You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


45. Bali Vacation 2 weeks later, Rolling Stones Article, going back to LA, picking up Luke at airport,

Bali Vacation 2 weeks later, Rolling Stones Article, going back to LA, picking up Luke at airport,
Tristan's POV
finally I figured out where were Bali an island and the boys had rented a house on the mountain with a pool, a hot tub and everything it was breath taken the view was unbelievable we spend the whole first day in the pool well I had my feet in for a little bit not going to lie I'm a little afraid of water but watching the boys play in the water was so entertaining than they decided to balance beer bottles on their heads their such dorks and too make stranger they had a drink holder boat it was so strange but very creative  than they all got on a swan boat thing I could already tell this wasn't going to end well "Hey Babe hope on theirs a ton of room" yelled Luke my eyes widened I forget to tell Luke about my fear and wasn't going too in front of his friends "no thanks I'm good" I yelled he pouted at me which was impossible to ignore "ugh fine come over here" I said Michael began paddling over to me time to face my fear I guess "hope on T" said Michael I giggled at him I put my feet on it first and lifted myself onto it there was a lot of room thankfully I scooted over to Luke and wrapped my arms around him he smiled big and started playing with my fingers "Eww I swear if you guys start being lovely dovely I'm flipping this swan" said Calum my eyes widened "please don't" I begged the swan went around the pool this was pretty peaceful it felt nice I stretched my feet out not knowing Calum was on the edge of the swan I touched his foot and he fell into the water Michael burst out laughing Luke tried not to laugh but was failing badly "oops sorry Cal" I yelled he resurfaced and glared at him uh oh he's going to tip us "Cal please don't tip us?" I begged but he didn't listen I closed my eyes the boys about to see my biggest fear I swan tipped over I screamed loudly as I fell into the water I opened my eyes a little and I'll admit not as scary as I thought Luke was by my side wow he even looked hot underwater LOL he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the surface "babe you ok?" Luke asked sounding worried I leaned forward and kissed his cheek "I'm ok Lukey that was actually pretty fun" I said he smiled at me we got out of the pool and decided to go into the hot tub it was amazing Crystal took a selfie with all of us in it soon it was night time all the girls were inside away from the bugs but the boys were still outside in the pool playing stupid games do they ever run out of energy?  "so Tristan how's spending time with Luke going?" asked Bryana I blushed a little "very good we get closer every single moment we spend together it's almost magical how's spending time with Ashton?" I asked her  she started frowning a little uh oh "I don't know I think it's going good but also I think something is going wrong" she said "don't worry Ashton is crazy about you" I said she smiled the boys than called us to come out we were going to take one more group picture before we head to bed we took the picture than went to bed cause tomorrow we're going exploring yay.

Tristan's POV
We all woke up at 9:00 it felt so good to sleep in the boys were so much more happy and rested and full of energy it was so good to see we started our adventure the boys wanted to take a group of just the boys it was so cute they were so silly we went this castle thing it was beautiful than we climbed these steps took another picture I was kind of tired so I lied my head on Luke's shoulder he didn't mind though he put his hand on my knee next Michael and Luke took a picture with a stature of a frog for some odd reason next we saw a huge edge that went over a side of a big cliff it looked so scary I prayed that the boys didn't want to sit on it but of course they did "come babe it's fun and I won't let you fall I promise" begged Luke I sighted and jumped on edge I walked over to the boys and my legs were shaking they do that when I'm nervous Luke grabbed my hand and Calum grabbed my other hand I sat in between them the view was breath taken "woah this is both scary and cool" I said than we took a group picture again next we went this tree house place it was very beautiful than Luke did this crazy pose "Luke stop being silly" I said giggling a little he smirked than stopped he than grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto his lap I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck I looked at the view it was breath taken and very beautiful now we were going to feed monkeys not gonna lie a little scared I never fed a monkey before hopefully their friendly. Ok I officially love monkeys their so friendly and cute one landed on Michael's head and he screamed like a little girl it was so cute and funny than one jumped onto my shoulder I shrieked just a little it let me pat it's head and than nudged me like a cat it was adorable I had Luke take millions of pictures of me holding a monkey can't wait to post them LOL next we spend the rest of the day at the beach the water was so blue of course it turned into a splashing fight very fast Luke dragged me under water but quickly bought me back up cause he remembered my fear of water "so sorry babe" he said I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck "don't worry Lukey when I'm around you I feel safe so just stay by my side the whole time and I'll be fine" I said he smiled and pecked my nose than face I blushed I'm having the best time ever with my second family LOL. The next day was sadly our last day in Bali which is kind of sad I could stay here forever the boys could too they been happy everyday since we been here but for some odd reason I had a feeling in my stomach that was about to change I skipped to the outside sitting area that's where everyone was as soon as I got to them I noticed they all had frowns on their faces "hey guys why the long faces?" I asked them "oh hey T um the rolling stone article finally came out" said Calum "so what's wrong with it did they spell someone's name wrong or did the picture turn out bad" I joked but judging by the looks on their faces it wasn't something funny "no it's the article take a look" said Cal handing it too me as I read it I understood why they were so upset this article makes them look like bad people "why would they write this you guys didn't say those things did you?" I asked them hoping they said no thankfully they did than I than noticed Luke wasn't with them "um guys where's Luke?" I asked "he's in the pool cooling off he lost it when he read the part about him" said Ashton said I understood I would of too if someone wrote a lie about me I quickly got to the pool area looking around for Luke I find him on the edge of the pool sitting down looking at the beach Aw my poor baby I took off my shirt I put my bathing suite on just in case thank goodness I got in the pool lucky it wasn't that cold I swam over to Luke he didn't notice me though "Lukey are you ok?" I asked him he turned around and looked at me he smiled a little bit but still looked sad "Hey Babe no I'm not alright at all" he said I hopped up on the edge it was a little scary but I focused on Luke I scooted over to him and grabbed his hands "Luke you can't let that article get to you it's a complete lie you would never say those things" I said "but what about the part about me cheating on you that part is true?" he asked I sighted he got me there "look I have moved on from that I know you will never ever do that again and your true fans will stand up for you I know it" I said he smiled and pecked my cheek "what will I do without you babe?" he asked me "probably jump off a cliff" I said he chuckled and grabbed my hands "lets do something today since it's our last day here I know lets go on a hike" he said I groaned I hate hiking but whatever makes him happy "ok race you too the house" I said before he could speak I pushed him into the water he resurfaced and had a shock look on his face "not cool babe you got my hat wet" he whined and ringed out his hat "that's what you get for wearing it in the water" I said he chuckled and got out of the pool "um Luke aren't you going to put a shirt on?" I asked he smirked at me "no cause we're going to get hot anyway" he said great I'm going to have to control myself now curse you Luke LOL. I hate admitting this but hiking wasn't that bad with Luke he kept swinging our locked hands back and fourth and when we reached a cliff to look at the beach I was about to take a selfie and Luke placed his lips on my cheek just in time it was the cutest selfie I ever took than we got hungry so we went to a little café for a snack Luke than decided to be silly and put his shirt on his face than hat than glasses it was so funny  sadly we had to go back to the house and pack up cause since this was our last day here we had to give back the house so we had to stay in a hotel for the night I packed up and rolled my suitcase out than I saw Luke lying in a hamnick oh dear I walked over to him "you really don't want to leave do you?" I asked he pouted "No" he whined I giggled I'm dating a 5 year old "come on Lukey" I said offering him a hand he took it but he pulled me down onto him "really?" I asked he chuckled and leaned in to kiss me I decided to be evil I jumped off him and ran away "HEY" he whined "if you catch me you can kiss me" I yelled I'm so evil LOL.

Tristan's POV
Today is the day we go back to Australia it was a challenge getting the boys in the van but somehow it worked Michael cried a little LOL we staying in Australia for a little while just to see the family and enjoy the rest while we can as for the Rolling Stone Article it seems to calm down so Luke was back to being himself thank goodness today he was going to make breakfast for his entire family I'm kind of worried but at the same time excited for him but this morning I caught him wearing something that wasn't pretty at all "Luke what in the world are you wearing?" I asked "it's a late Christmas present from a secret Santa" he said I rolled my eyes "great but could you please change your kind of creeping me out" I said he sighted and changed than started cooking breakfast outside my job was too keep Molly busy and not try to eat the beacon LOL for an old dog she sure has a lot of energy Luke was doing a snapchat while cooking he looked so proud of himself he was so adorable I threw a Frisbee for Molly and she freaked out it reminded me of my old husky dog I used to have it was adorable "wow Molly loves Frisbee" I said Luke looked at me and smiled "you should see her with beach balls" he said I suddenly had a picture in my head of molly killing beach balls it was sort of scary I shook my head and walked over to Luke while Molly was killing the Frisbee "so Lukey what are we doing today?" I asked him he put down the lifting tool he was holding and wrapped his arm around my shoulders "Well babe after breakfast I'm taking you surfing" he said I starred at him surfing seriously "surfing you surf?" I asked he shook his head "well no but I learned a little last year" he said I could already tell this wasn't going to end well "ok what else?" I asked him "it's my friends birthday today and she's having a big party on the pier" he said hold on how many lady friends does he have I couldn't help but be a little worried "before you ask she has a boyfriend and she is like an older sister to me" he said oh he must of noticed I was getting angry "ok fine just wondering who's her boyfriend?" I asked Luke sighted "it's my brother" he said oh well I have nothing to worry about than "oh ok good to know" I said "than tonight we'll going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie" Luke whispered in my ear sending goosebumps down my spine uh oh I really need to tell him that in 2 days I'm going back to LA before him to finish my album before tour he's going to be sad and I hate seeing him upset it doesn't look good on him I'll tell him tonight don't want to spoil the day I leaned up and kissed his cheek and he made sure nothing got burnt thankfully nothing did. After breakfast we walked down to the beach Luke had a wet suite on I really didn't want him to do this but I didn't tell him that the surf board was bigger than him oh boy and just as I thought he fell every single time one time he stayed standing for 3 seconds longer than I would of "nice try sweetie" I said he glared at me I giggled a little we went back to change Luke wore a white shirt that was undone at the top why must he torture me he smirked at me we walked to the party location since it wasn't far Luke grabbed my hand and swayed it back and fourth I smiled he is so cute I can't stand it we got to the party and was it beautiful and awesome their were games, snacks, drinks and dancing and music than I saw Luke's brother Jack and a girl that must be his friend don't get jealous don't get jealous I kept saying in my head "well look who finally showed up" a voice said from behind me I knew that voice very well I turned around and it was Calum he finally left Bali "CAL" I yelled running to hug him luckily he had his arms opened wide enough for a hug he chuckled and hugged me tightly he and Luke than did a bro hug adorable I took a picture of them suddenly Jack and his girlfriend came over time too meet the girl she ran over to Cal and Luke and hugged them don't be jealous don't be jealous I said in my head Luke than walked over to me and grabbed my hand "Sara meet my beautiful girlfriend Tristan T meet Sara who somehow is in love with my brother" he said I giggled at the last part Jack glared at him Sara looked at me and smiled "so your the girl that stole Luke's heart good he needed a girl in his life besides Liz" she said I burst out laughing Luke blushed a little "man I love how you make fun of my baby brother" Jack said kissing her cheek she smiled at him "thanks  Jacky now be a sweetheart and get me a drink please?" she asked him he groaned but walked away Luke looked at me and said "are you thirsty babe?" he asked I shrugged my shoulders " a little bit" I said he smiled and kissed my nose "be right back he said walking away "wow I have to ask my guy to get me a drink your lucky you got the sweet one" Sara said I smiled and blushed a little "yeah I did" I said suddenly Sara grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the busy crowd and over to the railing to look at the water "can I tell you something girl to girl?" she asked I nodded my head "sure" I said "I been having this feeling that Jack is going to purpose to me" she said my mouth dropped open woah "wow really when do you think he's going to do it?" I asked "I don't know I'm hoping today cause he still hasn't given me my present yet" she said I smiled that would be a amazing birthday present "that would be awesome would you say yes?" I asked "I love him a lot and can't Imagine my life without him so yes I would" she said I smiled that is so cute why was I so worried about her she's a amazing girl "well can I tell you something now?" I asked her she nodded "well in 2 days I'm flying back to LA before Luke does and I'm going to finish my first album ever" I said Sara smiled wide "that's amazing wait have you told Luke yet?" she asked I shook my head "no not yet I don't want to upset him" I said "well I think you just did" she said uh oh I know what that meant I turned around and their stood Luke and Jack with drinks in their hands I couldn't read Luke's face but I knew it wasn't a happy face "Luke I can explain" I said he put the drinks on the ground and held my hands "babe why didn't you tell me?" he asked I sighted and said "I wanted too but I was afraid you would be upset and mad" I said he sighted and said "babe I told you I'm supporting you 100% and if leaving 2 days earier than we planned to finish your album needs to happen it will  I won't be sad or mad I'll support you" he said I smiled he is perfect "your amazing" I said wrapping my arms around my neck "I lost you once not going to do anything that will make me lose you again" he said that is the sweetest thing I ever heard I stood on my tippy toes and placed my lips onto his I felt him wrap his arms around me pulling me closer to him we pulled apart and smiled at each other we danced and kissed some more LOL this party was so fun. Tonight Luke and Calum were going to a club with some friends I didn't want to go so I stayed home and watched some movies I told Luke I trusted him but I can't help being a little scared I need to believe he would never cheat again cause he knows if he did he would lose me forever but he won't hopefully I was very tired while watching TV I fell asleep very fast suddenly felt arms around me and I knew right away who's they were Luke had returned didn't know what time it was but I'm sure it was late I was just happy to have my boyfriend beside me again. Today is the day I'm going back to LA to finish my album I'm excited and a little nervous but mostly excited Luke would not let go of me the whole day it was going to be so hard to say goodbye to him finally my flight was called Luke pulled me into a hug "Lukey it's only for 2 days than we're be together again" I said he sighted "I know I just hate being apart from you" he said I smiled "me too but I'm so close to finishing my album than I can sing live again I really miss doing that" I said Luke smiled very wide he loved performing too I can see it in his eyes when he is on stage "don't worry babe this year your going to be performing a lot more I'll make sure of it" he said I was of scared of what he meant by that but decided to not ask I leaned up and kissed his cheek and hugged him again he held me tightly against him "Luke I have to go" I said he sighted and let go of me but quickly pecked my lips "bye babe see you in 2 days I love you" he said I put my hand on his cheek and said "I love you too Lukey bear" I said and walked to my gate I turned around and blew him a kiss he caught it and held it to his heart he is so cheesy I giggled and waved bye to him one last time before walking through the gate time to finish my album finally. 2 days later I have done it finished my album it comes out in 2 weeks I must say so excited and relieved that it is finally finished no more pressure I told Ashton since I was staying with him he cheered for me and gave a big hug Ashton really has become a big brother to me I love him so much today Luke is coming and I'm so excited to see him I really miss him we been facetiming every night I swear he gets hotter every time which means he's going to be so beautiful in person great I got to the airport early so I wouldn't miss him his flight was on time thank goodness I looked around for him but couldn't see him anywhere suddenly I spotted him and my heart started beating 10 times faster than usual he was a lot hotter than I remember how is that possible "LUKE" I screamed he saw him and smiled so wide he started running to me but he couldn't run very fast cause of his guitar on his back I shook my head and started running to him he dropped his bag threw his guitar case on the ground and scooped me into his arms I was lifted off the ground and spun around I know it was only two days but I really missed being in his arms he put me down and smashed his lips onto mine it wasn't a long kiss just a tiny peck but it felt so good we pulled away and he picked his bags and wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked to the car we got in the car Ashton and Luke bro hugged adorable now we just need Michael and Calum than we're all be back together again.  

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