You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


27. BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds,


taking a boat to the UK w​as actually a good idea me and Luke spend some time together watching the sunset his arms wrapped tightly around me I rested my head on his shoulder right now we're watching the sunrise we are almost in the UK I think "wow sunrises on water are so beautiful" I said "yeah you are I mean yes they are" said Luke I looked up at him his cheeks were a little red I giggled "cheesy but sweet Lukey" I said and leaned up to kiss his cheek he turned his head though so I ended up kissing his lips instead he is so sneaky but cute I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me "HEY LOVEBIRDS STOP MAKEING OUT AND GET OVER HERE WE'RE ALMOST THERE" yelled a voice it sounded like Ashton I felt Luke groan against my lips I giggled and pulled away from the kiss "why must they ruin our moments" whined Luke "cause their mean" I said Luke chuckled grabbed my hands and smiled down at me I blushed and looked down "come on Lukey we better go before they leave without us" I said he nodded and let go one of my hands and held my other hand tightly I rolled my eyes as we walked back to the bus we got on the bus and Luke was glaring at the boys I giggled and sat down on the couch we got off the boat which was actually kind of scary we drove to a park I was confused "um guys how come we're at a park?" I asked them "we are performing at BBC Radio one Big Weekend" said Ashton my eyes widened "why am I just hearing about this now?" I asked them "oops guess I forgot to mention that to you sorry babe" said Luke I rolled my eyes "it's fine I guess" I said "oh and we are doing interviews before we perform also and you are going to be allowed in them this time" said Michael I smiled I like doing interviews and with these guys it was always fun and I always end up laughing so hard. We walked around the place and it was huge their tons of bands and artist here this event is huge I wonder if my cousin is watching this? I should message her I noticed Ashton was with Bryana he always seems so much happier when she's around it's so cute to see him smiling so big the first interview we did was a phone interview with All time low which the boys had no idea about "um you may not want to be in this one their a little gross" said Luke I nodded and just sat down listening in it was pretty funny and loud next we did a interview with Scott Mills and this time I was involved in it I can already tell it was going to be fun this was also very funny than we did another interview after the interview it was time for the boys performance they got ready I looked at the audience their was a lot people here glad I'm not performing LOL they were ready and the girl that won the chance to introduce 5sos was already on stage she looked excited and nervous "go out there and kill it boys like you always do" I said they chuckled Luke kissed my cheek and they all ran on stage I'm surprise they didn't knock each other down that would of be funny first they sang End Up Here next they sang Don't Stop next they sang Good Girls and I gotta say Luke looks so hot in a muscle shirt LOL next they sang She Looks so Perfect I guess they were done cause they came running off stage "wow great job boys like always" I said Luke hugged me tight I felt his cold arms on me it send shivers down my spine I noticed Ashton wasn't here anymore guess he went to find Bryana oh well off to Dublin.  We got to Dublin and as usual the boys left early to do interviews than sound check and I hung with HV we were now getting ready for the hangout their were fans all around us I was actually scared that they might attack us finally HV started singing but before they started some fans gave them Ninja turtle masks which I find very cool than they started singing Part 2 Part 3 For some reason we changed locations have no idea why but we did Part 4 than they sang This is Why Part 2 Part 3 they finished than took pictures with everyone than we walked back to the venue it wasn't far thankfully I texted Luke what was happening and he texted back a heart emojil I giggled he is so cute. we got backstage just in time HV had to go on stage they went to do sound check I went to the boys dressing room Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders "Hey Tristan do us a favor and keep an eye on HV for us" said Ashton I gave him a questioning look "um why?" I asked "cause we think their planning to prank us tonight" said Calum "Geez I wonder why they would prank you oh that's right cause you guys pulled the same prank twice on them" I said "it was funny" said Michael I rolled my eyes at them "trust me if their going to prank you guys it's going to be big" I said "do you know something?" asked Luke I looked at him and smiled my sweet and innocent smile at him "of course not" I said he still looked curious but shrugged his shoulders and pecked me on the cheek. I got to my spot backstage just in time HV was finishing Sparks Fly than they were going to perform This is Why and Smash into you they finished and ran off stage "great job guys" I said Nia hugged me than whispered in my ear "meet us in the boys dressing room we have a prank planned" she whispered great they want me to be part of the prank yay the boys got ready I wished them luck trying to act normal I kissed Luke on the cheek and he ran on stage I sighted and started walking towards the dressing room for the prank wonder what it could be. I got in the dressing and when I walked in I was shocked Nia and Casey were filling cups of water and putting them all over the floor I can just imagine 5sos trying to walk without knocking them over I can't wait to see than I noticed all their bags on a self oh man this going to be so funny to watch well to us it will than in the next room Miranda and Rena were blowing up with balloons "um what are the balloons for?" I asked "we are going to fill the room with these so 5sos will have to kick them at each other in order to move" said Rena my mouth dropped two pranks in one night the boys are going to be so mad can't wait to see their faces than suddenly an idea popped into my head "I just thought of an idea how about I hide in the balloons than when the boys come in I'll jump up and scare them" I said "that sounds awesome" said Miranda I sat down on the floor than I was covered in so many balloons you could hardly see me this is going to be fun I waited like almost half an hour the show must still be going on than suddenly I heard footsteps it must be the boys this is going to be so funny than I heard a very scream "WHAT THE FUCK?" I knew it was Michael and he must walked in the first room with the water cups "what the heck they pulled two pranks on us" said another voice it sounded like Ashton time to scare them I peeked through a tiny hole I had for air and saw feet kicking the balloons I looked up and it was Luke perfect on the count of three 1,2,3 I jumped up and screamed a loud BOO and their faces were priceless I burst into a fit of laughter "Tristan what are you doing?" asked Ashton I giggled "pranking you" I said Luke's  mouth dropped open "you did all this?" he asked "No Hey Violet did I just did the scaring part" I said "you gave us heart attacks" said Michael I smirked a little "that was the point" I said they all glared at me grabbed a balloon and threw them at me "HAAA STOP IT GUYS" I screamed they than started getting their bags down it was pretty funny watching but non of them would speak at me Luke wouldn't even look at me guess I deserve it next stop Belfast ( here is the video of the pranks)

Tristan's POV

the boys are still not talking to me even when I pout at them they must of really hated the prank or maybe just the part of me making them scream ​like little girls that is still is so funny I told Hey Violet and they burst out laughing too I kind of feel bad but I also get help but laugh I really wish I got a video of it though. Right now were on our way to Belfast I never even heard of it so this should be exciting and interesting but I do wish the guys would speak to me they won't even look at me I'm starting to feel very bad about the whole prank suddenly I felt something jump on me than I was being tickled I looked up and it was Luke he was tickling my sides "Luke stop it" I yelled but was laughing my head "this is what you get for pranking us Mikey and Cal quick get her toes" he yelled my eyes widened my toes were my worst tickled spot and Michael was tickling me I'm going to die from laughter I began laughing harder "I can't breathe" I screamed I was seriously almost out of breath from laughing they finally stopped my face was red from laughing so hard "guess I did kind of deserved that" I said "kind of more like you did deserve that" said Michael I blushed a little he was right "yeah I did I'm really sorry guys for pranking you and for scaring you like little girls even though it was pretty funny" I said they all glared at me I smiled all innocent "did you really think we were still mad at you?" asked Luke I nodded "a little" I said suddenly I was pulled into a tight hug I knew it was Michael cause he is the only one that gives me hugs like this I have to admit their comfy hugs except this one he was holding onto me so tight "Mikey can't breathe" I said he quickly let go "sorry" he said I giggled and kissed his cheek he blushed a little he is so adorable Luke than wrapped his arm around my shoulders I snuggled into him so glad they are talking to me again. We finally got to Belfast and it wasn't what I excepted it was quiet and tiny but the venue was supposed to be big so it's all cool Rena texted me telling me they were at the acoustic hangout and that they were almost done so I missed out this time it's cool gives me more time to spend with my boyfriend and best friends. We got to the venue and the boys had sound check this time I watched it and it was once again funny to watch than we just hung out in the dressing room we didn't really have time to go exploring since we're only here for a day so there was no point of doing it anyway finally it was time for the show I wished HV good luck as they ran on stage first they sang This is Why next they sang Blank Space next they sang I'm There which I think is a new song it's good and pretty the last song they sang was Can't Take Back The Bullet they finished and came running off stage "awesome job guys" I said Rena sided hugged me than the boys got ready to go on stage I watched them get ready than the intro music started Ashton went on first "good luck guys" I said Luke quickly kissed me "I love you" he said I smiled big "love you too" I said back he smiled wide and ran on stage I watched them do what they do best Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 they bowed and came running off stage a sweaty Luke hugged me "gross Luke take a shower you stink" I said he pouted at me "fine but when I'm done we're cuddling on the bus" he said I smiled big "ok I love your cuddles" I said blushing a little he dashed to the shower I shook my head and followed him to their dressing room. We got on the bus I changed into my PJ's and brushed my teeth I know I'll end up falling asleep on Luke so I'm brushing my teeth now the guys were in the back lounge watching some sort of movie I'm just going to cuddle with Luke I walked into the lounge room Ashton was on his phone so was Calum Michael was half asleep and Luke was just starring at me making me blush "nice PJ's babe" he said that made me blush harder he patted the spot beside him I giggled and sat beside he wrapped his arm around me and grabbed my hand with his hand I began playing with his fingers "excited to be going to Scotland?" he asked I nodded "yes my mom is too as soon as I told her she was oh my god send me pictures send me pictures it's annoying" I said "why is she so obsessed with Scotland?" asked Michael who decided to put his feet on my lap I wanted to push them off but I just couldn't do that to Michael so I just played with his toes "cause she was born in Scotland" I said Calum gasped "wait your half Scottish?" he asked my eyes widened guess I never told them this oops "yes I am" I said proudly Calum smiled wide he was half Scottish too so I think he was happy he wasn't alone anymore Luke kept leaving tiny kisses down my neck and it kind of tickled "Luke that tickles" I said he just smiled and kept doing it I gave up trying to make him stop and honestly I didn't want him to stop I snuggled into him and before I knew I fell asleep off to Scotland.  

Tristan's POV

I have not slept that good in a long time Luke is so comfy I should cuddle with him every night oh wait I do LOL but anyway we are still on the road to Glasgow I cannot wait for the show cause I'm wearing a outfit that's very Scottish and something I would never wear on a normal day can you guess? if you can't the boys they been guessing all morning it's really annoying wish I never told them they guessed dresses, crop top, pretty much anything girly it's like they don't know me "for the last time guys you will find out when I'm wear it at the show tonight" I said they pouted at me Hey Violet just laughed oh did I mention Hey Violet was on the bus with us theirs broke down last night so they're driving to the venue with us it's been very fun having girls on the bus we been trying to have girl time but it's hard on a tour bus and with so many boys around us we were finally in Scotland I looked out the window and saw the beautiful sky and very green grass than I saw a sign that said welcome to Glasgow yay we were finally in Glasgow it was a beautiful city I kept seeing castles on top of hills I would of loved to go and explore them but sadly we had no time we running a little behind HV had sound check than 5sos had sound check than we were going to be sitting around doing nothing until the show well I'll be trying on my outfit and wonder to myself why I chose to wear something so stupid lol. We finally got to the venue HV said bye to us and went back to their bus which was fixed and in the parking lot they had to get ready for their acoustic hangout I won't be going cause I'm so worried about my outfit I'm going to be standing in front of a mirror for hours hating myself but the boys don't care what I look like so why should I right? I was in the dressing room right now looking at my outfit I put it on hanger in the bathroom closet to hide it from the boys until it was time to put it on suddenly I heard someone singing a song it sounded like Calum I looked out into the sitting area and sure enough it was Calum and he was singing 500 Miles and playing guitar he was so good and his voice beautiful Ashton was filming him and he had a cute smile on his face it was so adorable "great singing there Calum" I said he jumped a little guess he didn't notice me LOL "oh hey Tristan you scared me" he said I smiled "sorry Cal I was listening to your beautiful singing" I said he smiled and blushed I giggled and sat down beside him he put the guitar down and wrapped his arm around me I than saw Luke walk I decided to make him mad by putting my head on Cal shoulder I did and it made Calum blush a little "HEY PAWS OFF CAL SHE'S MINE" yelled Luke I rolled my eyes "Luke I'm just resting my head on my friends shoulder calm down" I said Luke huffed and went to his rolling closet ( don't know what they call those giant boxes so I just call them rolling closets) I noticed something in all of the boys closets they had kilts in them my eyes widened "um guys why are their kilts in your closets?" I asked the boys just smiled at me "We are going to surprise the fans and wear them on stage for the encore" said Ashton these boys are going to wear kilts on stage in front of fans I can picture it now I chuckled now that I gotta see "well that's going to be something else can't wait to see it" I said Luke walked over to me and held my hands "and we can't wait to see your outfit" he whispered in my ear that send shivers down my spine "well you will soon" I said than I reliazed I was missing HV set "shoot I'm missing HV set gotta go" I said I kissed Luke on the nose and ran down the hall to the stage I made it just in time to hear the end of You Don't Love me like you should oops I pouted I missed their entire set time flies when you hang with 5sos I noticed lol HV came off stage I gave them an innocent smile "Hey Guys great job" I said "we know you weren't here Tristan" said Miranda I pouted "I know I'm sorry I would of been here but I lost track of time" I said "let me guess Luke?" asked Nia I blushed "maybe" I said they laughed at me than left to their dressing room almost time to put my outfit on ugh the boys came over and started getting ready to go on "good luck guys" I said Luke kissed my cheek and ran on stage as they did their thing I took a deep breath time to put on my Scottish outfit here it goes. I been in the bathroom for 5 minutes I sighted I stripped off my clothes first I put on the long sheeve shirt which was white I put it on and looked in the mirror next was the kilt that's right I have a kilt my mom gave it to me it's kind of ugly but most of them are I put it on god it was itchy next was the dress I put it on finally I had the entire thing on and looked in the mirror oh god I looked awful hopefully Luke doesn't think so too I walked back to the stage and continued watching them perform the encore was coming up and I was not ready for that cause that meant they were about to see me in this awful outfit they all suddenly came running off stage well here goes nothing they all stopped in front of me all their mouths just dropped open "Hey guys what do you think?" I asked while looking at the ground I suddenly felt a finger under my chin I looked up and it was Luke "you look beautiful babe" he said the other boys nodded I blushed and smiled they were so sweet they than ran to the dressing room  to change into their kilts haha this is going to be good when they came out my mouth dropped open they all had very hairy legs and they very long I tried not to laugh but seeing your best friends and boyfriend in skurts is something you need to laugh about and take pictures of "wow guys you look great" I said than burst into laughter "haha very funny" said Michael Luke pouted at me I tried to smile but my laughing was making it hard "you guys should get back on stage by the way you are about to make the fans go crazier than ever" I said they all glared at me and ran back on stage 3,2,1 than the screaming started louder than before I rest my case LOL next stop Newcastle.

Tristan's POV​

Touring is really draining the boys energy the only time they seem to have energy is on stage other than that they just sit around looking tired they try to have a nap but it's usually not very long I feel so bad for them but this what they wanted to happen with their band ​and one direction warned them that it wouldn't be fun all the time and they were right Luke keeps telling me he's having the best time of his entire life but I can tell he's not enjoying it all the time but he always perks up whenever we cuddle so I just do that all the time not that I mind lol right now we are on our way to Newcastle twitter is going crazy over 5sos wearing kilts last night it wasn't a big deal sure Luke showed his skinny legs ok maybe it was a big deal lol. Finally we got to Newcastle and the boys went straight to practice than sound check I just sat in the dressing room waiting for the show to start finally it was time for hey violet to go on stage I wished them luck and they ran on stage first they sang I Can Feel it next they sang This is Why next they You Don't Love Me like you Should they finished and ran off stage I high fived them than the boys started getting "good luck boys go and do your thing" I said they chuckled at me I blushed a little yes I still blush around them don't judge me Luke quickly kissed my cheek and ran on stage they End Up Here and Out of My Limit next they sang Voodoo Doll next they performed Permeant Vacation and Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they Rejects and Heartache on the Big Screen Part 2 next they sang Wrapped around your finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside You and Everything I Didn't Say next they sang American Idiot and Kiss Me Kiss Me than She Looks so Perfect than it was time for the break before the Encore they ran off stage Luke engulfed me in a hug "woah Luke calm yourself" I said but hugged him tight he smiled down at me and kissed my cheek I giggled a little than he had to go back on stage to do the encore they ran back on stage and sang Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me we got on the bus "um shouldn't you guys shower?" I asked they all shook heads "sorry babe no time we have to be Leeds by tomorrow morning and it's a long drive so we to start right away" he said so I'm going to spend the whole night with four sweaty boys gross oh well off to Leeds.

Tristan's POV

this tour sure is busy last night we literally got back on the bus after the show and were on the road again the boys didn't even have time to shower EW they changed out of their stage clothes but that's pretty much it they looked so tired all four of them fell onto the couches and breathed heavy "wow you guys look like you just ran a race" I said looking at them "in a way we did it's hard running when you jump around on a stage" said Michael I sighted and patted his shoulder "remember guys this is what you wanted to happen the band" I said they all nodded "tell you what if any of you guys feel sad and tired just tell me and I'll give you a big hug" I said than I regarded saying that cause before I could even react I had four sweaty boys on me disgusting I don't care that they were my best friends and boyfriend they smelled awful "gross get off me I can't breathe" I groaned it's true I couldn't breathe not just cause of the smell but also because I have four giant boys on me they chuckled and got off me "ok new rule no hugging or kissing until your clean" I said pointing at them they held their hands up in surrender than we spend the rest of the night watching some random movies with me cuddled against Luke even though he still smelled LOL.. We finally got to Leeds and while the boys were sleeping I decided I would hang with HV today I tipped toed very quietly so I wouldn't wake them I kissed Luke on the cheek and he smiled in his sleep he is just too adorable I got off the bus and walked too HV bus they were all awake when I got on we talked, laughed, and talked some more than it was time for their Acoustic Hangout I texted Luke where I was so he wouldn't worry about me we the location and their were tons of fans there already first they sang This is Why they only sang one song for some odd reason they than started taking pictures with everyone some even wanted to take pictures me I love when that happens we went into the venue to get ready for the show Luke kept asking me why I didn't I wake him? "cause you look so cute sleeping" I answered he blushed a little I giggled and kissed his cheek. finally it was show time I high fived Hey Violet and they ran on stage first they sang This is Why next they sang Blank Space I must zoned out after cause before I knew they finished and were running off stage "good job guys" I said they chuckled and smiled at me the boys got ready Luke kissed my head and whispered in my ear "I love you" that still sends shivers up my spine "I love you too" I said and kissed his cheek he ran on stage and they started singing End Up Here next they Out of My Limit and for some odd reason Heartbreak girl next they Voodoo doll and Permanent Vacation next they sang Don't Stop and Disconnected next they performed Long Way Home and Rejects  next they sang Heartache on the Big Screen and Wrapped around your finger next they sang Amnesia, Beside You, Everything I didn't say and American Idiot next they sang Kiss Me Kiss Me and She Looks so Perfect they ran off stage to rest before the Encore they whipped some of the sweat off and ran back on stage Luke quickly kissed me and ran back on stage to sing Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage "good job guys" I said Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders we than started walking back to the bus we got on and spend for the rest of night laughing, talking, kissing well me and Luke LOL off to the next city.   








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