You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


44. Christmas, New years eve, getting ready for Vacation, Arriving in Bali

 Christmas, New years eve, getting ready for Vacation, Arriving in Bali
Tristan's POV
it's finally Christmas and yes I finally told the boys that I was going home for Christmas they took it good Luke on the other hand kept begging me to go home with him but I kept saying no my family needs me and I miss them he gave in as long as we facetime, text, and call each other everyday I agreed but now he's been sending pictures of him and his family today he send me a picture of him and his mom which was pretty adorable than he send me a picture of him with his brother which was also adorable he looked so happy and smiling I love his smile he's perfect in every way can't believe I almost lost him forever speaking which I haven't told my family about the whole Luke cheating thing their just yell at me saying that they were right all along about him so it's best if I don't say anything I'll admit I have missed my family a lot we had a big Christmas party a few days ago where I got to meet my new baby cousins Kara and JR they are so cute and love me I send Luke a picture of me with them and replied with "your going to make a great mom" I blushed a little I would love to be a mom one day not right now I'll stick to being an older cousin for now Christmas was also fun my parents got me cool stuff mostly clothes though my mom did laundry for a week straight cause of all of my dirty stuff I felt bad but she was ok with it I think New Years Eve was fun too but at this point I was starting to miss Luke and the boys I watched an interview of them on Rockin Eve that they taped a while back I think when I wasn't with them cause Luke looked sad in it and I didn't get a news years kiss but I know that this year is going to bring me and Luke closer together I can feel it now I was packing for this mysteries Vacation that the boys are taking me on not sure where we're going all I know is that I need a bathing suite and lots of sunscreen all I'm saying is if we're going to Hawill I'll love the boys more than I do now than there was a knock at my door "come in" I yelled my door opened and it was mom shocker "hey sweetie I have more clean clothes for you" she said I smiled "thanks mom bring them here I'll put them in the bag" I said she put the clothes on the bed "Sweetie I need to know something" she said uh oh this can't be good "what is it mom?" I asked her "did Luke cheat on you or was that just a rumour?" she asked great she find out why must she follow social media "um yes but it wasn't bad as you think he was just walking out of a club holding some girls hand I overreacted just a tiny bit but I got over it now we're closer than ever" I said she smiled "oh good" she said but I don't think she believed me she than left my room without saying a word my mom has trouble letting her kids go out and live their own life but I think letting me go was the hardest for her cause she though I would never leave home either did I but so glad I did cause here I had no life but now I travel the world with my second family and make music for a living and too top it off I have an amazing boyfriend nothing will ever make me give my life up now suddenly phone vibrated I looked at it  Luke was FaceTiming me again I smiled and rolled my eyes I answered it and soon his handsome face on the screen "hey babe" he said I giggled a little "hey Lukey" I said he than pouted "I miss you" he whined I giggled at his cuteness "Aw I miss you baby but don't worry you will see me tomorrow when we fly to the Vacation spot which is where?" I asked Luke chuckled and smiled "nice try babe but your not finding out until we get there" he said I groaned "not even a tiny hint?" I asked he shook his head no "meanie" I pouted at him he chuckled "aw I miss your smile, laugh, giggle I miss everything" he said I blushed a little he is too perfect "one more day than we're be together again" I said he smiled big "I better go finish packing we have to be at the airport early tomorrow" he said I nodded the plan I was going to fly to Sydney and meet up with the boys before our flight it's going to be a long day but an exciting I went to bed very early so I would be well rested for the long journey I was about to take. Ok I knew leaving Canada again was going to be hard but not that hard my mom was trying so hard not to cry even my dad cried he never cries it was so strange I finally got on the plane and was on my way to see my boy again yay. My plane finally got to Australia thank goodness my excitement was getting impossible to control I just want to see Luke hug him close to me and kiss those lips I finally got into the airport I looked around for the boys but so far nothing where are they hopefully their late for the flight I looked around than I saw red hair I didn't get too excited cause it could be any red head but as I got closer it started looking like Michael he had his arm around a girl what the what? I also saw Ashton he had his arm around a girl but it was Bryana wait is she coming with us? Aw how cute I saw Calum than finally saw my boyfriend he was wearing white again I swear he does this to torture me "LUKE" I yelled out he turned his head and as soon as he saw me his face lit up he ran over to me and I was engulfed in a hug I snuggled my head in his shoulder "I missed you so much" he whispered in my ear "I missed you too" I said he smashed his lips onto mine I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer I felt his facial hair on my cheeks strangely I liked it we pulled away and smiled at each other he kissed my nose and grabbed my hand we walked over to the other boys I met the girl Michael had his arm around her name was Crystal and she was very sweet I have a feeling we're going to be friends by the end of this Vacation we got on the airplane and we were off to who knows where.


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