You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


38. Capital FM, Key103/ The Hits Offical, BBCCINN, BHTS/premiere, Tristan's 20th birthday, Album releace live stream The Ellen Show, AskAnythingChat, JOJO Wright,

Capital FM, Key103/ The Hits Official, BBC Children in Need, Behind the Scenes/ video premiere
Tristan's POV
the day started once again very early the boys decided to make a Snapchat during the drive I sat beside Calum cause he was alone on the other side of the car Luke kept putting his foot on mine I tried not to blush but it wasn't easy here is the video of the snapchat We got to Capital FM radio station and it started right away part 2 part 3 it was so funny cause by the end of the interview the boys ended up singing Nickel Back it was annoying and funny at the same time next was another radio station in Manchester for a acoustic gig next we did another interview with Tom Green this one was more funny there was questions about girls and Luke quickly grabbed my hand I felt my cheeks turn a little red that answered that question than it went down hill from there LOL next was the acoustic show first they sang She's Kinda Hot next they sang Hey Everybody we went back into the back room and we find out their were tons of fans outside and the boys couldn't meet them they decided to go out there and perform a song for them these guys really do love their fans so much it's the cutest they sang Hey Everybody I stood beside Luke watching them kill it like usual next we did a video for the BBC Children in need I was part of it cause I always wanted to help children we put on Pudsey ears the boys looks so adorable next we checked into a hotel and we were waiting for the Hey Everybody music video first they posted the behind the scenes video they must of made the video when I wasn't with them another reason I why regret doing that it was so funny I laughed during the whole thing than the video was out it was good I just discovered my birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to be 20 what? the boys haven't mention anything about it so maybe they forgot I don't care I don't want anything anyway well I want one thing and that is to kiss Luke again and him telling me he loves me hopefully it happens soon.
My Birthday, Album out live stream, Ellen Show, Ask Anything Chat,  JoJo Wright
Tristan's POV
I heard voices while I was sleeping probably the boys talking but for some reason they were whispering they never whisper what's going on suddenly someone jumped on me"OW WHAT THE" I screamed suddenly wide awake I sat up and rubbed my eyes I looked up and all the boys were starring at me all smiling wide I rolled my eyes at them "guys what's up?" I asked "your birthday silly today is the day we spoil you" said Ashton handing me my breakfast oh breakfast in bed always wanted to try that LOL " now eat up cause Hey Violet wants to FaceTime you than we're heading to the studio" said Cal I was confused "but guys your album comes out in 3 days and you recorded all the songs what else needs to be done?" I asked "nothing this studio session is for you since you wrote songs remember?" asked Michael who somehow ended up beside me with his arm around my shoulders Luke was beside me starring at my hand I sighted and grabbed his hand he perked up and sqeezed it tightly I smiled and drank some juice I completely forgot about my songs hopefully their good I haven't looked at them in a while I know one of them is about me and Luke well mostly about him LOL the other one is about me and my career I finished my breakfast got out of bed and got ready we got to the studio "ok Tristan what these songs that you wrote?" asked John John was also helping me with my music when he wasn't helping the boys with their album 'well I only wrote 2 one is a love song / sad song and the other one is about being yourself" I said he smirked a little at me guess he was guessing what the first one was about I blushed a little we started thinking of the music for the songs after an hour of searching we finally came up with some music "you better go  the boys have special planned for you" john said I rolled my eyes of course they do "ok see you later john thank you" I said he high fived me and I left got back to the hotel and find the boys talking they saw me come in and jumped up oh boy 'hi guys" I said "close your eyes T we have a present for you" said Ashton I sighted and closed my eyes "alright open" said Calum I opened my eyes and they were all holding flowers in their hands I giggled they are so cute "aw you got me flowers?" I asked they nodded I giggled I love these guys I walked up to one of them at time took the flower and gave them a kiss on the cheek when I got to Luke I took the flower and kissed his nose he winked at me I blushed "thanks guys I love them" I said putting them on the table Luke walked over to me and grabbed my hand "tonight I'm taking you on a date" he said maybe that what he was planning? "really?" I asked he nodded and smiled at me "well ok than can I ask where your taking me?" I asked with puppy dog eyes he chuckled and said "nope it's a surprise" he said I pouted and he just kissed my nose and walked away I sighted wonder what's going happen? we had a big dinner and of course the boys told the waiter it was my birthday and I got a giant ice cream sundae with a giant candle in it "woah this is the biggest sundae I ever seen" I said than I was told to make a wish I closed my eyes and made a wish I took a deep breath and blew out the candle I got to take the first bite since it was my birthday "yum" I said the boys chuckled and watched me eat the rest I got a huge brain freeze from doing that I blame the boys for not helping me eat it LOL "ok time for the date" said Luke I turned to my side and looked at him "right now?" I asked him he nodded what is he up too? "um ok" I said he stood up from his seat and held out his hand to me I sighted and took it we got up from the table and walked out "where are we going?" I asked Luke "we're going for a walk in the park" he said a walk in the park small but sweet "oh nice" I said he smiled at me and started swaying our locked hands back and fourth it really did feel like old times it felt great we got to the park and it was very peaceful we were walking towards a fountain in the middle of the park it was beautiful than Luke stopped walking and walked in front me still holding my hand what is he doing? "Luke what?" I asked he took a deep breath "T I been having this feeling that you still haven't forgiven me completely?" he asked my eyes widened he thinks I still hate him "no I have forgiven you it was a mistake right? and I know you will never do that to me again" I said "than how come we haven't kissed?" he asked ok he got me there "well um I don't know I been thinking about it all week I do want to kiss you again Luke so badly but I'll admit I'm scared" I said Luke grabbed my other hand and lowered me to sit on the fountain "listen that night was a mistake I regret every minute that happened after you left I should of told you when I got back but you were sleeping I knew there were going to be pictures and I knew you would never understand and I was right it broke my heart to see you so angry I could tell you were upset and heartbroken you had every right to break up with me but I was so empty without you I never stopped loving you" he said my heart was beating so fast that was so sweet "Luke breaking up with you was the hardest thing I ever done in my life I was always afraid something like that would happen to me which one of the many reasons I never had a boyfriend in high school but after meeting you I felt something I never felt before you showed me I can be myself and people will love me you showed me what love is you literally made a fairy tale come true but than you hurt me and my heart broke in two I thought I would get over you but you were all that was in my mind all those 2 weeks that's how I wrote two songs no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop thinking about you I still love you" I said saying I love him still out loud felt good and right Luke let go of my hands and put his hands on my cheeks "I never stopped loving you" he said I smiled and leaned my four head on his "can I kiss you?" he asked "nothing is stopping you" I said than I felt lips on mine it felt so right and god I missed his lips on mine how did I survive all this time without kissing him? this moment right now is perfect and magical I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me we pulled away and smiled at each other "I missed that so much" he said "me too I never want to lose you again" I said Luke suddenly reached into his pocket and pulled something out it was the ring that I threw at him when we broke up "you kept it" I said "it's how I survived those 2 weeks I kept it with me all this time every night I would look at it and pray that you will come back to me" he said that was the sweetest thing any guy has ever said to me "Tristan will you be my girlfriend again and wear this ring again?" he asked I pecked his lips again and held out my finger "yes I will and could you put it on me please?" I asked he nodded and slid the ring onto my finger still fit perfectly I jumped into his arms and hugged him close to me he chuckled and hugged me back I snuggled my head into his shoulder I had my Luke back and nothing will ever break us apart again, 3 days later Today is the day the boys album comes out and their doing a live stream at their record label building it's so exciting and the boys are so excited for the fans to finally hear it but I have a feeling something is gonna go wrong with the live stream something always does with the boys it's always so entertaining and funny just 5 minutes before the live stream started the website wasn't working "um guys hate to tell you this but you guys literally broke the website" I said trying not to giggle they decided to do a Twitcam instead yay back to old times they all sat in front of the camera Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit on his lap guess this was a way to tell the fans we're officially back together but I didn't want to sit on his lap I slid off onto the stool beside him he pouted like a baby at me I giggled and grabbed his hand Michael finally started talking into the camera hopefully it's working but fans couldn't watch it the link on Twitter wasn't working so we ended it and they made Twitter videos instead it was pretty entertaining  than we were off to the Ellen Show this is so exciting and Oparh is going to be on the show as well so that's cool and the boys for some odd reason brought her flowers their such gentlemen the show started first they performed first they sang She Looks So Perfect and than Hey Everybody next they played a game with 2 fans it was called 5 Second Rule it sounded fun and funny first she spoke to me 'it was your birthday what 2 days ago?" she asked I was shocked how did she know that? "yes my birthday was 3 days ago I'm 20 years old" I said "wow 20 do you feel old?" she asked me I nodded "yes" I said the audience laughed and the boys chuckled "well my present to you is you get to watch these guys play this funny game and they might suck at it" she said I smiled big can't wait to see this it started and boy was it funny it was so funny the boys kept messing up the buzzer and I think Ellen was getting stressed out welcome to my world Ellen LOL. After that we went and did AskAnythingChat again and their weren't enough seats so I sat on Luke's lap again he didn't mind though it was funnier than last time for sure next we did a radio interview I sat in between Luke and Michael Luke grabbed my hand under the table gripping it hard I blushed a little he was making it very hard to focus his shirt was unbutton at the top it made him look hotter the interview started part 2 than they did some something called Fake Rap Video fix we finally finished and we went back to the hotel we have another early day tomorrow and tomorrow night we're going to an All Time Low concert my first All Time Low Concert it's going to be fun hopefully I spend the rest of the night in my boyfriends arms he had to make up for teasing me all day LOL.

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