You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


1. Chapter 1 - life changing moment

Tristan's POV

"Ha go away Michael you know I hate being tickled" I yelled trying to not laugh as I was getting tickled by one of my best friends "take back what you said about my hair" he yelled back tickling my sides it was hard to breathe because I was laughing so hard "all I said was your head looks a blueberry" I yelled giggling hard he just kept tickling me "what is going on here" said a voice Michael finally stopped tickling me and we looked up Luke my other best friend/ crush was standing in the doorway with a smirk on his face which made me smile and turn my face red Luke always smirks at me like he knows I like him and is teasing me about it. The only people who know about my crush on Luke are Michael, Calum, Ashton, the 1d boys, their girlfriends and the crew and the hairstylist Lou and her daughter Lux everybody seemed to guess on day 1 because I would always look at him and smile they promised not to tell him until I am ready but that will never happen he will never feel the same way so what's the point the boys keep saying he does feel the same way but is to shy which I find funny and cute because he has no reason to be shy around me I think their just trying to make me feel better. Ever since I joined the tour life's been great I get to travel the world and get to see my 2 favourite bands live every night also I get to make fans happy by surprising them with VIP tickets which makes them scream even louder I get to watch them meet the boys which always puts a smile on my face, I also get to sing with them sometimes at the studio which is very fun but I will never do it live or in front of people to scary I would rather sit and watch the boys do it I wear a hat and sunglasses so people don't find out who I am the last thing I want is too my friends yell at me and tease me more. " Nothing Luke Michael here was just tickling me to death" I said trying to push him off of me Luke just chuckled and pulled Michael off of me " mate can I talk to our best friend in private please " he said Michael smiled and winked at me " sure no problem I gotta change my hair since it looks like a blueberry " he said I giggled and he glared at me and walked out of the room. Luke sat down beside me and took my hand it always shocks me that our hands fit perfectly together like they were made for each other that's one of the reasons why I like him even though we won't end up together we will always have a connection " what is it Lukey?" I asked I always called him that because it sounded so cute " I have something very important to ask you I want you to be truthful about this because this could infect your whole future" he said my eyes widened what is he going to ask me ? Is he going to ask me out? Oh I hope he does "Tristan Brown will you perform with us tonight on stage?" He asked me I tried to not look upset "perform you mean on that stage in front of all those people with you guys?" I asked him not believeing what I was hearing he nodded " yes and not just with us the 1d boys want you too perform with them as well my eyes widened the two hottest boy bands in the world want me to perform in their biggest show with them I would be stupid to say no "YES I will perform with u and them" I yelled Luke chuckled and hugged me tight " great I will tell the boys and we will start practice tomorrow speaking of which we need to get going or 1d is going to yell at us" Luke said I giggled and nodded he kissed my cheek and pulled me up " I will be right there just have to clean up a little" I said he nodded and walked out of the room I grabbed my song book and my phone and purse I fixed my makeup and hair and walked off the bus catching up to the boys. We got to the studio and the 1d boys were already there I don't think I will get used to being friends with them "hey boys" I said to them sitting beside Louis "hey Tristan " they said back smiling I blushed a little Louis wrapped his arm around me in a friendly way of course he is engaged after all we waited for the rest of them to get here and for some reason Luke was glaring at Louis he looked mad no he looked jealous but of what Louis with his arm around me that makes no sense but before I could ask anything their manger Paul walked in and we stopped talking "ok boys and girl" he said I glared at him and the boys all chuckled "Tristan over here has agreed to perform with you guys and sing her new single at the show tonight " he said all the boys cheered for me I blushed and smiled big " I am actually not that scared as I thought I would be I'm excited to not only perform but with you guys also" I said they all smiled big at me and I blushed we practiced together for a little than I watched 5sos record a song for their second album it was awesome than I watched one direction record steal the girl and I was screaming so loud it was beautiful than the boys left to let me record my song they are not allowed to hear it till the show but I was having trouble picking what suited me "need some help" said a voice I looked up and Niall was standing in the doorway " No I just don't know what song suites me and shows who I am" I told him he walked over to me and sat down " how about instead of picking a song you write one" he suggested " I already am but it won't be ready before the show " I said putting my head in my hands " well how about you leave it for now and you hang with us for the rest of the day before we go to rehearsal" he said smiling I nodded and grabbed my phone and purse and walked out with Niall.

Luke's POV

I don't know why but when Tristan came walking into the room with Niall I felt mad and angry like I was jealous of their friendship I mean I know their just friends but seeing them happy together made me mad. " you ok Luke you look mad" said Harry who was sitting beside Me I totally forget he was even in the room " yeah I'm fine just thinking" I said he gave a look meaning he didn't believe me "ok I like Tristan a lot but I am already she like Niall or someone else" I confessed Harry chuckled and said "mate you have nothing to worry about trust me but if I were you I would ask her out before someone else does"he said I looked over at her and she was giggling with Ashton Harry was right I have got to ask her out maybe tonight after the show or even better during the show I can get the boys to help me suddenly Tristan came running over to me and sat on my lap "what are you doing?" I asked her chuckling she giggled " we are going to watch a movie and you are my cuddle buddy" she said I smiled and wrapped my arms around her can't wait to ask her out just hope she says yes. After the movie Tristan was fast asleep on me I didn't want to wake her she looked so peaceful and cute so I picked her up bridal style and had the boys kiss her head before I took her to her bed I put her on the bed and kissed her cheek I will let her rest she needs energy for the show so while she sleeps I am going to tell the boys about my plan to ask her out. I got to the gaming room and the boys were all in there as usual " hey man is Tristan sleeping?" asked Calum " yes she is which is good because I need to ask you boys something" I said getting straight to the point " what is it?" Ashton asked " I want to ask out Tristan tonight during the show and I need your guys help to pull it off" I said they all smiled big " about time Luke since this is going to be her first date ever so you need to make it romantic" Michael said I nodded I still can't believe she's never been on a date before that's crazy so me and the boys talked about what to do and we came up with something so good that she will remember it forever I just hope she says yes " that's perfect guys she is going to love it" I said " who are you guys talking about?" Asked a voice I turned my head and there was Tristan standing in the doorway uh oh.

Tristan's PO

I woke up from a great nap but I didn't see the boys anywhere suddenly I heard noise in the game/music room so I know right away the boys are in there but I stop before I open the door because I hear the boys talking about something "that's a great idea boys she's going to love it" said Luke are they talking about me I decided to find out so I opened the door and asked them "who are you guys talking about"? I asked Luke looked like he had a heart attack " oh um Zayn is going to surprise Perrie after the show tonight and we are just talking about how we are going to help him " Michael said I starred at the boys thinking they wouldn't keep something from me will they? Oh well guess I will find out tonight "oh ok cool well we have half an hour before the show so let's play some video games" I said sitting on the couch thinking about what they were hiding from me.

Luke's POV

It's show time and also the night I make my move I was very scared and nervous I was pacing around the dressing room just replaying the moment what I was going to say to make sure I didn't forget anything "Luke will you stop pacing you are making me dizzy" said Michael I rolled my eyes and kept pacing " I am sorry mate but I can't I am too nervous" I said Ashton rolled his eyes and patted my shoulder " Mate for the last time you have nothing to worry about" he said Michael and Calum nodded I smiled at them but I was still scared. We got on stage we started singing than Tristan came out and we sang our song the next song is the one where I'm going to ask her out I am hoping she will say yes Michael led her over to the chair she looked very confused we started singing She Looks So Perfect and we got to the end Michael grabbed her hand again and bought her over to me she looked confused still I took her hand and sang " you look so perfect standing there will you go out with me? I sang looking straight into her eyes her hand went over her mouth and started crying a little I just stood holding her hands waiting for a answer


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