You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


20. AUSTRALIA, BS, TV Interview 2DFMS, Nova FM, X factor

Tristan's POV
I could not believe what I was hearing we are going to Australia I get to see where the boys grew up and I finally get to go to a place I always dreamed about going my family is going to be so jealous but wait I thought we were going to go there after the first 2 shows of the tour "but guys I thought we were going there after the first 2 shows of the tour" I said their manger just smiled "we are but the boys got invited to perform on the x factor Australia and a bunch of radio stations want to interview them and you" he said my mouth dropped people want to interview me can this day get any better "and too top this all off I was going to wait till your families were with us boys but I can't wait you guys are nominated for An American music Award and a Aria award" he said the boys mouth all dropped to the floor "um boys you ok?" I asked waving my hand in Michael's face they all suddenly jumped up and ran over to their manger they hugged him too death I giggled and smiled I never seen the boys so happy Luke looked at me and had a huge smile on his face he ran over to me and picked me and spun me around in a circle it caught me off guard a little I let out a little giggle and wrapped my arms around his neck he put me and rested his four head on mine "what was that for?" I asked him he smiled and said "I'm just so happy I can bring me back to my home I can't wait for you to meet my other friends" he said I giggled at other friends "I'm excited too I want to see where you spend your childhood before your dream came true" I said he smiled and crashed his lips onto mine I kissed back of course than we heard groaning "really must you guys do that" it was Michael we pulled apart and Luke whispered in my ear "and the best part is we won't have those guys ruining our moments" he said I blushed and smiled. I could not stop smiling the whole day I was so excited to go to Australia I Skype my family and they were very mad but happy for me too I'm so glad I packed shorts LOL it was finally time to go to Australia I was so excited I didn't even care we are going to be on a plane for 14 hours I'll just sleep Luke held my hand as we walked through the airport I felt him squeeze it as we got to the gate he looked at me and smiled I smiled back here goes nothing. 5 hours into the flight and I was already board I was listening to music but I heard some of them 3 times already and it was getting really boring I looked at Luke and Michael who I was sitting beside Luke had his head on Michael's shoulder and Michael was reading a comic book he caught me looking at him and said "let me guess your board?" he asked I nodded he chuckled and put his comic book down and wrapped his arm around my shoulders "how about you have a nap like your boyfriend is on my shoulder" he said pointing to Luke I giggled and let out a yawn "I am a little tired" I said he smiled and kissed my cheek which made me blush a little "well than rest your head on my shoulder than I might fall asleep too" he said I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder wow even his shoulder is soft this boy is half teddy bear I felt my eyes start to close and before I knew it I fell asleep. I was shaken awake by someone "Tristan wake up we are about to land" I opened my eyes and Michael's face was so close to mine I could feel his breathe on my face I stretched and looked at Luke he was rubbing his eyes "hey Lukey" I said he looked at me and winked I blushed and buckled my seatbelt I looked out the window and I saw blue water we must be close suddenly the plane started getting closer to the water "um guys we are about to crash into the water" I said Luke and Michael started laughing "don't worry Tristan we aren't going to crash the runway is in the water so we are going to land on that" Michael said I let out a sigh and I felt the plane on the ground. We got off the plane and the boys were getting really excited to see their families we got our bags and we started walking towards the gate where their families were Luke was dragging me "Luke slow down" I said he looked at me with a sorry look "sorry babe I just really want to see my parents and my brothers I miss them" he said I nodded "I understand just please don't walk so fast" I said he nodded and started walking slowly we met some fans than we saw the boys families Michael screamed and ran over to hug his mom and dad it was so cute Calum got all happy and ran over to his mom and dad and his sister he hugged her first it was the cutest thing I ever seen Ashton ran over to his mom and his sister and brother that was the sweetest than I noticed Luke's parents I let go of his hand he smiled at me and ran over to his parents I quickly took a picture of him hugging his mom "Hey Tristan this is Lauren and Harry" said Ashton "OMG you are so pretty" said Lauren I smiled and hugged her "thank you your very pretty too bet Ashton is watching over you huh?" I asked she groaned and nodded Ashton glared at me I looked at Harry and he smiled at me "and you are a lot cuter than you look in pictures" I said Harry smiled and hugged me "I like you" he said I giggled and patted his head "Hey Tristan meet my annoying older sister Mali" said Calum I giggled and smiled at her "Calum don't call your sister annoying " I said she smiled and pulled me aside "you and I need to hang out sometime" she said I nodded "I could use more summer clothes" I said she smiled and wrapped her arm around my shoulders "I like this girl" she said I smiled and Luke walked over and pulled me away from everyone "well Hello Tristan how are you?" asked his mom Liz "I'm good" I said she pulled me into a hug I hugged her back and smiled hope this meant she liked me she let go of me and Luke grabbed my hand again off to his house. We had to say goodbye to the other boys but only for a few hours so they could spend time with their families they were being all dramatic it was very annoying but cute they all did a group hug without me "well than I'll just wait in the car than since only Luke loves me" I said I was suddenly pulled backwards "wait Tristan" I heard Michael whine I giggled and hugged them tight than we all went our separate ways me and Luke sat in the backseat while his dad drove "oh Luke Molly is really excited to see you" said his mom Luke had a huge smile on his face I couldn't help but be mad "who's molly?" I asked him he looked at me and smiled "she's my dog" he said I suddenly felt stupid he chuckled and whispered in my ear "did you think it was a girl" he asked I nodded and blushed Luke laughed and pulled into him "there's only one girl in my life and that's you" he said I smiled and snuggled into him. We finally reached his house and it was huge "wow nice house" I said Luke smiled and kissed my cheek I blushed and followed to the door "be careful Molly is very hyper" said Liz I giggled "it's ok I have 2 dogs at home so I'm used to hyper" I said she nodded and opened the door suddenly a black dog came running out jumping and barking it was very hyper and very cute Luke was smiling so much he bend over and patted it's head "Hey Molly I missed you so much girl" he said and it licked his face it was the cutest thing ever the dog came walking over to me and started wagging it's tail I bend over and started patting it's head "Hello Molly" I said she licked my face and than ran into the house I looked at Luke and he smiled at me "ladies first" he said I giggled and walked through the door it was very big inside "wow this is a nice house" I said I saw pictures on the walls Luke took my hand and lead me into the kitchen Liz was starting cooking "Mom what are you doing" asked Luke "I'm planning your welcome home dinner sweetie the boys families are going to be here along with your brothers and it's also Tristan's birthday dinner" she said my eyes widened Luke told her my birthday was coming up "um mom her birthday isn't till the 20th" said Luke she sighted "I know that sweetie but since you guys won't be here on the 20th I thought we should celebrate it now" she said I smiled "I don't mind" I said Liz smiled at me and I smiled back Luke kissed my cheek and pulled me away again "come on babe I'll show you my room" he said I nodded and followed him up the stairs he opened a door and he started smiling "oh I missed my bed so much" he said and jumped on it I giggled and walked into his room "it looks smaller on the videos" I said he chuckled and pulled me onto the bed it was very comfy "now we have some alone time" he said smirking I blushed and giggled "your mom and dad are downstairs" I said he shrugged and rolled on top of me "don't worry my mom knocks before she enters my room" he said I nodded and looked into his blue eyes suddenly his lips were on mine this kiss felt different it was full of passion and love I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me his hand went under my shirt and he moved his hand on my stomach sending goose bumps on my whole body he moved my shirt up a little the kiss started getting intense Luke stopped kissing me and began leaving love bits on my neck I couldn't help but moan a little Luke rested his four head on mine "I love you" he said I smiled and put my hand on his cheek "I love you too" I said he started leaning down again but before our lips we heard yelling "LUKE THE BOYS ARE HERE TIME TO GO TO SUNRISE" yelled his mom Luke sighted and got off me "COMING MOM" he yelled I giggled he pulled me up and chuckled "you might want to fix your hair" he said pointing at it I quickly grabbed my brush and ran to the mirror and fixed my hair Luke came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist "we will finish tonight " he whispered in  my ear I blushed "maybe" I said he pouted and let go of me I giggled and we left the room sure enough the boys were standing in the doorway as we came down the stairs "hey boys" I said waving at them Michael ran over to me and hugged me "I missed you Tristan" he said I giggled and said "Mikey we been apart for like 2 hours" I said he pouted so I patted his head "you ready for Sunrise Luke?" asked Ashton he nodded and wrapped his arm around me "um what is Sunrise?" I asked feeling a little stupid  the boys chuckled and Calum said "it's like the Today and we are going to be calling a fan to come to Derp Con" he said "oh cool" I said and we left. We got to the place where  we were going to be on Sunrise well the boys I was going to be behind the scenes this time before I knew it the show started and the boys were yelling Hi they talked about being home and how much they loved it and talked about Mexico and being on the x factor tonight which I'm very excited about and they called a Derp Con winner she freaked out but not much cause she was on a train LOL. After the show the next stop was a radio station for an interview where we would be calling winners of Derp con somewhere called The Bump show we got there and we got set up Ashton bought Harry with him cause his mom had to work so he just sat behind Ashton on the floor I sat in between Ashton and Calum the interview the guys started testing the microphones they act like such kids sometimes the interview started with them talking about Good Girls next they talked about being home and I got asked what's it like being in Australia "I love being here Canada is cold at this time of the year so I like the warm weather" I said Ashton high fived me they started talking about their dogs and Calum complained because he doesn't have a dog I felt sorry for him next we talked about Derp Con we called the first fan her name was Molly and she was freaking out it was hard not to laugh next we talked about the where we are tour and talking about Luke crying which I actually didn't notice at all next we did fan calls the first one was a girl named Josie  Ashton called her sexy but she didn't hear him so he pretended he didn't say anything LOL she asked a question and the boys tried to answer it than another fan called and she was freaking out so much and she asked a really good question and she wanted me to answer too first the boys answered than me "um I got send to the office and didn't tell my mom" I said the boys all laughed and the fan laughed too than we talked about their moms looking at their tweets it was funny and scary than Ariana Granda asked Michael a question and he was blushing the whole time he has a crush on her than we talked about a challenge which thankfully didn't include me but I kind wanted too because the loser got a painting of Luke the boys all won which was shocking next Calum had to read a poem that he wrote in school about a turtle when he was 6 years old I find it cute but a little wield the boys burst out laughing after it "don't worry Calum I liked it" I said he smiled at me next we did another fan call her name was Danny she asked a very good question and the boys answered it well next we called another fan and she asked a good question I even answered "my favorite artist was um 5sos because that was my very first concert and my favorite song is Good girls" I said the boys all smiled at me I smiled next we called another winner of Derp con her name was Chloe and Luke answered she was so excited and screaming she said she just got out of the shower so their was a bathroom echo she screamed again when Luke said she was coming to Derp Con. After the interview we went and did a TV interview it started we talked about the boys not being a boyband and how they are good at dancing "you guys are horrible at dancing" I said the boys all laughed Luke grabbed my hand which made me blush we talked about one direction and I got asked what's it's like touring with the boys "it's a adventure that I never saw coming for me but I wouldn't change it for the world" I said Calum wrapped his arm around my shoulders I rested my head on his shoulder we talked about Calum's leaked snapchat which I kind of felt bad about but I couldn't help but laugh we talked about meeting our idols I laughed when Ashton showed us his backround than we talked about realionships Luke grabbed my hand and smiled at me "I wouldn't change a thing " he said I giggled and he kissed my head the boys all groaned. After that interview  Calum and Michael went somewhere and me and Luke and Ashton went to do another interview but this time I sat behind the scenes the interview started it wasn't as funny but it was still funny they talked about Calum's leaked Snapchat which I did not know about at all than they got asked fan questions and one was what type of girls do you go for? Luke looked at me and winked "well my girl is over there so she's my type" he said I blushed. The next interview it was Luke and Michael Ashton went somewhere they remembered about going to see the other girl which I never heard of at all Michael called Cameron Diaz hot EWW Luke said since their young boys they creep people out "it's true you do creep people out sometimes" I yelled at them Luke glared at me and I just smiled than he said he had a crush on Oprah I glared and he just smiled. After that we went to do another interview before we went back to Luke's house and rested before the x factor it was something called  Nova it was a radio station and we would be answering questions and I was going to be apart of this too which I'm kind of nervous about but excited the show started and the first thing we did was called Buzzers of death I sat in between Calum and Luke it was very funny it vibrated whenever they got a question wrong which was all of them it was so funny Luke and Ashton screamed it was so funny "make her do one" said Michael pointing at me I quickly shook my head no but it was too late Luke handed me his buzzer I got the hardest question and I answered wrong "HA that feels weird" I said crying a little the next thing was something called a quickie one of my favorite questions was who's the most famous person that follows you on Twitter and Luke said Selena Gomez and I looked at him he looked scared "I'm a big fan of Selena Gomez" I said Luke smiled and the other boys chuckled. The last challenge we were given ping pong pattles with Yes and No on them so you had to be honest I had a feeling this was going to be funny and gross the first question was Have you gone Longer than three days without changing your underwear on Tour? I said no right away so did Luke, Calum and Michael Ashton said yes "gross Ashton" I said than Luke changed his to a yes and Michael changed his to a yes I looked at them with a gross out look the next question was Have you ever been in love? I said yes I looked at Luke and it looked like he was going to say no but he said yes I blushed as he grabbed my hand "these two are so in love" Michael said pointing at me and Luke the next question was Have you not washed your hands after going to the bathroom? I decided to be honest and say yes Luke looked at me "really?" he asked I nodded than Michael said yes which made the boys call him a liar the next question was Have you ever cried because you missed your family? the boys all said yes I said no "my family treats me like a 5 year old so I need freedom" I said the boys all smiled at me the next question was do you like the smell of your own farts? gross and Luke said yes which made everyone burst into laughter "ew Luke gross" I said he pouted at me I rolled my eyes the next question was Have you ever seen each other naked? they all said yes I said yes too the next question was Have you ever been impressed by what you saw on Another band member? " I said no so did Luke, Calum and Michael Ashton said yes which made everyone burst into laughter again. After all these interviews  we were finally on our way back to Luke's house "man I'm so tired" said Michael I looked at him and smiled "Me too Mikey I never been too so many interviews thank goodness we get to rest before you guys sing on x factor" I said the boys all smiled. We got to Luke's house and he opened the door we got a wave of something smelling very good "woah what is that?" asked Calum sniffing the air "it must be my mom's cooking" said Luke whatever she was cooking it smelled very good "hey kids dinner's in two minutes" yelled Liz 2 minutes later we were all sitting at the table I was at the end just like my house I was than handed a bowl of corn and beans my favorite meal "yummy um Liz how did you know this was my favorite?" I asked her she looked at Luke who was beside me he blushed and I rolled my eyes at him after we ate someone's hands went over my eyes "Hey" I said the person chuckled it was Michael "sorry Tristan but you can't see what's for dessert" he said suddenly I heard a singing voice "ok you can look now" Michael said I opened my eyes and there in front of me was a giant ice cream sundae my mouth dropped this is way better than cake "this is better than ice cream cake" I said taking my spoon and digging in it was so good. After dinner me and the boys hanged out in the backyard Calum and Michael were playing football and Ashton had his feet in the pool and I was sitting on Luke's lap in a chair he was leaving little love bits on my neck it was hard not to giggle "Luke stop it" I said he chuckled and stopped "but babe I love kissing your neck" he said I blushed and snuggled into him I love being in his house with him I get to know him better and know what his life was like before the band got famous before we knew it was time to go to the x factor studio for sound check and meet the contestants Luke said bye to his parents and his older brothers gave him a hard time I felt bad for him but I couldn't help but giggle a little as we drove I could tell the boys were getting nervous can't blame them they are about perform in front of their whole country we got there and the boys eyes widened as we walked around the building it was huge we heard music and singing everywhere must of been the contestants we got to the stage and the boys got all set to practice and as they practice I got to meet the girls there was only one girl left and she was 14 year old name Marlisa "Hello I'm Tristan" I told she looked at me and smiled big "I know who you are I'm a huge fan of you and your boyfriend" she said I smiled and she hugged me I hugged her back we talked she is the sweetest girl ever I promised to follow her on Twitter if she followed me which she did she met the boys and she was very shy which was cute it was finally show time I could already tell the boys were very nervous as they waited  backstage I hugged them and told them "guys this is your biggest dream you are about to perform in front of your entire country you can be scared but be excited too" I told them they nodded and smiled Luke pulled me into his arms and rested his four head on mine "I don't think we could ever do this without you babe we love you but I love you the most" he said I giggled and smashed my lips on his he kissed back slowly but also soft we pulled apart and it was time for them to perform I quickly ran to my seat which was in the front row  they were singing two songs the first one was Amnesia and they sounded awesome Luke was singing so good I could see the girls in the audience were dying because of their voices the host talked to them for a little bit and I caught Luke looking at me he winked and that made me blush the audience awed the next song they sang was Good Girls first Mikey yelled "How are you doing tonight Australia?" he yelled they were going crazy and Ashton's solo was amazing and the boys were jumping around Michael was spinning the guys were killing it I knew they would after the show I ran backstage and jumped into Luke's arms "you were awesome that was your best performance ever" I said the boys all smiled at me Luke put me down and kissed me quickly I kissed back than we pulled away the boys were very tired I can imagine they used all their energy during that performance we dropped off Calum and Michael at their houses than we dropped off Ashton at his house than me and Luke cuddled in the backseat since there was actually room LOL "oh by the way my mom is making you sleep in the guest room" he said he sounded sad I giggled "it's ok Lukey your mom just doesn't want us too you know" I said he pouted and held me tighter "but I'll miss you" he said I blushed and snuggled more into him we got to his house we went straight to Luke's room I grabbed my bag and he showed me to the guest room it was a huge room and very nice I looked at Luke "well goodnight Lukey" I said but he wasn't leaving "oh no if your staying here I'm tucking you in get ready I'll be here waiting" he said sitting in the bed I rolled my eyes that boy is so stubborn I grabbed my PJ's and bathroom bag and went into the bathroom did I mention I got my own bathroom awesome I took all my makeup off which wasn't a lot I brushed my teeth and washed my room with special soap I took off my dress which was a huge hit with Luke LOL I got into my PJ's and got out of the bathroom Luke wasn't kidding when he said he would be on the bed waiting for me he looked up and looked at me I rolled my eyes and walked over to me "you really hate this don't you" I said wrapping my arms around my neck he nodded "yes I love my mom but she still treats me like a little boy" he said "I know how you feel my mom been doing that for years" I said he chuckled and yawned "time for bed" I said walked to the end of my bed I pulled the covers off and got in wow this was comfy Luke walked over to me and sat down beside me "so Luke did you have fun?" I asked me turning on my side to get comfy he nodded and grabbed my hand "this was one of my biggest dreams come true" he said one? "one what are the others?" I asked him he leaned forward and rested his four head on mine "the best one to get a girlfriend who loves me as much as I love her" he said I blushed that was one of his biggest dreams how sweet "aw well my biggest dream is too have a boyfriend who doesn't care I'm disabled" I said now it was his turn to blush I giggled and yawned "time to sleep babe love you so much" he said I nodded he leaned forward and kissed me goodnight " I love you too goodnight Luke" I said he stood up and walked towards the door he turned around and blew me a kiss I giggled and caught it he smiled and closed the door he's the best thing ever I turned around and fell asleep. 

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