You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


2. Chapter 2 life changing moment part 2

Tristan's POV

I can't believe it I just got asked out by Luke Hemmings from 5sos and I am just standing there just starring at his perfect face "I don't know what to say" I said into the microphone Luke just smiled and took my other hand in his "Just please give me a answer before I faint" he said causing everyone to laugh and making me giggle I put the microphone to my mouth and said the one thing I always wanted to say to a boy "yes I will go out with you Luke smiled so big he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight I hugged back just as tight I am so happy because 1 I got asked out on my first date ever and 2 he asked me out in front of millions of girls which means he only has eyes for me which I love after what felt like forever we pulled away but didn't let go of each other I wanted to kiss him but it was too soon he kissed my cheek and hugged me again it felt good to be in his arms like I belonged there if this is what he had planned to ask me out than I can't wait to see what the date would be.

Luke's POV

She said yes thank god I thought I was going to pee myself waiting for her to answer how I gotta plan the perfect date that will be hard since I never been on a date before but neither has she so I gotta not just make it special but something she will remember forever. I was smiling for the rest of the concert I was so happy I looked to the side of the stage and she was singing along smiling big she so cute and beautiful everything about her was perfect sadly she doesn't agree with any of us when we call her beautiful so on this date I am planning to change her mind about herself forever. After the show I ran backstage but Tristan before I got "not so fast Lukey" she said smiled I loved it when she called me that "shower before you hug me you smell tell the other boys that too please" she said I chuckled and kissed her cheek anyway " alright but after me and the boys are going to give you a bear hug" I said winking at her she blushed and nodded I ran to our dressing room to have a quick shower I am so happy we are already acting like a couple and we haven't even been on a date yet I will ask her to be my girlfriend than I will kiss her because I want to kiss her so badly hopefully she feels the same and wants to kiss me too.

Tristan's POV

I am smiling so big right now I can't help it I'm going on a date with Luke Hemmings from 5sos a every girls dream is happening to me we are already acting like a couple he's kissing my cheek, hugging me and winking I did notice that he was so happy when I said yes like he was afraid that I would say no if he liked me this whole time he sure hid it well but I don't care right now I'm just so happy everything about him is perfect his smile is so cute and his dimples just make me melt he is so adorable. I'm both excited and very nervous about this date excited because it's my first date ever and it's with a cute boy who treats me like a princess I can't wait to kiss him bet he is good at it wait what? did I really just think that anyway I'm nervous because if he wants to start a relationship and I do something wrong we could break up or he could see I'm not good enough for him ok stop it Tristan Luke would never do that but I can't be too careful. I am freaking because I didn't bring any nice clothes on tour how was I suppose to know I was going to be asked out by my best friend I need help I know I'll ask Lou about it since she is like my sister but for now I better go see what stupid things the boys are up too I swear it's like babysitting four little boys LOL but gotta love them right. Once again I walked in on the boys doing some stupid things watch this video and you see what I mean by stupid seriously I love them but I feel like their babysitter I noticed Luke kept disappearing probably planning the date which I know nothing about besides I don't have to dress fancy and I look beautiful according to Ashton which made Luke mad and made me blush.

Next Day

Tristan's POV

Luke finally told me something about the date right before I got into my bunk he said we are going on the date after the show and to look for clues and that's all I know he also said it was going to be a night I would never forget I smiled hoping he was right. I was really excited for the date I texted my friend about it and she was like "tell me if he's a great kisser or not" that made me giggle and made think about him kissing me I hope he's good at it I better get ready for the show the boys are at their meet and greet now so perfect time to get change before Michael comes in I went to my bunk and opened the curtain there a piece of paper on my pillow I picked it up and read it "Hey beautiful here's your first clue wear something nice but not to fancy and don't wear makeup your face is perfect already see you at the show XOXO Luke" I blushed deep red he did think I was beautiful in whatever and no makeup fine by me but I am still going to wear perfume though. I got into my outfit and put my perfume on it smells so good suddenly I heard screaming which meant the boys were back I fixed my hair and went to go see them "hey boys " I said and hugged them all they all smiled big at me Calum pulled me onto his lap which made me giggle I snuggled into him it's amazing how I can be like this with all the boys and it's never awkward and the boys never get jealous of each other they all make me feel loved.  It's finally show time and the boys seem nervous for some reason they keep shaking and walking back and fourth it's making me dizzy I can understand why their nervous but they should be used to this by now " boys clam down you will be fine like always" I told them they all smiled at me and I couldn't help but blush Calum walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder "thanks Tristan we wouldn't be able to do this without you believing in us" he said and kissed my cheek I giggled and hugged him tight Calum is like my older brother as are the other boys except Luke of course they all feel like my family I'm so lucky to have them in my life. It was finally time for 5sos to go on stage the boys got ready they now looked excited and ready for the show "good luck guys" I said to them they smiled at me and I smiled back first Ashton went on stage I hugged him and he kissed my cheek than Calum went on I hugged him than Michael went on I hugged him tight and he kissed my head last was Luke I hugged him tight he whispered into my ear wait till you see what I have planned for us to do tonight babe" he whispered and winked I blushed deep red and giggled he kissed my cheek and ran onto the stage I could not stop smiling through the whole thing could not wait for this date. I was singing and dancing during the whole concert no matter how many times I see this show it's never boring the boys do something different every single night it's always so funny and loud. The show was finally done and the boys came off stage all hot and sweaty "Ew gross no hugging until you have a shower boys" I said backing away from them they laughed and ran to their dressing room Luke winked at me quicky and ran off I blushed and smiled as the one direction boys were getting ready to go on stage they weren't nervous at all they were full of energy I hugged them good luck and they smiled big I still can't believe I'm friends with one direction it's crazy and fun too they make me laugh they made me a bigger fan than I was before. As I watched one direction I felt someone watching me I turned around and Luke was starring at me with a smirk on his face he looked clean and fresh I walked over to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulder "ready for our date?" he asked I looked at him with a excited smile "yes but are we going now I mean the show isn't over yet?" I asked him he chuckled and put his hand on my cheek "no we aren't going yet the other boys want to see you before I steal you for the night" he said I giggled and nodded we just starring at each other his hand on my cheek and other one on my waist while my hands were on his shoulders his head  started moving closer to mine was he going to kiss me? I felt my head moving forward too because I want to kiss him so badly right before our four heads touched I got tacked to the ground by someone I groaned in pain "Ouch get off me" I yelled it was Michael and Calum they helped me up and pouted "sorry Tristan we just wanted to hug you since we are clean now" said Calum I sighted and hugged them tight "there happy now?" I asked them they nodded but still looked upset I kissed their cheeks and they smiled big and ran away I shook my head and turned back to Luke he was looking at his hands and his face was red he looked up and stood up walked over to me and pulled into his arms I rested my head on his shoulder could not wait for this date.



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