luke cheered and wrapped his arm around me I giggled and kissed his cheek he was so cute. After watching the boys rehearsal it was time for the radio show it was outside which was cool the fans were starting to take their seats and the boys were getting ready to go out they didn't look nervous which was a good thing but I was nervous and I wasn't even singing this time "ready babe?" asked Luke taking my hand I nodded and smiled at our hands the smallest things always make me smile don't know why "ready as I'll ever be" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek I blushed yet again the boys got called out and than I got called out I took a deep breathe and walked out "hey everyone" I said waving the crowd screamed I smiled big and sat down the boys started singing She Looks so perfect next they talked to the fans a little bit and Luke reached for my hand and I gladly took it he knew these things made me scared to show he was looking forward to the date after the show tonight Next they answered some fan questions the fans asked some very good ones Luke did his favorite teeth smile which was pretty hot and cute I must say than one fan asked me a question which I was not excepting "Tristan has it sunk in that your best friends with the boys yet? she said I sat up straight and looked at the boys "honestly no it hasn't I still have to pinch myself sometimes because I still can't believe that I'm best friends with these crazy boys" I said the girls laughed. After the boys took pictures with the fans some with me too we got back on the bus and just hanged out until it was sound check time I wanted to cuddle with Luke but he was doing finsihing touches for our date tonight I'm excited but also a little nervous so instead of cuddleing with Luke I'm cuddleing with Michael instead but in a different way we are best friends so it's a friendly cuddle "excited for the show Mikey?" I asked him he nodded and pulled me closer to him "yeah very excited are you excited for the date?" he asked wriggleing his eyebrows I blushed and pushed him a little "yes I am" I told them he smiled he must know something about it but he won't tell me

Luke's POV
I'm so scared not just about the show but for the date too it has to go perfect if not it could ruin everything I have with Tristan everyday I fall more and more in love with her I'm hoping she feels the same way after tonight I called to make sure everything was ready for the date and it was so now I just need to do the show and than off to have the best night of my life hopefully "Luke are you ok?" I heard a voice say that I knew so well I turned and Tristan was standing there looking as beautiful ever "yeah just a little nervous about the show" I told her she giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck "you have nothing  to worry about Luke you are going to rock it like always" she said I smiled she always has faith in me and the boys that's why I love her so much no matter what happens she'll stand behind us and support us "thanks babe you always know what to say" I told she blushed deep red I love it when she blushes it's so cute I leaned forward and kissed her lips softy she kissed back slow but sweet I still can't believe I'm the first guy that has ever kissed her she is so good at it I'm so lucky to get to kiss her everyday and it's never awkward except when we kissed on stage that was kind of awkward but anyway we pulled away and she hugged me tight I hugged her back our moment was soon ruined "Luke stop hugging your girlfriend we are on in 5 minutes your have plenty of time to do whatever with her on the date" yelled Calum Tristan blushed again and I glared at him he chuckled and left "he's right you go on soon" Tristan said I smiled and took her hand we walked to the stage and I got my guitar and took a deep breathe Tristan hugged me tight "don't worry Luke you will kill it like always" she told me I smiled and kissed her head she giggled and went over to wish the other guys good luck I smiled she's not like any girl I ever met before she's tough and doesn't let anything stop her from living her dreams she is so beautiful and cute I'm so lucky to have her.

Tristan's POV
Luke for some reason is very nervous for the show although I think he's more nervous about date I don't blame him I'm nervous too because I'm going to tell him I love him tonight it's going to be so hard but hopefully worth it as the boys got ready I kept playing what I was going to say tonight in my head the boys were finally ready for the show I hugged them good luck and they did their group hug which was really cute too Luke hugged me a second time and I kissed his cheek "good luck Lukey" I said he smiled and kissed my head than he ran onto the stage. As I watched the boys perform I smiled big they were having so fun it was cool to see them living their dream together as best friends and as brothers I hope one day I can live my dream too but that probably won't happen until after I'm done being the boys opening act for their headlining tour next year still can't believe that I'm an opening act for the biggest band in the world well the second biggest one direction is the biggest I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around and Jaymi was standing behind me "time to get ready for the date Tristan" she said excitedly I looked at the boys on stage one more time and smiled "alright lets do this" I said she pulled me towards the dressing room to get me ready. It took 10 minutes to get into my dress and 5 minutes to do my makeup but after it all I was ready for the date I heard the boys coming back and Jaymi ran out to make sure Luke didn't see my outfit till it was date time I heard her yelling at the boys and I heard Luke groan and whine I giggled than she came back sighing "that guy must really love you" she said I blushed deep red she chuckled and we just sat in the dressing room and waited and waited I was going crazy I hated waiting there was a knock on the door and Jaymi ran over to it "who is it?" she yelled "Michael" the voice said she sighed and opened the door Michael walked in with a huge smile on his face "hey Luke send me over to see how Tristan was doing getting ready" he said I stood up and fixed "I'm done actually what do you think?" I asked him he looked up and his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened "Wow" he said I blushed and spinned around "you like?" I asked him he nodded and walked over to me and smiled "you look beautiful Tristan Luke is one Lucky guy" he said pulling me into a hug I couldn't help but blush and smiled this showed all the guys find me beautful not just Luke that makes me so happy I hugged him back tight too Michael has become my best friend ever I sat on his lap as he played with my fingers we waited and waited and there was another knock on the door Jaymi went to answer it again I stood up and she opened the door it was Ashotn and Calum I groaned where was Luke? "hey boys is Luke almost ready?" asked Jaymi "yeah he send us to get Tristan while he put the finshies touchies on the date" said Ashton Calum kissed Jaymi's cheek she giggled and hugged him they were so cute "so boys what do you think of my outfit do you think Luke will like it?" I asked them Ashton and Calum looked at me and their eyes widened Jaymi had to slap Calum "wow" they said Ashton walked over to me "Luke is going to love it he is not going to be able to keep his hands off of you" he said kissing my head I smiled than a phone vibrated Michael looked at his phone he smiled big "Luke's ready we can bring Tristan now" he said putting his phone in his pocket Jaymi screamed and ran over to me "have fun Tristan and be sure to tell me about it when you get back" she yelled and hugged me tight I giggled and hugged her back "I will don't worry" I told her I fixed my outfit and walked towards the door this is it Michael grabbed my hand "you ready?" he asked I looked him and Calim and Ashton I nodded my head "I'm ready" I said and we left the room  where is Luke making me meet him? We walked outside the venue and I was so excited Michael put his hands on my eyes while Calum and Ashton held my hands "are we there yet?" I asked getting really tired of having Michaels hands on my eyes we stopped and the boys told me to count to three and Michael would take his hands off my eyes "1,2,3" I counted Michael's hands moved from my eyes I opened and looked straight ahead my hand flew onto my mouth as I gasped what I saw in front of me was breathtaking  

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