You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


24. Chapter 24 - Final practice- Portugal first stop on tour

Tristan's POV

I woke up without arms around my waist what the what? I turned around and Luke wasn't there strange wonder where he was? I noticed my phone lighting up it was a text from Luke "Hey Babe sorry I'm not there we had to start practice early today I didn't want to wake you when you wake up get ready Bryana isn't here yet you can come with her" it said who the hell is Bryana? "Who's Bryana?" I texted back "Ashton's friend" he texted back since when does Ashton have a girl friend "oh ok guess I'll meet you there soon send me a picture so I'll know what she looks like" I texted back I put my phone down and went into the bathroom I had a quick shower and brushed my teeth I got dressed and brushed my hair I grabbed my phone and noticed Luke had send me a picture I opened it wow she's beautiful there's no way Ashton's just friends with her I'm going to have a little talk with him later I got my bag and left the room I was thinking about Bryana is she nice? what if she's rude and nasty to me? what is just pretending to like Ashton? ok I can't keep these things when I haven't even met her yet I got to the lobby and looked around nothing so far suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and a girl who looked like Bryana was standing there wow she's even more beautiful than the picture "Hi are you Tristan?" she asked I nodded "yes you must be Bryana Ashton's friend" I said she smiled and laughed we shook hands I swear I saw her cheeks turn red so far so good "so you going to the final reheresal?" I asked her she smiled "yes Ashton invited me he wanted me to see what happens behind the scenes " she said I chuckled we walked to the car "Well I should warn you they are so goofy and dorks that we might be there all day and possibly all night" I said she chuckled "fine by me I have a week off to do whatever I want" she said we got in the back and buckled our seat belts "what do you do?" I asked her "I'm a model" she said my mouth dropped open she's a model that explains a lot "wow no wonder your so beautiful" I said she chuckled "thanks you of seen the looks on the boys faces when Ashton introduced me to them I swear Luke's mouth dropped to the ground" she said laughing I suddenly got the urge of jealously inside me "did he blush?" I asked she looked at me and quickly " No oh gosh so sorry I forgot he was dating you don't worry he didn't flirt with me" she said I let out a sigh of relief "ok good" I said and looked out the window not wanting to talk anymore. We got to the studio and got inside the building and as soon as we did we heard yelling "oh boy" I said Bryana laughed we went to the room and the boys were racing in rolling chairs seriously "Boys what are you doing?" I yelled they all jumped and turned around Luke smiled "Hey Babe didn't see you there" he said I rolled my eyes "clearly" I said Bryana laughed Ashton noticed her and smiled his cute smile but this one was a lot bigger Aw he so likes her Luke walked over to me he was wearing a snapback god that looked hot on him he opened his arms for a hug I giggled and walked into his arms he than wrapped them tightly around me "I missed you" he said I giggled "we been apart for like a hour" I said he shrugged and pulled me closer to him "that's too long I didn't even get my good morning kiss" he said I giggled "want it now?" I asked him he nodded and pulled me into a kiss I wrapped my arms around his neck he wrapped his around my waist and pulled me closer no matter how many times I kiss him it always feels like the first time "Hello no time for make out sessions we have to practice" yelled Ashton from his drum set Luke groaned and we pulled apart "fine we're save this for later" he whispered in my ear I blushed deep red "ok babe just sit over there and watch the magic" he said I giggled and nodded "alright have fun" I said and kissed his cheek and kissed my nose I giggled and walked over to the chair I sat down watched them I noticed a camera in the corner must be another 5sos on the wall thing again. it was actually pretty entertaining watching the boys practice they kept goofing off they made me plug my ears once cause they didn't want me to hear their new song and than Luke had to run to the bathroom now they were just standing in a circle talking suddenly my phone went I took it out of my pocket and looked at it I had a text from Miranda I smiled and unlocked my phone she was asking if I was going to be hanging with them in Portugal while the boys set up the stage "Hey guys when we are in Portugal and you have to set up the stage I'm going to be hanging with Hey Violet OK" I said Luke looked at me and pouted he walked over to me and held my hands "but babe I was hoping we would go sightseeing together" he said pouting I giggled and looked up at him since I was still sitting "but babe you and the boys have to set up the stage and than you have sound check also Hey Violet doesn't have to sound check till 5 so they have time to sight see after the show we can cuddle for hours ok?" I asked him he pouted and nodded "I guess so" he said I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tight "I still love you" I said he felt him sight again I looked up at him and his head was getting closer to my face and soon his face was so close to mine I could feel his breath on my face "I love you too" he said and leaned in to kiss me I put my hands on his cheeks "Guys seriously" yelled Calum Luke groaned and we pulled apart I giggled and Luke blushed. When the boys finally finished practicing we went back to the hotel to get ready for the flight I was packing my backpack but couldn't find my hairbrush "Boys have you seen my hairbrush?" I yelled "Here Tristan sorry I used it" said Michael he handed it to me EW I wasn't even going to ask what he used it for hopefully just for his hair "thanks Mikey but next time ask me first" I said he nodded and pouted I smiled at him to make him smile which wasn't hard cause anything can make him smile I put the brush in my bag and zipped up my backpack "I'm ready" I said the boys all smiled at me. We got to the airport and 5sos was taking a plan a little later than Hey Violet so I'm going with them since I'm spending the day with them the boys were upset about that "boys it's just for a day we will see each other at the show" I said they still pouted I looked away cause when they all pout it's too adorable the flight was soon called and Luke would not let go of my waist "guys stop your going to make me cry" I said Michael pulled me into a hug I patted his head "I'll miss you too Mikey" I said he let go and kissed my cheek I hugged Ash next than Calum he kissed my cheek too I got to Luke that's when the tears started coming he pulled me into a hug I snuggled into him it's only for a little while why am I so sad? we pulled away and he smashed our lips together I was caught off guard a little but I soon recovered and wrapped my arms around his neck his facial hair was tickling my cheek I don't know why Luke with facial hair is so hot it makes me want to kiss him more than I did when he didn't have facial hair we pulled apart and he said "I love you" I smiled big and said "I love you too it's just for a little while we can make it" he nodded and kissed my head I kissed his cheek and walked to the gate I blew him a kiss he caught it and held to his heart I quickly caught up to Hey Violet and Rena and Nia wrapped their arms around my shoulders "don't be sad it's just for a little while" they said I nodded and we got on the plane off to Portugal.

Hanging in Portugal with Hey violet ​

Still Tristan's POV

We arrived in Portugal an​d we just sat in the car looking out the window we didn't know what to do first we were also making a tour diary so Rena was talking into the camera and I was looking out the window suddenly I heard "we're in Lisbon we are on our way downtown just exploring we never been here before so we're like what the heck do we do first?" we got downtown and we got out of the car we walked down a street than Nia stopped at what looked like a ice cream shop but it said on the sign Gelato "Yum I love Gelato" I said Nia smiled at me and we went in we got our ice cream and Nia freaked out cause their was a little cone in it which was so cute we ate it and it was so good we than walked some more and saw a lot of birds my phone went off I took it out of my bag it was a text from Luke "we just arrived see you at the venue" it said I smiled and texted back "We are on our way there now see you soon" I send it and put my phone back in my bag. We got to the venue and their fans wanted to meet them some even wanted to meet me I took a few pictures with them we got inside "wow this place is awesome" I said the others agreed "well since you guys have sound check right now I should go find Luke" I said Rena pulled me into a hug "see you tonight you are going to wish us luck right"? she asked me I looked at her and the others "of course I am" I said she smiled Nia hugged me too than they did sound check time to find my boyfriend. I walked backstage and looked for their dressing room cause I amuse that's where they will go first I looked around but still couldn't find it than came to a door that had a sign that said 5 seconds of summer I'm guessing that's their dressing room before I knocked I heard voices which belonged to Luke and Calum yup their in there I knocked on the door and someone yelled I think it was Michael "COME IN" I opened the door they all turned their heads and when Luke saw me he jumped up "hey guys" I said Luke ran over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist " Hey babe I missed you" he said I giggled "Luke it's been like 5 hours" I said "I don't care still missed you" he said I blushed and smiled I than felt lips on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck "gross guys" said Calum Luke groaned and we pulled apart I hugged him tight. It was show time I was in Hey Violet's dressing room and they were freaking out I could tell "guys calm down you got this" I said Rena rested her head on my shoulder we started walking to backstage they had 4 minutes to wait until they had to go on Nia was about to cry than it was finally time "good luck guys" I said as they walked up the stairs I watched them perform they were awesome The first song they sang was This is Why than I can feel it which are two of my favourites next they sang a song called Bullet which I like but isn't one of my favourites than they sang one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs Blank Space they did so good on it The last song they sang was my all time favourite You don't love me like you should they finished singing they said goodbye and got stage they got to me and I gave them thumbs up "great job guys" I said Nia was smiling so big "that felt so amazing" she said the others nodded their heads "I can't wait to do it again" said Miranda they than left to change the boys were now getting ready too Ashton grabbed his drumsticks and started doing his little jump Calum was tuning his bass Michael was doing the same Luke was fiding with his I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist "are you nervous Lukey?" I asked him he turned around and wrapped an arm around me "well I'm just nervous cause it's the first show of the tour but knowing your be here cheering me up I know it's going to be fine" he said I blushed deep red "Aw how sweet I wouldn't dream of being anywhere else" I said he smiled and kissed my four head it was finally time for them to go on stage they did their little group huddle and I hugged Ashton quickly before he went on stage first I hugged Michael and Calum cause they were going on next I looked at Luke and put my hand on his cheek "you can do it" I said he smiled and quickly pecked my lips and ran on stage this going to be a great night. The first song they sang was End Up Here the next songs they sang were Out of my Limit which one of my favorites and Heartbreak Girl the next song they Sang was Voodoo Doll the next song they sang was a new one I never heard it before it was called Permanet Vacation it was so good the next songs they sang were Don't Stop and Disconnected which are two of my favorites the next song they sang was Long Way Home the next song they sang was Rejects I was very excited cause I got to calm down the fan they pick before she goes on stage just in case she's freaking out LOL they picked the fan and she had a awesome thing on her head not sure what it was pretty sure it was a wig she went on stage and played guitar she said she played guitar before so that's good and she was pretty good after she played guitar she hugged Michael than got off stage they finished rejects and than they talked and Michael of course was being cute of course than they read some signs and Michael read one girls sign and she freaked out of course the next song they sang was Heartache on the big screen which I like not love but I like it v=HVU9GXP548&index=394&list=PLvYWxnxiDCdwhou1hiTLBFtYfC1JnBqVg next they played wrapped around your finger which is the saddest song ever even more sad than Amnesia which is insane but true also Michael's guitar solo is awesome next they talked some more and Michael played some tunes and than they played Amnesia break out the tissues Amnesia the next song they sang was Beside you which I don't like that much the next song they sang was Everything I didn't Say another one I don't like that much next they talked some more than they sang American idiot which I don't like at all than they sang kiss me kiss me Luke looked at me and winked at me I blushed deep red and giggled he's so sweet next they tried to speak portugese and it wasn't going well but it was funny to watch Part 2 next they performed my number one favorite song of theirs She Looks so Perfect they came off stage I didn't care if Luke was sweaty I hugged him anyway "great job guys your killing it out there" I said Luke smiled and kissed my lips "thanks babe you should come on stage for the encore" he said I shook my head "no way this your moment not mine" I said "but your my girlfriend so our fans should see you in person too" he said I sighted "fine" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek it was time for the encore I sat on the platform and watched them perform good girls and what I like about you which are two of my favorites as well finally the show was over they bowed and Luke pulled me up so I could bow too which made the audience go even more crazier we got off stage and ran to the van we got in and the boys all let out a sigh at the same time "that was a crazy show" said Calum who rested his head on the window I was sitting in between him and Michael Luke was behind me "you guys did great awesome start to the tour" I said they smiled Michael yawned and rested his head on my shoulder I giggled and kissed his hair we got to the hotel and went straight asleep Luke was sleeping as soon as his head hit the pillow I smiled and kissed his cheek I tucked him in and got in beside him if this is what Portugal had in store for us wonder what Italy will bring can't to find out.


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